Thursday, September 30, 2010


Went home early from work today.  One of my dearest friends, Marie, the one who flew a kite for the first time last weekend - has just lost her son.  I cannot fucking believe I just typed that line.


God I cannot stop crying.  And I am sure I am not telling this in a cohesive way but I will try.

To say Marie has led a hard life is an understatement.  She raised 2 kids, and now she's been pretty much raising her grandkids and supporting her children too.  And working far too much to boot.  Ugh.  Truth be told, I always thought she did too much for her kids.  Maybe that's mean, maybe that's terrible, but they're adults.

Anway, Alex, her son, and his girlfriend, had a baby about (6) months ago and all were living with Marie.  Alex was drug free, just got a job, and adored his baby girl, Lily.  I thought things were looking up, but last night he came home high and was told he could not be around his daughter that way and was kicked out.

He went back to his friends and overdosed.  When the ambulance arrived he was already gone.

I called Marie - for what?  To offer comfort to the inconsolable?  I don't know.  All she kept saying over and over was "The last words I said to him were, get out of my house and don't come back!  This is my fault."

Of course it is not.  I reminded her how she dedicated her life to her kids and how he had to know how much she loved him.  Then she told me Alex's father hadn't been told yet.

That really hit home.  To tell a parent that his son has died.  NOTHING is worse than that.  No loss greater.  Maybe that's why I cannot stop crying.  I had to tell my mother and father that their son had died.  The worst thing I have ever done in my life.  I wish I could take some of that away from Marie but I can't.

The last time I saw Alex was mid August.  A bunch of us got together at Rene's house for a hen pool party.  Any guy in his right mind would steer clear away from our loud gossipy group.  But he surprised us by stopping by with his new baby Lily.  He knew how I love love love babies and I hadn't seen her yet.  That is the sweet boy I've known for many many years.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poker Baby It's All About Poker

Like my new Full Tilt avatar? **

Here's a novel idea.  How about a post about poker?  More specifially No Limit Holdem Tournament play.

When I got home from my weekend on Sunday I had a (4) hour nap and then proceeded to play a marathon poker session.  A few heads up games, which I won (thank you mynightmare!) and then some mtts. Mynightmare said it was the best game he'd played in a long time even though he lost.  I agree it was a really good and challenging heads up match.

Then I played an mtt for a $26 token and was happily surprised to see Morning Thunder at my table, although he didn't get his token.

With my token I played another mtt where 20 places got a $75 token.  I played really, really well.  I got shortstacked maybe 45 min into it, but when the final 20 were itm I was the chip leader.  One random guy, who I do not know, kept telling me how impressive my play was.  He went onto rail me during my next game, and said I was interesting to watch.

I went onto play a $75 tourney.  I doubled up when I had 6-6 and the flop was A-6-x.  I check raised and got called all in after the flop.  I was up against A-6 and I won.  Afterwards 2 guys at the table said they were upset that I might've been knocked out because watching me play was exciting.  I ended up knocked out of the big tourney when I got rivered.  I had A-Q and the flop was q high.  Someone jammed all in and I called.  He had 10-10, and yes the river was a 10.  After playing for maybe 6 hours I was out.

No it didn't end well, but the point is I played sooooo well until that river.

Let's get into some specifics of what I mean by good play.  There are so many decisions to make during a game and all are key to your success.  Timing is everything.  The right play in one instance isn't always the right play.  It depends on your position, your stack, your opponents stack, they way your opponent bets, just to name a few.  There are many factors that go into my decision making.

I like to play aggressively.  I believe with all my heart that aggression is the key to success.  Aggression forces your opponent to make decisions, and every time he makes a decision there is a possibility he will make a mistake.  Everyone makes mistakes. When you are making hundreds of decisions in a game, a couple of them are bound to be the wrong one.  The key is to capitalize on your opponents mistakes and try to make precious few yourself.

One mistake people tend to make is raising in early position.  Once I get a feel for what a certain player tends to raise with, I will punish them if they raise in early position.  A standard raise will get a big reraise from me and usually a fold from them.  This move works only well into the game when you know how a person really plays and how tight he is.

You cannot get a feel for how a guy plays at the beginning of a game.  At the beginning of an mtt, players tend to be on their best behavior.  Maybe they've promised themselves they'd only play premium hands or they'd tighten up.  And that works for maybe the first hour.  After that, they go back to playing how they normally play.  Humans are creatures of habit and will do what they do.  Human nature.  Like Gary.  I've embarrassed him countless times when he raises with K-6 and loses.  So he'll go into a game saying he's going to play tight, but an hour into it and he's back to playing Gary's way.  We all do it.  It's not just him.  It's whatever your style happens to be.

For me, it's chasing draws.  I used to chase every straight and flush draw in town.  I no longer chase straight draws but those flush draws seem to call to me.  :)  If the price is cheap enough I'll call to look at one more card.  And more often than not, I have to fold the hand and I've pissed some chips away.

In general calling is a bad move.

No I'm not crazy to say that.  If you're just calling (unless you're slow playing) odds are you have the worst hand.  You need to be the one betting out.  If you're betting out you can win two ways; if they fold or if you have the best hand.  If you're calling there is only one way to win.  And like I said, that doesn't seem to be a winning move.

Another bad move is calling because of pot odds.  I know many of you will disagree with me on this but calling with a less than stellar hand because of pot odds is a way to lose more chips.  I don't care what the pot odds are.  Pot odds DON'T change a losing hand into a winning one.  Why throw good money after bad?

Another thing I like to do is fuck with people.  Plain and simple.  I will give you (2) examples of fucking with your opponent.

