Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Double Trouble

Wednesday night I will be busier than a cucumber at a women's prison!

Tomorrow night is The Very Josie!!!!!  The Very Josie starts at 9pm ET.  All the info is in the pink box to the left.  ------------->

So my main focus will be The Very Josie, but at 10pm Survive Donkey Island starts!  Oy Vey! (that's for my Jewish readers)

It's a very important game for Donkey Island, as it's the last game of team play.  After tonight we are all singles, just trying to stay alive on Goat's island.  Team Fish needs the win badly, or we are going to go into this at a major deficit.

You may have noticed if you've played with me that I tend to chat a bit during a game. :)  And by "a bit" I mean pretty much nonstop.  That's not going to be the case for Donkey Island.  I'm shutting off my chat for Donkey Island and will be doing all of my chatting during The Very Josie.  If you need to ask me a question, just pop on by my game.

Once The Very Josie is over, chatting will resume during The Mook/Donkey Island, otherwise things get out of hand.  My head is still spinning from playing 4 multi-entries during the Donkey Island game Sunday night.  I could barely keep up!

Remember, The winner of The Very Josie gets a Very Josie tshirt!  It looks especially good on a man.  I was going to have a man modelling one for you, but it didn't work out, so use your imagination.

And PLEASE people, I'm asking for your help! Please, please, please help me.  The LAST thing I want to do is send a Very Josie tshirt to any member of Team Donk.  Heff and Jordan, I'm looking at you!  Don't you DARE win my tourney and make me send you a tshirt.  I would love to send one to anyone who ain't on that blowhard team, so please win my tourney unless you are a Donkey.  If YOU win, then THEY don't.

Oh and play smart.



Drizztdj said...

I may make a guest appearance.

I enjoy free t-shirts more than anyone should.

Josie said...


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JT88Keys said...

Better check out that whole left vs. right thing. The pink box on the left?

See you tonight. Remember....FullTilt screen name for me IAHawx985, not JT88Keys.

Josie said...

LOLLLLLLLL JT - Left/right, potato/potahto.

See you tonight Hawx