Monday, February 28, 2011

Stayin' Alive!

It's 1:40am and I just finished preparing for an 8:30am managment meeting.  When I take work home on Friday afternoon, I always have the best  intentions of doing it, say Saturday morning.....certainly Sunday morning!  And yet.....even though I knew Survivor Donkey Island was happenin' Sunday night, I still left it till the last minute.

Speaking of Survivor.....

I lost.



I started out so good too.  As Hoy pointed out, I had (2) Very Josie's in the top ten of a field of about 80.  Not too shabbay.  My demise was calling a few all ins.  Even though my calls were good - people (LIKE BAYNE) his their shitty cards and i doubled them up.  Dumb!  No reason to risk Mama's chips.  I have a hard time throwing away those good hands, dammit!

I played pretty well considering Miami Don heckled me the whole night.  Dammit, but the man just wouldn't stop.  Below is an example (certainly not an exaggeration) of what I was treated to for a couple of hours.

Miami Don:  "Mr. Joe C. is a luck box.  Lucky Girl.  I love you but you limped.  NO LIMPING ALLOWED.  I will fuck over anyone who limps.  You won with the best hand, how fucking dare you?  You luck box.  No Limping!  No Raising!  No Folding!  Whatever you do, I'll call you a luck box!  But I love you!  Girl, you know I love you, right?  I can believe you fucking called with that shit.  I love you though.  Love you, you play like shit, I love you, you play like shit.  Wolfie, I'll hunt you down for defending this girl you have a hardon for."

Wolfie:  "MD You've got it wrong.  I don't have a hardon for her.  Disregard the drool all over the floor and the tent in my pants.  That's just a side effect from my medication."

I only wish I was exaggerating....

Oh and there was a good 5 minute discussion about my testicles.  Good thing I love these guys.

So after listening to all that, I limped in first position with KK while Miami Don was the big blind.  4 people limped in after me and I knew Donnie wouldn't allow me to limp.  He jammed all in!  I did too and everyone else folded.  He turned over 10-9 and gg Don.

Too bad I couldn't hold onto the chips.  I played for a couple of hours and played meh.  Out 12th.  I always chip up early and them lose them to coin flips.  Blah.

My biggest demise was jamming AQ into SmBoatDrinks' AK.  Darn it!  I gave up half my stack doing that for no good reason.  I played a little too aggressively tonight and it hurt me.

I must say I much preferred the multi entry game to a rebuy.  Alot of fun. 

As the title says, I'm still alive.  We voted off The Real Dawn Summers tonight.  Booooo.  I wish we kept our team a little stronger going into the merge.  This Wednesday is the last game with team play.  After Wednesday we are all individual spear carriers looking to survive.  So we'll all be up for elimination unless immunity is had.

Should be very interesting.

Oh and props to Jordan who played really well tonight.  It seemed whenever we were both in hand he had the best one.  Nice frigging playing dammit.

Jamyhawk still sucks.  Nothing new there. :)

Bayne is still the Bayne of my existence.  Fucker gets in bad and wins, gets in good and wins.  Didn't you have to work tonight Bayne? 

Now here's what I'm thinking.....Wednesday's time for me to get famous.  Thinking about making an appearance on BDR  - Buddy Dank Radio.  Buddy does a live radio show while the Survivor game is going on.  If you want to hear the melifluous sound of my voice - live while I'm playing poker, you have to tune into Buddy Dank Radio.  Do I have a Boston accent?  You decide.  Wednesday night.  Listen in while I swear at Goat, Jordan, and JamyHawk.

Ugh, it's 2am now.  Hitting the hay, only to wake up in 4 1/2hrs.  Mama's gonna be tired all day, and going to bed early Monday night.  Booooo..

Play smart, or Miami Don will verbally abuse you and then tell you he loves you.  Now I know what it's like to be in an abusive relationship. :)


Friday, February 25, 2011

More Poker

I got home last night and played 3 games from 8:30 - 10:30 pm.  At the end of this session I left with a net win of $295.  Wheeee! (actually $294.50 but I like rounding up)

I played a $33 (9) peep game and came in first place.  Heads up was touch and go but I perservered.  Because I appeared tight my opponent was "all in" every hand, which left me folding every hand - till the last one. :)  Imagine his surprise when I called his all in with A-10 sooted.  I was up against the mighty J-10, and had the feeling I was sunk.  Alas, I was not. :)  Cost $36, won $148, which is a net win of $112.

Then I played SmBoatDrinks' $5 Booze Cruise.  Fun little tourney; Omaha High Low, with maybe 8 peeps.  I immediately situated myself as chip leader and shortly thereafter donked off all my chips to some dude I don't know.  Blah. Cost $5.50, and lost.  Net of -$5.50.  But a donation to my boy Boaty is priceless.

Third game was a $55+5 (9) peeper.  I got a little short stacked early and doubled up shortly thereafter to become the slight chip leader.  Played (6) handed for quite a while and then I took out Mr. 6 and Mr. 5, so I was the extreme chip leader when we were 4 handed.  With a stack that size there was no need to play until the donks took one of themselves out, which happened soon enough.  I ended up WINNING FIRST PLACE here as well. Cost $60, won $248ish, which is a net win of $188.

$112 - 5.50 + $188 = $294.50 = $295!!!!!

In other news, I'll still not quite there healthwise.  I have a lingering cough and do not feel 100%.  I haven't been eating well, nor have I been exercising lately.  I'm going to focus on health this weekend.  I have a bunch of healthy new recipes that I want to try out.  Plan is to go healthy food shopping this weekend so there are good options for the week and start exercising again. 

Healthy body + healthy full tilt account = Happy Josie

For some reason it's usually one or the other with me. I'll like to try for both.  I want it all.  Hell, who doesn't, right?

Sunday night is the next Survivor Poker game.  I have been so humbled by my results in this little game that it's time to shut my mouth and focus on winning.  I need to pretend there are big dollahs on this game, maybe that'll help.

Play smart.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oy - My Hoy! UPDATED!

Another one bites the dust

I have heard from undisclosed sources that my boy toy, Hoy, has been voted off.

Buddy say it tain't so!!!!

Hoy, just remember this I DID NOT VOTE FOR YOU.  I wouldn't vote off the best player on our team while we're still competing as a team.  I think Al paid everyone off to vote you out.  He couldn't buy my vote, even though he sent $500 to my Full Tilt account.

Okay, maybe not.

Hoy baby, I think you're history, but I'm waiting for confirmation of that.

UPDATE:  I just got this email:

Team Fish loses another one. Not sure if it helped to have a bounty

on everyone's head due to Alcanthang's doing. Some people vent their
anger on the internet and some people get even with the people that
wronged them. Thanks for making this so much fun everyone!

Hoyazo - 4
Turtle - 1
VeryJosie - 1

Hoyazo is the next player voted off Donkey Island.

