Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Update

Dude in a Very Josie Costume...and, um...Waffles
(I crack myself up)

Happy Halloween.......but sad football.  :(  Booooo!!!  Where shall we start?  How bout the worst part of the weekend?  Worst part is I'm out of Ducky's football pool.  Even though Waffles kept telling me I should pick the Giants for the Ducky pool, I disagreed and went with New Orleans.  OMFG.  As you can only use a team once, his very valid argument was that the Giants were playing sucky Miami so they're an easy pick and I could save NO for when I really needed them.  In the end, I wanted to go with the sure thing, and not mess around.  Of course that bit me in the ass because the "sure thing" lost.  OMFG.

In other football news, I think I sucked up the place everywhere.  But wait a minute.....can you fucking believe the Rams beat the Saints?  What is up with that?  And it wasn't even close.  OMFG.

Okay, NOW in other football news.....

I think....
*Bayne kicked all of our asses. well done mister.
*I lost my 13, 7, 6, 1, 2
*I don't have exact scores but Waffles will have them soon enough.  Check HERE!!!!
*I know I lost to Bayne and Seb.  I think I lost to Waffles.
*I may have only beaten the wife, the son and the daughter......btw Waffles, they should know that we DO NOT PLAY FOR FREE.  Just ask Seb!  I have an idea what I want from the kids, and what the Wife has to do to Waffles, should she lose. (sure thing people!)  Heh.
*Back down to 6th in my league.  :(

Poker Baby!
Played at the lesbian and black men tournament Saturday night and kicked mo fo ass.  18 runners and I cam in first.  (obv.)  It was actually a long haul.  Started at 7pm and ended a little before midnight.  One the women showed up as an Oompa Loompa.  ROFL  She looked sooooo good.  I am kicking myself for not snapping a picture!

As you know, my fiercest competitor in this league is Marvin.  We drew seats and found ourselves at different tables....him being at the easier of the two imho.  Shit!  That meant when we met at the final table he'd have a huge stack.  blah....I decided to take matters into my own hands and during the first orbit, ran downstairs and put a $5 bounty on his head.  Coincidentally, he was out FIRST.  heh.

I know how these people play and bluffing doesn't work here.  I had to wait for a good hand, and get paid off with it.  That worked for me very well.  I actually had to fold A-K once preflop.  Seat 3 had jammed all in and I was thinking about calling him when Leon, in seat 6 jumped up and yelled "I call!".  Hmmm methinks not good.

I put Leon on a big pair, so why do I want to be in what is best a coin flip?  I folded and seat 3 showed A-K and Leon had A-A.  I showed them my cards for the laugh.  Leon kept saying "How could you fold that???"

"I had a feeling you had a big pair Leon". (understatement of the century)

"I called to fast didn't I?" (again, understament of century)

Leon's a cool dude though.  He just came back from Vegas and brought me a coin/card protector.

Thank you!

Do you like it?'s a naked lady embossed it.

She's not naked, she's topless.  See?  That's actually a g-string.

Lynne was pissed that she didn't get the coin with a naked lady on it.  LOL

Leon and I ended up heads up later on, with me the chip leader.  Heads up last two hands.  Just as I was about to propose a split (with me getting 1st place's points for the league) he raised it up.  Blinds were 5k/10k.  I called with K-10 for a look see.

Flop was K-10-2.

I check!

He jammed all-in and I instacalled.  He had was his only bluff of the game.  Doh!  Timing is everything!  GG Leon!

Oh and instead of the $5 scratch ticket bounty, Lynne did something different.   She gave everyone an envelope with a card in it and that was the bounty. One envelope had a joker in it.  Winner take all to whoever got the joker.  $5 ea = $80.  I knocked 6 peeps out.  First knockout was Lynne.  Sorry baby!  Second knockout was Lynne's wife June.....and she gave me the joker!  Woot!  Very profitable evening.  $25 buyin. $260 total winnings vn.

Other items of note:
1.) Marving promised to put a $20 scratch ticket bounty on me for the next game.  I get it if I win again, and I've won 1st place the last two times I play.  (I have missed a few games though)

2.) Pocket Aces hand......Blinds were 300/600 and I raised it up to 2K and got one caller....Glenn.  Flop was A-K-3 all spades.  He was first to act and bet.  I jammed all in with my trips and he calls and turns over 10-8 spades.  Fucck. I have lots of outs though and hit my full house on the river.  BOOM.

Glenn is one of those loud nasty losers though.  I had to hear about my dumb move for the next 3 hours.  omfg. "I had you! I had you Josie!"  I tried to explain how many outs I had but meh....whatev.

Football sucks.

Play smart.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Epic Baseball +

What an incredible night for baseball.  One of the most exciting game endings I've ever seen.  Okay I only saw part of the game but I saw the good parts!!!!!

Amazing the St. Louis Cardinals were down to their last strike TWICE but came back to win Game 6 of the World Series.  Both teams played amazingly well each taking turns scoring run after run.  And this is in October, after playing hundreds of games.  David Freese led the Cards' amazing comeback with a well timed triple and  the game winning home run.  OMG What an exciting game.  While I was watching it unfold I was thinking of Mojo and how thrilled he must be.  GG!

As I said I only saw part of the game; the latter part.  I had a busynight.  I stopped at my mother's after work, while Evan was at band practice.  He got home a little before eight and reminded me Nick, the kid next door wanted to come over for homework help again.  Well that's good.  I'm happy to help.

Every week the math teacher gives the kids a take home quiz that's due on Friday, so Nick's been coming over on Thursday night for help.  Evan had to finish writing an essay on Christianity while Nick did his math quiz (yeah with me explaining each one).  We get through it, and at this point it's getting late and I'm tired....and he says his teacher is letting him turn in all the other quizzes he failed tomorrow.  "I'll get full credit for whatever I get right!"


I told him to pull them out and I'd go over them with him.  OMFG.  Four more quizzes.  These, we sped through.  They still took quite a while but we got them done.  As I'm putting them in his homework folder, I see an empty paper where his christianity essay was supposed to be written.  And it's blank.

"Nick, you need to write your essay"

"Oh, um....I did it on a different sheet of paper".

Bull shit!  Of course I didn't say that though.  I did say "I don't believe you.  DO IT!"  We went back and forth a couple times until I insisted and he smiled and said "But I don't want to!".

But he did. 

I can be very persuasive.  So finally.....FINALLY....he was done and I told him to get the hell out (but nicer) and he says "Want to see something funny?"


He shows me a crossword puzzle that was homework from a couple of nights ago.  It turns out the teacher doesn't actually check each word, but goes around the room to see if you've filled it in.  If you did, you get a check mark.  Below is his "completed" crossword puzzle.

Clicky to enlarge to see his answers

He starts laughing and tells me he got full credit for that.  If you look closely you'll see that there aren't even letters on the crossword.  It's all scribbles! And she checked it off as done.  OMFG.  I said 'I'm taking a picture of this!"

To which Evan added "I bet she's going to put it on her blog".  The kid is quick!

As far as the poker front goes......I may be playing both Friday and Saturday night, both being local games.  There's a game at the Saugus Sportsman's Club on Friday night and my league game at Lynne's house on Saturday night. Smallish games but fun.  SSC hasn't had a game in almost a year, so it'll be cool to see all the old guys (and their money) again. 

