Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday - The Smokey Eye

Not much to do today.  I'm still feeling a little sick and I'm supposed to do nothing that would exert my lungs.  Unfortunately, I can't do my favorite non-exertion pasttime; tanning, as it's cloudy as a mo'fo'.  So instead, I've had a two hour nap that SOMEONE insisted on waking me from, and I just spent an hour watching four youtube videos of Kim Kardashian getting her make up done.  Getting "the smokey eye look", to be exact.

All the videos take place in Kim's kitchen and the guy applying the makeup above is a genius!  He's in all the kitchen videos too.  I got some good tips, but haven't tried anything out yet as I haven't even showered today.  (gross huh?  but I ain't going anywhere and I'm lazy) 

I do plan on taking a shower once I get a little motivation, and having a bit of a spa home day, which means a sugar scrub on my skin and alot of moisturizer. 

Then I may try out the Kim Kardashian smokey eye tricks although I know it won't be quite the same.  She insists on finishing with fake eyelashes, which ain't gonna happen.

Wish me luck.

Blah, still feeling sick.  Maybe tomorrow's spa day.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Josie's Garden

The two mammoth tomato plants are the two big bushes in the middle.  They're kind of hard to see because there's a high ivy wall behind all of the plants.  There's basil and cilantro in the pots.

Waiting for them to ripen.

The tall plants to the left and right of the little girl are sunflowers.  They're about 5 ft tall but no flowers yet.  :(

Shrimp colored impatients

Wild flowers from seeds

Petunias and allysum

boatload of impatients

Mmmm tomatoes

Mmmmm basilico! (basil)

These are cantaloupe plants.  If you clicky on the picky you'll see all the stumps where some animal has been munching.

Grrrrr all my cantaloupe flowers are getting eaten!

More chewed up plants

These are chewed up tomato plants.  I think they're too far gone to produce fruit but we'll see.

This is the row of tomato plants in trouble.

Pretty petunias

Medium sized tomato plants that are doing pretty well.

Again, medium sized tomato plants

The ONLY raccoon I want to see.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Verdict is in...

I do have pneumonia. *cough*  I'm glad I got home and saw my doctor.  Gary was kind enough to drive me to the doctor's, and then the hospital for a chest x-ray and finally to Walgreens to get 3 prescriptions filled.  Gary's a goooooooooooooooood friend. 

We got into the hospital elevator with a guy WHO LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE SANTA CLAUS.  I cannot stress enough that I'm not exaggerating.  The guy was stout, balding on top with long white hair and a longer white beard.  He had a belly like a bowl full of jelly.  He was wearing red suspenders, a red belt, red sneakers with a white shirt and white pants.  I shiat you NOT.  It was fricking Santa Claus if you met him in July.

I swear he looked more like Santa than this guy.

I soooo wanted to say "Santa's sick?" but every time Gary made me laugh it would end in a fit of painful coughing so I was trying hard to keep a straight face.  For the entire elevator ride with Santa, Gary faced the corner with his back to Santa and me, with a big shit eating grin on his face.  When we got off the elevator he said "You want to go first or shall I?"  I was like "It was Santa!" and then Gary said something about being Jewish and had me laughing so hard I couldn't breath/walk.

So we get to x-ray (I was there for a chest x-ray) and when I tell the woman my name, the first thing she says to me is (and this is a quote) "That bra and t-shirt have to come off!" 
"Okay, but next time you're buying me a drink first."
I go remove the offending clothing and when I get back Gary has an older woman entranced with a story.  I go get my xray and in the xray room all I can hear is Gary talking and talking.  As I'm getting the actual xray, I hear "So, you're thinking of going into nursing?  Snap out of it!"  Heh.  After I was done I found him with two women while he was holding court. "They're mother/daughter you know..."

And then we get to the drug store.  We entered the store behind this methadone freak woman who is walking slower than the walking dead.  *shuffle, shuffle, shuffle* omfg  She was heading for the pharmacy and so were we at .000000009 miles per hour.  I finally got my prescriptions - azithromycin, prednisone* and 2 albuterol inhalers.  Sheesh.  With my prescription drug coverage it still cost me a total of $47 because the inhalers alone cost $30.  I almost left them there but Gary told me not to be a cheap biatch.
And there you have it.

Lakeside cottage in Maine next to 4 cottages full of friends for a week:  $525
Pneumonia related drugs: $47
Having a couple of days home all alone to get better: PRICELESS

It's awfully quiet around here and there's nothing to do except get better and lay in the sun. (and blog)  Oooo and water the plants in the backyard!  Two of our tomato plants are mammoth!!!! Since I've got nothing better to do I'll take some pictures of my backyard plants...impatients, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, mint, cantaloupe, sunflowers and some other pretty flowers that I don't know the name of.


