Sunday, March 6, 2011

Premiering On Buddy Dank Radio.......

is Very Josie!*

I just got my headphones and I'm ready to make my debut, TONIGHT, during The Survive Donkey Island Game.  Click on the link below if you want to hear Buddy interviewing me and me swearing like a sailor.

I'm so excited to be on BDR! Please be sure to listen in.

Play with us tonight my friends!  Game starts at 9:30pm ET and the password is survive.  If you have trouble finding it just look for me as I'm already signed up.  It's a $1 rebuy, which I HATE.  Well.....I only hate the first hour, the rest rocks.  I can endure anything for an hour.  Hell, I've been enduring snow all frigging winter, haven't I? 

This poker game should really be held on a warm tropical island.  How cool would that be?  All of us on our lounge chairs on the beach, lap tops in position....what a visual.  I know, I know! Survivor contestants don't get lounge chairs, which is the exact reason why I haven't applied for the TV Show.  That and the hygiene.  I still don't understand  where everyone poops but I guess you dig a hole, squat, and cover it up.

Frigging Gross!  After 28 days and 16 contestants, you would not find me walking on that beach!

Where was I?

The poker game tonight!  Come join in the fun and the carnage.  Root for us underdogs....the mere pawns in Julius Goat's game.  

Very Josie's Island Diary:

Dear Diary,
Just trying to hang on and stay alive.  There is one production assistant who has been very helpful to me.  Even though it's against the rules, this guy snuck me some food when no one was looking.  He brought me WAFFLES!  Mmmmmmm Waffles!  Having Waffles almost makes up for the fact that there are animals running around this island.  You know how I feel about dogs? Well goats are even lower on the list and there's this goat who keeps humping my leg. He's in dire need of a neutering.  During one of his little humpfests the frigging goat rammed into me while I was using my paint and got orange all over me!  Grrrr! I got my revenge though.  I found a little left over pink paint, and prettied the goat up.

Isn't he a cute little goat?  Once the snip snip is done, I may keep him as a pet.
Alright people!!!  Play tonight, listen tonight and watch the whole thing unfold.  Oh and say a little prayer for Very Josie.  It couldn't hurt.

Play smart.


*No I'm not dying to be The Nanny or anything like that.  Gary's been telling me for years that I look like Fran Drescher, but I say she looks like me. Well, mebbe a little bit....ALOT if you believe Gary.


KenP said...

I know the HAAAVAD YAAAAD bit but for those of us without strange accents, could Buddy provide a translator.

Josie said...

LOL Ken, I'll have you know that after Lightning met me he said....
"Why don't you have a Boston accent?"

It does creep in when I get angry so I expect it to pop up during the game.

Listen tonight!!!!

The Neophyte said...

Looking like Fran Drescher is no crime. Sounding like Fran Drescher should be declared a first degree felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison or until your voice changes.

Josie said...

LOLLLLLLLL Neo you make a very good point. I say tune into Buddy Dank Radio tonight to see if I need to be imprisoned.

The Neophyte said...

Maybe I should ask Lightning's opinion on your imprisonment. Perhaps hire him to be the judge.

lightning36 said...

Hanging Judge lightning -- I like it!

Josie said...

Bad idea Neo baby!

Wolfshead said...

As if your head ain't big enough. I swear I'm going to have to shoot someone,or at least do some serious ass kicking once I recover.

Josie said...

I <3 Wolfie.

Bayne_S said...

Rule of thumb is when doppelganger is younger she looks like you

Josie said...

Younger is good!