As far as Lynne on Saturday, she wants people to dress up in Halloween costumes but I don't think so....unless I can come up with something clever and easy.

Now for football......

Below are my picks.  I am using these in my pool, where I'm in 5th place, against Seb where I'm ahead by 4 points, and against Waffles, where I'm behind by....6 points I think.  I freaking LOVE my picks this week and think it's my chance to move up in the league.  Oh and Waffles kiddos are playing too.  His little girl had the best picks last week! (why?  because chicks rule, that's why!)  I'm guessing she'll be less motivated to win this week, because she asked "What do I win?"  Personally, I would've given the kid $5.  Never to early to win a little cash I say!  Alas, I don't think she got diddly.

Josie's Picks
New Orleans 13
Baltimore 12
NY Giants 11
Tennessee 10
Houston 9
San Fran 8
New England 7 (obviously the steelers worry me)
Carolina 6
Cinncy 5
Buffalo 4
Sand Diego 3
Dallas 2 (fuck philly!)
Denver 1

Seb's Picks
Baltimore 13

New Orleans 12
New York 11
San Francisco 10
Houston 9
Tennessee 8
Buffalo 7
San Diego 6
Philadelphia 5
Carolina 4
New England 3
Cincinnati 2
Detroit 1

Our picks are incredibly similar.....yet different enough for me to win.  I think it's funny that we both put our 1 point on the Detroit/Denver game, but on opposite teams.  I agree that Detroit is the slight favorite, but the games being played at Mile High Stadium, which I think is not an insignificant factor.  We'll could go either way.  I think Philly losing to Dallas will be Seb's  undoing.  Hopefully, anyway.  :) 
And of course there's Lucki Duck's pool, where you pick only one winner.  It's going to get interesting very fast because there are only five of us left, and starting this week, you can pick a team only once and then that's it.  So let's say I picked New England this week (I did not) I couldn't choose them again for the rest of the year.  This is where it gets tough and I think the twist will make my opponents drop like flies. *fingers crossed* 

In case you're wondering about the weather in Boston, it's effing freezing and it snowed last night.  Let the misery begin.  I like heat.  Hot heat.  It's never too hot for me.  95 degrees and sunny?  Bring it!  I won't be seeing that kind of weather for a looooooong time though.

Play smart and enjoy your weekend.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Sausage Here

Can you believe how rude SOME PEOPLE can be? If you don't know what I'm referring to, simply check out the first comment on my last post.  Hmfph!  It's truly amazing that he still has two good legs to walk on.  LOL  I suppose I open myself up for these comments by having a blog on the internet so it's truly no big deal. 

But if a man said that to me in person it would not end well. <---- That thought alone got me thinking about a rude comment I got repeatedly at the poker table at Foxwoods.  Once again, I suppose I set myself up for such comments with the way I play, yet I am never rude myself.  Do I tease and instigate?  I surely do, so perhaps that's why men feel free to let loose.

I do have one bit of free advice for Waffles though ---->'Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart.

She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!'

Blah.  I'm not even going to tell you about the rude comment* I got at Foxwoods - it makes Waffles' seem tame.  Of course he really is a tame little pussy cat anyway.

Instead I'll tell you about Survivor, which I watched last night.  Something (idiotic) happened last night that's never happened before in all the seasons I've watched.  The two key players are Cochraine (please no cock jokes lol) and Ozzy.

Cochraine is a dweeby looking harvard educated young man, who is physically the weakest man on his tribe, but quite intelligent.  Ozzy, cutie patootie, is easily the strongest man this season but dumb like a stump.  He already had an immunity idol, which means if he got voted off (and onto redemption island) he's immune and it doesn't count.  Nice insurance policy right?

Well they suspect the tribes will be merging in a day or two, which changes the game completely, and the other tribe has one more member than them, which could mean trouble.  Now the redemption island twist - when a person gets voted off they go to redemption island and must win a challenge against the next person who gets voted off.  this keeps happening until the merge.  at the merge whoever is left on RI gets to rejoin the game.

Ozzy decides that he wants to get voted off as he thinks can beat the woman who's been on redemption island.  he also thinks the merge happens in the next day or so, and then he'll be back to camp.

Cochraine was going to be voted off, but Ozzy takes his place.  OMFG what an idiot.  He also gives Cochraine his immunity idol, hoping he'll get it back when he returns. Cohraine was thrilled beyond words, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Ozzy goes from leader of his tribe with an immunity idol, to being one challenge away from being gone.  OMFG What an unnecessary gamble, and we're talking about $1,000,000 people!  That's the prize for sole survivor. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I must go and work on my football picks.  I plan on making a big move this week that will move me up in the ranks. *fingers crossed*

Play smart.


*I suppose I could tell you about it, but if I type it out it'll put me in a bad mood for the next couple of hours.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yes, I'm talking about me.  Can you imagine?  :)  I've been called that, along with arrogant, big headed and egotistical more times than I can count.  As Popeye would say, I yam what I yam, and highly doubt I'll be changing any time soon.  I've been thinking on a particular hand of poker I played a while ago, and in that particular hand, I believe "cockiness' was my undoing.  Although as I said, I have no desire to change.

I was playing 1-2 NL and quickly amassed a wall of red chips.  I was in the zone.  My reads were spot on, my cards were good, I was connecting with flops and things were going great.  My stack was just slightly below $1,000.

Enter cockiness.

I had pocket 10s and raised it up big preflop.  A young man, named Tom* called me.  I knew he was a very good player and hadn't seem him lose many chips.

Flop was Q-4-3 with two diamonds.  I check and he makes a weak bet, and I raise it up.  He's hemming and hawing and finally calls.  I KNOW he is not on a flush draw.  He would've never called this nor my big preflop raise with that.  After he calls and I can tell he's stressed about the call, I also know he doesn't have a Q.

I decide he has a middle/big pair and I actually SAY "You're calling with J-J, little boy!".  That statement got me a warning from the dealer. (and yes, I am going to make a point of stopping this shit of calling out people's hands)

He reacts to my statement, as I thought he would.  Now I'm sure of it.....if not JJ then something similar - I doubt it's 10s because I have those.....hopefully 9s but I doubt it.

Turn is a Q.

I have to go with my read because I'm cocky awesome. I bet a hair over $100.

He calls.

River is a small diamond.  There are 3 diamonds on the board and 2 queens.  If I KNOW he doesn't have a queen or a flush, AND I DO, it's time to pull out the big guns.


I'm smiling and happy...thinking I have this won.  He can't call for all his chips with middle pair!

He calls though.

And I swear to all that is holy, he turns over J-J and says "I can't believe you knew what I had!"  I muck my 10-10 as he showed first and matched his stack.  He had a little over $300 left. 

I'm moaning about how I lost $300 and he corrects me and says "You put about $500 into the whole hand you know".

OMFG he's right.

Then I ask him his name and he says "George".

I say "You really need to fucking lie to me about your name?  I can tell it ain't George so what is it?"

He starts laughing and says it's Tom.....and that I can ask the dealer if I don't believe it this time.  Dealer confirmed it was Tom - not that I really gave a fuck.

I left with about $500, more than my buy in, but cockiness lost me $500.  I should've just let the hand go.  Just because I knew what he had and he seemed like a good player, didn't mean that he would fold.  Lesson learned....and an expensive lesson at that.

Play smart, and carefully.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mysterious Ways


It's Okay Tuesday!