The Best Laid Plans....

...Did I say I wouldn't be online for a week?

I guess I didn't plan on getting pneumonia myself.  Blah.  Actually, I don't know that I have pneumonia; I only know that I feel like crapola.  That and the fact that my little Sugar Bear definitely had it a week and a half ago so there's that.

I'm going to the doctor today so we'll see what he says.  Maybe just bronchitis?


Friday, July 22, 2011

Try not to miss me too much

Guess what I'm doing?  If you played the you tube video you'd enjoy a nice acoustic performance and you'd have a big clue on what I'm doing because the beginning lyrics of the song are...

Josie's on a vacation far away
Come around and talk it over
So many things that I want to say
You know I like my girls a little bit older....

Yep, I'm working a half day today and then vacation starts tomorrow!  I will be in at lakeside cottage for a week with no internet access (oh the horror!) or TV.  So far all I've packed is wine, tequila, a shit load of books and bug spray.  There will be about a dozen kids playing with drunk Auntie Josie all week.  I can hear it now: "Ma, Auntie fell off the dock..."  I do not plan on spending this vacation sober. (I'm already planning on leaving a day early for another Foxwoods hit & run)

See ya in a week.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jo Cool

I failed to mention that this was the FIRST session of poker I'd ever played with sunglasses on and you know what?  I'll always play with shades on going forward.  First of all, it allowed me the freedom to really focus my gaze where I wanted it to be without being obvious.  When I'm not in a hand I'm still watching the players' reactions to opposing bets and it was freeing to do this behind the shades.  Plus I think the shades gave me confidence that I wasn't betraying my actions with tells.  Yeah, I got a few comments about the shades, but so what.  Stuff like "Ooooo she's putting her shades on, you're in trouble."  I'd take them off between hands and put them on when I felt I'd be playing a hand.  In hindsight, I won't be doing that again.  I need to just leave them on for the whole session.  It does make for a darker atmosphere, but I'm telling you it's worth it.

So me and my shades amassed a good sized stack, and I decided that it was time to take a break and make some phone calls.  I had to call Ma and explain that I was in Foxwoods and wouldn't be coming over for lunch.  It was before noon and I was already ahead $500, which I told my mother.  To which she replied...

"Oh my God, don't play no more.  Go have the buffet.  You say you no like the buffet but you like it. Have  a nice lunch and no more playing the poker.  You're gonna get those guys mad.  You're a woman alone you know."

Shoulda listened to my mother.  But I digress....

So I get back to the table and theres a very young man in the 3 seat eyeing my chips.  "Ohhhh those are your chips?"  he says.  "Um, yeah".   He tells me he wants to tangle with me in a pot, and truthfully we never got into a significant battle.  (smart kid)  But we're chatting up a storm and having fun.  The waitress comes over and nods to him like she knows him and says..."Milkshake?"

I spit half my soda on the table and say "That's your signature drink?  A milkshake?"  He tells me the milkshakes at Foxwoods are awesome and throws caution to the wind by asking the waitress to spike it with kalhua.  Ooooooooo 

He's a decent albeit tight player and played consistently well.  I doubled up his buddy who was sitting to my left and that was the beginning of the end for me.  There was another very sharp player that kept playing me and getting my chips.  I started bleeding chips and did the exact wrong thing I should've done.  I started chasing nut flush draws to the river in hopes of getting my money back.  This is exactly how I WON the money originally!  By making people pay to chase.  Jesus, hindsight is 20/20 isn't it?

That one very sharp player and he was a player alright, called my hand after I'd been involved in a pissing match heads up play with another woman.  I raised preflop and she called.

Flop was 10H,8H, 2D.  she checked, I bet and she called.  Turn was a 9 of hearts.  She checked, I bet and she called.  River was the 8 of spades.  She bets out and I raise her $80.....not so much that would make her fold, I thought.

She's thinking and then she says to me, "I have a flush you know."

I reply "So, do I."

She thinks a little more and then folds.  Mr. Sharp Player calls my hand out loud and I'm so impressed I turn it over to show he's right.  What did I have? (leave a comment unless you're Milkshakes or Avacado as you know what I had)

I brought my stack over $800 and after I lost the last all in I called, I was up a little over $300.  Holy fuck, I'm a tard!  I walked away in a frenzy.  Yes, I won my $300 for my tourney buy-in but sheesh.

Before I leave I gave Avacado and Milkshakes the URL to this blog.  My plan was to pass out business cards with the information but SOMEONE is seriously lazy and slacking. 

