Friday, September 30, 2011

Cha ching?

Maybe, just maybe we might be getting the money sitting in our Full Tilt accounts!  Dare I hope?

Groupe Bernard Tapie just signed an acquisition agreement with Full Tilt that includes paying off all players accounts! 

Below is an excerpt.

This agreement, which includes the repayment of Full Tilt Poker’s world-wide players in full, is subject to several conditions; the first of which is a favorable resolution with the United States Department of Justice. Discussions with the United States Department of Justice will begin immediately.

You can read the whole shebang HERE!

As you can see it's not a done deal yet.  It's pending resolution with the US.  Hopefully the Department of Justice will do what it can for us small folk.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Play smart, which means NOT online.


Oh No He Din't

Waffles (no link!) left this comment pretty much calling me old:
gl Josie. Know what is really funny. I may be wrong here but I assume the reason the Borg needs a valid ID is so they can tell your old enough to play? Now, while all the old guys on the site will tell you that you do not look a day over 17... I think the Borg could figure out that you actually are slightly over 21.

It reminded me of a little encounter I had on Monday where another guy called me old.  Grrrrr 

I was on my way home from work and my sister called and said she was in the area of my house and was going to stop by.  She was going to hang with Sugar Bear and said she'd give me a ride home from the bus stop.


It's a short ride home from the bus stop but as we're almost there she stops and says she's practically out of gas.  Do I mind if we go get gas right now.  Not at all, let's go!

Then she says that she needs cash for gas....she needs at least $20 and she'd pay me later.


Except when I went to get the money I found that I only had like $10 other than some hundred dollar bills.  :)  I handed her a hundy to break.

So we get to the gas station (full service but cheap) and my sister starts giggling and batting her eyelashes at the gas station attendant and says "Can you break a hundred?"

I don't what he responded as I wasn't really paying attention but then she says...

"I'd never have that much money.  It's not my hundred it's my sister's.  She's letting me borrow some money for gas".

He pokes his head into the car, looks at me and says.....

"It's the job of the older ones to help the younger ones out".

"What? Did you just call me older THAN HER???"

"Well, you're her older sister, right?"

To which my sister starts laughing her ass off.  OMFG I am almost 6 years younger than she!!!!  She's 50!  And I look older than her?

Gary - you've met us both.  Do I really look older than Cricket?  Answer carefully.  Very carefully.

Now that I think about it there's one other blogger that met both my sister and me.  You can answer too but be nice.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

One More Try

I just sent the email below to Mr. Stan Strickland who is The Borgata's Director of Poker Operations.

Mr. Strickland,

I am a poker player. I've played and had success at Foxwoods and various casinos in Las Vegas and was looking forward to my debut at Borgata during your WPT events that took place a couple of weeks ago. It's over now, but I need someone from The Borgata to understand the frustrations that I had.

I took time off of work and flew into AC for the event only to find out that I could not get a Borgata players card therefore I could not play any poker PERIOD exept for some small action at Harrah's.

I got the run around from the my borgata staff and even got hung up on by a manager at my borgata when I attempted again to figure out a way for me to play in this event that I was so looking forward to.

The issue? My Commonwealth of Massachusetts non-driver's license. It was the older kind that did not have an expiration date. As there was NO expiration date I had no idea that the borgata was no longer accepting it as a valid ID. It is accepted everywhere else including THE AIRPORT and the TSA. What I wanted was for someone to work with me and accept a varied form of IDs even multiple ones, but no one had time for me and I was treated very rudely. Quite unacceptable might I add.

I write an online poker blog and wrote about the incident here:

Note the title: I am a Borg-hatah!!!

Sir, I would like someone at your establishment to respond to me. I couldn't get any customer service in person, nor via the telephone so I'm hoping perhaps an email will give me some satisfying results.

I've played in a lot of casinos and have never received such shabby customer service.

I've since got a new Massachuseets nondrivers license and wonder how Borgata can right their wrong. My first thought was that I'd never step foot in your establishment but as I live on the East Coast I would like a chance to play in the best poker room on said coast. Would you like the chance to make me a happy customer?

What can you do to right the wrong?

I anxiously await your response.


Josie C*****

Football and biatches

Waffles Feinstein (I swear that's his new moniker!) and I are posting our Week 4 football picks.  If you're following along, you know that he kicked my ass in last week's matchups and is ahead of my by 8 points.  My own damn fault to be sure but I can assure you he will not be ahead after Week 4.  I mean even a broken clock is right twice a day, right?  I suppose the same holds true for broken men.

Without further ado.....Gold, pure gold.  I'm talking about my picks below.

Dallas/Detroit - Dallas 2
NO/Jacksonville - NO 12
Philly/San Fran - Philly 13
Washington/St L - Wash 5
Cleveland/Tenn - Cleve 3
Buffalo/Cinncy - Buffalo 7
Minnesota/KC - Minn 4
Chicago/Carolina - Chic 6 Lightning baby! This one's for you
Houston/Pitts - Houston 8
Atlanta/Seattle - Atlanta 10
NYG/Ari - NYG 1
SD/Miami - SD 14 Miami Don!  This one ain't for you! lol
GB/Denver -  GB16
NE/Oak - NE 11 Tom Terrific!
Balt/Jets - Balt 9
Tampa Bay/Indy - TB 15

Obv. Waffles will be my biatch this week because of his weak picks but he doesn't compare with this Biatch Extrordinare!  Now I've tried to be nice as I can get.  But THIS GUY brings out the meanness in me. I don't know if it's him or me, but I want to....among other things (like cutting off his balls and wearing them for earrings) biatch slap the mo' fo'.  OMG but he's asking for it.  And it's the way he does it. He starts out making me laugh but leaves me furious!  He must be stopped.  I'm sure society won't blame me for doing what must be done!

Hammer Player's not too distant future

Play smart or watch out.


Mornings Stink

I'm in mourning today.

I thought about...

Leaving but I couldn’t even get outta bed
I’m hangin’ cause I couldn’t get a ride outta town
Now anyone who really wanted me to be down
Come ’round!

Thought about...

Singin’ but I couldn’t remember all of the words
Breakin’ but I couldn’t get the pieces apart
Laughin’ never knowing what the joke was about
Now I’m down!

That joke would be the Boston Red Sox.  :(

All week long I've had the worst starts to my day.  Lemme 'splain.

Tuesday Morning:  Normally, I get off my bus in the morning directly across the street from my building but Tuesday I decided to ride all the way to the T Station.  There's a Dunkin Donuts at the T Station and um, I run on Dunkin'.  I don't do it too often because it eats up about 20 minutes of my morning what with the extended commute and all but Tuesday I did!  I got my coveted "Medium iced coffee with milk no sugar please!".  The way to a woman's heart is with that particular drink, not flowers. 

I have my ipod in place and I'm hoofing it to work, then waiting for the light to turn so I could cross the street to my building, when I drop the whole damn thing.  In an instant it was lying at my feet with coffee and ice cubes hemorhaging from it.  Noooooo!!! I hadn't even had a sip yet!  And I paid for it.  I went into my office defeated and resigned to drinking office coffee for the morning.