I stole found this idea from Whispering Writer and I like it. She writes about all the things it is to be "okay" about.

It's okay......

That I watched DWTS instead of the World Series (I think). Besides I did see the Rangers hit a solo home run to tie the game at 2.  Alas I did not see them win.

That I didn't correct my mother when she said  'prenatural' this weekend.  As in, "I hope she has a prenatural agreement".  It's 'prenuptual' but it's not worth the time or effort.  I found that out when I tried to convince my mother that she tripped on the 'curb' not the 'curve'.

That I couldn't figure out why our 401(k) provider's website wouldn't accept my username as an administrator.  It took me 10 minutes to realize I logged on as 'veryjosie'.  omfg

That I've never seen Lucky You, and it's a poker movie!  How could I have missed it?  NetFlix or On Demand should be able to remedy this.

That I'm already feeling anxiety about Sugar Bear's class trip.  He'll be going away to Washington DC for 4 days in April, without me.  I tried to be a chaperone but got shot down.

That once I realized he'd be gone for 4 days, I thought "Well I could always go, a/c, etc.  Yes, I'm a bad mommy.

That a very nice guy emails me funny jokes every day that make me smile.  Today I got like 3 or 4!  No, I usually don't send any jokes back.  But I appreciate it!

That the receptionist saved my butt yesterday.  Yes, you read that correctly!  I needed some contracts couriered by a bike messenger and didn't trust her to take care of it, so I said I'd call them to pick up.  But I forgot!  When I realized this and started to panic, she told me she called them an hour ago.  ahhhhhhh

That Lightning isn't going to AC in November.  Wait a minute!  That's NOT okay!


Lady Luck

My friend Lynne, her wife, and a bunch of their friends originally were heading down to Foxwoods as a group to play in the Ladies Event.  I was waffling about whether or not to play and after I decided not to....I got an email from Lynne.  There was alot of stuff going on with the other female couples and her and she didn't want to go with them....her wife couldn't go with her....she didn't want to go alone....she really wanted to go, but only if I went with her.

If you put it that way......

She and I headed up for the Ladies Event, after she pulled an all nighter working for Fed Ex....loading planes!  I shiat you not.

I decided to put the poker uniform away for this tourney, as it certainly couldn't help me out here, and instead I thought I'd dress a little "butch".  lol  Boy was I wrong!  I was the least looking butch person in that tourney!  I mean I knew there'd be alot of gay women playing, but holy moly!  The truth is, a good half of the players there weren't *really* women anyways, if you catch my drift.  A few of those chicas are more manly than waffles, hands down.  Not that that is saying much, mind you. (lol a funny line, no?)

My "butch" outfit was a long sleeve thermal top, with a red sox tshirt on top, and my good ole red sox hat.  Below is a picture of it.  Turns out "butch" isn't something you can just put on.

Taken at a sox game, but this is exactly what I wore. 
Not a "poker uniform".

I ended up meeting a ton of people I knew....including the women that had been less than nice to Lynne.  I'd knocked them out many a time at the L&BM tourneys, so when one told me she was at table 11 I said "So am I!" and both of them exclaimed 'oh no!' heh.  Yeah, I lied.  Do not be mean to my friend Lynne!

I also met my good friend Poker Dave - not the one you know!  Another one.  He was there playing in the $1,500 nlhe event and thought I was too.  I wish!  His girlfriend and sister were also playing in the Ladies Event so there were lots of friendly faces around.

Dave and me (the lighing is bad! we are cuter in person!)

I cannot tell you how many times I've felted Dave in the past....and his sister too.  He had a private game at his home about 18 months ago.  Beforehand, he pulled up the Foxwoods website on his pc and showed me how he'd won about 40K in one tourney....which I'd known about anyway.  He's cashed over 10k lots and lots of times.  So he says something like 'that's an impressive cash, right?'


"Well you know what?  You're a better player than I am.  I know you are.  You could be making that kind of money or better".

He wanted me to start playing in the big buyin tournaments like him, but nahhhhh.  I was not willing to put out that kind of a buyin out of my own hard earned money.  And besides, I didn't like the idea of him buying a piece of me.  But anyway he's a great guy, that has a fancy sport car, beautiful apartment, beautiful blonde girlfriend, oh and he's vice president of a local bank.  It's not bad to be Dave!

So he's playing in the awesome $1,500 event and I'm in the crappy Ladies Event.  Easily some of the worst players I've ever played with.  70% of the chicks knew little more than the basic rules of holdem, 20% were older women who knew what they were doing, but were way too conservative, and 10% aggro biatches like me.  Believe it or not, it's not easy to play against a field like that, but I took my time.

Lynne was out very early.  Fuuuck.  I was doing adequately so I told her to go home and get some sleep as I'd be here a while, but she said she'd wait for a while.  Then she said we could always get a room if we needed to. (!)

Tourney started at 11am and dinner break was at 7pm I think....maybe later.  After dinner I had a bit of time so I visited Dave in his tourney.  He was shortstacked so I told him I was here to bring him luck and rubbed his shoulders to "rub it in".  Funny enough, he won the hand!  A nice guy a few hands over mock complained "That isn't fair.  I need luck too!"

Dave replied 'You just want your back rubbed".

Okay......I told him "One hand only.  You'll get your back rubbed and you'll get my awesome good karma that I exude."  You'd think I told him he was in the money.  LOL

So I'm rubbing/scratching his back, and he raises it up in early position.  Ut oh.  I hope I didn't make him do something foolish.  I wanted to see his cards but no luck.  Everyone folds around to him, even the blinds and he picks up the pot.

"See?"  I told him.

He turned over A-K sooted.  vn

I went into the tourney after dinner break with about 65K.  Not great but not bad.  25 peeps were itm and we were down to about 58.After dinner break, I was kind of at par, but I just couldn't do anything significant and began bleeding chips mostly because of the blinds and antes....and at this point if I was playing a hand I was coming in raising, and sometimes I had to fold after the flop, so lost some chips there too. But in the end I lost alot of my chips when I got AKsooted. blinds were 4000/8000 and I raised to 22k and got one caller. Flop was A-10-5 with two fucking diamonds. The girl who called me bet out and I jammed all in. neither of us were shortstacked and I had a bit more than her. I thought that if Iwon this hand I'd have a comfort zone to the money. Anyway she thought for a loooooong time. I really thought she was going to fold but she finally sort of shrugged like she gave up and said I'm gonna call.

She had A-7 of diamonds and caught her nut flush on the turn. I am now short stacked. Blinds and antes are fucking huge and as the blinds are coming toward me I find myself with about 9k left and KQ of crubs. Easily it's time to jam all in. The lady to my left jams all in over the top but she was also short, as she had mebbe 25k. ANOTHER woman hems and haws and decides to call that all in. The woman to my left had 5-5, and the other chick had A-10. Flop was A with two crubs. Hit my king on the turn, but don't improve to beat A-10 and I was out. 30th Place! (25 itm!) blah. So anticlimatic after such a good long day.

I played for TWELVE HOURS and didn't cash.  I feel really good about how I played and how long I lasted considering every time someone could possibly suck out on me they did.