Team Fish is not looking so hot, having only 5 players left compared to

the 7 Donkeys still in the game. The Fish really need to step up if
they don't want to be extra short handed when the tribes merge. 2 more
team events left.

Sundays game 5 is a multi-entry tournament. $5 per entry and each
player can enter up to 4 times. This is going to be fun!


Now, you'll notice that I have a vote.  That's a vote for myself because I was sleeping when the tourney was over.  If you don't get ur vote in time it goes to you.  This is PROOF that I did not vote for the smart, handsome gifted attorney we know as Hoyazo.
Play smart or you get the ax.



I might've been wrong about JamyHawk.  And about kicking Donkey ass.  Now please excuse me while I avoid blogosphere for the rest of the day.

I really sucked.  Especially my last hand.  I don't even wanna tell you about it.

After The Mookie I played a $55 (9) peep and won, but even that didn't take the sting from last night.

Play smart.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here's your link Biatch!

And by Biatch, I mean JamyHawk.

Jimbo, let's address a few issues that popped up in your post.

1. I am not Mr. Joe C.  I am Josie.  Insinuation that I am a dude may lead to testicle removal.
2. Just because I bust your balls about a link on your blog does not mean you automatically get a link on my blog.  Nothing in life is assumed.
3. Team Donkey may be stacked, but that's not because of YOU JamyHawk. 

Now maybe JamyHawk was trying to save his teammate Heff.  You know bring attention to himself so that my killer instinct wouldn't be focused just on Heff.


It is ON!!!!!!.  Jamy's a dead man walking.  Even though I didn't consider him enough of a threat to focus on him, that has now changed.

Oh and I just re-read the post above and took out some really bad stuff - leaving only kinda bad stuff.  Isn't editing a wonderful thing?  Sometimes my fingers mouth gets me in trouble so I'm being proactive.

Speaking of being proactive - here is my recipe for tonight's success.  Yes, I am figuratively pointing to left field and calling a home run for tonight.

Get home.  Make dinner (hot dogs and beans, which is nice and quick).  Take a nice hot shower.  Change into sweatpants and tshirt and be all comfy and cozy......and instead of playing while amidst chaos, I'm taking the lap top to my bedroom and locking myself in.  No distractions.  And finally - 2 glasses of wine. 

Play smart - and watch me kick donkey ass tonight.  That's a promise.


PS.  Jamyhawk a/k/a Josie's bitch - I'm gonna link you up to my blog permanently.  I like you.

Survivor TONIGHT

Aiming at HeffMike

Tonight on Full Tilt....Survivor Donkey Island continues.....

Team Fish now has one less teammate than Team Donkey.  Tonight is where things get even again.  I'm taking these fuckers down.  Period.

I will be doing NOTHING tonight except focusing on winning.  Winning and taking down Donkeys with sniper like precision.  Just thank your lucky stars you aren't HeffMike.

I'm throwing out a last longer bet to anyone who's playing The BJ (Buddy Jo).  If you want a little action just drop me a comment.  Can you last longer than Very Josie?  I don't think so.

Password is vegas1.  Come on and play and try to take down a Donkey.

Oh and play smart, cuz I will be crouching in the jungle waiting to take you out.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I played some chess online with Waffles and got my ass handed to me twice.  It wasn't even close and it was over within ten moves.  I just couldn't get my plan into action. 

The whole time he kept telling me how much he sucked and how he didn't know how to play and then.....CHECK.  Shit, he was after my king almost immediately.  Check, check, check, then BOOM Check mate.

OMG he was like one of those science experiments where they have a chimp playing chess against a computer.  How he could get me in check that quickly, I'll never know.  Um, TWICE.

His mind was like a steel trap.  He may be new at it but he took to it like a duck to water.  I think it's cuz he's so used to trying to stay one move ahead of the wife.  He's been in chess training for years and he didn't even know it. Heh.

Play smart.


PS HeffMike's a dead man tomorrow night.  I'm talking poker, not chess.

Poker Thoughts

Survivor Poker:  If it takes me 2 days to tell you about it, then it didn't bode well for me and Team Fish.  I am getting frustrated about everything! For starters, not all my fishy teammates show up.  So the field seemed overfilled with Donkeys. (such an appropriate team name) 

Secondly, the match up SUCKS.  HeffMike, Jordan, GoatBoy, and Brain all lined up and wielding chips.  It's like the effing Maginot Line of poker.  Mama no likey.  Mama wants to stab each one with a fish knife until all their chips bleed out of them. (too much?)

Thirdly, I never play rebuys and the whole rebuy thing doesn't seem to bode well for me.  I suppose while the rebuy is in effect everyone's supposed to make risky moves to either increase their stack, or lose all their chips, because you can rebuy.  I hate that crap.

On a personal level, even though I didn't cash, I won a last longer side bet from Jordan so that was nice.  Oh and I had the pleasure of knocking out Mr. BrainMc.  First time I had some significant play time with him.  He's not a bad player, but I dunno how he got the name Brain.

Congrats to Heffy on his Survivor Poker win.....only member of Team Fish who did not have a huge oversized stack, yet he won.  Is that a conicidence, children?  I think NOT.  GoatBoy, Kat and I forget who else on Team Fish had seriously huge stacks from the rebuy.  I'm talking in the 20k to 30k range.  That should tell us something, no?  I mean Heffy did make a deal, but it wasn't with them, they were out of it.  What this tells us is Heff needed to be taken out at the knees.  And I am just the height challenged woman to do it!

Time to make adjustments to my Survivor Poker game.

First of all, I'm gunning for Heff.  No one else.  I'll let Goat stay and donk off his chips in his usual time frame, while he fantasizes about running around on an island with Jordan and Kat, and eating barbequed NumbBono. Work on your shelter Goat!

Second of all, booze.  Games 1,2 &3 of Survivor Poker have been dry.  Now if I'd had success in them, perhaps there would be a reason to continue playing booze free, but there is not.  Also, Wed night, I'll be drinking in Al's honor.*  He was the latest of Team Fish to be voted off. 

Bye Al!  You made a valiant effort Sunday night. *sniffle*

So after Survivor Donkey Island, I decided to go back to playing satellite games.  Cashed in 2 of 3.  I cashed in many of them this weekend.  Very many.

I lost a few too, which always hurts but won far more than I lost.  Let's just say I had a smallish balance Saturday morning and by last night, I was considering how much cashola I should withdraw.  I love seeing it there all in one lump!

But I know if I withdraw, I'll get used to my balance just fine.  The question is, how much.  I'm thinking of with drawing a FOUR DIGIT NUMBER.  Yes, you read that right!  So what if the first digit is 1!  Of course once I decided that, I went on to lose 2 games in a row last night.  So I shut the damn thing off and went to bed.

Play smart.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Holy Fawk Blah Update

Holy crap!

I'll give you more details later, but I've been on a biiiiiiiig winning streak, with the exception of Survivor Poker. (more on that later)  For, now, I am currently playing the game shown above.