1.) When I finally won that heads up game with Mynightmare, here is how I did it.  I was playing in my usual aggressive way and he commented on how aggressive I was.  The heads up game took quite a while.  He'd fold and fold and fold.  So I raised and raised and raised.  About 25% of my raises were crap and 75% were good starting hands.  I could tell that he thought those percentages were reversed, and that's good.  Let them think you have shit, cuz that's the way to get their chips in the pot.  I had won a couple of small pots in a row, had more chips than mynightmare and had A-10 so I raised.  He called, and the flop was 10-6-x.  I bet out, and he jammed all in.  Now I know this wasn't the way he usually played so he either had a monster, or was frustrated by my many raises.

I almost folded my tptk.  Thought about it for quite a while and decided if he had an over pair he would've reraised me preflop.  So I called.  He had a 6.  All in with middle pair.  Mistake!!!!  It took him a looooooong time to make a  mistake, but if you're patient it'll happen.  My play definitely was a factor in his mistake.  I assume he put me on 2 high cards and was trying to bully him.  But let's no forget the fact that I almost folded the best hand.  Why?  I don't like calling.  And his reraising forced me to make a tough decision.  Luckily I made the right one.

2.)  Another move I like, is to fuck with people when they are steaming.  IMO when someone's lost a good chunk of their stack, the first thing they want to do is get right back on the horse and get their chips back.  They'll do this with less than stellar starting hands.  If you've got a decent playable hand this is a good opportunity for you.  I like to raise them preflop knowing they'll call.  Like I said you need to have a good hand for this.  If you connect with the flop, jam them baby.  Odds are they'll call because they're frustrated and steaming, and if they don't there's already plenty of chips in the pot for a nice score.

I'm playing The Mookie tonight.  I came in 3rd place last week, because I made a mistake and someone capitalized on it.  Now half of me is thinking, "Why the hell are you laying so much information out about how you play?  This is gonna help your Mookie opponents."  The other half of me thinks "Shit, they can use the help".  lol  Besides, like I said people are creatures of habit so I'm sure a little old poker post from me won't change things.

Update:  I just got knocked out of The Mookie.  About 25 minutes into it I have AA.  Keep Floppin a/k/a Poker Meister a/k/a Jew Boy II raised to 120.  Everyone folded to me and I reraised to 320.  I thought to myself, not so big that he'd fold, but big enough to get some decent chips in the middle.

Flop was Q-9-8.  I bet almost pot and he called.  Doh!  Turn was low....There was 1500 in the pot and I had maybe 1600 left so I jam all in with my over pair.  He instacalls and shows Sigfried and Roy for trip queens.  Ugh.  That's poker baby.  I wasn't getting him to fold QQ, preflop or post flop and I certainly wasn't folding American Airlines.

Play smart.


** Okay, so it's not my avatar.  It's Shannon Elizabeth's Full Tilt avatar, which really doesn't look much like her if you ask me.

Monday, September 27, 2010

It Happened and I have Pictures

Below are some pictures from the weekend.  Please to enjoy.

Kathy making the first batch of maragaritas

Kathy and Marie

Rene and me.  We went to high school together and have been friends for about 30 years

Kim (rene's sister) and me

The gang chilling on the beach

Lisa - another friend from high school - friend isn't a strong enough word for her.

Marie and her big dream - to fly a kite

one of the many shots of Marie running.  It didn't matter to her that the kite was hundreds of feet in the air.  She was like Forest Gump. She ran and ran.

Ummm, me and kim - kinda blurry

Kathy trying to untangle kite string in the wind. our matching tshirts.

Marie - tshirts were her idea

Rene - she was NOT a fan of the matching tops.  Her hubby is Butch, a guy who'll play poker with us once in a while if she lets him.  It's a major occasion for him.  Notice her sign says "If at first you don't succeed, try doing it the way your wife told you to."  LOL

Kim - she made the tshirts.  Her sign says "Sexy women have mess kitchens"  Sooooo frigging true. :)

My girl Lisa - I have no idea what her sign says

Obv you can't blame me for the blurry picture - once again a truthful statement. :)

Rene, Lisa and Marie playing skiball

Kim's appendages made beautiful by me

Ditto for Marie

I dunno whose foot this is - they were all starting to look alike.

I wish I got more photos of the scenery, or the apartment or us playing board games, but I always forget to keep shooting.

Play smart peeps.


Weekend Away

First of all, the pictures are home and I'm in work, so I'll post pics tonight to go with this recap.

We ended up having 6 women and one no show bitch (just kidding Christine).  We stayed in a huge apartment on Hampton Beach.  3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, kitchen, dining room and huge living room.  Because it was off season we got the place for $250 per night. It as awesome.

Friday night, we just hung around and played some games - we didn't get there till like 9pm and everyone was tired.  I had only ONE drink Friday night which disappointed the women greatly, but I made up for it Saturday night.  The most fun for them is when I have a few too many - I make them do things they'd never do.  I'm a baaaaaad influence.  Last year, I posed them in sexy poses, opened their tops and got xrated photos.

Mind you, most of these women do not drink at all.  Them having one drink was a big deal.  I made them a cocktail called a creamsicle and went a little heavy on the vodka.  :)  I figured if they were only having one, why not - plus they are sooo sicky sweet, I didn't think Marie and Rene would notice.  Wrong!!!

All I heard was "I can taste the alcohol in this drink!".  lol 

Saturday we got up, had breakfast and got presents from Marie and Kim.  They made us all matching t-shirts. OMFG.  I shit you not...and yes I have pictures.  They insisted we wear them when we went out Saturday night.  Now we were planning on getting a little dolled up Saturday night, so a couple of the women were not too thrilled but fashion be damned!!!

We each got a different color tshirt with the same picture on the front - a picture of 7 women, with the title "Gathering of the Goddesses" emblazoned across the chest.  FML (waffles did I use the fml correctly?)

It was 88 degrees and sunny Saturday so we spent the day on the beach. (pics to follow)  Marie who was turning 51 years young decided she wanted to cross something off her bucket list, which fly a kite.  Fuck me.  lol She had NEVER done that.  That woman needs to spice up her bucket list.