I swear to god TWICE. I had someone all in AND CRUSHED, yet the turn and river led to a split. TWICE. I shiat you not. first time I had Q-8 and flop was J-10-9. I made a big bet on the flop and got raised. nice. I smooth called. After the turn I jam all in knowing she's gonna call and she does. She has 8-7 and rivers a queen for a split. Second time I have 2-4, the grump! The flop is 3-5-6.....I swear same thing happens, except this time I have the fish all in with 6-3. Turn is a 4 and river is a 2. Now a split isnt as bad as losing but oh the chip potential that I lost.

I needed the edge that I have when I play against men.  That little edge is all the difference I think.

Play smart and wear a poker uniform.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Sporty Spice

The new Mr. October?

Well sports fans, even though the Patriots had a bye week it was a good weekend for sports.  First and foremost I must mention Albert Pujols, who hit THREE homeruns in a single world series game for the Cards.  WTG Pujols!  This has only been done twice before, by The Bambino and Mr. October.  Unless you live under a rock, you know I'm referring to Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson.  That's some mighty fine company to be in.  Tonight is Game 5 and it's anyone's game!  Tonight do I watch Game 5 or Dancing With The Stars?  Ugh, that's a tough choice.  My guess is there will be a lot of clicking back and forth.

If Pujols read this blog, I'd use my mighty feminine wiles jedi mind tricks to get him to sign with the Red Sox.  And if that didn't work, don't forget we have fried chicken and beer in Boston!  But seriously, we could get him.  I'm already focused on next season and I'd like that bat in the starting rotation. 

Football.....I had an average week with my picks.  I'm in 5th place for the year which totally sucks.  I believe I'm tied with Waffles thus far this week, but we'll see what happens tonight.  Oh and Seb'sZebra is playing along too and he lost.  :)  by only 4 points though, yet he can't win tonight any point tonight so that's a done deal. 

As I mentioned to Seb, he can play but we have to play for SOMETHING.  Cash, grass or one rides for free.  And since he's in the UK the first two items would be hard to collect.  btw a guy from the UK thinks he can best me at American football? Sounds pretty ludicrous if you ask me, and yet he only lost by 4 points so who knows.

Anyway, back to the is what I propose:

When If Seb loses he will email me the story of how he lost his virginity (assuming he has) with full details and no lying or embellishing.  I think that will be a sufficient prize for me.

Should I lose, I will post in full detail, the story of my own personal deflowering....again ONLY IF Seb beats me for the season.  The story is a doozy and will not be printed otherwise.  That alone should be sufficient motivation for me to win.

Fair Seb?  Please confirm.

As far as the Lucki Duck Football contest goes, I'm still in it as my pick was New Orleans.  Wolfie however is out as he didn't submit his pick.  Boooo.  Crappy way to lose.  We are now down to 5.  Can't wait to be the last woman standing.  Technically I think that's what I am now, but you catch my drift!

Play smart.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Tale of Two Tells

Poker baby.  This is going to be all about poker. 

I played in the $300 bounty tournament at Foxwoods last Wednesday and it was one of the worst showings that I can remember.  Perhaps that's why it took so long to write about. :)  15K in starting chips.  My modus operandi was to try to see alot of flops on the cheap and early.  My guideline for these cheap flops was that I had to hit better than one pair to keep going otherwise muck after the flop.  I'd won a couple of early hands and then I was dealt J-10 of hearts.  Bing! As much as I wanted to raise, I limped in to see the flop on the cheap.  The flop had 2 hearts.  I checked, villian bet 200 and I called.  I know I'm not supposed to chase flushes but it was  only 200!  no heart on the turn so I checked again, and so did he.  heh.  Had he bet, the mighty jack ten would've been hitting the muck, but he checked too. I hit my flush on the river and bet 600 and he called with tpck (top pair, crappy kicker). 

As that was my 3rd win in the first 10 min of the tourney, the guy to my left said "You're on quite a heater."  I disagreed and told him he ain't seen nothing yet.  The play for the next hour or so was pretty uneventful.  I was getting a feel for the other players and watching their betting habits.  I saw who was in  more pots than they should've been and who was aggro.  My next big hand was against a young aggro guy seating 2 spots away from me.  Very aggressive.  I was on the button and limped in with 6-10 (remember my MO about seeing alot of flops!)  He was the BB and checked.

Flop was A-A-6.  He bet out 500.  I just called.  I probably should've raised there as I did not put him on an ace.  He was too aggressive not to raise in the BB with an ace with me limping in.  I knew this.  And besides, I had better than one pair on the flop, didn't I?  That was my rule for hanging around to the turn.  Anyway, I only called. 

Turn was a 10.  (yes I took notes on this hand)

I like this.  I KNOW he doesn't have an ace, and if he has a 6 I have him crushed with my tens.  He cannot possibly put me on a 10.  So I check.  :)

He bets 900 and I just call.

River is a 4 (blank).

I bet 1,200.  He raises it up to 4,200; 3k on top.

Ut oh.

Maybe he does have an ace?

All of a sudden my cheap flop has cost me alot of chips and I'm cursing myself for playing a shitty 6-10.  I am just about to fold my hand....yet....he's looking kinda nervous while I'm thinking.  Just for shits and giggles I ask him "How much do you have left?" There is no way in hell I'm considering an all in;  I'm just looking for a reaction, obv.

He looks like I just told him his dog is spending the weekend at Michael Vick's house.

Now remember, it was 15k in starting chips.   3k is 20% of the starting stack which is a huge bet so early on in the tournament.  But.....I remember Waffles telling me that if I can't commit to trusting my reads, I can't be a great poker player.  So do I trust my read or not? 

I throw my chips in and say "Call.  What do you have?"

He says 'Nice call' but doesn't flip it over.  I paid and I want to see it and I ain't jumping the gun to show him my cards.  Finally, he turns over K-2......crapola.

I go into the first break with about 23K in chips, which is ideal imho.

And then the wheels fall off.  I lost a huge pot when I flopped trips.  I'd made a 5xbb raise preflop and got one caller.  I flopped my trips (and 2 diamonds) so I bet more than pot.  He called.  Turn was not a diamond and I thought fuck it.  All in!  He called with 2 diamonds and hit his flush on the river.

I had more than him, but how does he make a call like that for the whole tourney?  I dunno, but fuck.  fuck.  fuck.  Then I lost with K-9 when the flop was K-9-x.  Betting big all the way only to be rivered by a guy with an inside straight draw.

Now I am fuming.  I'm playing for a little while longer, making bits and pieces back.  Not getting great cards, but I'm making them work for me, and yeah, I'm steaming and angry.  I know it's all part of poker but it got to me.  I hate being the short stack and I am mad at myself for losing all those chips.  I was in great fucking position chipwise and now I'm the polar opposite of that. omfg.  I get 4-4.  Guy in 3rd position raises to 3xbb (standard raise) and everyone folds to me with 4-4.  At this point the blinds are pretty big, the antes are in the pot too, and that along with his 3xBB bet means I want to steal.

I'm not so shortstacked that calling an all in from me is easy.  I figure him on A-J, or maybe K-Q.....nothing he can call an all in with so ALL IN!

Believe me, both Poker Grump and I KNOW this was a stupid shitty and unnecessary move. I had plenty of time and chips to wait for the right opportunity to double up, or just chip up slowly, like I know I can.  All I can say is I was disgusted.  I only told you about 2 of the suck outs, and believe me there were more.  Maybe I was so upset because I had plenty of chips, winning them all with skill and certainly not with great cards.  I think that jack ten and pocket 4s were the best hands I'd seen in 3 hrs of playing, while all around me there's people getting A-A, K-K.....speaking of which.