Wednesday morning:  I got the very very early bus as I had a lot of items on my to do list.  I always like to be well prepared even though others in this office do not have the same work ethic.  Whatev.  The office actually opens at 8:30am but I got there at 7:10am.  Only.....I couldn't find my office keys to get in!  WTF!  Right behind the office is Mangia Mangia, a little whole in the wall I've given business to for the past decade, but never in the morning.  I'm always busy in the morning!  Today I decide I'll go in there and have a cuppa coffee while I wait for someone else to get to work early.  So I go in and the brothers "Joey and Johnny" are shocked to see me.

Johnny:  Whaddaya doin here Jo?

VJ:  Can I get a cuppa coffee?  I forgot my office keys so I'm going to wait till someone else gets in.

Johnny: Jo, have some breakfast.  You gotta have some eggs and my hash.

VJ: No thanks Johnny, just the coffee.

Johnny:  Jo!  Come on!  You don't want breakfast???

VJ:  Okay how bout a blueberry muffin with the coffee?  Thanks Johnny.

Johnny:  Just let me grill that up.....

VJ: No! Just as is Johnny!  (it has enough calorice without being grilled)

Five minutes later it arrives, not only grilled, but with about a half lb of butter melting on top for good measure.  Oh and with a side of bacon.  Obv.

Johnny: Hope you like that Jo!  Have a good breakfast for once!

VJ: Um thanks.....

Johnny:  Where'd you leave your keys?

VJ:  Either at home or on my desk - your guess is as good as mine.

I start eating the bacon.  It actually looks healthier than the muffin!

Johnny:  You left them on your desk.  Isn't Santos or Pedro already there?  Why don't you ask them to unlock your office?

VJ:  Johnny you're a genius!

I grab my half cup of coffee and start to head for the door.

Johnny:  You want a lid for that coffee Jo? No?  I'm gonna top off that coffee and so yeah, get over here and get a lid.

I was in a rush to get to Pedro and Santos the two guys that maintain the bldg.  Of course they have a key!

Except they weren't there when I got there.  Pedro's wife said they were at the other building.  "Big problems".  I told her that was fine.  I'd left my office keys at home and could she open the door and let me in?

"Oh, I get big trouble for that".

"Alejandra, it's just me.  You know me!"

"Oh, I call Pedro.  I can no do this for you".

In the end I snuck in and she never had to open the door for me.  Snuck in barely in time to get my work done.

Thursday morning:  This morning was the real killer.  I woke up from a dead sleep at 3:30am because of a major pain in my knee and noticed I"d left the TV on.  On NESN.  The pain in my knee was really bad which means I had to get up to walk it off, but my foggy mind was on the TV.  There was an informercial playing on seems I'd fallen asleep before the end of the sox game.  Last thing I remembered the rain delay was finally over and the game was starting back.....sox winning 3-2......I slept through the rest.

Instead of getting up and dealing with the knee pain, I fumbled for the remote to change the channel.  The sox score had to be somewhere!

I came upon the Rays celebrating: jumping up and down in a pile on the field.  My first thought was that they were celebrating overly much for a tie.  My second thought was..........."OMFG, what if they aren't celebrating a tie?!?"

How could that be?  The Yankees where winning 7-0 for goodness sake!

I still don't understand how so many things could go so wrong.  How the sox pitching would tank; all of it.  The starting pitcher, Lester!  Middle relief and eveb Paps!  The base running sucked, the fielding sucked.  Carl baby, wtf was going on?  How bout the Yankees blowing that lead because they were saving there starting players as well as their pitching for a game that meant something to them.


As the song above says: Now anyone who really wanted me to be down Come ’round!

I am down.  And in shock. Not even the joy of this being a jewish holiday (all the bosses are out today!) is helping.

No more sox till April 2012.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1-2 NL

I was reading Wolfie Baby's POST about our last night in Atlantic City and he mentioned something about walking by my table and seeing a castle wall made out of red chips.  Hee hee.  It made me realize that I never did a post about that particular session and there's no better time like the present!

I'd just bluffed my way out of the 8:15 tournament and was looking to get my money back via 1-2 NL.  The floor directed me to a table where the 5 seat was unoccupied.  As I was about to sit down the guy from the 7 seat popped up and said he wanted the 5 seat.  He was sick of the spot he was playing at.  What ev.  I was fine with that, sat in his seat and waited for the button.

This guy was the table captain (until I got there).  He'd amassed a lot of chips and it was easy to see he was a grinder.  He sat next to this other woman who also was a regular there.  She had on the most awesome baseball cap that had WPT in rhinestones!  OMG!  I need a hat like that!  As an aside, why is it that she can pull off a baseball hat looking ubercute but when I tried it I was told I looked homeless BY HIM.  I actually understood where Mojo was coming from when I re-looked at the photo so I took it down.  I won't even repeat what THIS GUY said about me.  Suffice it to say he hurt my feelings and never apologized.  Meh.  Not all men are gentlemen, even the old ones.  I think that was the saddest part.  Finding that out.

Where was I?


So I sat in the 7 seat on the button and was dealt 8-5.  A young thang in seat 8 called as did the guy in my seat 5 so we looked at the flop.

8-5-4.  First guy bets, second guy (the grinder) calls and so do I.  Top 2 pair baby! 

Turn is a 5. 


Young thang jams all in for like mebbe $60.  I was thrilled.  The grinder calls the all in.  I cannot believe my luck!!!  Instead of calling I jam all in over the top.  I brought $200 to the game and the grinder has more than I do.

He goes in the tank......

For a long time............

And then he calls!!!

Now normally in a cash game you are not required to turn your hole cards up until the river falls but in this case I happily turn them over asap and watch their faces fall with sadness.

Young thing had a smaller boat as he was holding pocket 4s and the grinder?

He had 6-7 and flopped a straight, which he obv slow played after the flop.  Can't say I blame him.  Had he raised the first guy I probably still would've called with my top 2 but if he put me to the test - my whole stack, I would've assumed trips and folded. 

Anyway young thang reloads another hundy and the grinder is very unhappy.  Now here is where I channel  my inner bitch.  I turn to the grinder and say "I don't why you didn't want this seat.  I like it just fine".  Mean, I know.  He had too many chips anyway!

That was the beginning of a beautiful and profitable session.  The young thang reloaded a few more times as did his very young buddy.  After the third reload I told him to go to bed! He started laughing but I was serious. I was the one who kept felting them and these boys had lost enough for one night IMHO.  One of them looked exactly like the son in 2 1/2 men, which I mentioned to him.  He'd heard it many times before.

The MO was to hurt the vacationers repeatedly while trying to stay out of the way of the two grinders and this worked very well for me.  At one point I was hovering just below the 1K mark (dont' forget $200 of that was my money tho) and gave a few hundy back and left with about $600.  I'd been drinking dirty martinis at that table for about 4 hours, and Wolfie and I planned on leaving bright and early in the morning so I called it a night while I was ahead.

The next day Wolfie took me to his usual stomping ground;  Harrah's in Chester.  Mama likey very very much.  Only thing better would be to put me in a room full of money and giving me 5 free minutes to fill my pockets.....Hmmm.  Nah...Harrah's Chester was even better than that!

Play smart.


Sox and Poker Baby! It's really all about poker.

Stayin' Alive!


The Red Sox won last night, 8-7.  We are still in it to win it.  Cbip and a chair I always say.

Tampa Bay won too though, so that means they are still tied with the sox.  Tonight is the last game of regular season so the Red Sox must win tonight to stay in it.  If the Red Sox win and TB loses the sox have secured the wild card spot, and the reverse is true if TB wins and the sox lose.  If they both win they'll play one play off game in FL on Thursday afternoon for all the beans.  The Boston beans that is.

