Thursday, March 24, 2011

Turtle Soup

Turtle The Warrior

Turtle was voted off Donkey Island.  He played valiantly too and lasted a looooong time.  In the end fellow fish, XKM took him out.  Turtle, at least you went down playing goot.

I sucked tonight.  If you don't believe me, check out HeffMike's post.  Apparently everyone at the table knows how to play poker better than me, according to Heff.  Good thing he likes me, huh?   I lasted a couple hours but was out far too early. Sad part is I donked off almost all my chips to HeffMike.  He jammed on a flush draw and I had 2 pair and thought/knew I was good.  Which I was, until the river hit and I doubled up HeffMike.  Then I was down to like 480 chips and jammed with J-8.  Goat hit trips on the flop and I was history.

So with nothing to do, *sniffle* I watched the play.  Waflles was still in it for a change, as was XKM, turtle, Hoy and my boy Neo.  After watching for a while I was *sure* xkm had the game in the bag, but it didn't turn out that way.  XKM took out turtle and then they were down to 4, with 3 itm.  xkm, hoy, neo and waffles.  Who do you think was the unlucky bubble?  Yes it was Waffles, a/k/a Bubbly Boy.  Boy did he suck.  lol Just kidding.  He actually played well but was in a coin toss at the end that he lost.  10-10 vs AJ.

Neo was the chip leader for quite a while and Hoy bit by bit aquired more and more chips until all of a sudden he was the chip leader.  wtf!  First of all, Hoy rivered me twice early in the game.  Once hitting a straight on the river and crippling my 2 pair and once rivering a flush.  Fricking biatch.  It was just one of those nights.

It's funny, I got lucky on ONE significant hand, and unlucky with about 6 significant hands, yet no one comments on the latter.  Shocking, huh?  lemme tell you bout the lucky hand cuz it's awesome!  I had J-J and villian raised in early position so I reraised.  Flop was like under 10 high, and soon enough we were both all in and I was up against Q-Q.  I hit my jack on the turn to double up.  Whew!  I kept those chips for quite a while but eventually lost them to Heffmike and his rivered flush.  I have to stop doing that.  I could've got away from that hand.  So what if i was ahead when I called - there was still another card to come.  Risked too many chippys.

Neophyte played an amazing game.  Seemed to make the right mover over and over and was the chip leader for the majority of the game. He ended up in second, second to Hoyazo, but played very well.  GG to both!

While they were still playing Buddy started announcing the votes on BDR.  He said he'd read them in the order they came in.

First vote...........VERY JOSIE (I'm not panicking yet)
Second vote.........TURTLE (whew)
Third vote.............TURTLE (thank god)
4th vote...............VERY JOSIE* (omfg)

We are tied and one of us will be out with that last vote.  I know I'm good, but my heart is pounding and i'm holding my breath.  All of a sudden, my confidence is gone, till i hear the words "Turtle is voted out".

Thank you to the 2 guys who stuck with me.  2 guys didn't stick with me and I still don't know why that happened.  Things could've/should've been quite different had they stuck it out.

I'm sure everyone has a different opinion, different point of view of the goings on of Donkey Island.  When the whole shebang is over I'll give you insight into how I played and why I did what I did.  What I did well and what I regret.  Regrets.....I do have a few, but like I said the time for all that is when the game is over, and baby, there's plenty of game left.  Badugi Sunday night!  Duh!  Winning! lol

Oooo speaking of winning....of being a lucksack....Joe C. Luckbox to be specific, I won the jam fest with the Buddy Dank crew after The Dank!  They play this CRAZY game where you enter a tourny for 5 ftp.  You must jam all in every single hand....everyone else has to do this too, and whoever lasts the longest gets $5 from everyone else.  I won!  There was a disconnect at my table so that helped, but I lasted for about 3 or 4 jams which was enough to have many people sending me $5 each.  Mama likey!

Play smart.

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KenP said...

HeffMike's remark was totally uncalled for. I am sure there is a 12 year old in special ed that ... uh, better make that 7 year old.

I will honor you with a hand of your own. Seeing that all the downs have names -- even horrid ones like the bammer -- we'll have to improvise.

Making trips with the underpair while all in will, from this point forward, be called the Very Very Very Josie. The redundancy in the name is to signify the redundancy of the act. The people this happen to will be able to claim they were Miami Don'd.

All poker players may update their poker glossary now.

JT88Keys said...

Ahem....the villain?!?!? I think you meant me. As soon as the jack fell on the turn I minimized the tounament table to prevent myself from typing something in chat that wouldn't befit a gentleman. That didn't stop me from bellowing (and frightening my 18-year old son) "OMFG, YOU MOTHER F-ING LUCKBOX!"

I got over it though when I checked back on the Dank tournament lobby an hour or so later and saw that you hadn't gone on to cash, so the horseshoe must have fallen out of your derriere. :)

Josie said...

Hi JT! I think you lost that "gentleman" battle with yourself. :) It's part of the game baby!

SirFWALGMan said...

As much as I tease you.. you are a ballah for tourneys. I have seen a lot of good tourney donks and you definitely have that intangible "skill" that all the good ones have.

Josie said...

LOL Thanks Waffles - I'll take it! Much better than being compared to a mentally challenged quiz show contestant. I'm making progress!

SirFWALGMan said...

Let's be clear that we are talking about NLHE Tourneys... When it comes to 10-mixed games I hold to my original opinion. :P.

Josie said...

LOLLLLLLLLLL Point well taken, and I'm inclined to agree.