That guy called my all in with K-K  Oops!

GG Very Josie! (except not really) It had potential and then went into the shitter.  So it was onto the cash game to get my buy in back.

Which I did, because I rock.  Oh and because I'm awesome.  However, I did lose about $500 in one hand at the cash game.  Wanna hear about THAT?  To put it into perspective, this was when I was playing with XKM and had a HUGE stack of chips.  He'd left to play some dumb game (stud 8 or better) and I just kept adding to my big stack.  I probably had over $900 in chips when I lost the $500.  But still.  $500 in one hand.  That is a new world's record for very josie; one I hope not to break.

Perhaps such a story is better left till Monday morning.  :)  Even though it's the second tale about a 'tell' which kinda makes the title of this post obsolete.  Oh well, I'm too lazy to change the title.

Until then, play smart, my peeps.

Oh, before I sign off, I'd like to call your attention to the blog roll ON THIS BLOG.  Yes, that's Very Josie listed FIRST on the blog roll.  Unlike, SOME PEOPLE, I could mention, who listed me fricking third. 

I <3 Duggle Bogey! even though he doesn't have sense enough to be a Red Sox fan.  I assure you I can change that.  He's also the guy who sent me this:

High Roller, The Stu Unger Story, along with that Red Sox suck note, but you know what?  I will forgive him because he doesn't know better.  Besides, I really enjoyed the movie.

Play smart and send me stuff like Duggle Bogey.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Borgata Makes Me Happy In My Pants

I love Borgata.  Yeah, maybe that makes me fickle, but a woman is entitled to change her mind.

Remember how Borgata kindly offered me a free room and dinner whenever I wanted?  Well I was preparing for my trip to AC in November and emailed Joanna at Borgata to use the free room.  Then I asked her if I could please have two free nights instead of one.  She said she'd be able to do that, but not dinner as well.  That's okay!  So I have two free nights at Borgata!  Mind you I've never given them a penny of business....yet, nor do I even have a players card with them.  lol

Below is the email I just received.


I will be happy to make the accommodations for November 16 and 17; and you are very welcome. Despite our best intentions, from time to time we understand that we fail to meet our customers’ expectations and we are always grateful for the opportunity to redeem ourselves in their eyes. We appreciate this chance to make it right in your instance, or at least take away some of the sting from your last encounter.

To make the accommodations, I will need information from you. Please provide me with the following:
First and last name as it appears on your state issued form of identification
Address as it appears on your state issued form of identification
Date of Birth

After receiving the above information, I will then provide your with your confirmation number. Thank you.

Joanna M******
Executive Office
1 Borgata Way, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

That's it!  I don't even have to call them.  She'll take care of the whole thing and give me a confirmation number, and deposit required.  Wow.  Two nights!  More than I could've hoped for, considering I've yet to be a customer of theirs. 

Play Borgata!


Shabat Shalom

I went home last night thinking about going to bed as soon as I got in the door, as the night before I'd gotten about 3 hours sleep at the most.  I am not one of those type of people who can function on so little sleep, so I was dragging.  Yet it was not to be.  Sugar Bear had band rehearsal with the high school and as he was leaving he said "I need your help with something.  I need to write a 5 paragraph story for honors english".

Okay sure, when is it due?



Oh and um, Nick was wondering if he could come over after band.  He needs help with his math quiz.

Now, I'd turn down Sugar Bear before I'd turn down Nick (and you know I wouldn't really do that). Nick spent all of last summer in summer school so he wouldn't stay back again.  I'd helped him with math last week and he got a 90%, so I think he was hoping for more of the same. 

Only problem was I was so damned tired.  So much so that when I asked Evan what he wanted for dinner, he said "triscuits and cheese" and I replied "Okay!"  (not a good mommy, I know)  Later on, at almost 9pm he said "Hey I'm hungry!"  and was thrilled when I gave him a lunchables from the fridge.  His actual reply was "You are the best mom in the world!"  Wow.  I suppose only the best mom's don't cook dinner and feed their kids crap instead.

Evan wrote his mystery story and Nick did his math and social studies.  Actually, he got his math done and was putting everything away when I asked him if he'd done his social studies.  "Um, no, not yet."

Well it was maybe you should DO IT.  Yes, I made him do it and no, he didn't want to.  Then I checked it and we fixed it.  He kept saying that it didn't matter if he got stuff  wrong because it was just homework, and you can surely bet I disagreed.

The two bastards kept making fun of my talking though.  When we were working on math I suppose I said "formularrrrr" instead of formula.  I never heard the end of it.

Anyway, they are the reason there is no poker recap today.  After that we watched a little bit of the Bruins, who won for a change and then it was off to bed to sleep like the dead.  But there's a poker recap coming and it's a doozy.  I even took notes!

It's Friday that means Football Picks!  Waffles, his son and daughter will all be playing this week.  Time to take the family down!!!!!  Who knows who he'll recruit for next week!  My guess is Bayne.  Now that might be challenging.........nahhhhh.  :)

NO 13
Dallas 12
GB 11
Balt 10
Oak 9
Pitts 8
Cleve 7
Tenn 6
Detroit 5
Carolina 4
Jets 3
TB 2
Denver 1

BTW I got a few texts from Wolfie who is Atlantic City at the moment.  He was down quite a bit from a cash game but made some of that up in the "pink game" whatever the hell that is.  Obv he doesn't run so well when his lucky charm ain't around.  (moi)  It's funny because I was railing a bit in that foxwoods tourney after I'd been knocked out.  I was watching a table that I hadn't been playing at because one guy was all in, with 5-5.  lol  He was up against A-K and I just happened to be standing right next to him but didn't know him from adam.  I just got this feeling that he was good and I said so.  Then the flop came down A-2-K.  He started getting up and I said.  "Don't!  I'm telling you, you've got this one".  Turn was a 3, and hope started to glimmer in his eyes.  "4 or 5!" he said.  Yep, he got his 4 on the river for a straight.  As I started walking away he said "You don't have to go you know!"  LOL

Play smart and stay tuned for my poker post over the weekend.


Thursday, October 20, 2011


Thank you all for the kind thoughts and wishes I found in the comments of my last post.  After headhunting for half the night, it was a welcome sight.

Did I say half the night?


I got home at 4:00am (omfg) and got into work by 8:00am.  I'm esxhausted and not feeling great so there won't be any prolific post from me today about the tournament.  That is to come when I can do it properly.

In the mean time, I can sum it up in two words.  I lost.  :( And quickly too.  I started out great but by the third hour I was down to 80 BB, not terribly short, but definitely not where I like to be, so when one person raised to 3xbb and everyone else folded I jammed all in with 4-4.  Can you believe he called me with K-K?  LOL I supposed he's never read the blog called How to Fold KK.  Anyway, from there on in it was the cash game!  Lots and lots of  ups and downs......but that's for the later post.

Oh, but I did learn something at Foxwoods yesterday.  If I post where I'm going to be playing poker, people frigging show up!  2 people made guest appearances yesterday!

I was playing in the cash game and one of the guys looked familiar.  I'd played with him a few weeks ago at 1-2NL.  He turns to me and says "Hey remember that guy who wanted to take you to Jamaica?  He's here and he was talking about you?"


Yup, Teddy.  About 10 minutes later Teddy comes by and first thing out of his mouth was "Will you go to Jamaica with me?"