But fly a kite she did.  She was running up and down the beach like nobody's business - you can bet ur ass I have pics of that.  btw the women kinda know I have a poker blog - although they do not have the address.  As I took pics I mentioned that I'd be posting them here and they're cool with it.  Nothing bad - no boobie pictures like usual. 

The closest we came to boobie pictures is this:  One girl brought the fixings for ice cream sundaes. (I love these women!!!) and one of the things she brought was waffle bowls to put the sundaes in.  I told them that I know this guy named Waffles and I wanted someone to wear the waffle bowls on their boobies for a picture to post here.  Cool idea right? Waffle Boobs!  But the picture ended up being too um, revealing, and she didn't want it shared.  Wimp!  I mean I didn't even insist she use the chocolate sauce or whipped cream!

Then I proceeded to get hammered Saturday night, but i was the only one.  All the other women had one drink or none. (kim and lisa)  I had alot of margaritas.  Kathy was my bartender.  Unfortunately I spilled a full one on the carpet.  Yuck. Then we played games and I gave everyone manicures and pedicures  - HOT PINK.  And we laughed our asses off.

Sunday was shopping and then home.

Such a blast.  Next year the plan is matching pajamas.  At least I won't have to go out in public with them on.  I think.

Pictures will be posted tonight.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Girls Sleep Over

This weekend (which starts Friday night) is my annual weekend away with the girls!  Woo Hoo!  We rent a big kick ass house in Hampton Beach, and hang out together for the weekend.  It's after Labor Day so there isn't alot going on there, but we sure had a blast drinking all night and playing games.

Here's the lineup:

Lisa - One of my best friends from high school. 
Rene - Ditto - We were a dynamic trio.
Kathy - Another friend from high school but a year  younger than "us"
Kim - Rene's sister - one year younger
Christine - Rene's other sister - a couple years younger (and oh so available boys!!!!) Hmmm perhaps I'll post photos.
Marie - A really good friend who turned 50 last year.
Very Josie - The life of the party!

These chicks don't drink, except for Kathy, God bless her.  Christine does too, but she only went for Friday night last year, and I only went for Saturday night.  I heard Friday night was boring and lemme tell you, Saturday night was anything but.

After we got back from dinner, we started drinking games and board games.  Women who never drink get hammered awfully fast.  Kim didn't drink. Oh and Kim happens to swear like a sailor.  So when she left the room I told all the girls that whenever Kim said the word "fuck" we all had to take a drink.  Kim did not disappoint.  Neither did the other girls for that matter.  (I need to come up with a new drinking game for this weekend - any ideas??)

Marie, who turned 50 that weekend was trying on all the trashy lingerie we got her, while we took pics. 

And boy did we take pics.

Boob shots of everyone - some girls couldn't even use their cameras. They were that hammered.  Let's just leave it at that.  Oh and there was some drunk dialing too - ugh.

Unfortunately, I have to work Friday morning, but I should be in Hampton Beach by Friday evening to partay!

Saturday morning, I'm predicting


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Middle School Sucks

Sugar Bear is in 7th grade and comes home daily with complaints about how mean the teachers are.  It got me to thinking about when I was in Middle School...which was called Junior High back then.

I was a very studious, very shy, very small little girl.  I didn't speak up much but always got the top grades in my classes, and I never got in trouble....well not never...

I remember getting into trouble 3 times during my junior high experience and all three times was due to mean teachers.  I think the meanest teachers can be found in middle school.  Those who teach elementary grades seemed nice enough, and high school teachers are cool - it's those damn middle school ones. 

So Junior High School , maybe 1979.  I was in 8th grade and had the same English teacher that I had for 7th grade.  Nasty Mr. Rosino (i wish he was reading this!)

He was a lazy ass teacher and I got all A's from him in 7th grade.  He did the minimal and I believe spent an entire quarter on SPELLING.  In middle school I could spell as well as I spell today so his classes were not challenging and English was always my best subject.

When I got him again for 8th grade he suggested I ask my guidance counsellor to change my English class as as he put it "Eight grade English curriculum will be exactly the same as the 7th grade course."

What a fucking lazy bastard. 

I'm talking about me!  I thought "Oooo another no effort class. I'm staying put!"

And that's what I did.

But 8th grade English was a little different because Patrick H was sitting directly in front on me in English class and he would turn around and chat with me through the whole class!  He was super smart, had the dreamiest blue eyes (which I am a sucker for) and I had a super crush on him.  Believe me, I wasn't transferring out of this class.

Like I said, I was very shy and didn't talk in class at all, but with Patrick, I'd talk whenever he'd turn around and grace me with those baby blues.

Mr. Rosino didn't like this one bit!  I'm sure he saw a girl not paying attention (to what!) and chatting alot.  So we got spoken to alot but we just kept on chatting, ignoring him, and acing our tests.  Have I mentioned that Patrick was super smart?  *sigh*  Then Mr. Rosino got mean.

He told Patrick that whenever he caught him turned around, talking to me, he would take one grade point average off my final grade for the quarter.  Now Patrick didn't want me getting in that kind of trouble so the chatting lessened, but we still got caught.  Damn!!  I was very upset....until....

Mr. Rosino says I had 100 average for the quarter and it just went down to 99. BFD I was thinking.  Even if my average goes down to 90, I'll still get an A.  Hmmm that means I can get caught talking 9 more times for the quarter and still get an A!

And that's how the year went.  I made sure I got 100s and kept on chatting.  It didn't effect my A's.

But Me and Patrick - you wouldn't believe what happened.

We got to be really good friends - the kind that you talk to about everything - we'd read the same books - we were like peas and carrots.