Play smart.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Foxwoods, Avacadoes and Milkshakes

I got into the poker room at Foxwoods by 10am.  My plan was to play 1-2 NL cash until the $80 satellite mtt at 2pm.  One in ten win entry into a $300 megastack tournament in August and that was my goal.  Win entry into that.  Last time I was in Foxwoods I'd had a huge win at the cash table but lost the tourney.  I was immediately seated at a full table at 10am, which was a pleasant surprise.

A couple of players at the table were good, a couple were complete donks and the rest mediocre, who played a little too scared.  I was in seat 4 and the complete donks were in seats 3 and 5 much to my delight.  In seat 3 was a loud foreign man who talked nonstop. He also had the habit of showing one card to me when he was in a hand.  It was always the best of his two cards and I found that he seemed to chase middle pairs to the river and bluffed badly.  He acted before me and whenever he'd bet I'd raise.  I got alot of chips from him.  In the 5 seat was a nice older lady, who I felted twice.  She'd call huge preflop raises with ace rag, with K-3 and the like.  First time I felted her I flopped trips.  I bet $40 and she called.  2 hearts were on the flop.  Turn was a diamond and I want to end this now.  I jam all in thinking she'd fold and I'd take the hundy that was in the pot but she called me with her flush draw.  I told the dealer that if the turn was a club he'd get $5, and the dealer got his tip!

The older lady reloaded.  Before the first hour was over I probably had $500 in front of me and I told the lady that the guys were who I was aiming for, not her.  Don't get in the way, I told her!  She'd one a hand or 2 off the crazy guy in seat 3 so she was back to a decent sized stack and doing okay until.....I had A-J sooted.  I raised to $16 preflop and got 2 callers, one of them the old lady.  Flop was A-J-7.  Bing!!!!

I bet $30 thinking that was low enough to get some action.  She jammed all in over the top.  Fawk!  I like my top 2 pair but if she has trips........She'd been playing sooo stupidly but it doesn't take a genius to wake up with trips....Hmmm what to do.....It was alot of money and I actually considered folding but seeing as it was HER, I decided that I couldn't lay it down.  I called.  She had A-7 and I had her dominated.  I was up against a 2 outer and my hand held up.  Woot!

At this point I had a ton of chips and I got tangled up with the guy in the 1 seat, who I dubbed Avacado Man.  Turns out Avacado Man is a detective!  Who knew!

Avacado Man raises preflop and I take a look with J-9.  Flop is 9-6-6.  He checks, I bet, he calls.  Turn is a Q.  He checks and I check behind, just in case.  River is another 9.  Full house baby!  Instead of checking, this time he bets.  Now I thought he might've been checking with a decent hand and think he has the low full house.  Heh.  I go over the top all in.  Best case he calls with the 6 and I get all his chips, worst case, he has a 9 and we split.  Or so I thought.

He instacalls my all in and turns over 6-6.  He flopped quads and I just doubled him up.  OMFG.  I am steaming.  Next hand I have 8-8 in the BB and he is on the button and he raises pretty big.  I consider a big reraise but I'm still a little traumatized from our last hand so I just call.  Flop is 7-5-2.  I bet $60 on my over pair and he JAMS ALL IN.

What the fuck.  Do I fold here?  Yes, I fucking do!  It's probably another $200 to call him and 8-8 ain't worth it.  I fold and toss my eights face up.  He's kind enough to show me his hand, which was 7-2, the frigging hammer.  Maybe I would've sucked out on him had I called him but I made the right move.  I folded the worst hand and besides I'm here to play poker not catch.  I like to remind myself of that when "playing catch" gets tempting.

So I verbally abuse the guy for a bit and he tells me that he's gonna take my money and get an avacado masage.  They have them at Foxwoods for $145.  He says it's the most amazing thing ever, even without a happy avacadao ending.  Blah.  I'm pissed!  So I tell him please do NOT provide me with visuals of you with avacado all over your body.  Heh.

Those were the only two hands he won against me though.  I took that money back bit by bit and amassed a huge stack.  Avacado was chatting with another man when I heard him mention something about playing poker with David Williams, so I had to jump in...

Me: Did you just name drop David Williams?
Avacado: Yes I did.  He stakes me in a game once a year.
Me: Yeah, right.
Avacado:  We're friends.  You don't believe me?
Me: Um, no.

So he starts flicking through the pictures in his phone and shows me a photo......of a little black baby.  "That's David Williams' son" he says.  I tell him that just because he has a photo of  black baby, that doesn't mean it's his son!  LOL  The guy keeps flicking through his phone as we play and then shows me another pic....

This one of......................

David Williams holding his baby son........NAKED.  OMG It's David Williams naked!  Of course the twig and berries weren't showing but still.  I'm shocked and speechless. (rare)  He asks if I believe him now and all I can say is DAVID WILLIAMS NAKED!!!!

