Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To Hug or Not to Hug

When I was little, growing up in a large Italian family, you hugged and kissed everyone.  Aunts, uncles, even people you didn't know well, as a show of respect.  That's the way it was in my family.

Today everyone seems to hug but these days it's awkward for me. 

At my weekly game it's how I greet and send off the fishies.  But like I said, it's awkward.  There's Noodles....hug him and you might get humped.  But dammit, he won't allow me to not hug him. I think it's the highlight of his week and I hate to disappoint. Then there's Youth, the guy that usually tags along behind him.  He's a young, good looking thing, but I don't know him very well, so why should I hug him?  I guess it's because I hug the other guys, so it seems weird to leave one out.  Then there's The Mayor.  He turns a bright shade of crimson just talking to me, so hugging is waaay awkward.  But not hugging is too!

And do I really need to hug guys I see every week?  Do I have to hug them just because I'm of the female persuasion? Everyone else just shakes hands.  I need some hugging protocol.

Gary's a good hugger: no humping, no turning red...really....is that too much to ask?

If you've been reading along, you know I played in a cash game with the brothers (different set of guys) on Saturday night.  When I showed up most were still involved in a final table of a tournament.  My boy Troy sees me and jumps up for a hug, so of course I comply.  Then I see the rest of the table looking at me and I say hello.....I know them all....do I really have to go around and hug every fucking person?

I think NOT!

But once again, AWKWARD!  So what I did was thump a couple of them on the back and headed to the other room to set up the chips for the cash game.  Besides, all the brothers are like double my height.  Don't forget I'm vertically challenged...and yeah that's a factor when you're chest high to most guys.  Feels like I'm hugging their package.  Not saying that's a bad thing, per se....unless it's a guy I don't like.

And who are we kidding?  I don't like anyone!

So don't fucking hug me.

Play smart.


PS.  I'm in a pissy mood as I type this because of you, Lightning36.  We are sooooo fighting. And don't you dare try to hug me!


lightning36 said...

Who -- me???

Josie said...

Congrats on making it to the final table, but we're STILL fighting.

And don't forget I got further than 9th place. :)

fmarra17 said...

As far as family goes we are all give a kiss on the cheek. In my opinion a hug is much more personal then a kiss on the cheek so I reserve a hug for people I know a lot better.

SirFWALGMan said...

Lightbulb sucks. :P.

Josie said...

Frankie, do you know ME well enough for a hug? :)

fmarra17 said...

mmmm... so you want a hug....I guess we will have to see when I'm in bean town or if you make a trip to the big apple.

Josie said...

Frankie, don't hold your breath about me going to the evil empire....you're not really coming to boston, are you??

Waffles, you are sooo right. :)

Riggstad said...

People don't hug enough, and here you are complaining.

You shouldn't have to initiated though, unless you want to. Don't feel bad about hugging only 2 of 5 people in a room either. They'll get over it, or initiate it themselves.

fmarra17 said...

I will be there either the end of this month or the middle of June for business. I'm just waiting to see which dates the people I will be meeting with are available. Probably be there for 3 days mid week.

New York is not the evil empire only that section of the Bronx. I promise we will not visit the Bronx!!

Josie said...

Riggs, I always complain!

I actually love hugging when it's someone I have feelings for, whether those feelings are either sisterly or passionate. It's the obligatory stuff that I have issues with....but maybe you're right...just hug who I want, and that's it.

Frankie, I'll get back to you on that hug. :)

Josie said...

I'm going to be FAMOUS!!!! Please stay tuned for big news about me and my blog....well big IMO.

Let's just say I'd DEFINITELY hug AlCantHang and Dave McCarthy for this one. ;)

Stay tuned....and no Wolfie, I didn't do any sucking up THIS TIME.

dbcooper said...

You sound like you need a hug. Am I on your hug list?? What did poor lightning do??

Schaubs said...

The kiss hello is another one. I make fun of people who constantly want to kiss me hello. Like seriously girl, I saw you two days ago and you want another kiss? Ok, fine. No tongue this time though.

Hugs are just fine, I agree with Riggs. Just go with it, don't force it or feel obliged.

Josie said...

@Schaubs, LOL I didn't even want to get into the kissing....got kissed on my ear during a hug this past weekend...wet. ugh.