At the time I had this good friend Maria.  Maria was in remedial classes (Patrick and I were in honors) but she was alot of fun and very loud - we were a good combo.  We even looked alike - italian, long brown hair, but honestly, I was a pretty little thing and she had buck teeth.

Well one day I'm going through my classes with Patrick, and then met Maria for lunch like I always did, and lo and behold Patrick was sitting with her when I arrived.  Obv, he wants to eat lunch with me (Ithought).  But no.  When I said Hi, Maria tells me that Patrick just asked her out.....(he hardly knew her!)  I felt like I got punched in the stomache.

I couldn't understand and still don't why he'd ask her out when he and I were soulmates in my mind. (or whatever the equivilant is for 8th graders)  I mean we looked exactly alike except I didn't have buck teeth and she was dumb like a stump.  She really was.

But I'd eat lunch with them every day and pretend everything was just fine.  Talk about heartbroken.  I should've talked to him and asked him why.  Honestly, she was loads of fun, and maybe that's more appealing than discussing The Crucible.

Funny enough, about 2 years ago I ran into Maria at Sears.  I was in the lingerie department and she was working there.  She recognized me and said hello but I had no idea who the hell she was.  She was about 90 lbs, platinumn blonde and with BIG implants.  Oh and no buck teeth.  Well, at least I used to be prettier than her.  lol


What a Team

Killer B's

Is this the real life, is this just fantasy....

I don't know if you've heard, but I'm going to Vegas in December to play in the Winter Classic.  Yes, if you're dying to meet Very Josie, and you're willing to buy me drinks, be sure to drop me an email.  :)
Wonderful PokerStars is sponsoring the LuckBox Last Longer Challenge!  Teams must consist of 3 players.  Poker Stars is putting thousands of dollars into a prize pool just for us.  The team that lasts longest gets $500 each in their Poker Stars account.  2nd is $300 each, 3rd is #200 each!

Plus there are other ways to win.  They are putting (10) $100 bounties on some old original bloggers.  Plus $50 bounties for those who win with The Hammer.  I love me a bounty!

The coolest thing of all though, is that I am playing on a team with Waffles and Lightning. Lightning christened us Da Killer B's!!!  Boobs (me) Brawn (waffles' new jogger's bod) and Brains (Lightning ain't just a pretty face). 

We will last longest!!  And then roll around in our Pokerstars dollars!

I just came in 3rd place in The Mookie.  Field of 12 players, with 3 places paid. NY Rambler won. 

I was short stacked early on when Lightning flopped trip 9s with an ace kicker.  I had me top 2 pair and thought I was good, but no.  So I was down to under 1,000 and at one point made it to chip leader, but ran into a couple of bad beats.  That's poker baby.

Wanna hear how Lightning busted out? :)

He had oodles of chips early on (thanks to me!) and he had AK spades.  There's a raise and a call and he's heads up with the lovely Joanne.  Flop is KQx 2 spades.  Bet, raise call.  Turn is a spade, and river is an ace.  Light has aces and kings, but he loses to Joanne who has trip queens.  That's a tough one, but it's okay.

You know why?

Because we weren't teammates in this tourney.  My teammate Lightning is gonna kick ass in Vegas - I have a very good feeling about this.

Play smart.


Monday, September 20, 2010

What I Did On My Day Off

13th of 1964

I called in sick today.  I was feeling the beginnings of a cold (thank you Cricket) and didn't have anything pressing in work so I called in.

Over the weekend I had been playing MTT satellites into tourneys and winning tournament dollars (once I unregistered for the events I won entry into).  But the last one I won was a $75 ticket - which is not the same as tournament dollars.  It has to be used all in one place so I played a tourney that had a $15 knockout.  Things didn't go well and I was knocked out before the first break.

I futzed around a little then decided to play the $11 $17,500 Guaranteed Tourney that started at 1pm.  Yes I had been playing that tourney for over 8 hours (it's almost 9:30pm now) and I just busted out in 12th place.


Fuck me.


On the one hand I'm pleased that I went so deep. (that's what he said) But I was soooo close to the final table which was big money but I just fell short.

I played consistent nitty poker that was aggro in very specific instances ONLY and it worked very well for me.  At about 7:30pm I lost a race and was down to about 35K.  By 8:30 pm I was just shy of 1,000,000 chips!  (It was a deep stack)

So I busted out in 13th place, which got me $108....12th place was over $150, so I'm really kicking myself.  I got into trouble when this German dude to my right raised and I jammed all in with 4-4.  I shouldn't have.

He called with A-Q.  Flop was jack high but he spiked the queen on the turn and I was shortstacked and out the very next hand.

As soon as I was out, while still staring at the laptop in shock, the phone rang.  Ugh......any guesses who?


I am such a royal bitch when I lose, so we have to give him props for his bravery.  I believe my first words were not hello, but "Can you give me a minute to catch my breath?"...

He was nothing but complimentary of my play and I agree.  Even though I'm steaming I played really, really, well.  My goal was to make the final table, which I fell short of, but there's nothing I can do about that. 

And the more I think about the it, I played the same tourney for over 8 hours and made a net of about $98. 

I feel like beating someone up.  Lucky for Sugar Bear he's in bed.

Play smart.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who is this "Hoyazo" that

just fucked me?

I just busted out of The Mookie.  Small field, 13 players I think, which means 2 small tables.  I have Hoyazo one away, to my left.  And whenever I'm in a pot he raises or reraises and I end up folding a couple of hands that may have been the best, but not worth the tourney.

So I have my fave hand and raise 3 times the blind or 180.  Hoy reraises to 710.  Big blind folds, I fold and he shows a 7-2....The Hammer.  This is after fucking with me repeatedly.

Next hand I have A-Q sooted.  Hoy raises to 180, bb reraises to 540.  I call.  Hoy jams all in and BB folds.  I know I gotta fold here, but I keep thinking about that last hand and the hands leading up to it.

I call.