Yeah, I believe him.

I was in the neighborhood of $800-$900 when Milkshakes came along.  This cute young boy who thought he was all that.  No time for Milkshakes today.  He gets a separate post of his own tomorrow.

Play smart.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tennessee Boys and Poker

You know I'm partial to men, but my flava of the month is Tennessee men.  They're the bomb.  Not to stereotype (yet I'm about to) they seem to be the nicest and funniest men around. 

For example.....there's this hiker deep in the heart of Tennessee called Grant Silverstone.  Grant has done me the kindness of listing me on his blog under the title "Favorite Gals" and get this, I didn't even ask him to.  I get lots of referrals from his blog, so thank you Grant.  You remind me of a sexy poker dealer I used to know.  ;)

And then there's DUGGLE BOGEY.  He ain't so bad.  He knew that I wanted to see High Roller, The Stu Ungar Story, so he was kind enough to offer to send me a copy.  I got it yesterday in work and I was so excited I immediately opened it and took a picture of it.  (see below) 

Oooooo The movie I want to see is here!  Duggle Bogey rocks!

And then I noticed there was a note wrapped around the DVD.  That sweet Duggle Bogey sent me a note too! (see below)

I wonder what it says?

I opened the note only to find............................

The note is above....Red Sox Suck.  Doh!

He is one funny bastard and a nice guy too.  I watched the movie last night.  It was pretty good, but not exactly what I was looking for.  I was happy to see Michael Imperioli playing the lead.  (love him in The Sopranos) but the movie was mediocre.

Oh and I cannot mention the category of awesome Tennessee men without a nod to MemphisMojo.  No he hasn't sent me any movies lately or anything, but I'm not always about that.  cue the comments in 3,2,1...

And far as poker......I will leave you with a teaser because I like to tease.

I played a quick jaunt in Foxwoods this past Sunday.  My plan was to play a satty and win entry into one of the megastack tournaments in mid August.  I got there early so I played a cash game instead.....OMFG.

Details to follow.  Within 2 hours I'd more than tripled my buy in, and then lost a bunch.  Ugh, do I have some stories for you.  At the end of the session even though I'd lost more than half of what I'd won, I still had more than enough for the tourney buy in.  So that goal was accomplished and the day was another win but I could've left with so much more.

Ugh, I must go while I beat myself up more about this. Stories to follow.  One guy, who turns out is a dectective for city of Worcester (he gave me his business card) kept telling me everyone was afraid of me.  I laughed and said he was wrong and he replied "Well, I'm afraid of you".  Alot more on the dectective later...

Play smart.


Friday, July 15, 2011


We will pump you up!

If you've been following the news you know that Roger Clemens' perjury trial was declared a mistrial because evidence was shown to the jury that they weren't supposed to see.  This is a miscarriage of justice! Of course he was shooting up roids, when he was a yankee anyway.  (btw Yankees suck!  Ever notice that The Yankees try to collect ex Red Sox players like a little kid collecting pokemon cards?  both The Yankees and those kids obv have too much disposable cash, but I digress)

Where was I?  Ah yes, Roger Clemens may be getting an easy way out of all this, but what about the victims here?  Yes, the victims.  I'm talking about Roger's boys, and I don't mean his sons!  Did you know that steriod use leads to testicle shrinkage?  Barry Bonds' girlfriend testified to how his boys changed and not in a good way.  The official term is called testicular atrophy and I say it's a tragedy.  All those good looking adonis-like baseball players with itty bitty testes.  *sob*  It's a tragedy I tell you!

Hey, I wonder if Gary wants to post this post on REDSOX101, Where Fans Come to Talk Baseball.  He does have a post about the Clemens' mistrial but it's not quite the same as mine.

I'm playing in my poker league tomorrow night and I hear there is going to be jello shots.  Should be fun, although I think they ply me with alcohol so they have a chance to win.  Never happen.

Play smart.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This one's for Duggle Bogey!

Mama mia, what a scooter!

You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a picture of a hot guy with a scooter.  I didn't do too badly though, now did I?  After searching image after image I found the one above on a gay website.  Obv this man is too good looking to be straight, but what eye candy!  If you'd prefer a hot GIRL on a scooter visit DUGGLE BOGEY.  He'll take care of you, and tell him Very Josie sent you. 

I also spent alot of time looking for the perfect picture to use as retaliation against WAFFLES for THIS.  However my friends, art cannot be rushed, so you'll have to wait till tomorrow for it.  Besides, revenge is a dish best served cold.  *evil grin*

Now, back to my current obsession about Vegas movies.  I read the wikipedia blurb about Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and it certainly wasn't what I was expecting.  I can still see it On Demand so I will, and I think I'll appreciate it, but like I said, not what I originally had in mind.  To that end, I decided to Google top vegas gambling movies and the list below is what I found.

