Sunday, March 27, 2011

Live Action in Revere

Marvin's money

I had a fun time last night in Revere.  I'd missed the last couple of events so it was good to see everyone.  As you can probably tell from the picture above, I lasted longer than Marvin. :)  I was a little bit late so when I arrived he started with "I thought you weren't gonna show cuz you were too afraid!"  all up in my grill.  Ha!  There were a few boys I hadn't seen in like a year that showed up too, which was awesome.  Unfortunately they were all out early, to early to wait around for the cash game dammit! 

Marvin and I were at different tables, which is exactly what  I didn't want.  This group is made up of pretty good players and horrible ones.  I thought that if he was left alone he was going to chip up on the noobs, as usual.  So he was upstairs and I was downstairs.

At my table was this sweet old woman who didn't have a clue about how to play.  I mean nothing.  She was just here to get out of the house.  She didn't know what a straight was, what a full house was, and I'm not kidding.  And she ran over the table!  She hit a full house on the flop and kept calling to an aggro guy's betting.  In the end she didn't even know she had that, she just knew she had 3 aces.  lol  She busted him!  Then she busted another guy.  It was awesome.   The other players at my table were pretty decent, but the guy on my left whistled through the whole game.  Yep, I said whistled.  The first 15 minutes weren't so bad, but an hour into it and I was ready to pull my hair out.  Keep in mind it's a pretty full table and he's right by my left ear.  At one point someone is all in and I'm thinking about calling but the whistling is distracting me so I shoot him a look and he finally stops.....till the hand is over.....and then resumes. 

Anyway, 16 peeps with 3 itm.  We combined to a final table at 8 peeps, which I couldn't wait for because Lynne said chilled premium tequila was served at the final table.  It was smooooooooooth but very strong.  Oh prior to the final table, I'm downstairs playing away and the door bursts open.  It's Marvin.  He actually has to duck to get into the room and he's coming in with one fist thrust forward, which is clutching MA MONEY!  Woot!  He then told me some sob story about why he's out, but I don't remember it.  I asked him if he wanted to do double or nothing for his league hoodie, but he declined.  Wuss.

I played about 4 hours and was middle to short stack for the whole time.  Never could get a big hand but won a bunch of small ones.  Blah, not where I want to be, but I had to play cautious because of Marvin.  It wasn't the money, but the bragging rights.

Anyway, 4 hours later the blinds are huge and there are 6 of us left.  I'm the BB with J-J and 1st position raises 3x bb.  All fold to me, it's either jam or fold.  I jam and I'm up against A-K.  Ace on the flop and I'm outa there.  Boo!

Here's the guy who felted me:

I beat his right upper arm black and blue, yet he smiles.
Taken about 1 minute after he knocked me out.

The hostess with the mostest.
This was taken on Superbowl Sunday.

Freddie, Mike and Shawn
Freddie is Marvin's nephew.  You wouldn't know there's like a 25 year diff, right?

Tonight, Donkey Island continues.  The game is Badugi and the place is Full Tilt Poker at 9:30pm.  I am sure to be knocked out by 9:40pm.  I don't like this!  But come by and listen to me complain.  I'm already registered so if you wanna play, and really why wouldn't you, just look for veryjosiePassword is survive.

Oh and  I suggest that everyone tune into Buddy Dank Radio tonight.  Mama's gonna spouting something!  Gary's stopping by to figure out what I'm doing wrong so I'll be good to go tonight.

Only 4 peeps left in Survive Donkey Island.......this is gonna be good.



Wolfshead said...

At my table was this sweet old woman who didn't have a clue about how to play. I mean nothing.

I see you brought your poker tutor to the game with you.

Josie said...

Wolfie you grumpy old bastid! You better watch what you say cuz im thinking of hitting ac very soon, which is your neck of the woods.

SirFWALGMan said...

Is the guy who felted you black or lesbian? I *think* lesbian.. but can not tell..

Josie said...

The guy who felted me was neither black nor lesbian. He was the white dude wearing the do rag on his head. He cracked my JJ with his AK.

I won $40 off the black dude and got free tequila and dinner from lynne. All in all, not a bad night.