I won a $216 ticket and decided to play this one table with it.  It was the one satellite that didn't pay out in tourney dollars. 

I'm gonna knock out that pro to my left.  I'll update when I do.

UPDATE is I'm out.  Someone got a flush on the river and i went from chip leader to shortie and the pro took me out.  How appropriate.

Play smart.


Sunday, February 20, 2011


I just won entry to a FTOPS Main Event.  Main Event baby!  640 clams!  It was a 25 peep $75 game.  5 places in the money but only top two won entry.  3rd place was $222.  I chipped up early, as I usually do and focused on not spewing chips.  It took forever but I winned!

The actual game I won entry to is below.

I unregistered from it because it's a multi entry tournament and everyone else was registered 4 or 5 times.  So I got it all in tournament dollars.

I have one more $75 token and the same exact game starts in 3 minutes.  Let's see if I can do it again.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Play smart.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Don't think I didn't notice

Someone voted for ME on Survivor Donkey Island.  Voted to have me BOOTED specifically.  Can you believe that shiat?  Obviously I must hunt this teammate down.

Is it you?

Let's go with the assumption that my boys haven't lied to me yet.  If we assume this to be true, and then add a further truth that Riggs and Dawn did not vote we come to a hypothesis.

The hypothesis is that either AlCan'tHang or Iaatg tried to vote me out.  Al doesn't know me well enough to dislike me, so I'm pointing the finger at you Iaatg!!!!

I discussed my theory with Waffles.  Good sounding board, right?  He says "Hoy did it."

He BETTER be wrong. 

Just got out of a meeting.  An associate, who's project we were reviewing (for financial reasons) starts the meeting with...

"Josie, I thought you were out sick, but you were having your lips done!"

Play smart.


A new twist

I think I'm getting a little better, but I woke up this morning with a new twist. My lips are swollen to about the size of the lips in the picture....except my bottom lip is bigger than hers.  OMG I'm like Bubba Gump.  This happens sometimes when I get sick.  I dunno if it's cuz my lips are kinda full in general or what.  Once I went to see my doctor and his first comment was that my lips were like Angelina's.  "Yeah, I know.  Fix it!" 

Oh well.  I decided best course of action was no lipstick, besides, who has that much lipstick? I'm hoping they go down.  FML.  I have meetings all afternoon too.  I'll report on the comments I get.  I'd take a pic and show you, but I don't think the camera lens is wide enough.

How bout some good news?

KenP is the nicest, sweetest, cuddliest (I'm assuming) blogger ever.  Ken, you've just risen in status.  You're right up there with Wolfie.  Now that means you can insult me all you want (not that you haven already) with no consequences.  No, YOU do not have this status and neither do YOU or YOU. :p

It brings me great joy to report that it is going to be in the 60's in Boston today.  Mild baby!  Kinda warm even.  Thank you Jesus! 

If you're in Boston today and it gets too warm for you, you can always grab some shade under my bottom lip.

Play smart.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Whining Post

I'm still sick.  I feel like crap, my throat is killing me and I'm in work.  Why you ask? Because I promised the owner I'd have a report ready for him on Friday.  A report I've only produced twice before so I'm not proficient at it.  It's a report my boss has always prepared for the owner.  But he's always late with it, so the owner decided to give me a shot at it.  Twice previously I've done it perfectly and on time. Nice, right?

I haul myself into work today because of this report only to find that the boss did it yesterday, even though it wasn't promised till Friday.  Why?  Just in case I didn't come in today.  Grrrr.  That's not the real reason.  The real reason is that he doesn't like giving up control of anything.

Do I want to do it because I want to control it?  Heck no.  I wanted to continue my record of getting it in on time.  Obv being near death (so sue me for exaggerating a bit) is a legit excuse but in work, I don't like excuses.  I like results.  Hmmm I suppose that could be applied to poker.

Okay more whining......I am so upset with my play in last night's BJ.  Yes I know some of you call it The Mookie, some call it The Dank, or The Goat or Blogdonkament, but let me offer the most accurate name for this MTT.  I suggest The BJ!

Now if you dated me in the 80's, you may have heard that suggestion from me already, but this is an entirely different thing! Heh.

The BJ, as in The Buddy-Jo.  We must never forget that behind every great man is an even greater woman doing most of the work.

Hmmm what else can I complain about?

I know!  I'm taking Mucinex to get rid of this frigging thing.  Anyone ever try Mucinex?  It costs approx $899 and doesn't do shit.  FML.

Play smart and stay away from me.  I'm all germy.



Bad News.  Team Fish did not win last night.  I dunno who won but it wasn't us. 

I had a nice stack of chips until I flopped trip 9s, 7 kicker and called an all in who had trip 9s ace kicker.  Nines were my demise last night.  Jordan knocked me out when he flopped trip nines (a boat actually) against my pair of 9s.  Not good. 

The immunity bounty was on Waffles and I thought for sure his ass was mine, but it was not to be.  He wasn't at my table.  Bammer took him with his 8-8 vs Waffles' AK.  gg Waffles.  Since Bammer isn't a contestant the bounty was now on his head.  And don't forget there was a $40 bounty on Numbozo, courtesy of Heffy.  the two bounties stayed at first and second while I was in it.  Blah.

I might've been distracted by Top Chef.  I can't believe Angelo got the boot.  At this point my guess is Mikie Isabella for the win.  Nice Italian boy.

Team Fish will be back.

Play smart.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nice little cash!

I actually won $111 cuz I made a deal with the first place guy.

I have the flu and I'm home sick.  Whenever I cough it feels like my lungs are being ripped from my chest. Soooooo......

very sick = home from work = playing online poker

I settled down with some OJ a cup of coffee and a $6 (90) person game.  Figured I'd hone my skills for tonight; game 2 of Survivor Donkey Island.

I knocked out 6 peeps and when it was down to me and Mr. First place he asked if I wanted to deal.  He had about 30k more in chips than me, so I got $111 and he got $124ish.  I didn't see alot of reasons not to take the deal.

And, I'm ready for tonight!  Mama's taking down The Mookie and another member of Team Donkey.

Play smart.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Misc stuff

1. I am wicked sick, and I'm "trying" to keep my germs to myself.  However, most likely I am contaminating the office.

2. A new architect started last week.  Older, but attractive woman with salt and peppa hair.  That was my first impression of her.  Today I'm looking more closely at her paperwork and I realized that she's 10 years YOUNGER than me.  Fuck, I am old.

3. Bayne had a good post about Ashton and Haseeb and the 70 mile prop bet.  If you live under a rock haven't heard about it yet, Ashton was looking for action on a prop bet.  He was willing to wager 900K to win 285K that he could run 70 miles in 24 hrs and the most he'd ever run previously was 22 miles.  His buddy and roommate Haseeb took the action and found himself in a very bad position; hoping that his friend would hurt himself (or worse) so that he could win this bet.  It was a bad situation, as I'm sure you've read. If you haven't read the details of this, click on the word "Bayne" above as he has so kindly provided Haseeb's blog about it.   Below is my comment on Bayne's post.

