Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh my aching head

This is how I feel

One of my bestest buddies did that to my picture.  He combined the one eyed photo with a different photo for the "repaired face".  It's creepy, makes my features distorted and gives me a kind of frankenstein look.  That is exactly how I feel.  The funny thing is he emailed it to me this morning saying "this never fails to crack me up".  Perfect timing!

It's not the lack of sleep that has me dragging, its the HORRIBLE hangover.  Maybe God will have mercy and decapitate me to put me out of my misery.  Or mebbe not.

Okay lets talk poker, shall we?  I had Skiddoo at my table.  Heh.  I dunno if you remember when I OWNED him in Vegas while very very drunk, playing Razz, a game I'd never played before.  History pretty much repeated itself last night.

I had A-Q and flop was 10-A-X.  Skiddooski was holding 10-10.  An A on the turn gave me trips and him a boat.  Bet and call.  River was a beautiful Q.  BOOM.  Don't get me wrong, he still schooled me last night.  Prior to that my A-Q lost to him when I flopped Q-x-x.  I jammed all in with tptk and he instacalled with KK.  Ugh.  I jammed my whole stack into a 600 chip pot. Dumb.

Skiddoo was to my immediate left and he played amazingly all night.  Always had the best hand when he was in a pot (or so it seemed to me) and always folding when I was hoping for a call.  He went deep and I was out 8th.  I wanna play like Skiddoo!

Oh and when I went out 8th, it was a repeat.  Jamming with TPTK.  At least I'm still in the Survivor Donkey Island game, unlike my friend HeffBaby.  Whether he believes it or not, I'm sad that he is out, but I guess it had to be.  I mean what do you do?  Leave the best poker player in the game cuz you like him?  I dunno if you've noticed, but I'm playing to WIN Season 1 of Survive Donkey Island but I must say it is mentally and physically draining to say the least.

I wish this damn office would stop spinning.

Play smart like Skiddoo.


Damn, I have a head ache.



Gary said...

If the Good Lord does see fit to decapitate you, I get first crack at your head.

Josie said...

I seem to remember you putting in a request for my gall bladder as well when it was removed.

If I suddenly turn up missing, please people, check for me in jars in gary's basement.

23skidoo said...

THanks for the shout Joe! You know I luvs ya babe.