The hero of last night's game was......crap, I forget his name.  He's our new rookie catcher who just got called up because both Varitek and Saltalamacchia (I'm sure I've spelled his name wrong - no need to comment about it!) are on the DL.

The rookie hit his first (and second) major league homerun last night. As it was a one run win, we certainly needed both.  Mr. Rookie has very good timing indeed.  I suppose I really should look up our unlikely hero's name.  BRB.

Ryan Lavarnway!  Thank you young man for keeping the faith alive!

Thank you to all of you that provided input about giving my blog a new look.  I agree that the examples weren't on the money and I've decided to take Whispering Writer's advice.  If I'm going to make a change I will do it right and pay someone to do it for me.   Some things are worth paying for....especially if I can get it made to my specifications.  I've decided to leave the blog as is for the rest of the year and make getting a new blog my New Year's resolution.

Speaking of New Year's resolutions......

As a sort of resolution, my goal for 2011 was to get $50,000 in poker winnings for the year.  No, I'm not even close but there is still one quarter of 2011 left!  And to that end, I have some news to announce that may be disappointing to some. 

It's about Vegas and December and the WPBT.  :(  I've been thinkin'.....

Nothing's set in stone yet and I know I've been telling people who ask that I'm going, but!

I went last year and had an absolute blast meeting everyone.  It was awesome - like coming home to family that I just hadn't happened to meet before.  It was that great.  But here's the thing....

....even last year.....everyone was there to party and have a good time as they should, but I......I was in Vegas and wanted to play a big high stakes tournament.  The problem was the timing.  At that particular time there were no big tourneys going on IN LAS VEGAS.  I did play a tourney (where I ended up the bubble fml) at the Venetian but it wasn't anything significant.

My point is if I'm going to Las Freakin' Vegas, I think I'd rather go when I could play in an event I've only dreamed about.  (yes I said 'dreamed about'. I am a nerd.)   I have only three months to meet my goal for 2011!

The problem is there is almost nothing more I'd like than to hang out with Lightning in person (once again, yes I am a nerd) so I am torn.  Torn between a weekend of seeing friendsI'd only get to see once a year while partying like a rock star and....

This event is running at the Venetian in Las Vegas from October 10th to November 1st.  My gut is telling me that if I'm travelling all the way across the USofA I should do it when I have the opportunity to play in a tournament I've never played in before.

Truly I'm on the horns of a dilemma.  I wouldn't be able to affort both trips.....unless the first one was extremely lucrative of course.  Plus if I was available the first week of December I could play in a WSP event in Atlantic City - at least that's what Wolfie told me.  Obv Wolfie is now sick of me and looking for reasons to keep me out of Vegas.  Hmfph.

But before all of that, I'm going to play in one of the World Poker Tour Finals at Foxwoods.  SEE SCHEDULE.

I guess I'll take it week by week for now until a decision has to be made but my rough outline for achieving my 2011 goal is.

Foxwoods WPT Finals in Oct.
Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza in latter half of Oct.
WSP Event in AC (Harrah's I think) 1st week of Dec.

I have to.

I believe I can do it so I must try.  This is the first year I've ever SERIOUSLY made an attempt at a big tourney.  So why now you ask?

Funny, I asked myself the same question.  Is it because I'm getting old - now or never?  Heck no!  I truly believe this is the year because of......

.....lack of online poker.

I think online poker made me a placated sheep, satisfied with staying up too late and clicking my mouse.  When that was taken away I found my way back to my first love.  Live action baby!  That's where I've always had the best results anyway.  With the instant gratifcation of Full Tilt taken out of the equation we are back to basics and I like it.

I still haven't played a big tourney since my win at Foxwoods and I'm ready.  More than ready.  But do I sacrifice a once a year opportunity to see dear dear friends?  I dunno.

Poker Grump better be available at the end of October.  I owe him a knuckle sandwich for what he did to me last year!

Play smart.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Football, Baseball and Stuff

Just for Bayne.....below are the results of my Week 3 Football Picks.  Ugh.  It isn't pretty. 


Buffalo - I lost my 15, tyvm

Tennessee - I won 12

New Orleans - I won 11

Philly - I lost 13

Cleveland - I won 7

Carolina - I won 8

Cincy - I lost 10

Oak - I lost 3

San Diego - I won 16 *whew*

St. Louis - I won 9

Seattle - I won 2

GB - I won 6

TB - I won 1

Indy - I won 14

Wash - I won 5

For those keeping track I got 91 points out of a possible 136 and 11 winners out of 16.  I know 11 out of 16 doesn't sound terrible but I lost a lot (ty duggle for that lesson on 'a lot') of my big numbers.  I didn't even bother to add up Waffles total for the week yet but I know he has me beat.  He hit a lot of his big numbers.  The biatch.

Speaking of being beaten.....

The sox lost again last night and the yankees did too.  The one time I wanted the yanks to figures.  This means that TB and the sox are now tied for the wild card race.  This isn't good.  The sox have zero momentum to help them through.  Beckett pitched last night - we need to get wins when our ace is on the mound of they will be hanging up their cleats very soon.  2 games left of regular season.

While we're on the subject of baseball, The Phillies won last night, which was their 100th win of the season.  Good for them I suppose.  I'm not a major fan of the NL but 100 wins for Phillie is a rarity and should be mentioned.  Last time it happened was in the 1870's.  (okay it was the 1970's...whatevah)

Lastly, I need your opinion on something.  I've been thinking about changing the look of this blog so it looks more like its it looks more like a poker blog.  My question to you is, do you think I should leave it just as it is or change it to something like






I wonder if the examples above look a little more professional that the blog  you're reading here.  Sugar Bear was insistent that I keep the good old original one.  "Mom, you know I hate your blog but don't change it.  I like the kind of purple color". 

That's one person's opinion but he doesn't like change.  Ever.

Although changing the template would probably ten years off my life but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Play smart.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Smack! (not the kiss kind)

Below is a conversation I had with a creep while playing in a tournament at Harrah's.  First let me set up the scene and then you'll get the conversation verbatim as it's been burned into my brain, unfortunately.

This was the first night at AC.  I'd been playing in a tournament and just made it to the final table with plenty of chips.  I'd just taken out a guy by slow playing a goot hand and his buddy was to my immediate right.  A few hands later I was in a hand heads up with the guy to my right.  I had top pair baby kicker and set out a feeler bet.  The man responded with a pot sized reraise.

Ugh.  That's the problem with playing crappy cards.  Even if you hit top pair that crappy kicker can make you think you have the worst hand.

I put him on top pair with a better kicker than a 3 (my hand) so I fold.  He flips over his cards and shows his bluff.  So I playfully smack him on the arm.  Gary you know where, right?  Now let me say that if it's someone I know, like Gary, he'll get a smack with a little something behind it, but for a stranger like this guy (I'd just gotten to this table) gets just a love tap with nothing behind it.

He gives me a look that could kill (oops) and says......

"If you touch me again, I'll hit you back!"

Now this is a big guy that probably hadn't seen 200 lbs since elementary school.  Normally I'd think he was kidding but the look in his eyes was rage.  WTF!

Very Josie: "Excuse me?"

Big Guy: "I said if you touch me again I'll hit you back."

VJ: "That little tap really hurt you huh?" I ask incredulously.  I barely touched him, honest!