Josie said...

What's more interesting is that Haseeb was lamenting the position he was in, how he looked in Ashton's mother's eyes and the fact that he couldn't get out of this. Yet Ashton texted him with a way out at mile 60 and he wouldn't take it. Proves it WAS all about the money, or as poker players like to say, he was "priced in". I was feeling Haseeb until he turned down the deal. IMHO being priced in does not turn a losing hand/bet into a winning one. He could've saved himself 85K and face had he taken the deal. Instead he chose to hope his friend would get hurt.
Now as you may know, I like prop bets myself and will bet on just about anything and have in fact bet on the color of a person's undies in the past. (AND I WON) I get the need for prop bets. Poker players do the same damn thing over and over again and prop bets cut the monotony. But still....Haseeb should've taken the deal. He understood the enormity of the situation at that point.

I don't know why the story bothered me, but it did.  Like I said above, I've bet on various things for years and I don't let people off the hook. I wrote above, I think that Haseeb should've let his friend off the hook.   I dunno if that makes me a hypocrite, although no bet that I've been involved in would effect anyone's health.

I think the only time I ever gave anyone a break was an Acey Duecey game that got out of control.  Before long there was over $200 in the pot and someone bet pot...and had to pay double.  Gave him a break, and didn't enforce the double rule.  But that's it. 

Now ONCE and only once, was I given a get out of jail free card on a lost prop bet.  I don't remember the details and I'm too sick (and tired) to look it up, but HeffMike and I had a multi faceted prop bet that involved Spew Day, The Very Josie and mebbe something else.

I lost.

Afterwards, he let me off the hook, so long as I played the Spew Day game.  It was a kindness I'll never forget as my Full Tilt balance was dangerously low at the time.  I remember feeling terrible while thinking that I wouldn't have offered the same to him.  It was the only time that happened to me, and like I said, I'll never forget it.

Runner up situation:
When I played the HU match with Waffles he told me going into it that when I lost he'd ship the money back to me.  I believe my answer was something along the lines of F.U.  I really have to work on being nice.  Oh and it was a moot point because I eventually won.

Play smart, and remember I'm always available for prop bets as long as you don't enforce payment.


Monday, February 14, 2011


Well I don't feel like I'm on the chopping block anymore!  I have to be in a management meeting in 2 minutes so I'll make this quick.

HOY is my hero!!!  He won the first game of Survive Donkey Island.  When I went to bed there were alot of chip leaders and Hoy wasn't one of them.  Hoy has made me happy in my pants. :)

No wonder he was portrayed as Wiley Coyote, Super Genius!

Play smart, like Hoy.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ut Oh!

Ever feel like your head was on the chopping block?  I kinda feel that way right now.  I just got knocked out of Game 1 of Donkey Island....during the rebuy!  I didn't click the rebuy button quickly enough cuz I was chatting and all of a sudden I was out.  OMFG!  I wanna kick my own butt for such......negligence.

Please do not vote me out.  I will win The Mookie to make up for it.

Speaking of butt kickings......Miami Don's ass needs one BAD.  Why is it that every other message from this dude is about how much he loves me, yet he played the SHITTIEST cards against me and sucked out like a $3 hooker.  Again and again.  Donnie, you just better hope I'm not at your table for the next month.  It'll take me that long to cool down.

While I'm in rant mode....Go ahead and check out  THIS VIDEO.  I somehow don't think Buddy would've shown me as a goombah and an oompah loompah if it weren't for......

I blame YOU.

I'm going to bed.


PS....So like I was saying...please don't vote me out!  I have made skills.  I can build a fire!

The fun begins tonight

At 9:30pm.  And you can play along too!  Play with the fishes and the donkeys as we try to survive Donkey Island.

Survive Donkey Island 001

Event 1
Full Tilt Poker
$1 + $1 Rebuy
February 13, 2011
9:30 PM EST
password: survive


Play smart.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Very Josie Twin?

Someone snapped a picture of this poster and sent it to me, saying I had a twin out there. 

She does have similar cheeks.

For comparison purposes

The guy who sent it to me failed to mention that I am slightly prettier.  Grrrrr  And why is my twin in Vegas while I'm stuck in arctic Boston? Oh the irony! She and I should switch places.  Hmmmmmm


Friday, February 11, 2011


I won my entry! Clicky to see my name in lights

Since I had plenty of chips I played very defensively. It's not a tourney that you have to win, you just can't lose.  It's a waiting game.  When there were 8 peeps left....and remember 6 are winners, the peep to my right jammed all in for more than 1/3 of my stack, while I was holding 9-9.  Do I call and hope to bring us down to 7 peeps?  In the end I decided to do the thing I find most difficult.  I folded my pocket nines.  See below.

I've been thinking about it and I still don't know if that was the right move. In the end, I won my entry so it worked out fine.  I'd be interested in your thoughts on this.

Waffles thanks for your comment, it may have made me even more determined to win.  Now get back to work!

Play smart.


Update on "working" from home

I lost that satellite.  I was trying sooooo hard not to  play but got AK a couple times and it hurt.  I do not like AK. 

Okay so anyway I went onto another satellite.  I'm on break from it RIGHT NOW so I have to make this quick.  $24 entry, top 6 win entry to $109 tourney.  There are only 10 peeps left.

See below.

As you can see, I'm 2nd in chips.  There is no reason why I should not win this.  Top 6 for Pete's sake.  If I lose, the laptop will be flying into a snow heap.

Gotta go, as the game is back on, but I will update.


This could be considered working

Except I'm home and playing online poker.  Since I have oodles of quiet, uninterrupted time, I am playing a satellite game.  It's a long shot, but as I said, I've got the time, as well as a big cup of coffee.

Game is a satellite to a $120+9 tourney.  Entry to this satellite was only $6.  That's the good news.  The bad news is only 1st place wins entry.  2-4 get a tiny bit of cash.  $15 for 2nd and so on.  So I have to win it.

32 peeps and there are only 14 of us left!

You know who chip leader is right?

See below:

I'll let you know how it turns out.  I think it's gonna be tough though.  Oh and I've had 8 knockouts...erm make that 9.  :)  I am more than free rolling.

Play smart.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

If You Knew Mookie...

...Who the hell is Mookie btw?  Huh?  Can anyone answer that question in a thoughtful and complete manner?

Um, I played The Mookie tonight, and I was AWESOME, if I do say so myself.  lol  Now others may comment here and tell you I was uber lucky, getting hit by the deck, stuff like that.  They are right.

TwoBlackAces was Gigli when I took him out with a 5-4.  He made a min raise and I called in the BB.  Flop was 5-4-x all spades.  I bet my 2 pair and he calls.  King on the turn and a 4 on the river.  Bing!  Full house! I bet and he jams.  Obviously I have to call here and he shows K-J of spades.  He flopped the flush. 

