Monday, March 24, 2008

Poker, I don't even know her

Hi All,

I've decided to track and review my poker winnings (and loses here). I think it would be helpful for me to see where the wheels fell off at a particular tourney. But first let me get you up to date with what's been going on.

Dave and I had been doing a bit of losing with online poker and our account was down to $13.00. We started played games with tiny buyins - usually $2.00 - then we worked our way up to $3.00 (90) person games, $10 (90) person games and have been winning more than losing. Our balance hovers right around $700 then plummets back to the $600's. That's how it's been for the past week or so.

Last night I played a 2 table $20 game. Never got really great cards, but kept hanging on. 4 places were in the money, and there were five people left. No one wants to be bubble boy so everyone hung on. I happened to get a 10-9 while in the bb, with a couple of callers. Flop comes 10,9,3. I'm short stacked and someone else went all in. There was a possibility of trips, as well as the possibility of pushing me out of the hand (remember bubble boy was hanging over my head). I had alot less chips - so I called him. He had a J-Q off suit, which gave him an open ended straight draw. Turn comes and it's an ace. I'm thrilled, till the river. K on the river. He makes his straight. I'm out of the tourney as bubblegirl after all. Dammit, but that's poker. More heartbreak in poker than in real life