"No!!!!!  Hi Teddy!  What a coincidence that you're here too!"

"Not really.  I read on your blog that you would be here"

Funny enough that was all he said about the blog and the post about him.  He wasn't playing at my table, but lurking behind it for a long time.  He had a friend that was playing but he wasn't.  Very odd.

I was doing quite well at the cash game and decided to go back to the touney room upstairs to see how my boy was doing.  I was checking out the tournament, when some guy sneaks up behind me and says....I shiat you not.....he says.......

"Hey Oompa Loompa!"

OMFG I don't recognize him at all, and really, that's not the way to start a conversation with me if you want me to be pleasant.  Take notes gentlemen!

Obv he knew me but did I know him?"  Yup.  He said he was XKM, the guy I played Survive Donkey Island with!  He was playing a stud tournament and not doing well.

Of course, like I said starting with the Oompa Loompa did not endear him to me, so I suppose I wasn't as nice as I could be.  And really, it wasn't that.  It was all the Donkey Island crap that I went through.  I still had issues with him

Mr. XKM was not one of my favorite players/teammates during that game.  Not only did he try repeatedly to screw me over, but when it was all said and done and the players were to vote for one winner, boaty or me, XKM did not vote for me.  It's not like he had an alliance with Boat or anything and really he was supposed to vote for the person who played the game best and I DO NOT BELIEVE HE THOUGHT THAT PERSON WAS BOAT.  So yeah, I'm still a little bitter about not getting his vote.  Maybe it was because i kicked his ass in a heads up match to knock him from the game.  Maybe.

Anyway, XKM is as tall as I am short, so we were quite a pair.  We decided to play a little cash game together with XKM on my right.  He got to see the wonder that is Very Josie in motion.  Oh my God but I killed that table and felted Mr. I Didn't Vote for Josie to boot.  The words "luck sack" came up more than once.  I'm a firm believer that we make our own luck though.  It's not the first time I've been called luck sack and I'm sure it won't be the last.  As long as Mama gets the $$ it's all good.  Believe what you want and

Play smart.


PS The So Very Josie card I was holding in the photo of the last post was made by Mrs. Lightning36 (no, not me, the other one)  So if you want some cards yourself, contact Lightning or see the link in the comments.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wonder of it All

Well kiddos, I'll be in Foxwoods today for a tournament that starts at 11am.  I'll tell you all about it tomorrow....or the next day.  And as Matchbox Twenty would say....

Reach down your hand in your pocket

Pull out some hope for me
It's gonna be a long day, always
Ain't that right?

Pull out some hope for me and think good thoughts please!  I have an incentive to win this THAT I WANT.  Actually, I only have to make it to the final table.  Only, right?

Play smart and send me good vibes.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

80's Week

It was 80's week on Dancing with the Stars!  OMG It was 80's music and 80's hairstyles/dress on one of my fave shows!  Does it get any better than that?


I was so excited to see last night's episode even though was two hours long.  that's just too long people.  They should totally cut half the BS from the show and just show us the dancing.  That could easily be done in one hour.  Come on people!

Unfortunately Sugar Bear is not a fan.  Not only that,but he wanted to watch a hockey game on Versus.  Blah!  Not even a Bruins hockey game!  WTF is up with that?  It wasn't a problem though as I happily took my leave to watch DWTS in my room.

All snug in my bed.


I was loving the 80s music and styles.  They had The Bangles playing live!  And then..........

Yup, I fell asleep which means I missed the last hour, including Chaz's dance.  Booo!!!!  I'll catch the recap tonight though, assuming I can stay awake for it.

I should've known.  Whenever I'm horizontal these days I seem to fall asleep.  I can remember back when being horizontal had an entirely different outcome!

In honor of 80s week, please enjoy the photo of me with my 80s garb below.  I went out for drinks a few months ago with some girls from work, all of whom were born in the 80s.  Anyway, they were laughing uncontrollably about this photo.  Kids!

It's 80s week!

At the time that photo was taken, I remember being disappointed that my hair wasn't big enough.  I shiat you not.

Here's another from the 80s, which really illustrates my 80s make up:

This is my version of Madonna like makeup. 
Too bad I have the hat on cuz you can't see the enormity of my hair.


Game Face

They say that they don't know me
Never saw my face
And if they've never been there
Can they be sure there's such a place?
They think if they don't call me
The world will pass them by
But there's a fire in their kitchen
And the water's three feet high and rising

Someone's shouting at me
You're all going to hell!
Must not be too far away
Sometimes I can never tell
My shoes are still as empty
A mile they've never walked
They'll send me their donation
And they never have to talk again

I just want to show them who I am
I just want to show them what I can do
There's not much use to curse the damned
And there's power in nothing to lose

Someone's spitting blood
Facedown in the dirt
Someone's thinking about a gun
To try to stop the hurt
Someone drew conclusions
On the wall of destiny
Someone's getting louder
And that someone would be ME.

You think if you don't call me

The world will pass you by
But there's a fire in your kitchen
And the water's three feet high and rising

Yes, I have my game face on.  Getting ready to do battle tomorrow and I can promise you this, I will be coming out with guns blazing.  Not saying I won't get felted, but if I do, it'll be of the runner, runner variety.  I plan on being very aggressive, yet very careful.

A few other constants that I will try very hard to keep in mind:
1. Spend the first hour or two developing reads
2. Remember it's a marathon, not a sprint
3. Have patience (most likely the toughest item on this list)
4. Play pocket pairs aggressively
5. Focus on stacks smaller than mine
6. Keep on par or better with the "average stack"
7. Make and meet small goals
8. Once antes come into play, steal, steal, steal
9.  Only bluff ONCE but make it worth it

The one thing I'm unsure about is how to play in the beginning of the tournament.  You know.....limping in alot of pots early on the cheap to see a flop, with less than stellar cards or waiting for a good hand and only come in raising.  The latter is what I do in the latter half of a tourney, but in order to get there, I have to play that first part.  I may try to see alot of flops early and see what I can hit.

Oh....and about that ladies game.....

Remember when I mentioned that Mike, my sister's friend and awesome poker player, said that I should play the Ladies Event?  Well another mike, said it wasn't even a real event!  I'm now leaning toward my first inclination, which was to give it a skip and invest my money elsewhere.

Play smart, with guns blazing.


Monday, October 17, 2011

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up

Okay, so I could get up, but still. 

I fell.

And it couldn't have happened in front of more people, or been more embarrassing, if I'd been trying for that outcome.

Quick recap:
Every year our liability insurance provider gives us the opportunity to get a 10% discount on our annual premium if we hold an educational seminar on something.....applicable.  To get this year's discount I had to get all of our architects as well as all of our architectural staff (non-registered architects) to read and take a test on site visits, and then attend a lunch seminar, which was today.

Let me tell you, trying to get 25 architects in one room at the same time is like trying to herd cats.  Not easy or fun, but a 10% discount is worth about 18-20K so I got it done.  Woot!

(stay with me, I fall down very soon!)

So I had lunch catered for everyone, including me, natch.  And as I go to toss out my lunch containers I dropped the salad dressing container, which was still more than half full.  Dressing went everywhere outside the conf room, on our very shiny hardwood floor.  I cleaned it up and thought "Damn, that's going to be slippery".

1/2 hr later.....