BG: "No it didn't hurt but I'll hit any man, woman or child who hits me."

VJ: "What a minute.  You're telling me you hit women and children? A big guy like you?  And you're advertising that?"

BG: "Yeah."

A couple minutes later BG asks me something....I forget what but it was something akin to polite conversation and he was waiting for an answer.  I had my headphones on and ignored his attempts.  By the 3rd attempt I respond.

VJ: "I'm sorry but I can't talk to you.  I don't talk to men who hit children, or women for that matter.  I hope you understand".

Silence for a couple of minutes and then....

BG:  I was just kidding about hitting kids you know.

VJ: "I can't hear you!  I don't talk to men like YOU.

Did I bring this on myself?  Probably.  I've hit ALOT of men at the poker table.  More than you can imagine and I swear to you they normally love it!  It feeds their ego that they've outsmarted me enough to get such a reaction, plus men LOVE being touched.....even if it is a smack.  In all my years of smacking I remember only one other situation when the guy objected.

Anyway, Wolfie has some great poker recaps about our play at AC.  Stop on by and read about the awesomeness that is Very Josie.


Play smart and nonviolently.


It's Really Bad

I prefer this to reality.

I'd rather just look at the image of that painting instead of facing reality.  Reality is baaaaad.  You don't even know how bad *gasp* yet.

I know you're thinking 'It' can't be that bad dear Josie" but it is.

Where shall we start?

I did horribly in my pick the pros football league and I meant terrible.  Worst I remember doing in years.  I did so badly I went down to 6th place in my standing for the year.  That sucks!  I decided to get tricky and instead of picking all favorites I went with a couple of underdogs that I thought could pull things off for me and separate the women from the boys.  I went with Minnesota over Detroit and Cinncy over SF.  The heart breaker of it was the fact that my underdogs both had the lead for most of the game!  I went from thinking I was going to win the whole shebang to stinking up the place. (not literally)

And I don't know how many points Waffles has but I know it's more than me.  Waffles kicked my butt this week.  I mean come on!  Do things get worse than that?

Well yes they do!

In case you're from another planet and haven't heard, The Patriots lost and lost big.  The blew a 21-0 lead for goodness sake!  The only silver lining here is that I didn't pick The Pats for Lucki Duck's league.  I fully intended to and then changed to SD at the last minute.  Loyalty be damned; this is survival!  And survive I did.  *whew* barely.

Okay, not you're probably thinking "Is that all you've got dear Josie?"

Well it's not.  I'm just getting started.

Poker - My, how the mighty have fallen.  I went to Seabrook yesterday to play the 4pm $70 tourney and *gasp* I lost.  By first break I had a little less than the starting stack of 10K.  Not good.

I had a guy at my table who didn't have a clue how to play but kept getting lucky.  I saw him check and then call the river with Ace high, with a full boat and with quads. 

Anyway first orbit after the break I raise big with K-J knowing the lack of tightness at this table.  I know I'll be getting plenty of action which is what I want in case I hit the flop.

Flop is K-8-3.

Bing!  I jam all in with my remaining 4K and get two callers.  Ut Oh!

My K-J is up against K-9 and 7-7.  This was better than I dared hope!

Except the K-9 were sooted hearts.  The guy hit his flush and I was out.  Boooo.  That's not how a tournament is supposed to end for Very Josie!  Obv this guy didn't get the memo.  He's supposed to call with his inferior holdings but then lose.  It was that end part that he messed up.


All that wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for this piece de resistance.


Yeah it's that bad.

I'm hoping.....*gasp* I'm really and truly hoping

and wishing

That The Yankees win tonight.

GO YANKEES!!!  You can do it!!!!!

Yes, that's what I've been reduced to.  I'd feel a little more clean if I'd just blown the entire team instead of rooting for them but root I will.

The Yankees are up against TB tonight and the Sox and Tampa Bay are in a wild card race.  So just this once, I hope The Yankees win.  The sox have been doing so badly they need all the help they can get so let's everyone send positive vibrations to the skankees yankees.  :) (old habits die hard)

I'm not really the woman rooting for the yankees, I'm the woman in the painting.  Sitting on the shoreline as the water cools off my toes and I take in the picturesque view.  Not a care in the world; Ahhhh....

Play smart and Go Yankees!


PS....I've been having these thoughts - that are not going to be very popular but I think I'm onto something.....I'll want your opinion on them.  Stay tuned....

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Friday!

As you can imagine I'm extremely busy in work.  Spent 4 hours of yesterday in meetings, which did provide some resolution but that also means 4 hours of down time (not getting any work done).  What I'm leading  up to is I don't have time to write the post I'd like to write, so you're going to have to wait.

In the mean time below is a bit of poker as well as my football picks for this weekend.  Waffles and I tied last week, but this week I take the lead!!!  His head is full of au pairs, German Shepards and other intrusive thoughts so I doubt he can focus on football!

Well maybe it'll be more than a *bit* of poker.  Once I get started on that subject it's hard to stop.  :)

If you know me at all, you know that I love TOURNAMENT poker above and beyond cash games.  A tournament is so much more about strategy and playing on players weaknesses.  Some player's weakness may be they're too aggressive while most have fear as their weakness.  If you play to tightly I'll apply pressure and make you pay for your tightness with your blinds.  Repeatedly.  If you're aggressive you'll pay for that too.  Most likely with all your chips.  I understand an aggressive player very well because I'm one myself and I know how we think.  All that being said, I may have to rethink my position on tournaments and cash games as I won my most money in AC during the cash games.  And maybe I love tournaments but don't forget I love money too!

I played three damn small tourneys in A/C.  I came in 8th, 2nd and I dunno last.  During the last tourney I was out before the first break, making an ill timed bluff for all my chips. 

My 2nd place win was an afternoon game and although there were only 12 peeps (shoot me now!  I traveled all that way for a 12 friking peep game!) the game lasted for almost 4 hours!  As there were only 2 itm there was a big battle once we were down to 4.  But before that......I was owning the game.  Got my feel for the aggression junkies, the uber tight players (why bother playing people - just so I can torture you?) and the stupid ones.  There was a variety of each of these at my table.

One woman, omfg she was tight.  And by tight I mean stupid!  Tight isn't actually the right word for her.  Every hand she was in she played the same.  She'd check and then call.  Check and then call. And then fold to a big bet at the end.  At one point she had maybe 500 in chips left.  Check, call, check call all the way to the river just to fold.  When you're that shortstacked there's no calling!  You jam in or you fold!  You can't come back from a deficit like that!  Anyway, when she was down to 200 chips she FINALLY jammed all in and we were on her like white on rice.  I actually flopped a flush, but with so many peeps in I went along with checking it down.  On the river the guy to my right says "sorry I can't check this anymore and makes a larger than pot bet."  I raise!!!!  I doubled his bet and he called with 2 pair.  His own damn fault.

Prior to that there were two big stacks, me and another aggressive player.  I happened to have my fave hand (J-10) and called a 3xbb raise from Mr. Aggressive.  Flop was J-3-6.  I bet and he called.  Turn was an 8 I bet more than pot and he called. River was a lovely 10.

Cue the bad acting!

After shrugging I tap the table....knowing I'm acting weak and knowing how aggressive he is.  There's a ton of chips in the pot and I know he wants them.  I also know that he knows there's only one way for him to get them....bluff.