Casino, 1995 - I saw it and enjoyed it.
Rounders, 1998 - I saw it and I LOVED IT.
The Cooler, 2003 - I saw it and enjoyed it.
Kaleidoscope, 1966 - I don't think I'd love this, but it was made in the year I was born!
Bugsy, 1991 - I never saw this.  I thought it was more a mob movie than a gambling one.  I will watch it at some point.
Croupier, 1998 - Never heard of this but it looks excellent.  Almost at the top of my list.
High Roller, The Stu Ungar Story, 2003 - Bing!  This is the top movie I want to see and I'm ordering it today on, unless of course someone wants to send me a copy.  :)
The Cinncinati Kid, 1965 - Never saw it.  *yawn*
California Split, 1974 - ditto
Ocean's Eleven, 2001 - I saw it and it was pretty good. 

If anyone has any suggestions that aren't on this list please leave a comment.  I'll wait till tonight to place my Amazon order and it would be great if I found another gem to add to it.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Okay Tuesday!

I stole this idea from another blog where the woman lists things that are okay.

1.  It's okay that my toe is broken because it enables me to wear flip flops in the office.  Woot!  Note to self:  Milke this for as long as possible.

2.  It's okay to be pissed off that Casey Anthony will soon be walking free.  It's not okay to assume the jurors didn't do their job correctly.

3.  It's okay to like movies set in Vegas.  The next one I want to see is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  I have no idea what it's about except that Vegas is in the title.

4.  It's okay to spend half of my vacation time playing poker so long as I sped the other half doing family stuff.

5.  It's okay to get my hopes up that I'll eventually receive my Full Tilt money, even though the odds are slim.  Lucky Duck says odds are 15% we get paid and 85% that we do not.  I think the most frustrating part of this is all that time and effort expended to win Survive Donkey Island and my winnings are part of the money those guys are holding.

6.  It's okay to wish that Gonzo (Adrian Gonzalez) had won the Home Run Derby instead of Robinson Canoe, who had his father pitching to him.  GrandDad must've been unavailable.

7.  It's okay to think that Yankees Suck! (see #6)

8. It's okay to go to work when your son has pneumonia if your sister is kind enough to watch him.

9. It's okay to start work at 7:30am in the summer because playing on Full Tilt isn't keeping me up till after midnight.

Play smart.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Sick Bay

Um, I broke my toe being stupid, running around the house and running smack into a chair leg.  Frigging killed when it happened but it's okay now.  I mean it still hurts when I forget and use it too much but it's taped and I'm dealing with it just fine.

Sugar Bear not quite as good.  Remember he got sick during the camping trip?  Well he's been sick ever since.  Fever off and on for a week and alot of congestion and coughing but he doesn't really have a cold.  I wanted to take him to the doctor over the weekend but they were closed so first thing this morning I called and got him squeezed in.  The doctor checked him out and told me he was worried it was pneumonia so we needed to get to Children's Hospital for a chest xray to confirm it.  And yep, a couple of hours later it was confirmed that he does indeed have pneumonia.  His friend from across the street also has pneumonia so I wasn't surprised.  He's on antibiotics now and already seems to have a bit more energy. 

So I, who NEVER take time off, had Thursday afternoon off, Friday off and now Monday off.  Crazy!  Plus I'm already contemplating my next two trips to Foxwoods, not to mention spending a week in Maine at the end of July.  I have a ton of vacation days saved up and I think I'll be using them for a change.

Speaking of Foxwoods people...check your calendars!  There's a BIG TOURNAMENT THINGY going on in Mid August.  Anyone with balls wanna play?  It's called the Megastack Challenge.  Click on BIG TOURNAMENT THINGY for the schedule - I'm not sure which game I'll be playing but I'm leaning toward the August 17th $230 buy in that has a guaranteed prize pool of 30K.  But you know, I'm flexible. 

Play smart.



I broke my toe.  I'm a klutz.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a Cooler

Maria Bello, Alec Baldwin and William H. Macy

I just finished watching The Cooler.  I'd seen it a few years ago but I don't think I'd ever seen it in it's entirety.  The casino in the movie is called  the Shangri La.  After I got a good look at the "Shangri La" the one thought that stayed in my head for the whole movie was that the casino was a thinly veiled replica of the Imperial Palace, the place I stayed in during the WPBT. 

In the movie (and at the IP) 'Epcot Center' had sprouted up all around Vegas but didn't touch the old casino.  It was like Vegas had moved on but these casinos were staying right the fuck where they were, thankyouverymuch.  Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else noticed the similarity.