I'm walking toward reception and feel one of my feet sliding.....felt as though I was falling in slow moion until *boom* the landing.  lol  Of course since I had everyone congregated in one room, it happened in front of everyone, including our insurance providors. *blush*

I popped up just fine as everyone rushed to see if I was okay.  I am, except for my ego.  OMFG of all days and times.


PS Good thing we have liability insurance!

How Sweet Am I?

Guess who's on top this week? 
*Photo courtesy of Lightning36's dreams blog.

My picks held up this week.  I got every pick correct, except my 1, 5 & 7, which means I have 69 points so far.   I'm ahead of SirFWalgman by 10 points at the moment and when if the Jets win tomorrow night, I'll have beaten Waffles by 15 points.  That's a big week.  I was trailing him for the year by 18 points before this week, so I couldn't be happier.

As far as JMan (Waffles' son), I must say his picks were pretty darn good, although he did a bit worse, as he's got 49 points, with only 2 left for MNF.  I thought his Indy pick was going to bite me in the butt, but Cinncy came through.  And who knows if JMan really made these picks.  Maybe Waffles decided he needed two chances to try to beat me.  Well both chances didn't work out.  Perhaps the wife will make an attempt next week?  Heh.\

As for Lucki Duck's Pick the winner contest, there are six of us remaining still as we all picked winners this week.  The majority went with Green Bay except for Wolfie and me who went with Pittsburgh.  I did this on Waffles' advice.  I was actually leaning toward Baltimore, who won anyhoo.

This week also helped my standings for the year in my pool.  I've moved up from 6th place to 4th place.  I'm 29 points behind first place now and 17 points behind 2nd.  Mama needs to take this down.  If I do it'll be four years in a row.   I just need another good week, erm, or two.

Enough about football.  Want to hear about a guilty pleasure of mine?

Guilty because it's expensive, and pleasure because.....well, one doesn't need a reason for pleasure does one?

This stuff is amazing.  I got a sample of it long ago, but never bought a vat of it because it's so expensive.  It's expensive but smells and feels so damn good and luxurious.  Vanilla, bergamot and sweet almond oil.  I'll assume you know what almond and vanilla smells like.  The best word to describe the scent of bergamot is exotic.  Mmmmm and it's on its way!

I ordered it from Sephora because it was on sale!  Woot!  33% off, which means I couldn't afford to not get it.  But me being on Sephora never ends well.  I ordered everything I wanted.  I don't exactly have buyer's remorse as I know I'll love everything I ordered but let's just say that my order from Sephora came to roughly the price of a kindle.  I will say nothing more, except if there were a Sephora's Anonymous Group I'd be attending.

Hey, if you're really lucky I'll take pics of my stuff as soon as it comes in! heh.

It was a poker free weekend, but it will NOT be a poker free week.  WPT is at Foxwoods this week and I want a trophy.  I'll be playing in a couple of events this week.  Stay tuned to read all about it.

Oh....and I've been seriously reconsidering playing in the ladies event.  Remember my sister's kinda semi-professional poker player friend, Mike?  He thinks I should play it and it would be a perfect environment for me to win.  Must think on it.  The one and only ladies event I ever played was like 6 years ago and my play is so much better now.....why not play against a field that does not play particularly well?  And I wouldn't need to wear a poker uniform!  Something to think on.

Play smart.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bus Ride Home

The bus ride home really pissed me off, but before we get to that, it's 3am and I just woke up.  WTF?  There were 3 teenage boys in my house when I got home from work and after dinner Evan said to me "Mom, go  upstairs!  We want to have a war!"

Their "war" involves shooting each other with the many nerf guns around the house as well as popping each other with hand grenades (ping pong balls).  Of course war isn't war unless all the lights are turned off and it's pitch black, so I was more than happy to head upstairs to watch a little TV, but I didn't see much of that.  I must've fallen asleep almost immediately and now it's 3am.  Wow.  Where did the night go?

The bus ride......

I was seated in my usual seat at the very back of the bus in the corner, reading my book.  I never chat or socialize on the bus although the faces are always the same.  I just like to read my book in peace and quiet.  So we are like halfway home and the bus stops to pick up a couple of boys;  two black boys in catholic school uniforms who seem to be about 11 & 13 years old.  I'm reading my book, when all of a sudden I hear the bus driver screaming at the top of his lungs, at them.  Then I hear the older boy say "You can't talk to me like that" very quietly.

The bus driver says that yes he can talk to him that way.  Then he yells "I'm sick of you kids.  Tell your parents to put more money on your charlie card."  "You" he says pointing to the older boy, "Get off the bus until you get more money".


I missed the beginning of this, but he's kicked the 13yr old off the bus?  And leaving the younger kid on the bus all by himself?  It's like 5:30pm and these boys are just trying to get home from school.

Mama Josie exploded.

I was on the very last seat of the bus and the older boy was standing on the curb at the point.

I yell.  "Wait!!!!!" And get my ass to the front of the bus, clutching a bunch of ones.  It's an express bus that goes directly to/from Boston so it's pricier than a usual bus and I have no idea how much they owe, but I am not going to let this happen.

I get to the front and tell the boy on the curb to get back on.  Then I ask the bus driver how much the boy owes.


"That's it?" I ask incredulously.

"Yeah, he had enough money on his charlie card for the other kid, but he's short a buck for himself".

So this guy was going to leave the kid on the curb with no way to get home, even though the kid already paid for more than half his fare (and now has no money).  WTF is wrong with people?

Then the bus driver tells me it's his parents problem to refill his charlie card, not mine.

Yeah, I say, but that could've been my son trying to get home. (not that sugar bear has ever taken a bus alone but whatev)  I mean, his mom prolly had no idea there wasn't enough money on his charlie card.  It's so hard to keep track of. (I have a different kind of card, where it costs $89 per month for unlimited rides, that work pays for)

So in the end, the boys rode the bus ride home together.  It really upsets me that all those other people on the bus, who were sitting right up close and personal to all the action never bothered to help the kids out.

When I get nervous, upset, stressed, I get these red big red itchy hives, usually on my chest.  By the time I got off the bus, I could feel them burning up my chest and arms.  Ugh.  As I write this I can feel them creeping back.  I hate them!!!!!

Now it's 3:30am and I'm wide awake, with itching hives (from retelling this story) and a pain in the neck, which I've had all week.  :( 

TV or reading?  Hmmmmmm


Friday, October 14, 2011

Waffles Junior

Waffles and son

Must.  Annihilate.  Both.

Yes, very soon I will be the coolest chick that Baby Waffles knows.  Ah....he may as well figure this out sooner rather than later.  I am much cooler than his au pairs.  Perhaps not as cool as his sister though.  If she were playing this game, I might be worried.  She seems like a tough chick.

In any are my picks and they're poetry baby!  Poetry in motion.

Green Bay 13
Pittsburgh 12
Baltimore 11 (Carmen Sin City is from Baltimore!)
New Eng 10 (Go Tom Terrific!)
Jets 9 (lost to the Pats last week.  lol)
Cinncy 8
Detroit 7 (undefeated baby!)
Oakland 6
New Orl 5
Atlanta 4
NY Giants 3
Chicago 2 (Hi light!)
Washington 1 (cuz I'd rather stick a fork in my eye than put points on Philly)

You can hear about the annihilation on Monday.

Play smart and teach the kids a lesson!  Whap!