After I tap he instantly jams his big stack all in!  Oh baby!

I instacall and say "I call what do you have?"  I would've bet a million bucks I had him.  He had A-K and was out.

This made me chip leader extrordinare.  I had both big stacks and the 4 peeps left were major shorties compared to me.  I actually got up and took a walk, something I NEVER do during a tourney.  I had that many chips.

When we were down to 4 peeps it became quite a long battle.  The guy to my right kept telling me how awesome he was.  He was from Jupiter Florida and plays in big florida games.  I forget which games he was yammering about it but according to him they were big.  Blah blah blah.  I kept telling him he was going to bubble.  Heh.

When we were down to 3 handed play Wolfie came by.  I supposed he'd lost enough at 2-4 and was waiting for me to finish up as we were heading to dinner when I was done.  Now I'm sure you guys already know this but Wolfie's had a stroke, which definitely didn't effect his steel trap of a mind, but because of the stroke he needs a cane to walk and certainly can use a chair whenever one is available.  So while he was waiting he pulled up an empty chair from an empty table and was sitting behind me.

Mr. Jupiter and I were in a hand heads up when he starts texting or whatever on his phone.  The dealer tells him to put his phone down or he's out of the hand and he keeps on texting.  Dealer warns him again.  Personally I think the phone rule is a little extreme but in this case we were in a heads up hand!  Listen to the dealer and put the phone down for a minute.

Instead he gets really nasty and says that if can't use the phone he wants that guy (Wolfie) kicked out.


He says Wolfie can't be sitting there unless he's in a game.  I respond that Wolfie isn't at our table he's at the empty table behind us using a chair.

Mr. Jupiter says the rule is non players can watch behind this half wall but not be in the tourney area.  The dealer confirms this is true but does not ask Wolfie to leave.  Even the dealer was like come on dude just put your phone away.  You're in the hand.  That guy isn't doing anything but using a chair.

Nope!  Mr. Jupiter says he's calling the floor to kick out Wolfie since he can't use his phone.


Wolfie being a gentleman gets up to leave and says "I'll be waiting for you by the Shinobi slot machine".

Then it was down to me and the idiot heads up and I lost.

I raised it up with K-J and the flop was 6-6-K.  He immediately jams all in.  I put him on a king but thought I had him out kicked.  I thought a long time and decided to call.  He flipped over a 6 and gg Josie. 

I still won cash money but I don't remember wanting to take someone down so badly.  He'd offered me a split before that hand and I just laughed in his face.  Guess I should've taken the split.

But enough about poker, let's talk football.  Below are my picks.

San Diego 16
Pats 15
Pittsburgh 14
Philly 13
Tenn 12
NO 11
Cinncy 10
Baltimore 9
Carolina 8
Cleveland 7
Green Bay 6
Dallas 5
Minn 4
Jets 3
Seattle 2
Tampa Bay 1

Play smart.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Salt in the Wound

As you can imagine I was completely devastated to find out that I couldn't play in my first WPT event after flying down to AC.  Worse I found myself stuck there midweek with no big juicy tournaments to play.  I mean the largest ones were $100 buyins.

Worst still was being out of work for three days.  I usually don't take more than one day off at a time but I juggled meetings and committments to make it work. That coupled with the fact that I'd been away for the weekend prior to the AC trip so I spent like 6 days away from my Sugar Bear - which I totally would not have done for a $100 tourney obv.

The supreme waste of time was the most upsetting.

Till now.

I received this email that pretty much rubbed salt in my gaping wound.  Wanna see it? *never* even got to play at the borgata?????? you flew down to atlantic city to sit in crappy harrahs and play poker for a few days? that is unreal. please tell me that isnt true.

When I first read that my thought was....forgive me but it was....."I will cut his balls off and wear them for earrings".  Okay so I'm a little hot-headed.
He can't help it if he has no empathy....he's a lawyer!

I Am a Borg-Hatah

My sister wasn't thrilled with the idea of meeting 'some guy off the internet' and depending on him for a ride.  I told her it wasn't some random guy off the internet, it was Wolfie!  Funny thing is I'd never trust ANY guy I'd chatted with online and yet for some reason I have total trust in all you crazy poker bloggers.  And it worked out great.  Wolfie arrived just as I walked out of The Philly airport and we headed to Ocean City for pizza.   As we were driving for like and hour the scenery became a little suspect and I thought "this is a good place for a murder" yet I'm happy to report that Wolfie isn't a serial killer.  We had the best pizza and the Ocean City boardwalk and beach were beautiful.

As we headed to Atlantic City Wolfie came up with an idea.  He said rather than try to register for my Borgata tourney in the morning (it started at noon the next day) he said he'd drop me off at the Borgata now.  I could get my players card and register for my tourney while he waited in the car and then he'd drive me to Harrah's for check in afterwards.  Sahweet!  Sounded like a great plan to me. 

I got to the Borgata and went to get my players card.  That's when all the fun started.  The wouldn't accept my Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles Identification Card.  It's an ID card exactly like a drivers license and it has no expiration date.  It had been accepted in Vegas, in Foxwoods, at Harrah's.  Hell even the TSA at the airport accepted it as a valid ID.  But not the Borgata!  The woman at the desk told me that the new Mass ID cards had expiration dates and they were no longer accepting these ones.  I had no idea!  I mean how could I?  Mine didn't have an expiration date so I never thought to randomly check it out.  I explained to her that I needed the players card to play in the WPT event tomorrow and could she get her manager.

The manager came by and told me the same exact thing.  OMFG.  I told him that I'd just flown in specifically to play at the Borgata Poker Open and I had other ID.  Besides, the one I showed him was valid and not expired.  The man had no pity.  He showed me a "book" that had pictures of acceptable ID and in the Massachusetts chapter of the book the ID looked different than mine and had an expiration date.

This just couldn't be!  How about if I have documents faxed to you I asked.  I could get copies of my my social security card, my tax return... No was the answer.  Talk about frustration.

Now before we go any further, you'll notice that I was staying at Harrah's and not the Borgata.  Why you ask?  Borgata was giving great rates for tourney players - only $79 per night was the rate I was quoted for a beauty of a room.  I was in!  I called them to reserve a room for two nights.  I booked it and after it was booked the woman casually told me that their new rule is to hold a security fee during your stay.  No problem.....Foxwoods did that too.  They held $50 and credited back within 48 hours of check out.

I asked how much and was told $300!  $300 for a security fee on a room that costs $79 per night?  She said the new security fee is $150 per night and since I'm staying two nights....

Seemed high to me but whatever, I'd get it back soon enough...or so I thought.

I told her that was fine and then as an afterthought asked when I'd get the money credited back.  I was told she wasn't sure but sometimes it took several weeks.


Um no.  I told her not to process the room reservation after all and she was like "too late!  it's already done but if you cancel now you'll get your money back in 48 hrs.  Yet I couldn't get my security fee back in 48 hours......I just don't get it.

Anyway back to Harrah's.  The room was beautiful and it cost only $59 per night.  Plus the best part is it was right next to the poker room!  When I came down from my room and exited the elevator, the poker room was like 2.5 steps away.  Nice!

I was frustrated at the situation with Borg but hadn't given up yet.  I checked in, went up to my room and after I took a shower I decided to call the fuckers.  I was on hold for a while and finally got transferred to a manager of "My Borgata" which is the players card thingy.