Me personally, after staying at the IP, think there's nothing wrong with a little "Epoc Center" if it comes with sparkling clean surroundings.  Now that I think about it, when I stayed at the Imperial Palace a dead body was found in the pool (true story).  Similarities abound, I tell you!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Where do I start?

It's 1pm on Friday and I'm home, having just woken up.  I got home about 5:30am with a headache and a purse FULL of cash.  :) 

Our two hour ride to Foxwoods took a little over four hours because Sister and I made a few stops along the way.  I was late for the deep stack event but jumped in anyway. 

I did NOT cash in the tourney.  I lasted about 3 hours and went out with pocket aces.  Prior to that I was doing great.  I lost a big chunk of my stack with Q/Q when the flop was 9 high.  My opponent, who was wearing sunglasses, hit trips and I paid him at every street.  Grrrr... He was one of those young aggressive kids and I could feel his eyes watching my every move.  BTW  I ended up taking Ken's advice, no sunglasses and a very low cut top. It worked like a charm! I did keep the sunglasses perched on my head like a tiara, just in case I needed them, but I didn't.

So after I busted out of the tourney I headed over to the cash game to get my $180 buy in back.  I sat down at the 1-2 NL game with $200.  All I needed to do was double the stack in front of me to be back to even.  BTW don'tcha hate sitting down at a game, knowing you're already down and you have to win just to get back to even?  Ugh.

First table I sat down at was AWESOME.  I played VERY selectively and when I did play I was very aggressive.  I won the first 2 pots I played and showed my awesome cards.  Then I stole a pot from a sweet young kid who was sitting to my left.  I made him fold his top pair weak kicker, which he folded face up.  I being my kind self, opted not to show him my jack high bluff, instead it hit the muck.  He kept asking me what I had so I lied to him and said 2 pair.  His response was "I knew it!".  He was a pretty good player though and there were a few guys at the table who weren't so I focused on them.  One guy chased ANYTHING to the river so I made him pay me off time and again.  Within the first hour I had a decent stack in front of me.  Carm and the boys came by looking for me.  They'd just played BINGO and it hadn't gone well.  There was empty seat at my table so I gestured for Carm to join us.  She did and pulled out her trusty $20 bill which made the dealer do a double take.  "You have to sit down with at least $60 in front of you" he said.  She was shocked and said she was leaving, much to the displeasure of the table.  I told her all she had to do was PUT the $60 on the table, she didn't have to GAMBLE it all, but she was out of there and headed for 2-4L which has a $20 min (alhtough how you can play that game with only $20 is beyond me) The sweet young boy next to me was asking her to stay, asking all sorts of questions about where we were from.  She watched me play for a while and watched the chips pile up. 

Our table shut down because we were down to only 3 peeps, so I got moved to a new table.  There was a nice older Asian lady with ginormous boobs and a decent stack of chips in front of her.  She kept telling me "you do this for your job you make good money".  I told her that this wasn't my job but she didn't believe me.  I hit a big pot early on with my trusty Jack Ten.  The flop was J-rag-rag and I checked.  Guy bets $40 and I call.  Turn is an 8.  I check and he bets $80 and I instacall.  River is a blank and I check into him again.  He thinks for a long time while fingering his chips.  He wanted to buy the pot but looked like he couldn't bear to throw more chips in.  He finally settles on a bet of $150.  I KNOW I'm good.  I just knew he had shit from the look on his face so I instacall and say "I call, what do you have?"  He turns red and says he has a busted draw and doesn't even show.  I kindly show him my lovely jack ten and scoop a big pot.

I had a good size stack now and limp in with 10-8 spades.  guy raises to $16 and I pay to look at a flop.  Flop is 9-7 spades and a rag. Open ended straight flush draw!  He bets $40 and I call.  Ace of spades on the turn gives me a flush.  He goes all in and I call with my flush.  He never showed what he had but he was seething.  I've felted him so he stands up points to me and starts YELLING "You're a terrble player! You'll lose all those chips, you'll never keep them.  How do you make that call?"

Then another guy at the table says "She has all your chips and you're calling her a bad player?"

He kept yelling a bit more as he walked away.  Was I supposed to fold in a cash game with that hand and with my massive chip stack in front of me?  I don't think so.

After playing for a few hours the table's like a family home game.  The old asia woman is showing pics of her hot daughter to the table and the young guys are begging for a fix up.

Let me tell you about a couple of hands that I lost, both of which happen to be pocket pairs.  I had pocket 10s and was considering how big my preflop raise would be when the quiet boy to my left raised to $25 so I called.  Flop was 9 high.  He bet $50 and I raise to $150 and he goes all in.  Fuck!  I know my 10s are beat and I just threw away $150.  I fold face up and ask him if it was a good lay down.  He had K-K. 