He shows KK.  Flop is Q high, but I catch no other cards and I'm out.

Here's what I think.  Had he waited till after the flop to jam with an over pair, I'd still have all my chips in.  That's be a much easier call. It just pisses me off that his fucking with me resulted in me making a bad call.

The funny thing is he played exactly how I play.  Usually I'm very aggressive, like him.  If you're telling me your hand is worth 3x the big blind, well then you're also telling me that it isn't worth, say 10x.  So let's put you to the test.  It's an easy way to accumulate chips and it's best done against a tight player.  And damn, there's nothing I like better than getting a big pocket pair after a hand I've just raised.

No, I'm not a tight player, but I don't think Hoy knows that, and I certainly appeared tight tonight.  I didn't get many playable hand so all I seemed to do is fold, or fold afer Hoy reraised me.

Very interesting.  I wouldn't mind playing with him at my table again. 

Play smart.

Got a call from someone else....

Crazy receptionist isn't here to screen my calls so my phone rings...I pick it's Gary, who doesn't even say hello.  He says...

"So the only reason you went to Seabrook with me was for the lobster roll?  Fish is that much of a motivator?"


In my empathetic way I answered, "Not just any fish, lobster!"

Guess Who Just called Me?

No, not Tim Wakfield, although I suspect he'll have plenty of time to give me a ring pretty soon.  And no it wasn't Tom Brady, Mario Lopez or Rob Thomas.  Now that I've gotten my fantasies out of the way, it was even better than that.

Mikey called me from Intensive Care! 

Before we get into the phone call, let me just say he had to go through the crazy receptionist to get to me.  Ugh.  He has a history with her.  Last time he called he started the conversation with, "What's up with that crazy biatch answering your phone?  Next time I call I'm going to say I'm Art Vandalay"

He's sounds great!  Just like the old Mikey, but a wee bit tired.  Cracking jokes and making me laugh, and making me swoon with that deep Southern voice.

He thinks he'll be moved from Intensive Care to a regular room this afternoon and most likely will be going home in a day or two.  He says they want him to go home because he's very suseptible to infection right now so the hospital is probably the worst place to be.  (I betcha the insurance company agrees!) 

Mikey still plans on going on his much anticipated cruise at the end of October. He was joking about all the money he'll save on the cruise, as he won't be able to drink as much as he planned.
He said that if 100% is perfect he's at about 12% right now, but just grateful to be here.  The doctors told him that he might not survive the operation.  He said taking that last breath before they put him out was the scariest moment of his life.  He didn't know if he'd wake up again or not.

Poor baby.

But there's a lesson to be learned here. Don't take life for granted. Embrace each day for the gift that it is. I know I usually don't do that. In fact I do quite the opposite sometimes. Maybe this is the wake up call I needed....that we all need.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Long time no blog....I've been feeling blah lately with everything, not just blogging, so don't take it personally.  : )  Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  For example, Saturday night the other Poker Dave was having a home game, and I didn't even bother to go.  Just stayed home and did nothing.  Blahhhhhhh.  I even skipped the last Lesbian and Black Men Tournament.  The next one is this Saturday night, and I'm going to make myself go.

Actually, while I was doing nothing Saturday night I watched some of that Doubles Poker Championship on GSN.  It's a pretty crazy idea.  You have a partner and you play the cards preflop, partner plays post flop, you play on the turn and partner plays the river.  You can't discuss discuss decision makingunless you take a time out.  It's kind of cool to see one person it up and the partner to figure out what to do.

Okay well that was Saturday....let's get back to Friday.

Friday, I went to Seabrook Poker Room with my buddy Gary.  And I lost.  Again.  Without a doubt the highlight of the day (and if I'm going to be honest, the real reason I went)  was our trip to Kelly's Roast Beef.  They have the best lobster rolls on earth and dear, sweet, darling gary bought me one. (see below)

Mmmmm good

Are you ready for a picture of me jamming said lobster roll into my mouth?  It ain't may wanna scroll past.

Can you see the smile on my face? 

I lost both the tourney and the sng again at Seabrook.  Obviously the bad luck of wingman rubbed off on me.  Funney thing is, we were down to 2 tables and I was waaaaay short stacked.  Gary raised - yes he was at my table the whole time.  I had A-Q sooted.  I knew Gary had a big hand but the AQ was the best I had seen in like an hour.  I shoved over the top but not much more than Gary's raise.  He had AK and took me out.  Gary lost too but lasted about an hour longer than me.

Then we played a sng.  Card dead till I looked down at AA.  I make a big raise and get 2 callers.  Flop was 9 high rainbow.  I bet pot, one guy folds and a chick (a kinda drunk chick who was talking about having sex with monkeys and a goat) shoves all in.  Hmmmmm  Flop was actually 9-4-2 rainbow.  I know she didn't call my raise with 9-4 or 9-2 so I don't put her on 2 pair.  I'm thinking maybe J-J.

I call.

She flips over 9-9.  She flopped trips.  Of course. 2 outer.  So I'm very short stacked and things tend to repeat themselves in my life.  Gary raises.  I look down at a pair of ducks.  Not lucky ducks.  I'm up against a couple of overs so it's a coin flip.  Except the board pairs and then the board pairs again on the river, counterfeiting my pocket deuces.  Lucky Gary.

Oh and I swear this crap only happens to me - so I'm out of the tourney - this is before Gary and I play the sng...I have nothing to do, so I'm watching a cash game.  Out of the blue - this guy looks up and says to me "See these chips...they're yours if we leave now and go to your place."  I shiat you not!  I swear this crap only happens to me...he hadn't uttered a word to me before that statement.  Must be the poker uniform - but IMO it's not prostitute low, but I dunno.  Next live game it's gonna be a red sox jersey and a baseball cap - let's see what happens.

