Monday, March 28, 2011

Wow - Final 3

Is she overpowering Aquaman or dancing with him?

It waas a craaaaazzzy night on Survive Donkey Island.  As you know, we were playing Badugi tonight.  there were maybe 22 peeps and I was thrilled when i saw CK at my table!  Woot!  Yeah, she ran us over but it was a thrill to play with her.  If I can glean a bit off watching her do her thang, than it's well worth it.

Of course the stakes were high for me.  4 of us left, playing to stay in Donkey Island.  I resigned myself to the fact that I would not win this game, which is never a good thing.  I just don't know badugi, and now having played it twice, like it even less than originally.  I hate drawing cards that may make my hand worse.  ugh - tough decisions to make.  I stood pat on a 10 badugi twice only to lose.  And lose I did.  I was out before the 2nd break.

Boat who was doing so well and had a big stack, soon enough was out next.  It was down to xkm and some shithead for survivor immunity and guess what?  Yes, the shithead won.  And because the shithead happens to also be a liar, one without a conscience to be sure, the vote wound up a tie.  2 votes for me and 2 votes for xkm.

We must duel to our deaths!

Buddy asked if we wanted to have the HU match now and I readily agreed, as did Aquaman.  Unfortunately Aquaman was soon in a heads up match with Sthermanstinks instead of me.  Doh!  Once that was over we started our game.

I hit a couple of early hands/pots.  Got lucky a couple of times, and had a couple of good hands too.  Before I knew it I had 2,000 to aquaman's 1,000.  Now I play alot of HU matches and I know that this kind of lead didn't mean much.  One or two hands could very easily swing the pendulum the other way.

I'm the big blind with 10-3 sooted, aquaman limps and I check.  Flop comes 10-3-7.  Bing!  I check, he bets, I raise, he reraises, and I call.  Busy flop!  After the turn Aquaman jams all in.  I hope to God he doesn't have trips and I call with my 2 pair.  He shows A-A!

After sweating the river, I won the game!  Woot! Very Josie is still alive and kicking.  Definitely kicking!  We are down to 3 peeps from the 16 original players!

The final Three are:

Very Josie
Fucking Liar

We'll be playing The Dank Wednesday night for a 1 in 3 shot at immunity, which guarantees a spot in the final 2.  It's a big game indeed.  Thank God it's not Badugi!!!!!

Shout out to xkm/aquaman - You played a great game and the cards just fell my way heads up.  GG man!

Final shout out to Miami Don!  Don, I'm thinking of you and I'll be in touch.  If I was abruipt, it was because a fucktard was stabbing me in the back again, at the exact time we were talking.  Believe me, this stupid game and that stupid shithead are nothing compared to what we talked about. 

Yes Waffles.  You were right.

Play smart.

Currently reading:  Odd Thomas, by Deane Koontz
omg it's getting good.  The mushroom man followed odd and his gf to the top of a church steeple!  Bad stuff is about to happen! (mushroom man is the epitome of evil, like the shithead noted above)


BWoP said...

Congrats! My demise was a pat T in what I think was a BvB situation. Ah well.

It was nice to see you at the tables :-)

Josie said...

Thanks CK! Hope to see you again soon. Mixed games tomorrow night on The Booze Cruise - it'll be easy money for you!

SirFWALGMan said...

Gratz on the win! You have final two locked even if I was right about the shithead. :P. I woulda gotten rid of him like 4 weeks ago honestly.

lightning36 said...

Oh the dishonesty of it all -- YOU were lied to? I wonder how many lies you spread, how many people you mislead ...

Of course, we all saw the blatant apple polishing every week. : o )

Good luck in the Donkey Island final three.

Josie said...

Thanks Waffles baby! I know! You were sooo right about him. I am too naive.

Lightning - I really didn't do alot of backstabbing and lying. I stuck with knob i mean apple polishing.

jamyhawk said...

Hi Pot -You are black.


Josie said...

Kettle, I want sympathy and um ice cream would be nice too.