I told the dealer I'd tip him big if he'd give me AA.  About a half hour later I get AA and raise to $30 preflop and get 3 callers.  Flop was J rag rag with 2 crubs.  I bet big and he called.  Crub on the turn and I bet big again and he calls.  Fuck.  River is ANOTHER club.  There are 4 on the board and my aces are both red.  I check and he checks behind me.  He flipped over 10clubs and 9 diamonds for a flush on the river.  I showed my AA.  Doh!  My sister kept telling me that 'she knew I was beat' and didn't understand why I kept betting.  I had to protect my hand though.  In the end I lost $200 with AA.  As the dealer was cleaning up the muck he murmurs "You did say you'd tip me for A-A..."  LOL I threw him a $5 chip.

Then I won hand, after hand, after hand.  Gigs and Michael were back at their room waiting for us at the La Quinta and my sister wanted to leave so I won a few more hands while she watched in wonderment and then we left to every moaning "Don't leave!!!!"  I didn't wanna - it was like free money for the taking there, but I guess I'd won enough.

I won ALOT.  More than I'd ever won in a cash game in my life.  I'd won my tourney buy in back plus so much more.  When I cashed out I needed (3) trays to carry my chips away.  The funny thing is when I started with my $200 I sat down with three green chips and five red birds with a hundy bill tucked underneath.  When I cashed out I realized I'd never had to touch the hundy OR those 3 green chips.  How crazy is that?  I'd set them aside and there they were.

Next time (and there's gonna be a next time VERY SOON) I'm getting a room.

Play smart.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Poker, Baby!

The Wonder of it all!

I have one word for you:  FOXWOODS!

I'm heading down to Foxwoods on Thursday afternoon.  The plan is to play in the deep stack tournaments on Thursday and/or Friday nights as well as playing a little 1-2 NL.  I should have quite the write up posted here by Monday morning.

My sister Carmela Cricket is meeting two friends at Foxwoods and "invited" me to join her.  Okay, maybe I coerced her into inviting me, but I say potato, potahto.  She met her two friends, Giggs and Michael there a couple of weeks ago, WITHOUT inviting me, (can you imagine?)  but I'm coming along for Hangover 2.  These peeps are loads of fun so it's sure to be a blast, although the boys only play slot machines so I don't know how much time I'll be spending with them, as I don't anticipate leaving the poker room.

My sister does play better than average poker when she puts her mind to it.  When she went last time she sat down at a 1-2NL cash game with..........wait for it..............$20 in chips.  Who knew you could even sit down with that little?  The $20 lasted her quite a while before she had to dip into her pocket again.  After playing for hours she left down $43, which is pretty much break even poker, right Waffles?  :)  After that she won $80 in a slot machine so she was up for the day.  I'm hoping she'll try poker again though.

Once I was certain I was going, I invited THIS GUY and THAT GUY to join me.  I invited Hoy because when he was there a couple of weeks ago to play that big tourney he invited me to join him.  What he actually said was something like 'if you're woman enough to play' or something like that.  The bastard! lol  Gary, that guy, was invited because he lives not too far from there.  Alas, both guys declined.  Obv they're not man enough to play against the likes of me.  :)

My sister will be picking me up from work around 3pm, which should be plenty of time to make the 6pm tourney, as Foxwoods is only 2 hours away.  Yet don't forget that it took us 4 hours to get to the campground that was 1 1/2 hrs away so you never know.  Plus since I'm coming from work, I'll have to change clothes in the car and/or Foxwoods garage, as I can't wear my poker uniform to work.  Ugh.

Speaking of poker uniforms, I'm thinking of doing something I've never done before.  I'm going to wear sunglasses during the tourneys.  Now I've never done this at Seabrook because quite frankly, I don't think the players there have the ability to gleen much from tells, although I certainly do.  I've also never done it because I assumed I'd feel like an ass wearing sunglasses inside, but I'm throwing caution to the wind!  If even one person is reading tells it will be worth wearing them, plus wearing sunglasses will disguise the fact that I'm staring at each guy as they make their moves.  I plan on going into this with as much of an edge as I can get.  This means I'll be living, breathing and READING poker from now until I hear "Shuffle up and deal".

As far as reading, I plan to re-read the majority of Gus Hansen's Every Hand Revealed, Harrington on Poker, Annie Duke as well as Hoyazo's recent post on tournament play.  I don't remember it's exact content but I remember reading it and physically nodding my head in agreement, so I must revisit it.  Know why?  Cuz I expect about 300 runners in these tourneys and I expect to CASH.

