Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's talk about chicks, man

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Sugar Bear is 12.  Now alot of kids in his grade "date".  What that means, I truly don't know.  All I know is that any 12 yr olds of mine do not date.  I told Sugar Bear to see me when he was 16.  Do I think he won't date till 16 yrs old?  Probably not, but he's a fierce negotiator so I like to start with plenty of wiggle room.

Although girls seem to text him constantly he doesn't seem ready for girls yet anyway.  The girls on the other hand, are waaaaay ready.  Of the gazillion girls that text him there's this one girl....Lexi.  She's super cool because she plays Black Ops, which apparently if you're out to land a 12 yr old boy, that's more attractive than just about anything.  At least Evan thinks so.

Anyway, this girl is constantly calling him, texting him, whatevering him, yet she is "dating" his friend Bobby. Booo for Evan.  :(  Mind you, she's dating Bobby, but constantly wants to play xbox360 with Evan and not with Bobby.  Hmmmm

The other day I get home after work, and I'm trudging up my porch stairs without looking where I'm going and trip on this huge rock that's smack in the middle of my stairs.  Wtf!

I pick up the huge rock to toss it away and on it written in magic marker is "Lexi was here" and the date.  Hmmmm......I haven't met this girl yet, but maybe it's time.

I toss the rock, go in the  house and tell Evan that Lexi tried to kill me.  :)  When I explained what she did, a HUGE smile crosses his face and he says "She left me a stone age text!"  LOL Well that she did, but regardless I tell him I want to meet her and he should invite her over to play video games.

"No way!!!!!!!"  he yells

"She obviously wants to come over, since she was here with her stone age text and I want to meet her."


"I'll be nice.  All your friends love me, right?"

"Mom, that's because you feed them and hit them!"

"I do not hit them.....except Shane." (shane is huge and can take it, plus he loves it)

"You shoot them with nerf guns - that's like hitting them!"

Whatevah!  Even though I promised not to hit her, he hasn't invited her over yet.  Not in person, but this chick gets in through phone calls, texts, facebook, even the frigging xbox.  Not that I can blame her.  Sugar Bear's a hottie.  I have no recent pics here at work, so the one below, which is 2 years old will have to suffice.

Hottie 2 years ago

Yes, he's holding a presidential achievement award which was signed by Barak Obama!  But before you get too excited, that was 2 years ago.  He just got his report card, which had 4 Cs on it! omfg It also had 4 A's and 2 B's, but still.  C's are not bad if that's what you are capable of, but for every C he got there was a comment saying that he's capable of more.  He got C's because he'd do his homework but forget to get it checked off, or miss a day of school, not make up the work and get zeros.  So even though his tests grades are As, he gets Cs.  Grrrrr

He asked me if he was being punished because of this report card and I said no.  Shock and relief registered on his face.  He can still use his xbox to kill people! I know he works hard and does alot of homework and I told him this, but it's that extra little bit at the end that's missing.



SirFWALGMan said...

that's the hardest thing with smart kids.. motivating them to do more than just the easy minimum.

Josie said...

Yes, plus he has like no attention span, which doesn't help.

JT88Keys said...

Sounds exactly like my 13-year old son. He's so smart, but disorganized. He does his homework and then forgets to turn it in. We confront him about the missing assignment and he whips it out of his backpack and is like, "Oh...I guess I forgot to turn it in."

It's my eperience that kids that are 12 "go out" or "date" it just means that they are listed as in a relationship on Facebook. They might text and talk on the phone, but they would never be caught dead holding hands or worse. Their relationships implode within a week or two and there will be much texting, gnashing of teeth, and emo statuses on Facebook. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Then when they are juniors or seniors in high school it will be so funny when they talk about, "Remember when we dated in middle school?"

Josie said...

OMG JT - That's exactly what's happened with us too! Homework, done, out of backpack, yet never turned in.

I hope you're playing the dank tonight, if only to donk off chips to me - I need them!!!!

JT88Keys said...

Lol. I'm planning to play. And I guess it's donking them off when I get it all in the middle....WHEN I'M WAY OUT IN THE LEAD.

I'm not bitter though. I'd rather get sucked out on by you and not one of the Much-whatever his name is.

Josie said...

I <3 JT88Keys!

lightning36 said...

Dank Prediction: Joe C will be felted by one of the boyz from Illinois. Just sayin' ...

Josie said...

Josie Prediction - Lightbulb is a nonfactor, as usual.

lightning36 said...

I did not play in last week's Dank. Although this may not be totally accurate, my recollection of the two Mookie Danks before that was that I bubbled and cashed while you floundered in obscurity while polishing knobs ... uh ... apples.

There is a world of difference between reality and Joe C-ality.

Josie said...

If part of your "brag" is bubbling, I suggest you stop bragging. A little advice from Auntie Josie

Tara said...

Sounds exactly like what goes on at our house, except I've got two of them that age. Ugh. This is what I get for growing up in a house full of girls.....

Wolfshead said...

First I have the same problem with my daughter. in fact last report card had comment from teacher that she seems to have problems turning in assignments. Her report cards are like roller coasters, one term down, then when I get my copy i'm on the phone threatening her and it's up the next. Then I'm happy and she gets lazy again.

Next, consider yourself lucky, you have a son. Not sure if the kid is interested in boys yet, last year it was still they suck but this year it's girls rule, boys drool. That one has a lot of leeway to it. Considering her interest in video games, manga and anime, plus the fact she does has some looks, from where I don't know, and is a bit of a tomboy and she's definitely a magnet for boys her age. The fact she likes the blood thirsty type manga don't hurt her either. Anyway i just told her that any boy comes nosing around to tell him I got a shot gun and a thousand acre wood just down the road. Used to be out the back door until they built that development. Since she lives in the boonies they'll get the hint.

Lorin Yelle said...

Interesting stuff for sure, but man, Evan is going to be humiliated one day :)

Josie said...

Lorin, he'll never know. he's not supposed to read mama's blog.

Um and thanks for the comment! Love me a new commenter aaaaand your a poker player. Nice!

The Wife said...

This is the classic tale of teenagers - my son's test scores are great . . . his record of turning in homework no so great. Kills his overall grade, but he's slowly figuring it out.

Josie said...

Thank TW - It is so frustrating. btw I was thinking of you last week, when suddenly every answer to my questions was "Your mom". OMG it must be a bi-coastal thing.