Maybe 20 min boy Don, who is sitting on my right calling me a luckbox (among other things) and I are in a hand with Astin.  I have 10-10 and raise, Astin calls and MiamiDonk jams all in.  Hmmmm I know this isn't good but I call!  Astin folds and says he had J-J.  MiamiDon turns over Q-Q and he's looking golden, till I hit my trip 10s on the river.  I felt so bad.  It was ugly.

I had KeepFloppin at my table and he's a riot.  Kid has 9 lives.  I dunno how many times I made him a short stack and he'd come right back....just to lose those chips to me again.  I was fucking with him for a while.  I know how he plays and he replaced Don on my right.  His type of play and his position made him the perfect target for my slow playing.

21 peeps and I stayed 2nd in chips for most of the tourney....over 2 hours.  It was down to me, NYRambler and SmBoatDrinks. (I <3 Boatdrinks!)  And even though I'm crazy bout the guy he was short stacked and jammed all in while I was holding AK.  Of course I call and I'm up against 3-3.  Fuck.  I don't improve and now all of a sudden for the first time tonight, I"m the shortstack.  I ended up effing 3rd.  Not bad, but damn, I frigging dominated the whole game, so winding up 3rd is bad.  But whatevah.  It's always down to one hand....calling that all in with A-K.  And hadn't I written recently that I'm not in love with A-K anymore?  I obv had temporary amnesia.

Props to The Real Dawn Summers for bubbling but playing a good game.  Chicks rule!

This Sunday starts Survive Donkey Island and here's an interesting little factoid: 

Julius Goat, NumbBono,and Heffmike, all on Team Donkey, didn't even make it to the final table of tonight's Mook, while SmBoatDrinks, Very Josie and The Real Dawn Summers, all from Team Fish, where 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.  Our tribe has spoken!

Remember, you can play with us Sunday night, even if you are not on Donkey Island.  It's only a $1 buy in, Lightning, so try to play.

Play smart.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Full Disclosure

NOT Very Josie

Okay, okay...there was this ONE time about four years ago.....

I was going to Florida in March for Red Sox spring training and was the pastiest whitest I ever get as it was the end of the long winter.  Now the problem with going to a warm place in March is that you're exposing untanned parts.  Ugh.  Not good.

At the last moment I decided to get a fancy spray tan at a tanning salon in Saugus.  You go in, and after a bit of prep that you really dont need to know about, you get sprayed from like 12 different spigots that are positioned all around you.  Then you're supposed to rub the stuff in and presto, instant tan.

Well I did what they said, but it didn't come out so well, cuz I couldn't really rub in the stuff on my back.  So my front was fine, but my back area had drip lines going down it.  IT WAS HORRIBLE.  And it woudn't come off for most of the week, and believe me I tried.

Turns out there is something worse than pasty white skin and that's pasty white skin with tan colored drips.

Blah.  Do not tell anyone about this low point in my life.

Tan smart.


Scheduled Very Josie Sightings

I just got some time off approved by the big boss in the office and I'm hitting the road!  The first stop is Foxwoods Resort Casino!  Yeah baby!  I'm heading down to Foxwoods with Lynne and June from my poker league....and maybe Marvin too.  I will be at Foxwoods May 8th -May9th.  The trip coincides with Lynne's birthday, but I'm tagging along for the poker.

The last time I was at Foxwoods was for my 40th birthday FOUR YEARS AGO so I am due.  I remember playing a few sit n goes and cashing in one.  I also remember feeling very intimidated.  I don't think that wil be the case this time. :)  They are going for Sunday & Monday.  My plan is to hit a satellite while I'm there and win entry to a bigger game, but the FOXWOODS POKER SCHEDULE doesn't seem to be working, so I cannot view anything.

If you're in the area, stop by the Poker Room at Foxwoods.  I'll be at the table that has a crowd railing a very lucky girl.  Heh.

Then, the last week of July, I'm hitting NH.  We are renting a cabin on a lake for one week.  Every year my friends Rene & Kim (who are like sisters to me) and their family rent a bunch of cabins on a lake in NH.  And every year they invite us and we decline.  This year we're going!  It's Rene's parents, and her and her 4 siblings, plus ALL OF THEIR KIDS.  They rent pretty much every cabin on the lake, but Rene's dad called and said there was one cabin left and did I want it.  Super cheap too.  $525 for the week.  It's like only a step up from camping.  (there's beds and a bathroom)

Evan is sooooo excited.  There will be about about 10 kids ranging from 11 yrs old to 18 yrs old.  They all call me Auntie Josie and I am their favorite aunt cuz I play with them all and drown them spend time with them, which is fine for a day...but we're talking 7 consecutive days!  God help me.  If you don't hear from me after a week, send help!!!!

I dunno about this whole week stuff.  Kinda worried that it's too much time in close quarters.  7 days of....swimming, fishing, canoeing, suntanning (that's real tanning not oompa loompa orange, you biatch), campfires and stories by Very Josie.  Oh and card playing at night.  It should be fine.  I'm going to bring a stack of books but I doubt I'll be left alone long enough to read.  Hmmm a week without internet access though.  That could be tough.

Play smart.


Smart Guy

I hope you don't have delusions of grandeur and think this post is about YOU.

Poker Grump knows things and he's a big fan of the 2-4.  I used to think, "Meh, it ain't no J-10", but now I'm a believer.

I had The Grump!

Yes, I caught a runner runner flush.  Doh!  So of course, I'm going to start playing the 2-4 and we'll see just how often it really wins.  Research must be done on this phenomenon.

Below is the same game, and yes I called with the 2-4 in first position....for research purposes.

Oh My God!

Below is my 3rd hand with 2-4.  Same tourney.

So far, 3 for 3 with 2-4

Play smart.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Music hath powers to soothe the savage beast

I've been on quite a run in my live poker escapades.  I have to review my half assed notes to report accurately on my winnings, but as I mentioned earlier, I have already hit my goal of winning $1,500 by June.   I've always played pretty well live, but I made a big change to my game and the results speak for themselves.

The big change is wearing headphones during most of the tourney.

I used to think that it was a bad idea.  I'd miss some talk or some sort of tell that I could use later, but that just isn't the case, for me anyway.  And yes, a BIG part of my game is reading players. 

When I have the headphones on I appear to be oblivious...listening to music, rifling my chips...she's in another world.  I like that image but nothing can be further from the truth.  I am watching every move made when someone is in the pot.  And I think the headphones make it appear that I'm just staring off into space.

When a guy is in a pot, I watch his face, his hands, his breathing, his blinking, the way he tosses the chips in....and then I see if he has a hand or not.  And then I'll watch again when he's in a hand, and see if I can correctly guess his hand based on previous tells.  It's a little game I play while I'm waiting for good cards.  If I guess correctly a couple of times, I know I'm onto something.  And sometimes, if I ask really nicely, guys will show me their cards, and that helps alot too.