In other news, Mikey continues to improve.  And he doesn't let a little thing like life threatening surgery stop him from blogging.  That's my boy!

Onto football!  Below is a screen shot of the upper people in my league.  Notice I am first during this shot!  Adam sucks so bad he didn't even make it into the screenshot.  :)

               Clicky on screen shot for a close up.

The league is winner take all - no second place. I needed The Jets to win and San Diego to lose and I'd win the pool. San Diego did their part but the Jets - fuck them. They played sucky football last night. Their offense was pitiful, and they didn't win for me. Frigging New Yorkers! :)

Even though I didn't win, I put up some good numbers toward the mid year and end of year prizes.  Plus Adam and I have side bets for mid and end of year.  After week 1 he's like 40 points behind me so there's no way he's going to catch up.

I think I'm feeling a little less blah than when I started this post (Monday night).  And my plan is to start work out tonight. I tend to feel better when I do.

Play smart.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Come back later

Hello All,

Crazy busy in work, but I'll be writing up a long post tonight so come on back latah. 

Mikey is doing better, but still goddamned lucky to be alive.  If you want more details click on the Hurricane Mikey blog to the right. --------->

Yes, he seems to be blogging from the ICU.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hurricane Mikey...Updated

Hurricane Mikey is having emergency surgery right now.  Blood clots in lungs and damage to his heart.  He's having emergency surgery today.  What horrible, horrible news.  I saw Linda Lou's title and was hoping it was a joke.  You can read her post here:  PLEASE PRAY FOR HURRICANE MIKEY

I got a "missed call" from Mikey last night while I was at Seabrook.  When I called back there was no answer....I wonder if it was his sister calling....


I didn't have my cell phone with me this morning because I gave it to my son, who was at Founder's Day. So he finally got home with my cell and I called Mikey's number.

Mamasan answered the phone.  I explained who I was and she was so gracious, kind and friendly.  Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree I suppose.

Mamasan said Mikey's sister found him not breathing and called 9-1-1.  Time was definitely of the essence.  Thank God she found him in time.

Mikey is out of surgery but his condition is still quite serious.  There was alot of information to absorb....he had an embolism and open heart surgery....which was very very serious with some complications.  He's out of surgery though and is able to talk a little.

Mamasan said he was being a pain so he was like his old self.  :)

I really don't know all the details, but I just keep thinking what if this happened while he was alone in Vegas?  I truly think things happen for a reason.  Mikey hauled his ass home to his family, right when he needed them most.  Thank God.

Mikey we wish you all the best baby!  Take care.  You'll be in my heart, thoughts and prayers.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Pictures on Friday

I have a half written post about me that I just don't like so instead, I'll post some random pictures.  Won't that be fun???  Um when I say random, I really mean kinda weird too.  :)  Here we go!

Sugar Bear building an igloo

This is kinda hard to see but a hawk landed in our back yard with his lunch.

Me with the work biatch at the holiday party

Black Men and Lesbian game

Sugar Bear and Cricket wrestling - note Crickets leg!

This is Ass Chin. 
He plays in my live game.  Isn't he the cutest thing ever?  He's wearing Cricket's hat in this pic because I paid him to.  I wonder what else I could pay him to do! 

Obviously I paid Jew Boy $1.25 to wear the hat too.

The Mayor from my home game.
He wouldn't whore himself out wear the hat for $1.25.
The Mayor protects Jew Boy like a she lion protects her cub.  Oh and he hates me.
(or does he?  just cuz he says he does....bah)

Magic Trick - Sugar Bear cut himself in half!

Evan in the outfield
(he won't play little league anymore tho) *sob*

Me and Dustin Pedroia at Spring Training 2007
Shitty pic but I'm posting it cuz I'm BLONDE.  Takes alot of bleach to make me blonde.

Sugar Bear with Doug Flutie
On the Green Monster at Fenway

This was about 5 years ago - We had monster seats and my friend Brian spotted Doug Flutie up there!  Brian tried to take his picture but Flutie said NO.  Then as Flutie was walking by, he saw Evan, grabbed Evan by shoulders and said to me, you want to our picture together?
I was like hell ya!  Evan was like, who the heck is this guy?

Brian took the picture and happily cut Evan out - but sent me the whole thing.

Me and Jew Boy

Speaking of Jew Boy....I'm meeting up with Jew Boy today.  He's doing me about 3 or 4 favors (thank you sweetie!) and then we are heading up to new hampshire to play in the 4;30pm $70 tournament.  Stories and pictures to follow!

I plan on winning today.  Fuck this losing shit.  It sucks.

Play smart.


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Very Josie

I just finished breakfast and I'm feeling like a slug.  Did I have a protein shake, like I had been?  Perhaps a whole grain english muffin or fruit? Nope.  A muffin.  A coffee cake muffin, which was pretty much covered in cinnamon goodness. *burp*

Not only that but I haven't exercised AT ALL for the past week.  Nada, after working out like 5 days a week for the past few weeks.  I don't seem to have any motivation at all.

Then I read Waffles' blog about how he's completed his couch to 5k he runs whether it's 95 degrees out or pouring raining.  Nothing seems to stop him. (except high school football players)  So why can't I have that kind of dedication? It's never raining or 95 degrees in my living room!

It's not like I don't have motivation.  Baggy clothes are a great motivation.  Even the biatch in work told me I looked like I lost weight.  Well what she actually said was...nothing at first - she started gesticulating...waving her hands around her face and torso and pointing at me while saying "Good!".  I didn't really know what she meant at first, as I never got a compliment from her before, so I was like HUH????

She amended her comment to "You're looking good".  Hmmm the more I think about maybe she didn't tell me that I looked like I lost weight, but!!!!  When someone tells you you're looking good, odds are it's because you've lost weight.  Face isn't quite as puffy full....they may not know why  you look better but you do!

