Monday, March 14, 2011

That was close....kinda

Hawk is dead meat

It seemed awfully close when Buddy Dank started reading the votes, anyway.

I got the first vote.  *gulp*

Jamy got the 2nd vote. *whew*

I got the 3rd vote.  (booooooooooo)

Jamy got 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th. 

So with 5 votes against Mama's two votes, JamyHawk is out. 

Afterwards Jamy popped up on IM and was nothing but gracious.  When I saw his name pop up I got scared, thinking he would be yelling at me, but NO.  He was totally cool and said I played well.

How I am alive, I do not know. But somehow, by the grace of some wonderful poker bloggers I'm still alive and kicking. In fact I'm dancing - so happy to still be in this game.

So only 2 asses voted for me.  One of them is no longer in the game.  The other one better sleep with one eye open.

And now there are 7 of us left.  It's any woman's game.

Now speaking of IMing with Jamy, I just wanted to mention a great byproduct of this crazy game.  I got to know so many of you better, and I wouldn't have had the chance had it not been for Survivor Donkey Island.  I've been able to chat with so many of you, and get to know you guys, which would never have happened had it not been for the game.  So if I come out of this with nothing more than that, I consider myself a winner.

Tonight was the multi-entry game.  I usually do not play more than 2 games at a time but here I was playing 4 (the maximum) at once.  So I'm trying to keep up with the 4 tables, and I get an IM from Gary, then Hoy, Lightning pops up.  Hey then there's Muhctim. And in between all of them JamyHawk is iming me too. Miami Don pops up and tells me he requested "Josie" by Steely Dan on Buddy Dank for me.  Awwww but between playing 4 games at once, and trying to keep up with the ims, I do not have a millisecond to open another window for BDR.  I finally get BDR running in the 2nd hour when I was down to 3 games.

I'll tell you about a couple of bad beats - if that's what these are called.  Only cuz they're memorable and fun to recap.

I had 9-9 and raised 4x bb and bammer jams all in afterwards.  We know bammer can do that with anything.  I call.  I'm up against 4-7 diamonds.  Anyone think he caught the flush?  You're right!  Anyone think I caught my trip 9s on the turn?  If you guessed yes you're right again!  Anyone think I hit a boat on the riv?  No?  Right again!  Bammer doubles up.

Another one I witnessed was poor Hoyazo against Lucky Heff.  Hoy has A-A against Heff's J-J.  Two outer, which was caught on the river.  I hate that.  I hate when you sweat the flop and you're still ahead, you sweat the turn, and you start to think you're good and then boom.  River!  But it's part of the game, othewise Hoy would never lose.  Although I'm starting to get a very good sense of how he plays now.  Suffice it to say I took more chips from him than I gave.  Not that it did me any good. 

Oh and I'm sad to say I lost my head and swore, breaking my lent promise. I did it in spectacular fashion too.  The ironic thing is the guy who made me swear had an uncle who was a priest.  Although who knows, I'm sure that was all a lie too.  Oh well.  There's always next lent.

At least I'm alive!!!!!!



robert said...

That last statement is really funny. We've never talked, I could have made you swear last night, and I actually do have an uncle that is a priest.

You shoved on me with 77 vs QQ, I'm sure you remember how that hand went down. Later I took you out, I think with AQ vs J10. Irrelavant really, but the uncle reference forced me to comment.

Enjoy your blog.

Josie said...

Oh its You???? My nemesis from last night. Knew I should've have jammed with 77 when you min raised in early position.

And then my J-10 - that used to be my fave hand. I dunno who you are but well done.

No I wasn't swearing at you tho. I was swearing at a backstabbing mo fo who also happens to be a liar. I am waiting for a sincere apology tho. We'll see if I get one.

Glad you like the blog. :) Please keep reading.

lightning36 said...

I thought Gary just recently reminded us that you do not jam with 7-7. lol

Your swearing was okay based on your lenten Sunday freebie interpretation. btw -- I just spoke with the uber-Catholic guy with whom I work. He NEVER heard of the Sunday freebie. Glad it is just not me ...

PokahDave said...

Say two Hail Mary's and two Our Father's and call it day....

The Neophyte said...

I thought you got a reprieve from your Lent vow on Sunday. If so, then you broke nothing unless it was after midnight last night. I guarantee I broke your vow last night especially when Miami Don(key) took me out.

Josie said...

Light, The swearing took place after midnight. It was def Monday.

Bless me Pokah Dave for I have sinned, i'ts been years since my last confession.

btw I think Jesus himself would've sworn at this guy, who has STILL not apologized. Tick, Tick!

Josie said...

Miami Donk is a genius! btw I think I took him out so your chips went to a good cause....not that I cashed or anything.

And yea, after midnight baby.

The Neophyte said...

I would rather it were your chips and his chips going to my cause instead but I'm glad someone waylaid him

jamyhawk said...

You seriously aren't looking for an apology from me are you?

I only voted you once you didn't deliver on your promise to keep me in the game. I was hoping we could play a heads up tournament and settle the way it should be.

Josie said...

Hi Jamy!

No, I'm not looking for an apology from YOU. Maybe you should be looking for one from me. I'm sorry sweetie.

BamBam said...

Not linking to me is cold!