But that's not the only thing the music helps with.  It also helps me be patient.  It enables me to fold mediocre hands that I might be tempted to play when boredom sets in.  Music definitely helps me with the boredom of folding cards.

Lastly, I have specific songs that inspire me throughout a tournament.  I like the following:

Acrobat by U2:
Don't believe what you hear

Don't believe what you see
If you just close your eyes
You can feel the enemy
When I first met you girl
You had fire in your soul
You know that your time is coming 'round
So don't let the bastards grind you down

Mysterious Ways U2:
She's the wave

She turns the tide
She sees the man inside the child
It's alright, it's alright, it's alright
She moves in mysterious ways

You Learn, Alanis Morrissette: (after I've lost a hand)
You live you learn

You love you learn
You cry you learn
You lose you learn
You bleed you learn
You scream you learn

Push, Matchbox 20:
...this ain't over, no not here, not while I still need you around

you don't own me, we might change it
yeah we just might feel good
I wanna push you around, well I will, well I will
I wanna push you down, well I will, well I will
I wanna take you for granted, I wanna take you for granted
Yeah, yeah, well I will

Hand in Pocket, Alanis again (cuz I think she wrote this song just for me!):
I'm broke but I'm happy

I'm poor but I'm kind
I'm short but I'm healthy, Yeah!
I'm high but I'm grounded
I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed
I'm lost but I'm hopeful, Baby!
What it all comes down to
Is that everything's gonna be fine fine fine
'cause I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is giving a high five
I feel drunk but I'm sober
I'm young and I'm underpaid
I'm tired but I'm working, Yeah!
I care but I'm restless
I'm here but I'm really gone
I'm wrong and I'm sorry, Baby! (that happens alot)
And what it all comes down to
Is that I haven't got it all figured out just yet
I'm free but I'm focused
I'm green but I'm wise
I'm hard but I'm friendly, Baby!
I'm sad but I'm laughing
I'm brave but I'm chickenshit
I'm sick but I'm pretty, Baby!
And what it all boils down to
Is that no one's really got it figured out just yet

And what it all comes down to my friends
Is that everything's just fine fine fine

Play smart.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Why oh Why do I mix drinks?

Thoughts about poker and booze, but mostly booze.  :)

On Superbowl Sunday I had wine, more wine, 3,452 jello shots...some made with tequila and some made with vodka, alot of Sex on the Beach, and ciroc strawberry vodka, which I swigged straight from the bottle cuz:

A. Freddie dared me.
B. Everyone else was doing it.
C.  I was told it was P. Diddy's brand and I had to try it.

P. Diddy knows where it's at!  Except Freddie left the price tag on and that little bottle cost $35!  It was so smooth though! (that's what she said!)

So we've established that the drinking just didn't stop.  I have a killer headache right now, but at least I remember what happened yesterday, so things could've been worse.


The two dudes I didn't want at my table, Marvin and Freddie, were at my table!  Now Marvin's the best player (present company excepted) and Freddie's the one I split with last time.  Ugh....I prefer the fishies.

Funny thing is Marvin, Freddie and I were out early.  Such is life.  I dunno if I would've played better if I had to take $100 out of my pocket to play.  Maybe that killer instinct was tamed.  In the beginning anyway.

Freddie and I had a little side bet.  He has this....I dunno....soul patch....chin hair thing.  It hang like 4 inches down his chin, and he pulls on it while he plays.  I told him all in meant all in, including the chin hair!  If I took him out I got to cut it off. 

We were negotiating what I was putting on the table for the side bet....hmmmmmm....(gotta be careful with side bets, you know)....when I got taken out.

I was a little short and raised the blinds with a 10-9.  Flop was 10-9-X.  There were 4 people in the pot so I jammed all in.  I had a $20 scratch ticket bounty at stake, so this total donk and bad player called me with A-J, as did Lynne.  At least she had a 10.  I know they coveted that scratch ticket but it was so dumb for him to call. 

Okay, ready for it?

Turn was a king, and river was a queen.  gg Josie!

This guy amassed a TON of chips and he was out maybe 30 minutes after me.  Yeah, he's that bad.  But I don't blame him, I KNOW how he plays and knew when i jammed I'd get called.  Risk I was willing to take but it didn't pan out.

Onto the cash game!

Me, Marvin, Pinto (the guy who knocked me out), June (Lynne's wife), Freddie and me.

I annihilated the cash game.  Pinto dipped into his pocket 3 times cuz I busted him twice.  heh.  3rd time he put his entire money clip on the table, and I practically started salivating.  He didn't lose everything but left down.  I busted Marvin and June too.  :)  Freddie walked away with his buyin back.  He was THE ONLY ONE.  And I think he did because the chin hair side bet was still in place.

So after that we played one more tourney.  8 peeps.  Freddie pulled me aside, and said "Look, you stay away from me and I'll stay away from you.  There's no reason why we both don't cash in this."  I agreed to start that way, but once the gloves were off, he was on his own.

Oh and I had to let Marvin BORROW money to play in the last tourney.  heh.  After I took ALL his money in the cash game.  Then I went onto bust him out of that final tourney.   Of course I wanted his red sox jersey as collateral, but he wouldn't bite. :)

So I ended up splitting that last tourney even though I HAD A SIGNIFICANT chip lead.  At that point I had a killer headache and needed to get home.  Plus I won the high hand of the game.

I left with alot of extra cash in my pocket and booze in my system.

Other item of interest is the proposal Marvin laid on me.  He wants to do a little team play.  His idea is for 3 of us to team up. (Marvin, me and mebbe Troy)  We each put some money into one pot and we use this money to hit some poker rooms and play the same tourney together.  All the winnings go into same pot.  Rinse, repeat, until there is a significant bank roll for us.  At that point we either split it 3 ways or keep going.  Marvin's a good player too and not desperate for cash (unlike Troy).  Marvin is an investment banker, with a la de da title, so I'm not too worried about him.  I just don't know if it's in my best interests to join these guys.  I'd have to commit time to the team tourneys, but is that time better spent playing for myself?

I have cashed 5 for 6 in the last 6 tourneys I've played at Seabrook.  Plus remember my modest New Year's goal of winning $1,500 by June? I'm there already. Don't forget I WON a tourney on Saturday at Seabrook.

Any thoughts opinions on this deal would be greatly appreciated.

Play smart. 


PS. My head is pounding!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beetle Position

Me and my Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear has a vocabulary beyond his years.   He's a smart kid and I push the reading.  I'm a firm believer that reading makes you smarter, builds vocab, regardless of WHAT you are reading.  Comic books, video game magazines, whatever, it all helps.  So anyway, like I said he has a BIG vocab and I sometimes forget he's just a kid.

But the other day.......

I don't remember why, but for some reason I called him "A big galoot".

He stopped dead in his tracks and said "You called me a pair of pants?"