Coop - Of course you're on my hug list!!! Um, you're not coming to Boston too, are you? LOL

You'll get your hug in Vegas someday.

Josie said...

Oh Coop, Lightning JINXED me. He told me I wouldn't last the first hour of Sunday' invitational and he was right.

Lightning....I'm waiting for a comment from you that un-jinxes me! Something nice would be a bonus.

Wolfshead said...

Riggs, I always complain!

No shit. Do you do anything but?

Hey, just think, I don't expect you to hug me.

And something big is going to happen to you and you say you didn't have to suckup?

Nope, that door is so wide open it ain't even sporting so I won't go there.

Josie said...

Wolfie baby!!! Well I expect a hug from YOU, so deal with it...trust me, it'll happen. I'm good at getting what I want.

And for real yo, I didn't do a thing. THEY contacted ME...course they haven't done what was promised yet. I'll believe it when I see it. (Dave McCarthy!!! Get to work!!! tick tick)

Dave said...

Despite the waspy name, I have a lot of Italian blood. Big family. Lots of hugging.

I find the kiss hello even more unnerving, especially in the case you've described where it'll be two people, one you're on the "kiss" plan with and another you don't know as well. Reminds me of that Seinfeld.

Anyway, gg Josie!

Wolfshead said...

Dream on Sweety. You may be good at getting what you want but I can out stubborn a mule. Besides I have a gimpy arm, I can't hug :-pppp

Josie said...

Davey!!!! As in DAVE MCCARTHY....Italian guy with Irish name (one strike and counting)...

Thanks for thinking of me! You definitely get a hug...and I'll take into consideration your feelings about the kiss....you good with a happy ending? LOL just kidding and I hope you're feeling better.

Josie said...

A Wolfie...."Besides I have a gimpy arm, I can't hug"

Thank God! That may make you the perfect man.

BTW remember how I said I did no sucking up....well that's no longer true - just did some major sucking up as a sort of thank you. I can't help it Wolfie! It's in my nature.

Wolfshead said...

Hope something big is happening here. I'm running out of inspiration. At least when you're yapping it agitates my brain and who knows what will float up from its murky depths. Of course with you being your yappy and pushy you something has to happen. You got that invite didn't you :-pppppp

Josie said...

Yeah I'll give you that...i invited MYSELF to the invitational.

Maybe this isn't all that big, but it is TO ME.

SirFWALGMan said...

It's HUGE Josie.. not as big as our bet BUT HUUUUGE! Gratz!

Josie said...

LOL, Thanks Waffles. I think it's huge too!

You think the bet's BIGGER? If you do, then I suggest you WIN.

The Neophyte said...

I'm sure Lightning was just trying to use that ole reverse psychology and get you in the groove. If you're thinking "That damned Lightning thinks I'm gonna bust in the first hour, the hell I will" then you'll keep concentrating and do something foolish like push a bluff into a made flush. Or maybe not. BTW I'm not much of a hugger but should we ever meet, how about a hearty handshake? A fist bump maybe? Ok I'll settle for a wave as you walk past.

Josie said...

Neo, It's really not his fault, yet I have NEVER played worse of have been out of a tourney so quickly (and I wasn't even short stacked)...guess I should lay the blame not on Lightning, but someone shorter, cuter, and infinitely smarter.

Jeez Neo, how bout I slap you on the ass? I don't have a problem with THAT. :)

Neo, I need you to inspire me to win tomorrow night's Mookie....you know I can do it, right???? Leave me a good comment...and maybe you'll get a hug with your ass slap.

Gary said...

Did you guys notice that I was the only one who Josie mentioned that she liked getting hugs from? Here's why: I'm an expert hugger. When I hug my mom I'm a Mother Hugger.

Seriously, nothing signifies emotional connection better than does a hug. When you're hurting, when you need to feel like you're connected to the human race again, you don't want a kiss; you want a hug. At least, that's my opinion.

Josie said...

Gman, Yes you're a very good hugger. Like a human teddy bear. Hope you're feeling better.

The Neophyte said...

Just use your Italian Mother Voodoo Priestess power on the rest of the Mooks and they won't know what hit em. Change your avatar to look like your regular poker wear and half the guys will be too busy drooling to play their cards.

Josie said...

LOL - Thanks neo - unfortunately I saw this message 1 minute after I busted. out 17th,,,,9 in the money. 96 people....not a bad showing, considering.