I swore I WASN'T going to mention this but I will.  THE MOOKIE.  I was out by 10:20pm.  Okay if you wanna skip the bitch session that's about to start I certainly understand. (I'd kinda also understand if you stopped reading after "I'm feeling like a slug")

Mookie - I really didn't feel like playing/losing but I changed my mind at the last minute and joined on up.  Prior to The Dank, I played a small stakes tourney.  Card dead, till I get pocket sevens.  Flop is 7 high with one club.  Villian bets, I raise and he jams all in.  AWESOME.  Except he has 2 clubs and catches runner, runner for a flush and I am out.

Mookie was the SAME EXACT THING.  Lightning (no not you lightbulb) can strike twice in the same place. I'm playing along and I have about 3,300 chips and look down at 5,5.  I raise and some asshole reraises to 480.  I almost fold and yes I know it's a bad call but I call.  Flop is 5,A,X with 2 clubs.  Asshole bets, I raise and he jams all in.  Hee Hee - He's got a big ace I figure and instacall.  He flips over AK and one is a club.  Yay!  Not even a flush draw!  club on the turn. club on the river.  Josie stunned in her chair at 10:20pm.

Then I log onto IM to complain to Waffles and he's not even there.  Well that skinny fucker can kiss my ass.

Also, there was a bit of chat with Pushmonkey in those 20 minutes I played the dank.  He kept saying that I don't pay my bets.  WTF!  He said it maybe 3 times.  I was/am devastated.  If I make a bet I pay up.  I may be a bitch but sheesh I wouldn't do that!  Then I start thinking maybe I FORGOT about a bet - but I have NEVER had a bet with PushMonkey (what a bad player btw).  So I ask him if maybe we had a bet that I had forgotten.  Heck I forget things - but usually not bets.

He says I put a bounty on  him...yeah that sounds like me.....but no one took him out so he should get the bounty.  Ummmm if that's true then I send him some money.  Should I pay him the bounty because no one took him out?  I really don't think so but maybe that's some blogger rule that I don't know about?  It's not about the money - I just don't like him saying things like that at the table.  I was this close to saying he had a 3" dick - see how he likes people saying untrue things about him...but then I thought - what if it's true.  :)

Play smart.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football??

I sure am ready for some football.  After a lifetime of being oblivious to it, I really got into the NFL 3 years ago....and I've been jonesing for some football all summer.

Why you ask?

Cuz of my two favorite things....trash talking and money.

I'm in a league - no not a fantasy football league. I dropped them this year after being in 2 in prev years.  The league I'm in is called Pick The Pros and here's how it works.

There are 16 games (usually).  You have to pick the winner of each NFL game and then you have to assign it a number between 1-16, with 16 being what you think is the most likely winner - 1 being the one you are least confident in.  If you picked a winner you get the points you assigned to it.  Whoever gets the most points after MNF is the weekly winner - winner take all.

Then some money is put aside for the end of the year.  Whoever has most points at the end of the year wins the grand prize.

This is the 4th year I'm playing. 

The first year I knew NOTHING about Football (I pretty much still don't) but joined on a lark.  My friend was joining and I started spouting shit off like "I can win even though I don't know anything about it."

Now other than Brian I knew NO ONE in this league so I really let the trash talking fly.  And then I won a week!  And then I won another....And then I won FOR THE YEAR!  I shiat you not!

2nd year, Brian used a pissy excuse not to play.  Not only did I win from the league but we (brian and I) had a weekly side bet:  loser paid for the other's weekly entry.  He paid for most of my entries.  :)  I think that's why he dropped out.

So 2nd year.  I win a couple of weeks and when I don't win I usually ALMOST win. (remember the weekly thing is winner take all)  Anyway I won for the year AGAIN.  2 time champion!!!!

Year 3 (last year) Same shit, different year.  Great group of guys but the commish makes a change to the game.  No end of year Grand Prize.  WTF!  I swear it's because I won it for the last 2 years and it's a pretty big prize that they just TOOK AWAY.  I played and yes I won for they YEAR AGAIN.  Hat trick baby!  But no moolah.

Remember Adam - coworker that plays The Very Josie as 1racerx.  He joined last year thinking he would crush me.  First week or 2 I didn't do so well.  Adam proposes a big end of year side bet that I take as there is no end of year prize.  Then he says he wants to give me some points because he sooo fucking good at this shit.  I smile and say sure!  By week 7 I am ahead of him and give him back the points.  I annihilate him and everyone in the league.  Not only that but Adam replaces Brian as my weekly side bet....just like having a sugar daddy pay for my entry fee.

But after last year, I told them I wouldn't be playing anymore.  No end of year prize means NO JOSIE.  I really felt (and still feel) that the change was intentional and because of me.  Not cool.

Surprise, surprise!  This year The Grand Prize is back, albeit changed.  New guy took over the league and he set 3 prizes for end of year.  1st, 2nd and 3rd.  That's cool with me so I'm in.

Here are some of the comments posted by the new commissioner and we haven't even started playing:

Let the trash talk begin (and, most importantly, do NOT let Josie win!)...

Great!!!yeah, you''re in (can barely type this cuz i'm shaking so much at the mere thought you actually signed in!!!) - Okay maybe this is creepy

yeah, yeah, whatever ... i'll let you bask in your moment for now...because soon, it will all come crashing down on you... this is my house now so, it will be particularly gratifying when i win Week 1, and i specifically take YOUR entry fee and spend it lavishly all in one place oh yeahhhh !!!!

Poor guy.  You know I'm gonna burst THAT bubble.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brilliant Idea or Not

I went to Mangia Mangia today to get lunch.  It's a little hole in the wall dive in the North End of Boston.  As I was walking back to the office I walked by this little "club".  It said Sons of Italy by the door and the door was propped wide open to some fresh September air.

So of course I looked in........

