Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm still on the lsland...

So far anyway,  I'm still on Donkey Island.  Tonight is Event #9.  The game is multi-entry #5 NLH.

Survive Donkey Island 009

Full Tilt Poker
$5 + $1 Multi Table
March 13, 2011
9:30 PM EST
password: survive 

I get anxiety before every event.  Too much worry that I might get voted off.  I hope these Donkey Island guys know that they're supposed to be nice to me.  Ugh.

I'm heading to my mom's house shortly for pasta and guilt. :)  Oh and plenty of talking too.  Have I mentioned that my mother loves The Game Show network?  Family Feud, Baggage, The Newlywed Game are some of her faves.  Since I visit her on Sundays, chat always turns to her least fave part of The Game Show Network.

Mom: "Oh it's Sunday night.  That darn poker takes over all my shows.  You like watching that poker don't you?"

Me: "Ma, it's good. You should watch poker on GSN.  It's  interesting."

Mom: "Are you crazy?  Those guys betting all those chips.  That's so boring.  Where do they get all that money anyway?  I can't watch  my shows because of that ___________ poker.  Are you gonna watch it?"

Me: "Probably.  It's interesting."

Mom: "You know that girl Annie Duke?  Now she's a nice girl.  She's on 1 vs 100 because she's so smart.  Madonna mia, that girl never gets a questions wrong.  Smart girl. and pretty too.  She reminds me of  you.  She plays the poker just because she's smart.  Is she married?  What a nice girl."

Me: "Well she was married but she's divorced now.  Hey, you know she has 4 kids?"

Mom: "Does she get paid for being on 1 vs 100?"

Me: "Um, I dunno, but it can't be much."

Mom: "She's rich from poker.  You know how I know?  Because she's not on that ______ poker show on Sunday night. She's on 1 vs. 100! What a smart girl."

Hopefully another smart girl makes it through tonight.

Play smart, like Annie Duke and you too can wind up on 1 vs. 100.



lightning36 said...

I want to meet mama ... lol.

Josie said...

LOL That would be very interesting but IT'LL NEVER HAPPEN.

Gary's met Ma unfortunately. I say unfortunately because he met her when my dad got sick. He showed up with capicola and my mom fell in love.

"What a nice, handsome man."

lightning36 said...

Ha ha -- your mom would immediately love me. Most mothers have, except for my mother-in-law. She has learned to love me over the years, though.

Wolfshead said...

My mom loves GSN too, except shows like Baggage. She likes to watch the poker though and wonders why I can't be more like Dwan

Gary said...

And some roast beef for her weird little daughter that doesn't like processed meats...

Gary said...
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Josie said...

Lightning, she'd love you fo sho.

Gary, Mmmmm roast beef. Ty!

Josie said...

Wolfie, I too have been wondering why you can't be more like dwan. :P

Wolfshead said...

Oh well, guess you'll have to settle for Waffles, especially since my hair no looks like Elvis on his second day of boot camp.

Josie said...

Don't be threatening me with the "waffles card".