Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yeah tonight continues the Survivor Poker series.  And this time I'll be on Buddy Dank Radio for real.  I'm having a live poker game at my house and Gary's coming over.  He'll set up my headphones for me so they actually work.  But that ain't the big news.

I've been living and breathing this Survive Donkey Island game for the last few weeks, but baby the game is taking a back seat today.  What on earth could trump Survivor Poker?

Ladies and Gentlemen, only one guy.  One guy with storywriting skills that capture your interest and pull you in.  Poignant and raw and in your face.

Miami FUCKING Don is blogging again!!!!  My blog roll puts the most recent posts at the top.  Can you imagine my surprise when I saw him up there instead of at the bottom. Woot!  Bonus for Auntie Josie!

Stories from Vegas! Damn, I love living vicariously through him, whether it's stories about poker, sports betting or even the occasional hooker story.  It's not just the subject, but the way he tells it.  I get sucked in every time.

I will tempt you with a couple of excerpts from the wise sage himself.  These are from today's post.

"Intelligence is way overrated, and those who think they are superior when it comes to smarts, really you show your insecurities."  So fucking true.

And I found another pearl:
"Sometimes you just have to go for it, take a risk, let the walls down and put your ball(s) or vag on the the line."

Put my vag on the line.  It may be time to do just that in this damn game of Survivor.

Donnie's back baby!  And he's better than ever.

Oh and Don?  Don't you dare stop blogging again.  I'll be back in Vegas and will beat you senseless.  You don't want to get slapped around by a chick who's maybe half your height.  It wouldn't look good!



Wolfshead said...

"Intelligence is way overrated, and those who think they are superior when it comes to smarts, really you show your insecurities."

Typical comment by the common man who is terrified by the fact that there might be someone better than him at something. Nothing great about being dumb. Do agree however with the second part of the statement, one who is truely superior in smarts, or anything, never has to parade the fact and those that do are either insecure or not as good as they think they are. Knowing your advantages, as well as your limitations, is more than good enough.

Josie said...

Yes, it's the latter half of the comment that rings so true.

Bayne_S said...

Don has no fear. You carrying the step ladder you need to kick him in the balls slows you down enough for him to escape

Josie said...

Are you calling short?

Bayne_S said...

Are height jokes treated more favorably than age jokes?

Josie said...

You ARE calling me short!

Bayne_S said...

grubbette is only person I know that does not think you are short.