Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Very Josie and Survive: Donkey Island

Both tournaments are tonight!  The Very Josie is at 9pm and Survive Donkey Island is at 10pm.  It's going to be a looooong night, I hope.  I'll be posting results afterwards as well as a bunch of swear words, so stop by.

Team Fish is in a bad position.  There's only 4 of us left, yet there are 7 bad guys left.  We need for Team Donk to lose a member, and I'm guessing if they have to vote, they'll vote out Brain.  We'll see if I'm right. (I hope!)

Below are some pictures of a random kid holding Very Josie tshirts.

Yes, they're all weird poses.  He wouldn't take a normal  picture no matter how much I pleaded with him.  No one listens to me!!!

Both Sugar Bear and I desperately need haircuts.  Remember when I got about 6 inches cut off the length of my hair?  Well I haven't had a haircut since and it's out of control.  I might take the plunge and get it done this weekend, but just a trim this time. 

Anyway, you have to play The Very Josie to win a tshirt like the one above.  Even Sugar Bear has one, although he's not allowed to wear it to school. 

The Very Josie @ 9pm  Tourney # 221454389

The Mookie @10pm which is the last game of team play in Survive Donkey Island.  Can I survive it?  I have no idea, but I'm going to go down (that's what she said!) fighting. 

Team Fish is down to Very Josie, SmBoatDrinks, Xkm* and Iaatg.  We need to stay together! Can we win even though we'll be playing in a massive power play 4 Fish against 7 Donkeys?  It would be such a sweet victory if we could pull it off and I think we can.

Stop by either game, for what is sure to be a great game.

Wait a minute!!!!  So maybe I don't know Xkm and Iaatg that well.  I decided to give all my teammates a link, which I lifted from the Donkey Island site.  I copy Xkm's and it's a link to Horseporn.  Someone's having some fun at Xkm's expense or he's hung like a.......I dunno.  And then there's Iaatg!  I check out his link and he's like a 19yr old student.  Who knew?  All I can say is meow! Cougar in the house!  lol  I will have to get to know my teammates better during the game.

Play smart.


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