Play smart.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Casey Anthony was just found NOT guilty of First Degree Murder.  Now for me, that's not a shocker.  To be guilty of first degree murder there has to be evidence of premeditation and I never heard an iota about evidence of that.  For me the shocker is that she was also found NOT guilty of 2nd and 3rd degree murder.  Wow!

She must've killed the kid, right?  I mean sure, perhaps she didn't plan it, but her selfishness and stupidity led to her daughter's death I assume.  The thing is, in this country you have to be proven guilty.  Assumptions don't matter.  Facts and only facts matter.

#1 Fact- Dead child

That's really the only fact.  Sure we heard about Casey's car smelling like death, but that's not a fact.  Who else would put a heart sticker on the baby girl's duct taped mouth if not the mother?  Again, assumption not fact.  Sure, it took the good mommy over a month to report her child missing, which I guess is a fact, but isn't proof that she murdered anyone, just proof that she's a stupid insensitive selfish biatch.

In summary, I do think Casey killed that sweet looking three year old girl, but I don't think the prosecution proved beyond reasonable doubt that she did it.  Kudos to the jury for walking that fine and keeping their emotions out of their decisionmaking.  That cannot be easy to do.


Camping, The Best Laid Plans....

We had a wonderful time camping in New Hampshire but things just did not go smoothly.  "The best laid plans of mice and men" and all that.

For starters it took us about 4 hours to make the 1 1/2 hour trek.  I dunno why.  All I can tell you is I have no sense of direction but my sister is usually great at directions, so I blame her.  It was fun though - kinda like Thelma and Louise on a road trip, with lots of coffee.

The worst thing that happened is Sugar Bear got sick.  Really sick.  This is the type of kid who will not lay down or even sit still when he's sick, but he was like a dead man walking and for alot of the time decided to just lay in the tent and be sick.  I kept hearing "Mama, can you lay down with me?"  Poor baby.  This is a kid who would never dream of taking a nap - or going to bed before 11pm when camping yet he napped every day and went to be last night at 7:30 pm.  Today he has a fever and the shivers.  Booo!  And because he has some bug bites, he's convinced he has West Nile.  FML

I have some pics to show you, so I'll let them do the talking.  You'll see that I'm wearing an American Flag patterned do-rag, that Evan told me I 'must' wear.  After the second day of wearing the do-rag my sista started calling me "Shabby Pirate" just because I bring my oldest clothes for camping.  I called her what I usually do, "Biatch".  lol jk, she was in a long a long dress, long scarves and a kerchief on her head so we started calling her gypsy.  Especially when the sun went down and she was sitting by the campfire.

Okay please enjoy some pictures, although my phone died after the first day so there isn't much.  The picture below are of Evan fishing for crawfish and frogs on a dam at Beaver Hollow

Yes he caught a crawfish in there!

We went down to the beach at night to light off some fireworks and got eaten alive by the bugs

Beach at the campground

Lots of dragon flys

They loved my bag

My sister Cricket, holding a dragon fly!

Cool, huh?

Evan made a mini fire ring and that's what he's pointing to

See?  Mini fire ring!

Not so mini fire ring

Back to the mini one, plus a picture of my foot!  lol

Celebrating America's birthday!

The best part of the camping trip was when Evan and I went out on the lake in single man kayaks.  The lake is very still so unlike a river, there's no momentum to ride on and take advantage of.  Evan and I went pretty far out to an isolated side of the lake where it was all wild life and absolutely gorgeous.  I didn't take my camera phone with me unfortunately.  In this far isolated area the lake is very deep and there's no beach edge it just goes right up to like the forest edge and there are tons of water lillies to get stuck on.  This is not a place to tip over or get in trouble.  Unlike a river, you can't just stand up so as Evan went deeper into the water lillies I started getting nervous.  And then we saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL Great Blue Heron fly to our area and land right in front of us.  Majestic is the word to best describe him.  He stayed for a few minutes and when he left his giant blue wings spread out wide and the two of us were dumb struck.  Wow.  And then Evan went deeper into the lillies and up against the side of forest.  And then he started to lean over which was making him tip a  bit.  Fuck!!!!  I started yelling at him to come back here now, but it took him a few minutes to break free.  I was watching close by but didn't want to get my kayak stuck too.  Ugh.  He got out and paddled back to me as I was yelling at him to NEVER do that again.  We were about a half mile away from the camp and that was dangerous!

And then he handed me a beautiful yellow lily and said "But I wanted to get this for you."  Poor thing is sooo sick.  I hope it's not West Nile!

Oh and no poker was played while camping.  Booo!!! The closest I came was playing solitare.  *sniff*