I explained my situation in detail but the guy was impatient and had a heart of stone.  He said he couldn't do anything for me and didn't have time for this.  Then he told me they never should've transferred this call to him and HE HUNG UP THE PHONE.  Can you imagine?  That's customer service for you.

Meanwhile Wolfie, the degenerate gambler that he is, was already down in the poker room.  I was ready to head down myself when I got a text from him saying that the bad beat was hit at Showboat.  There are 4 casinos that participate in this (including harrahs) and when one hits ALL THE PEOPLE SITTING AT A POKER TABLE GET A PIECE OF THE PRIZE.  I missed it by talking on the phone with Borgata but Wolfie got his piece!  He got $464 for his trouble.  VN!

I got to the poker room about 10 minutes later and as soon as I stepped in a bunch of people asked me "Are you the one who flew in from Boston but can't play at the Borgata?"

Grrrrr.....yeah that's me.  Wolfie (while wearing a big white floppy hat with a hawaiin blue band around it) was talking and tweeting up a storm about it.  The tweeting almost worked as AlCantHang replied that he was out of town but if he weren't he could've fixed things for me.  Booooo.

I am so disappointed I don't have the words to convey how upset I was, but I do believe in karma and what is meant to be is meant to be.  I enjoyed my time at harrah's and never left a poker session down the entire time I was there.  It wasn't the big hit I was travelling for but I had fun and made money.  And got free drinks!  Did you know you could request either Grey Goose or Ketel One vodka at Harrah's?

Borgata will NEVER have an opportunity to get my business again;  neither my poker playing or lodging business.  Effff them.

I just realized this post has zero poker content even though all I did was play poker FOR THREE DAYS. No shopping, no nothing. Poker playing, eating and sleeping. That's it. Even the eating and the sleeping were both at a bare minimum.

Next post will be about how I....

Played smart.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Too Many Stories....

I just flew in and boy are my arms tired!  Heh, that joke never gets old does it?

Over the next couple of days I will entrall you with stories about....

1.  Borgata.  It is the worst effing place in the whole world with zero consideration for their customers.  OMFG they suck ass.  I wish I could get the person I encountered there, her supervisor, and the ass I spoke with on the phone....and tell them that they should never have messed with me. They are a fat, pig, whore and I am going to make them pay. Their last days are going to be extremely painful and at the end they will be broken. Oh wait a minute, I'm not Waffles!  Borgata really sucks though and they will never have another opportunity for my bidness.

2. Wolfie. What I like about him is he's always full of good ideas about the best way to do this or that.  Plus he drove me here, there and everywhere with door to door service that I'm now accustomed to.  And the gimp can park in handicapped parking spots. Sahweet!  The down side was he was a c*** blocker as everyone asked me if he was my husband. (wtf do I look THAT old?)  j/k Wolfie! 

3.) Poker.  Yes, I have more than a few poker tales sitting in my head.  Once I got over the Borgata diseaster I played a TON of poker.  3 tournaments and hours and hours of 1-2 NL.  Mama did very well.  I consistently won in every session yet it wasn't the big win I was looking for.  The upside is that I added to my bankroll.

4.)  Asses.  When I play poker I meet always meet alot of nice guys and unfortunately, a few asses.  The asses are always burned in my memory moreso than the nice guys even though they are the minority.  I really don't get some people, who are just mean for the sake of being mean.  I met 3 major assholes.  The Ukranian(s), The Kid Beater, and Mr. Jupitor Florida.  All dicks.

Tune in tomorrow for my Borgata post.  In the mean time, please enjoy a little story I call

Ganna and The Ukranian(s).

On the first night I final tabled my first tourney.  Unfortunately there were only 4 itm and I was knocked out 8th.  I played well for hours but got a bit tilty when Ganna, the foreign female poker dealer gave me a 10 minute *penalty* during a critical point in the tournament.  It's ironic that dealer error factored into a final table for me again, but it did. 

I was first to act and when I folded my cards Ganna pointed to me and said "You're on break now.  You don't have to wait till this hand is over, you may as well go on break now."  Okay.  I get up, walk around a bit, check out the poker room, hit the ladies room.  I'm wasting time in the ladies room, fixing my hair....chatting with another woman...whatevah.  I feel like the break is almost over and as soon as I exit the bathroom a floor guy is waiting for me and tells me that I need to get back to my game.  There wasn't a break at all.  The games been going on all this time and the dealer was mistaken when she sent me on break.  I shiat you not.  When I get back to the table Ganna is gone, it's a new dealer who apologizes to me as the players tell me I've missed both my big and small blinds.  wtf!  I have no idea why she did that except that she wasn't the brightest bulb on the tree.  The next day she came in to my cash game to give the dealer a break and started apologizing profusely.  I told her not to worry about it, everyone makes mistakes.  Then she messed up a hand in the cash game too.  OMFG.  Luckily I wasn't in that hand.

Anyway, after I got knocked out of that tourney I joined Wolfie in a cash game. 2 hyper aggressive Ukranians were in seats 6 & 7 and Wolfie was in seat 9 and I was 10.  First hand dealt was A-A so I came out swinging.  I got plenty of action and took the pot down.  Seat 6 was nice enough I suppose but Seat 7 wasn't.  He was rude to the dealer and complained about every person's play.  Every time I won a hand he had something to say about what I was holding.  He kept getting felted and his buddy in seat 6 kept reloading him.  When I won another hand he said to me "I'd love to get you in a heads up for 5K.  You and me - anytime!"  I responded "Wow, you're buddy's going to let you borrow 5K after you lost all his other money?"  Anyway, they've been barred from pretty much every casino in AC for fighting at the poker table.  And I'm talking fist fighting, not arguing.  At least that's what they told me.  The rich one in seat 6 asked me if Wolfie was my husband, which I denied profusely.  :)  When Wolfie went to the bathroom seat 6 says "So he's not your husband but you're sharing a room with him?" 


"But I heard you say you were stuck with him so that means you're sleeping with him, right?"

OMFG.  I announce to the table that I am NOT sleeping with the guy in the loud hat and two minutes later Wolfie comes back.  LOL Then seat 6 tells me his brother-in-law like owns the borgata and can fix all my problems.  Yeah, I bet.

Then the floor came over and warned them they were about to be kicked out of the casino.  Seat 7 says "Listen buddy....."

"I'm NOT your buddy.  Address me as SIR or you leave right now.  Both of you!"

"Okay sir...."

Seat 6 says he wasn't doing anything wrong, it was all seat 7 but the floor guy said both of them had been warned.

Final hand is me and them 3 handed.  Seat 7 had been in every hand and this time he raised it big.  Luckily I had A-A so I repopped him.  Seat 6 calls and seat 7 says that I'm acting like I have aces but I don't and he repops me.  Heh. I just call to see the flop.

I feel like they're playing team poker (cheating) as they were always BOTH in the same hand together, but there's no way I'm folding this.  These guys were seedy to say the least.

Flop is 8 high.  Seat 7 bets and I raise $60 on top.  They both call. Turn is blank, no flush or straight draws so I bet big and they both called AGAIN.  I don't like this.  River comes and it's time to check.  Highest card on the board is a jack and I can't figure out what they have!  How could they match the shitty board after those big preflop reraises?  I mean raising big preflop is a bit of an insurance policy.  If the person calls  two reraises he isn't holding 8-6, right?  Yet they're both here to the river so they must have something.  I'm worried that somehow one of them have two pair so I check the river and so do they.  Seat 6 turns over A-A!  Seat 7, the loud mouth quickly mucks, and I turn over my A-A for a split. 

