Monday, March 21, 2011

I've got nothing

There's a HU match Monday night.  Boat VS Brain.9pm.  Boat is in this HU situation because a former Team Fish member sucks Donkey ass.  Quite literally, methinks.  So I gave him a piece of my mind.  God knows he could use it.  So dumb.  His stupid move cost him more than this game, that's for sure. 

I exited Survive Donkey Island Event #11 early tonight, but c'e la vie.  I got in with the best hand and with a turbo and 1500 starting chips, that all you can ask.  I had J-9 hearts and the flop was 3-3-10 with 2 hearts.  Two Black Aces bet out and I called.  Turn was an A of hearts!  Boom.  I jammed all in.  He thinks for a bit and calls with A-rag....I think a 6.  Anyway a 3 lands on the river and he gets a boat.  gg Josie.  I hate a riverboat, but there was really no getting away from that.  I wanted the call.  I put him on the ace and wasn't really thinking boat.


I KNOW Boat will win this HU match btw.  The dude is a solid player.  Like a rock.  And I'll be there to cheer him on, in a too tight tshirt and shaking my pom poms.

Goooo Boat!

Boat will PLAY SMART.



KenP said...

I am fair to middling on determining style of play and use the notes pretty effectively.

These days I almost never consider having skill when it gets to why someone called me. Just yesterday I was chat attacked by a fellow who thought I should have folded to him. I mean really attacked too. He was very certain I was a super donk of very suspect parentage and kept it up until I took him out.

Why have I been called with bottom pair when I was doing such a good job of representing? Might have been my image.

A number of years ago, I was able to be more certain. I don't think it is dementia but things have kept getting less clear on things like how and why someone can play or call with a hand.

In the instance you describe you were both playing speculative hands in a fast environment. You both got there are some point. All I can really determine is that his "got there" was later.

I am sorry but I just aren't capable of being clearer on the hand presented. I can't fully define either of your thought process for being in the hand. Implied odds is a very murky world filled with pitfalls on both paths.

Josie said...

G'morning Ken!