Friday, March 4, 2011

Conversations with Hannah

I usually visit my mom every Sunday.  Since my Dad died she doesn't have him to ask questions to when something on TV confuses her.  Now that John O'Hurley isn't hosting Family Feud anymore, she's started watching a new game show, Baggage.

I've never seen the show but I hear alot about it and it always inspires random questions from my mom.

(Keep in mind English is her second language)

Last Sunday:

Mom: "Jo, what's a Kreuger?" (Yes, she calls me Jo, but not Joe"
Me: "Huh?"
Mom: "What's a KREUGER!!"
Me: "Um, someone's name I guess"
Mom: "No, it was on the Baggage."
Me: "I dunno.  I have no idea what you're talking about."
Mom: "The Kreuger! Jerry Springer says she's a the Kreuger!  What does that mean?"
Me: "Did he call her a cougar?"
Mom: "Eh, eh, that's it.  What's a Kreuger?"
Me:  "Cougar, Mom.  Not Kreuger.  That's a woman who dates men that are much younger than her.  Like Carmela! (my older sister Cricket)  You know how she goes for the guys in their 20s....even though she's in her 40s?  THAT'S a cougar."
Mom: "Ohhhhhhhhh"
Carmela: "I'm not a cougar.  A cougar is when an older woman goes after younger men.  Those guys come after me, not vice versa.  So I'm not a cougar"
Me: "You are sooooo a cougar."
Mom: "Have some more soup.  Take some home for lunch tomorrow.  I think you work too much.  How bout a nice cuppa coffee?"

Shoulda taken the soup home!  Live and learn.  I think we'll make Conversations with Hannah a weekly thing, kinda like my visits with her.  I tried to explain the blog to her, but she just doesn't get it.  "You write about poker, so what?" says she!



KenP said...

"You write about poker, so what?" says she!

How is that different from what all the rest of us are saying?

Josie said...

LOL - but she's my mom. She thinks I'm special. Apparently, my blog, not so much.

Wolfshead said...

Haven't seen it but have seen the commercials for Baggage. The Jerry Springer Show packaged in game show format. How can you let your mother watch such trash? Some daughter you are.

Josie said...

Ugh, I'd poker my eyes out before watching it, but I don't "let" my mother do anything. I'm just there to explain it all.

BamBam said...

I can just see it now!

Very Hannah
A Blog about my Daughter. Who by the way carries the 36C's rather proudly and then, decides to get guys she's never met, unless the intertubles count, to guess WHAT FRIGGIN' SIZE HER BOOBS ARE! Oh, we'll also talk some Bacalhau too!
Did you notice her lack of tanlines? My Josie's olive'ish!

You go Hannah, YOU GO!


Josie said...

LOLLLLLLLLLL BamBam you rock. I forgot about the Guess My Boobs contest.....quite a while ago! (don't tell hannah)

Josie said...

BTW Bammer,

+1 for remembering my exact bra size. That was months ago!

Gary said...

I miss your ma. Tell her I say hello next time you see her, ok?

Josie said...

Will do Gary!