Seat 6 seems pissed and asks seat 7 what the effff was he holding and he said he had an 8.  Whoopdee do!  I tell seat 6 not to be upset as we get to split his buddy's money!  He moans "That's my money he's betting with!".

Awwww.  Time to get new friends!

Play smart.


Monday, September 19, 2011

So Maybe I Have Some Competition

I'm putting my football picks up against Waffles, as you may know.  I did pretty darn well this week,  going 11 of 15 with my picks.  I thought I'd do a quick calculation to see where Waffles is.  How many picks you get right isn't a factor.  What counts is how many points you put on those wins.  If you lose only one game and its your 16, you're still going to lose against someone who got 3 wrong, if the 3 wrong had small numbers.

Anyway going into tonight I have 104 points, with a potential for 8 more, should the NY Giants win tonight., which would make a total of 112.

Waffles, Cooler Extrordinare, has 111 points with a potential for 1 more, with 1 point on the Giants, for a total of 112.  How funny is that?

Let's just hope the Giants win, or I'll be behind Waffles! (I can't believe I just wrote that sentence!)

Gotta go!  Mama has a plane to catch!

Play smart and think good thoughts for me.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Next Stop Borgata WPT

I just got back from a wonderful weekend at the beach with my girls and I'm repacking my bags for tomorrow morning.  We spent a day on the beach, did a little shopping, swam in the heated pool, went out for ice cream and talked ALOT.  At night we played games, drank, and I did some of the girls' make up, which came out fantastic btw.  I also gave out manis and pedis.  Just a great time with old friends.

See the bag above?  My friend gave each of us one, with a book in it and a solid chocolate penis.  Is she awesome or what?  I have a picture of me sucking on the chocolate but I think it's a little too risque to post.  (I was drunk and yelling "take a picture of this!") 

So I've had plenty of sleep, and I'm going to bed early tonight.  Tomorrow morning I leave for my WPT event at The Borgata.  The tournament starts at noon and ends when I win.  I'll tell you all about it when I get back.  Most likely more than you'd like to know.  :)

I am so excited to be playing in a WPT event.  This will be the biggest event I've ever played in.  Both  the buyin and the number of players will be bigger than anything I've attempted before.  Thinking about that got me a little nervous, but the truth of the matter is I've played tons of tournaments and tournament play is my strength. 

I'm ready.

Play smart.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Time to take down Waffles

Hello Again!

Below are my picks for Week 2.  These are straight up wins, with a value assigned to each win.  The values are 1-16 and if you your pick wins, you get the points you assigned to it.  Obviously one should put the higher points on the likely winners.

I have a side bet going on with Waffles - let's just see how badly I beat him, shall we?

Very Josie Picks - Week 2
Jacksonville vs The Jets

Arizona vs Washington

Chicago vs New Orleans

Tampa Bay vs Minnesota

Green Bay vs Carolina

Oakland vs Buffalo

Baltimore vs Tennessee
BALTIMORE 10 (go ravens!)

Cleveland vs Indy

Kansas City vs Detriot

Seattle vs Pittsburgh

Dallas vs San Fran

Houston vs Miami
HOUSTON 2 (Sorry Don!)

San Diego vs New England

Cincinnati vs Denver

Philly vs Atlanta

St Louis vs NY Giants

Obviously, I haven't seen Waffles picks when I made this post because that would be cheating.  I don't cheat, nor do I have any need to.  Watch him fall apart this weekend!

Play smart.


OMFG It's Friday Already

Shabat Shalom my brothers!

It's Friday and I'm leaving work early to get my party on.  Weekend with the girls starts at 4pm today!  If you'd like to read about last year's goddesses weekend, you can check out THIS POST.  All the girls will be going again, except Kathy, whose sweet sweet mother is in the last stages of cancer.  :( 

What we usually do both nights after dinner is play board games and watch ME get drunk.  Kathy and I are the only ones who will drink more than one drink and since she's not going I will have to have a drink or three for her.  The other girls will have ONE creamsicle *gag* and that's it.  Last year Kathy snuck a little extra vodka into the creamsicles just to get the party started but she was busted!!!!

Because of my big win at Foxwoods, the girls have demanded ice cream on me Saturday night.  I'll take pics!

Anyway, the real story here is my big tourney at the Borgata on Tuesday.  Can't frigging wait.  I'm still feeling nervous though.  I'll be posting once more (most likely asking for your prayers) on Sunday night and then I'm off.  CAN. NOT. WAIT. 

1. I'm still alive in Lucki Duck's contest.  Yay me!
2. I'm in 2nd place in my league and just finished my 16 picks for the week, and they're gold!  Pure gold.
3. SOMEONE STUPID wants to put his picks up against mine for week 2.  Winner take all.  I don't know what "winner take all" means exactly but if THIS GUY wants to embarrass himself, who am I to say no?  I suggested that if he wants to beat me at a game, not to choose football or poker for that matter.

Oh my god, I have sooo much work to do before I leave early today.  I have officially overextended myself.

Final thoughts - I'm going to win that tournament.  I am. All I need is to chip up early so I have some money to play with.  If that should happen there will be NO stopping me.  I won't have my laptop with me but Wolfie will.  I'll see if I can convince him to be my roving reporter and update my status on his site.  Hopefully there will be something interesting to update about.

Play smart, like me.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oops, He Did It Again!

Guess who!

I just got this email from someone who recently added me to their blog list.  And you KNOW how much I love being on new blog lists!

I have to reconsider about listing you. nothing against you and I will still visit, but the comments are not funny and guys can be such assholes.  sorry about that.*

I think I was on this guy's blog list for about 1 day.  Yes, that email came from a guy!

So of course I went through the recent comments from my Ugh post to see which he was referring to and the only thing I can come up with is Waffles!

It reminded me of The DB Cooper incident a while ago.  Remember that?  To make a long story short, a comment from Waffles caused DB Cooper to not only stop reading me, but it caused DB Cooper to stop blogging ENTIRELY.  Talk about overkill.  At least the dude that sent me the email above is still blogging.  Just not with any association to me. :(

I can't say that doesn't bother me, but people do have free will, I guess.  If wants me off his blog what can I do?  Surely, if I wanted to I could certainly persuade him.  Don't forget that I got on Hoy's  blog list, which was a tough nut to crack.

The funny thing is I didn't even demand ask to be on his list.  Lord knows I've pushed my way onto the majority of them, but not this one.  Yesterday I got an email saying he was adding me out of the blue.  And today I got the shit above. (the stuff in bold and italics)

Anyway, back to the guy's free will.  I'm on the fence here on whether the comment really warranted such extreme action, but even if it didn't the guy has a right to kick me off if he wants to.  I guess he's right.  Guys can be such assholes.

Comment smart.


*This is just a theory of mine - when an apology starts with "sorry...." instead of "I'm sorry..." the person isn't really all that sorry, but saying what he thinks he should be saying.  I'm talking in general, not just here.