LOLLL No!  I repeat that I called him a "galoot".

He says.....Ohhhh I thought you called me a "galosh".

Hmmmmm "Evan do you think galoshes are pants?"  lol

"They are!"  He says.  I go onto explain that galoshes are rain boots, but he doesn't believe me.  heh 

Which reminds me of a story very similar to this....When Evan was about 8 years old I was tickling him (cuz I'm like that) and perhaps I went a bit too far.  He curled up in a ball.  Obv tickle time was over, but he stayed that way.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm  in a beetle position" he said.  What?  I asked him what he meant.  He said "When you curl up into a ball like a little baby in it's called a beetle position."  He heard it on TV.

"You mean a fetal position!"  I told him.

Oh, what does fetal mean?

Spent about 15 minutes explaining fetal to an 8 year old boy.  Only me!  And yes, I still tease him about the "beetle position".


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Seabrook AGAIN

Spoiler Alert!  I won the whole shebang bitches!

I decided to play the 4pm tourney and get a little practice in for Super Bowl Sunday.  Because of the weather we didn't get as many runners as usual.  There was a paltry 27 peeps, a 3 table mtt with 3 places in the money.

Changed my live play up a bit.  Usually, I start off tighter than tight.  Tonight I did more limping than usual, trying to hit a flop.  Meh.

Started with 7K and at the first break I had 12K.  Not bad! 

When we were down to 2 tables, I found myself playing against the guy I split a tourney with last time I was there.   Boy did he remember me! :)

He was talking me up like he was my agent.  After 5 minutes of him telling everyone how scary I was, I was able to steal some pots and chip up.

Fast forward to the final table.  I'd been card dead for over an hour and look down at A-K.  I bet it hard and win.  Couple hands later I get A-K again and the other woman at the table jams all in.  She short stacked so I obviously must call her.  She flips over 7-7.  I hit my ace and knock her out.

Now I've played with her before.  She's an older woman and a decent player, albeit a bit too tight.  I actually feel bad about knocking her out (rare for me) so as she's leaving I say "Good game.  I had to call you, but I wanted to take the guys out, not the girls".

Then one of the big stacks says to the table "Ever notice how older women like each other?"

"Wait a minute!  Did you just call me AN OLDER WOMAN?"  I ask.

He did!

I tell the big stack that he just put a nail in his coffin.  He's my focus and he's going to be the bubble.

I shiat you not....he was the bubble!  He lost a big hand to Edward (total donk) who had Jack Ten!  Very next hand, I have.....Jack Ten....and I took his ass out with it!  Flop was jack high and he jammed.  Now this was right after I was extolling the beauty of the jack ten. 

He looked dazed and confused as he walked away.  He's a regular there, and I remember knocking him out about 6 months ago, and how he yelled and acted like a baby when it happened.  Oh well.

John was to my immediate right and a good player.  Only reason he made it to the final table is much earlier on I had him crushed while he was all in and he went runner, runner for a flush.  Ugh.  But he didn't waste those chips....he came in 2nd!

When we were heads up, I took him out in 4 hands.  I did predict I'd do it in 3, but potato, potahto.  At that point, I was doing so much trash talking it was ridiculous.  I kept predicting my win and John kept saying "Don't say that out loud, you're going to jinx  yourself!"

Of course he also kept saying that I was the luckiest person ever.  That it was all luck....getting lucky flops...blah, blah, blah.  Kind of reminded me of another John, (sparky36).  Should I have told him that I'd been card dead for over an hour?  Nah.....let him talk himself into believing it's all luck.

I did get one lucky hand though.....Remember Edward, the donk I mentioned earlier.  I do not know how he made it to the final 4 but he did.  And he SUCKED.  Just not a good player.  So we're 4 handed and I have A-8.  Edward's the short stack and the BB.  I raise and he jams all in.  I figure I'm behind but it wasn't much more to call his all in.  He flipped over A-J.

Ut oh!

Flop was 8-8-x.  Prettiest flop evar!  gg Edward!

Then I took out Joe and for last.....I took out John.  BOOM.

With a pocket full of cash, I headed over to 2-4 limit holdem and won an additional $60. 

Sugar Bear got his take! For spending Saturday night without his Mama, he pocketed $22 cash money.

Now I just have to do this again tomorrow on Super Bowl Sunday.

Oh and I gave John the url to this blog.  John if you're reading...leave a comment and tell the masses just how amazing I am at live tourney play!

Play smart bitches!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Boston's Solution for Snow

Clicky to see this letter

KenP sent the letter above to me yesterday.  Back in 1948 Boston's Mayor sent this letter to the head of M.I.T., apparently looking for a solution for snow removal.

I got a kick out of it and sent it to the office, as more than a few of the architects here went to school at M.I.T.  One of the principals at my firm (MIT graduate) came running over.  I knew she'd love it.  She wanted to know WHERE I got it.

"Um....from a friend."

This started a "20 questions" banter.  Which friend?  How did he find it? Blah, blah,  blah.  She was asking so many because she's a PIA  TODAY is our final interview with MIT.  We want to get the job to design their new Walker Bldg.  She thought she'd BRING said letter with her, just as a laugh and ice breaker.

So anyway, here are some of my answers to her.

"An old guy from Indiana gave it to me"

"I don't know how he aquired it."

"I know him because he likes poker too"

"Nancy, just take it to the interview if you want.  It's real.  He wouldn't send a fake"

She's a lovely, sweet, VERY INTELLIGENT, architect and one of the prinicpals of the firm.  Actually, she's also my mentor, (separate post about THAT) although I've been mentoring her about getting a makeover.  She's 65 yrs old, and widowed for years, and I think it's time she gets a little "action".  As I told her, first step is removing the bun and getting a haircut.

Hmmmmm I'm getting a great idea again.

Ken and Nancy sitting in a tree, Kay, eye, ess, ess, eye, en, gee!

Ken, she's smart, she's well off, owns her own "rental property" and loves old letters! She just turned 65.  Sounds like a match made in heaven.  Except for location. Bow chicka bow wow.

Am I good at this or what? 


Superbowl Sunday

Josie's Pick

Is it Sunday yet?  I can't freaking wait for the weekend.  I'm playing in the final league poker game on Super Bowl Sunday, and then staying there afterwards for the party and to watch the game.  I ended up in 5th place in the league which got me $125.  Coincidentally, the buyin for this game is $100 plus a $20 scratch ticket bounty.  So I netted $5.  Wheee.

I love Superbowl Sunday.  This is the first year the party isn't at my house.  I'm kinda bummed about that, but the upside is I don't have to do much work.  Just show up and par-tay. 

And play poker.

This is the big game of the year.  With 15 peeps, first place is $800.  I want that prize.  I want the bragging rights.  I want it all!  Last tourney I played with them I took 2nd and a deal that was almost a split of the money.  Too good a deal to pass up, even though I should've just taken my chances to get first place and the points associated with it.  I was 1 point behind 4th place which would've given me another $50.

