Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trash talking

Josie and Marvin

I'm playing a tourney in Revere tonight with the ladies and black men.  I skipped the first one, so when the email blast about the tourney went on Friday more than a few people on the list emailed me to see if I'd be attending  game #2.  The email goes to about 24 peeps, and they all love me.  :)  Seriously, I make the game fun with my trash talking and what not.  Anyway, I decide to reply to everyone and get the trash talking started.

Josie: "That's right people! Josie's playing so watch out!"

And then Marvin, my nemesis and winner of season 1 of the league sends the following email:

Marvin: "There really should only be 1 person talking. (See the name below)" Marvin

Now obviously he's saying that because he won season 1.btw Season 1 winner got a custom made hoodie with your name on it! (dammit i wanted that)  And he did win, but I have been OWNING him lately, so much so, last time we played I left with an IOU from Mr. Marvin.  And truly the only reason I didn't do better in the season is because I missed so many games.  I ended up in 4th.  So I retort with:

Josie:  "Puhlease! Wear your little embroidered sweater and know I OWNED you all last year. you just showed up for more tournaments than I did."

LOL Have I mentioned that he's like 6 feet 22 inches tall?  Bah!  He doesn't intimidate me, I intimidate him!  However, he responds with:

Marvin: "Whatever excuses makes you sleep better at night."

The bastard! It's time to take the gloves off! LOL

Josie: "omg! You will be my biatch saturday night. mark my words. and then I'll sleep GREAT. :)"


There's a scratch ticket bounty at these games, which I hate. I don't like scratch tickets and I usually end up with 5 pieces of scratched cardboard worth zilch, when I'd much rather play for $5 cash bounty and have a few bucks.

Marvin:  "Please, I am going to scratch your ticket for 500.00 and add it to my winnings."

Weak retort.  Very weak.

Josie: "I hope you hit a lucky scratch ticket because that's the only way you're going to win any money Saturday night."

After a few more inspired emails we decided to resolve our disagreement like know what I mean. :)  We have a last longer bet.  Double or nothing on what Marvin owes me from last time.  I would LOVE to double it and I soooo have his number now.  I just hope he's at my table.  This is going to be a 2 or 3 table game.

Oh and guess what?  I have a picture of the dude! 

Very Josie's ATM

I'll play smart.



KenP said...

Wasn't expecting Marvin to be a skinhead. Little wonder he is conflicted.

PokahDave said...

Play least he doesn't have a Yankees jersey on...

Josie said...

LOL Ken!

Dave, when he ended up owing me i wanted to take that jersey as collateral but he wouldn't go for it

Memphis MOJO said...

Very Josie trash talking? Why, I'm shocked! Anyway, GL. Show 'em what a blogger can do.

Josie said...

LOL Mojo - what a surprise huh? I will kick butt and take names tonight - and I'll tellya all about it.

The Neophyte said...

The amount of trash talking you do, you'd best play very smart. A bit of luck for the Saugus Luckbox wouldn't hurt either.

Josie said...

Moi? You must have me confused with someone else. :)