I'm getting worried panic stricken nervous about this tournament at the Borgata.  As I was thinking about how difficult this tournament is going to be, the following song starting singing in my ear (courtesy of Goldie)

The rope that's wrapped around me
Is cutting through my skin
And the doubts that have surrounded me
Are finding their way in
I keep it close to me
Like a holy man prays
In my desperate hour
It's better, better that way
I've crept into your temple (casino)
I have slept upon your pew
I've dreamed of the divinity
Inside and out of you
I want it more than truth
I can taste it on my breath
I would give my life just for a little death

I'm sure Ms. Melissa Etheridge was talking about some hot woman, but the song speaks volumes to me about my feelings of this tournament.  I do want it more than truth and yes, I can taste it, but the doubts...

Is my competition a better class of player because it's a WPT event?  Am I in over my head?

I think these peeps will be a bit better than I'm used to but I'm NOT over my head dammit! And maybe, just maybe, they aren't used to the likes of me.

I plan on changing up my play: tight, aggressive, tight.  And since they don't know me I also plan on appearing weak and helpless, which is the perfect trap.  In the beginning anyway.  The weak image never seems to last long.

The other thing bothering me.....the back to back trips.  When I booked the second trip, it looked like a fine idea on the calendar, but in reality it was dumb.  I have to pack tonight because tomorrow I leave for my goddesses weekend.  I get home late Sunday afternoon and then leave for AC Monday morning.  This means last minute packing Sunday night.

I have so much stuff to get done before I go too!  Want to see my to do list, which is sitting on my desk?

To Do
1. Get hair done. (that's tonight)
2. Get nails done.  (I may have to do this Sunday afternoon when I get home)
3. Eyebrows waxed.  (ouch!)
4. Buy new book for flight. (worst case, I can get one at the airport)
5. Buy juice, booze and food for girls weekend.
6. Submit football picks for my league.
7. Submit football pick for Lucki Duck's contest.
8. Buy something for each Goddess. (I thought it would be nice if I got everyone matching bracelets or something but I'm running out of time! Anyone have any other ideas?)
9. Download some new songs from Itunes, including "I'm a Bitch" by Meredith Brooks.
10. Write note for Evan. (Done!)
11. Laundry
12. Pack
13. Pack again for second trip.

Once I get everything done I expect to feel less anxious and more like my old know a legend in my own mind...which is the perfect attitude with which to win a tournament.  Besides, I have to do it for Wolfie.  Believe me, you wouldn't want to be Wolfie, giving me an hour long ride to the airport, if I lose. 

Hell, I was no cup of tea on the ride home from Foxwoods, the day after I won.  Just ask my sister!

I will.....

Play smart.  That's really all I can do....besides win.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sophia just got married, and being a traditional Italian was still a virgin. On her wedding night, staying at her mother's house, she was nervous. But mother reassured her. "Don't worry, Sophia. Luigi's a good man. Go upstairs, and he'll take care of you."

So up she went. When she got upstairs, Luigi took off his shirt and exposed his hairy chest. Sophia ran downstairs to her mother and says, "Mama, Mama, Luigi's got a big hairy chest."

"Don't worry, Sophia", says the mother, "All good men have hairy chests. Go upstairs. He'll take good care of you."

So, up she went again. When she got up in the bedroom, Luigi took off his pants exposing his hairy legs. Again Sophia ran downstairs to her mother. "Mama, Mama, Luigi took off his pants, and he's got hairy legs!"

"Don't worry. All good men have hairy legs. Luigi's a good man. Go upstairs, and he'll take good care of you."

So, up she went again. When she got up there, Luigi took off his socks, and on his left foot he was missing three toes. When Sophia saw this, she ran downstairs.

"Mama, Mama, Luigi's got a foot and a half!"

"Stay here and stir the pasta", says the mother. "This is a job for Mama!"

Mario is planning to marry and asks his family doctor how he could tell ifhis bride-to-be is still a virgin. His doctor says, "Mario, all theItalian men I know use three things for what we call a Do-It-Yourself Virginity Test Kit - A small can of red paint, a smallcan of blue paint and a shovel."

Mario asks, "And what do I do with thesethings, doc?" The doctor replies, "Before you climb into bed on your wedding night, you paint one of your testicles red and the other testicleblue. If she says, 'That's the strangest pair of testicles I've ever seen!', you hit her with the shovel."

Mama mia!



"What are you doing tonight?"

My boss came up to me when I was working yesterday and asked me that. 

"What are you doing tonight?" 


That's a loaded question!  Truly, I spend enough time with this guy five days per week, but I like to know what I'm turning down before I decline.  I said "Nothing.....why?"

Why?  Because he had one extra ticket to Tuesday night's Red Sox game.  He knows I'm a huge Wakefield fan and Wake was pitching. It was another attempt to get his 200th career win. 

A very tempting offer because....

A.  Wake was pitching, and I'd love to be there for his milestone.
B.  All tickets from work are free!
C.  It was a single seat a few rows over from where the boss would be sitting.  I wouldn't even have to sit with  him.  (big bonus)

Yet I declined because I'm going on my girls weekend Friday-Sunday and then Atlantic City Monday-Wednesday.  I'm going to be away for long enough so I thought I'd get my ass home at my normal time tonight.  Besides, what are the odds that Wake would do it tonight?

Pretty frigging good!

The sox got a much needed win, an 18-6 win might I add, and Wake hit his milestone!  :)  Even though I missed the chance to witness it live, it still makes me happy in my pants.  I woke up early and flicked to ESPN to see if there was any mention of the milestone.  Well there was mention of a milestone alright, but not Wake's.  It seems that Mariano Rivera also reached a milestone on Tuesday.  He got his 600th career save.  Yeah, that's right....600.  Holy crap!

I can't fucking stand the Yankees.  The players, the organization, the owner;  the whole shebang sucks.  THEY SUCK.  I'm saying this to emphasize a point.  Even though I am biased in a baaaad way about the yankees I have alot of respect and admiration for Rivera.  He's a class act through and through.  He doesn't even seem like a yankee.  He seems like a guy who loves what he does, and he happens to do it for New York (those lucky bastards).

Both Rivera and Joe Torre are two guys that you'll never hear me speak ill of.  The rest can kiss my Italian ass.  Yankees Suck and Jeter Swallows! 

Did I ever tell you about the time I wore my "Yankees suck" t-shirt to a rival game at Fenway?  It was a hot sunny summer day and I was anxiously waiting in line to get into Yawkey Way.  I handed my ticket to the guy at the turnstyle who told me no, I couldn't get in wearing that t-shirt.

"This is Friendly Fenway.  Those tshirts aren't allowed in anymore."

I couldn't believe it!  What was I supposed to do?  He told me to buy one of the overpriced tshirts that were for sale all around us.


Then he told me if I wore the tshirt inside out he'd let me in.  OMFG.  I stepped aside, and did the world's quickest change!  Took it off, turned it inside out and it was back on in less than a minute.  Apparently stripping is okay at Friendly Fenway.   When I got into the park I saw plenty of YANKEES SUCK shirts all around, so I went to the ladies room and rectified the situation.

~~~~~~~~~~IMPORTANT NEWS BULLETIN~~~~~~~~~~
My IPod works!!!

Apparently all it needed was some male hands stroking it and it came to life.  I guess this means Goldie is gay.  I can't tell you how happy that makes me! I have a new gay friend and I can hear all the music I want.  The sound is great and it's so sleek and light.  On the way in I had it clipped to my blouse with no problems.  It's that light.  This may not seem like news to all you techy people but it seems amazing to me.

5 days to Atlantic City!

Play smart.