Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guess who just showed up?

Gary sporting the latest fashion

Gary is here and showed me what I was doing wrong with my headphones.  Apparently there was a box I was supposed to click.  :)  I'm good to go on BDR now. Thank you Gary!  I will try to keep the swearing to a minimum. 

Is Badugi! a swear?

Play smart.



Wolfshead said...

Gary, you're a dead man.

BTW, Jose, it's Sunday, you can swear. Lent doesn't include Sundays

Josie said...

Okay, since it's name is not fucking Jose (Hose-A.) Shit man, it's J-O-S-I-E. :)

Ahhhh gotta love Sundays! :)

Wolfshead said...

Hey give me a fucking break, the i gives me a problem with my frikkin bad finger.

Josie said...

I see you can swear just fine with that finger. :P

Wolfshead said...

Retired from the church years ago, got a gold watch and everything. Only know the rules because of 12 years of Catholic school

lightning36 said...

Joe C
Ho Say

Does it really make a difference?

Josie said...

Yes Lightbulb, it does.