What I saw was a bunch of old men (retired I imagine as it's a work day) playing poker!  And lots of them!  They had 2 tables going!  BOOM.

My first thought was....ewwww...alot of these old men aren't wearing tops!  I mean TOPLESS.  Not even a wife beater.  Must be hot in there.

My SECOND thought was....hmmmm....retirement money!!  Cha-Ching!

Now do I have the balls to walk into said club, out of the blue, and ask to play there at lunch time?  I dunno.
Normally I'd rather have bamboo shoots shoved under my nails than walk into a place where I know no one and have to be friendly.

I am THAT antisocial in person.  For real.

But..................It's an Italian Club and I sure am Italian so I have that going for me.  Plus it's all old guys....old guys LOVE me, right Mojo?  :)  And let's face it, I'd be doing them a favor by inviting myself.   As antisocial as I am, I make a live game a helluva lot of they'd def have a good time giving me their money.

On the negative side, I'm certainly not a club member....would they let a non member play during her lunch hour?  I dunno.  Is it weird to just walk in off the street and ask to play?  Probably.  But if I'm in my poker uniform (cleavage baby) how could they say no?

Should I do it or not?  I think it'd be E-Z money.  Famous last words, right? 

Play smart.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Worst Bubble Ever

I played this MTT tourney today. 21 players.  1st place only wins the prize which is a $216 tourney ticket.  The buy in was 2,000 full tilt points.  Points I've been saving FOR EVER.

I was chip leader for the entire game....down to heads up and I lost.  Now he was the chip leader and I flop trip 7s.

He jams all in after the flop and I happily call.  I will have the chip lead again when I win this hand.  Then he catches runner, runner to make a straight.

Like a kick in the stomache.

2nd out of 21...and I win nothing....and get runner runnered.  That's bad.

Play smart.


Mojo Won The Very Josie

And Poker Grump came in second!  Congrats to both for a very well played game.

I didn't have time to post about it yesterday, as I normally would, because yesterday was my Mom's birthday.  Her age is a pretty well guarded secret but I'll share it with you.  69 years old!

She lives alone since my Dad passed away so Cricket and I pretty much spent the day with her so she wouldn't be down.  I think she had a really good birthday.

So in honor of Mom's birthday I'll tell you a little more about her.....btw she doesn't have a pc, has never been "online" and even though I told her a little about this blog, she doesn't really get it.

"You write about poker on the computer?"

You should have heard her when I told her I was playing poker at Seabrook with Waffles!

"Waffle?  His name is a Waffle?  This is a guy?" 

Just yesterday when I was over there I happened to mention "Noodles"  a guy who plays in my live game.

"Oh My God...The Noodles, The Waffle...these are names?   LOL

She has an accent but you better not mention it because she doesn't think she has one.  She was born in Sicily and moved to the US when she was 13 years old.

My grandparents had 10 kids in Sicily but only 3 lived to beyond infant age (and are still with us thank god).
Mom, Uncle Rocky (from Wakefield) and Auntie Teresa.  BTW it was also Auntie Teresa's birthday yesterday.  Both mom and her sister were born on the same day, and then their mom ended up dying on their birthday as well.  Stuff like that happens in my family ALOT.  But I'm getting off the subject...

Looks just like Nana

Let's get back to my mother's 7 dead brothers and sisters.  My mother doesn't remember Nana dressed in anything but black because she was always in mourning.  I cannot imagine losing one child, never mind 7.

So what happened to these 7 children?

One of them lived to about a year but was in a homemade "walker" with wheels....fell down a set of stairs and died.

The others?  They wouldn't or couldn't breastfeed.  They couldn't keep the milk down.  Nana thought "her milk was bad".  There was no formula in the 40's in Sicily so there weren't many options.  Nana tried using wet nurses, but that didn't work either.  When the babies who had wet nurses still got sick, Nonno thought the wet nurses were giving the babies goats milk instead of breast milk.

When my mother was born in 1941 one of Nonno's brothers had already left for the US.  This brother mailed cases of formula to my family and my mom survived.

Fast forward to when Uncle Rocky had a baby girl in the US, my cousin Mary, God rest her soul.  She had the same problem.  Her body wouldn't accept nutrition.  She was finally diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and it was managed.  She'd eat everything in sight but would look like she was from a concentration camp.  She was that malnurished looking.

She lived to 22 years old.  Kids with CF don't live long lives, unless.............she need a lung transplant.  She was on a waiting list for about 2 years and was so excited when they finally "beeped" her.  She'd been wearing a beeper, waiting for the call.  She didn't survive the surgery though.

Cystic Fibrosis is an inherited genetic disease and it's my theory that those dead babies that couldn't get nutrition also had CF. 

Poor Uncle Rocky.  He never got over losing my cousin Mary.

Uncle Rocky is the reason my mother moved to the US.  Uncle wanted to become a priest in Sicily but Nonno would have none of that.  Uncle's 2nd choice was to come to America, so the whole family went with him.

Okay one little Uncle Rocky story and then we'll wrap up this post...although I intended to write about my mother here - ah well, maybe next time.

So they lived on an olive and almond farm in Sicily.  Sweets were few and far between so when they had something sweet Uncle Rocky (the oldest child and the male child) would sneak and take whatever he wanted...regardless of if he got in trouble.

They lived with their grandmother.  Now the grandmother had a box of cookies but knew Uncle Rocky would take them, so she kept them  under her pillow when she slept.  I shiat you not.  Then she'd dole out ONE COOKIE whenever she chose to.

Well one morning, they discovered my great grandmother had died in her sleep.  Nana was inconsolable and there was alot of ruckus in the house.

What did Uncle Rocky do?  He snuck into his grandmother's bedroom and stole the pack of cookies right from under his dead grandmother's head!  And ate them all! 

He tells that story over and over and always ends with...I got all the cookies and I didn't get in trouble!

Congrats again to Mojo Baby!