I would love that cash to add to my Vegas fund.  Obviously, I'm a bit lucky....a bit can happen!  My biggest competition is Marvin, with Lynne and June being the easiest fish to fund my stack.  Here's hoping I have lesbians and not black men at my table.

Big poker game and big football game all in one day.  I love watching the Super Bowl.  I got to see my buddy Butch moon the TV last year.  We're close friends now.  lol  Oh and it's Steelers all the way.  Yes, it is!  Auntie Josie KNOWS.  I am not in love with either team, which makes my pick that much more objective and accurate.

Blah.  The only bummer about Superbowl Sunday is that it's the end of Football.  For an entire season!  I love football.  It makes Sunday so exciting.  But when God closes a door, he also opens a window.....pitchers and catchers report in about 2 weeks to Fort Myers.

Grapefruit League!

Gives me hope that somehow......someday.......the snow will be gone and spring will be here.

Picture it! May....Friday evening, grandstand section of Fenway Park.  The lights are on, but it's not quite pitch dark yet.  The sky is aglow with rich colors as the sun sets.  And Beckett's on the mound! We're shelling peanuts and yelling at Franconia.  We're not THAT far away from this, people!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  And um, there's peanuts and popcorn there too.

Go Sox.

Go Steelers.

Go Snow!

Play smart.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

MMMM Lightning's chips are yummy!

16 people turned out for The Very Josie.  I was surprised to see myself sandwiched between Lightning and Memphis Mojo.  I also had SmBoatDrinks at my table, Shelly of Hella Holdem, HeffMike and Lucky Duck. 

Very nice table!  Although it got ugly early!  A few minutes into it and HeffMike had 25 chips left.  Shelly annihilated him when she hit a full house, jammed all in and got paid off.  Heff had trips.  So tonight, he truly WAS the first loser.  First one out of the tourney!

KeepFlopping was out 2nd and I believe that was Jordan's doing.  That Jordan!

I started out playing very tight.  Hard to believe, right?  But it's true.  Tonight's play was tight early on, playing premium hands and just doubling the blind instead of big raising.  It really worked for me.  When i hit the flop I got paid off and I hit the flop a few times.  I knocked out Lucky Duck when I hit a K high flop while holding big slick.

Speaking of knocking people out, I knocked out a ton of them.  In fact I even made a list!

Knocked out by Josie
Lucky Duck
Memphis Mojo
Miami Don

Lightning started off quite aggressive.  He was on my left and whenever I was in a pot he'd jump in and type "It's ooooonnnnn!!!!".  But I held to my game plan.  I chipped my way up slowly and took Lightning's ass out when I turned a straight. And got paid off by the old guy!

For the majority of the mtt I was 2nd in chips....2nd to Jordan who was at the other table.  He kept getting the chip lead and there wasn't much I could do about it....until the final table.

We played 4 handed and 3 handed for a long time.  GG to SmBoatDrinks who bubbled because Jordan hit his double belly buster straight draw. And yes, Jordan had the chips to pay for the cards..  BoatDrinks played a great game though.  Team Fish rocks!!!!  Although he pushed me around a little in tonight's game.  Don't think I didn't notice BoatDrinks!  Mama sees all.

Okay, so Jordan takes care of the bubble and gg SmBoatDrinks.  3 handed for a while and then he knocks out Adam.

Then it's me and the villian heads up.  Appropriately enough, Jordan is on the other team in Survive Donkey Island.  I had a small chip lead and wasn't feeling great about this heads up match, but in less than 5 minutes I had all of Jordan's chips.

Very Josie won The Very Josie! (again)

Those bounties I threw out there - one on me and one on one won either of them cuz I was poetry in motion baby! lol  Obviously I'm laying it on thick,but seriously, I stayed focused and played well.  Did I get a few good hands?  Hell yeah!  But as I told Lightning, I played all most of the other hands well too, not just the monster ones. I didn't throw away chips, I got value for my good hands.  I stole when it was appropriate and didn't donk off many chips.

Some others from Team Donkey showed up like The Goat, and Katitude.  Thanks for playing!  You can check out The Goat's demise below.

Now I was at the other table so I don't know when The Goat decided to jam all in with the hammer.  lol I cannot WAIT to play Survivor Donkey Island with this guy!

Thanks to MiamiDon for some really good HU advice.  It worked!  Oh and Don took down that little game called The Mookie.  Josie and Don FTW!!!

Play smart, and maybe someday you'll win a Very Josie I did tonight.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Messy Commute

I made it into work at 9:28am this morning, which is amazing considering all the snow.  During the commute it changed from snow to freezing pelting ice rain.  I got into work freezing AND soaking wet.  Ugh.

Sidewalks are treacherous but I decided to take the walk to Dunkin Donuts and believe it or not, the weather didn't keep the panhandlers away.  They were out there doing their thing.  A while ago I mentioned how I am a big sucker and have a hard time walking by these poor people.  I don't mean "poor" in the "have no money" sense, although I am sure that is the case.  I mean like, unfortunate, to be doing this day in and day out.

Today there were 3 peeps.  A woman who I usually see when I cross the the main through way to get to the bus station.  Today she moved to Dunkin Donuts.  Can't say I blame her, as the walk was unshoveled and I'm lucky I made it through.

So it was her and 2 dudes.  From watching them for months I've come to the conclusion that she does the lion's share of the begging and shares it with these guys.  I say it's not a bad idea, because I'd give more money to a woman than to them...regardless of the fact that all of them have the "druggie" look.  Today she greets me with a "Good morning....can you save me some change when you're leaving?"  As she says this,one of the dudes opens the Dunkin door for me.  Yeah, I came out, not with spare change, but 3 coffees and 3 egg wraps.  Mmmmm..... (actually 4 of each but I kept a set)

And now I'm here in work, and my feet are still freezing, and I'm trying to talk my boss into buying Regina's Pizza for the office.  I mean we DID risk life and limb to come in!  Besides, he can't say no to me....stay tuned....if there is free Regina pizza I'll take pics.  :)

On the way in, I was listening to my SPECIAL music on my mp3 player.  Songs that inspire me and drive me during live tourneys.  I'mma getting ready for Tonight's Very Josie.  Watch out Lightning!  Mama's coming for you.

Let's add ANOTHER bounty to tonight's mtt, shall we?  I'll throw $10 on Lightning's head.  If anyone slays THAT dragon for THIS princess*, you'll be rewarded with $10.  Why $10, when the bounty on me is $12?

Obv, I am worth more than he is. Heh.

I'll be listening to my inspirational music.....the song that goes "I'm gonna push you around.  Well I will. Yes I will"

Played badugi for the first time last night.  And I still have NO idea how to play.  I mean not a frigging clue, and that's after looking up the rules.  FML

Play smart.


* Don't ever, EVER call me a princess.  I find that more offensive than say, douche bag.