Current Events

I meant to post yesterday but I didn't because there is too much going on in work and I was feeling pretty yucky as well.  That means there's alot to talk about today.  You might want to get yourself a cup of coffee (I did!) and settle in.

First of all the casino bill passed in Massachusetts!  Woot!  That means there are going to be three casinos in separate locations in Mass.  I have a feeling they won't be anywhere near Boston, but hopefully they'll be a bit closer to me than Seabrook New Hampshire.

Second....has anyone been watching Survivor this season?  I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Survivor and have been watching it for like a decade.  No wonder, I won Survive Donkey Island!  Heh.  Anyway, of all the hundreds of episodes I've watched, this week's was the grossest.  And that's saying something!  There were two teams and each had a whole roasted pig on a spit.  The teams had their hands tied behind their backs and the challenge was to rip the meat off with their teeth, run it over to a basket 20 yards away, and spit it into said basket.  After ten minutes the team who's basket weighed the most won.

It was so fucking disgusting, you have no idea.  They had meat covering their faces and hair and they'd spit the meat out into the community basket, with lots of liquid and saliva joining the meat. I think all the gross spit was an attempt to make the basket weigh more.  Like halfway into it they all started getting HUGE gobs of meat stuck in their front teeth and the meat would just be dangling there so another teammate would have to like bite it off.  Picture both faces close enough to soul kiss but slathered in meat and bbq sauce.  So effing gross.  Aren't you glad I shared? :)

Hmmm what else?  How bout Theo Epstein?  It's still not official but it looks like Theo is going to Chicago to become their GM.  The sox and the cubs are still ironing out the final deal which will surely involve money and minor league players.  I hope it works out for both parties.  As I was telling Duggle Bogey (yesterday?) I always thought Epstein to be a wunderkind, but lately his choices have been less than genius.  That doesn't mean he won't do well for the Cubs.  I think it would be freaking amazing if he led them to a World Series victory too.  It kills me that Papi says he'd consider playing for the Yankees though.  I guess at the end of the day it's all about bidness.  To him, anyway.

Speaking of the World Series, my pick to win the whole shebang is the Rangers.  No, Little Acornman, not your Rangers, The Texas Rangers! Acornman is a fan of the Rangers but I think it's a football soccer team.  He even named his beast doggie Nacho, after one of their players.  I think it comes down to the Cards and the Rangers and the Rangers win.  I kinda hope I'm wrong though, just for Mojo.

Atlantic City:
It's not set in stone yet, but the boys and I are thinking about going Wed 11/16 and flying out Sat morning 11/19.  By not set in stone I mean not booked.  I'm thinking of staying in Harrah's for 2 nights and Borgata for one (my free night) although never emailed me the code for my free room and dinner.  I will email the lovely woman today.  The main reason for going is The Borgata Poker Open event on Thusrday 11/17.  It's a Black Chip Bounty Event.  That means whenever you knock someone out you get a black chip ($100!!!)  I assure you I will be posting a photo of a stack of black chips.  No less than 5 to be sure. (Edgie, if you'r reading this email me at so I can reply to you with further info)

Football Picks:
Suck.  I won against Waffles last week but he's still ahead of me by 18 points for the year.  What's worse is I've been knocked down to 6th place in my league.  Not good.  I'm 30 points behind first place so I have to kick it in gear this week.

Oh and there's a NEW twist in my football contest with Waffles.  LOLLLLLLLL Quite the new twist!  It seems that someone else wants to play!  This someone else thinks he can beat Very Josie, just because his daddy lost last week.  Yep, that someone else is Waffles' son!  Is it bad for me to ruin the hopes and dreams of one so young? Yeah probably, but I'm going to do it anyway. 

Mini-Waffles will be sending in his picks along with Big Waffles so we'll see who wins. (me obv.)  I'll post my picks later this afternoon, just so Waffles doesn't get a sneak peek.

Play smart.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Wisdom of Betty White



I'm Missing Something

Patience.  That something would be patience.  I don't have any.  I know I don't have any so you'd think I could overcompensate with something I have an abundance of, like common sense, but no it just doesn't work that way. 

I try not to let my impatience show, but eventually it busts peeks through.  In work, when I've requested something and have to wait endlessly.....more than I should, I seethe quietly inside.  If you call me on the phone, I'll answer your question but I just don't quite get the "stay on the phone and chat about nothing" thing.  Instead, once information has passed through the phone lines and the mission is accomplished, "Bye!" I'm gone.  Gary isn't  the only one who complains about this.  He's standing in a long line and my mom is at the head.

For my mother, I'll stay on the phone for 45-60 minutes.  REALLY.  That's like saying a claustrophobic man willingly got into a suitcase for a week.  The only way I can do this though, is if I'm multitasking.  So long as I'm fully occupied I don't mind listening and responding with a "Yup"  or a "Oh no!" at the appropriate time.

What's getting to my (lack of ) patience today is.....Moneyball.  The Art of Winning an Unfair Game.
(Don'tcha just love that title, btw?  I do!)

Yes, it's the new movie that's out starring Brad Pitt, but it's not the movie I'm interested in, it's the book.  I think the book will be a fantastic read, and I've been eyeing it for over a year.....maybe more?  I was checking it out at Barnes and Noble a looooong time ago but didn't buy it because I thought I might get a kindle and I'd prefer to have such a book as part of my kindle library.

Since I saw ads for the movie I thought "Oh crap.  I really want to read the book before I see the movie."  We all know that movies that are based on books are based upon excellent books.  We also know the movies just never live up to the book they were based on.  They just don't.

Of the hundreds of disappointing movies I've seen, based upon excellent books, there are only two that come to mind that were done as well if not better than the original.

1.  Stand By Me, which was based on the short story "The Body" by Stephen King.
2.  Shawshank Redemption, based on "Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption", also by King.

Don't misunderstand though; Stephen King is not the common denominator for good movies.  He's had many other works that have been defiled in the process of making a movie.  Um, can you say, Running Man?  Excellent book but horrible movie.

Anyway, back to Moneyball.

I want it.  Now.

I just bought it on Amazon.  I'd think a normal person would be pleased as punch that the book she wants is on it's way but I'm not.  All I'm thinking is it's going to take forever to get here and I want it NOW.  Grrrrr

To get my mind off of my far away book, let's talk a little about poker, shall we? 

Remember Teddy, from my cash game at Foxwoods?  The man talked nonstop the entire time he was there, whether in a pot or not.  (I cannot express how little patience I have for that particular character flaw.  Yes I said flaw.)

At one point Teddy was in a hand, along with me and another gentleman.  The other guy pushed all in.  In my haste to fold and muck my cards, one flipped over, and a king was shown.  Action was on Teddy and he had two options; call or fold.  He chose another, talk, talk!

Finally he says "Since I saw that king, this is an easy call".

The guy assumed he called, looked happy about it, but then after about 20 seconds Teddy says "but I'm going to fold".

Personally, I think that's a call. 

The man got a little upset and then said 'fine' and took his small pot uncontested but there was alot of discussion at the table as to whether Teddy had committed to making a call.  So much so, the floor was called over.  Floor man said he wouldn't hold Teddy to the call, but he'd warn him and next time he did that it would be considered a call.


Then another man at the table said, "That floor guy is always wrong.  I'm telling you that's a call.  Let's ask another floor man".

Another floor guy gets involved and hears the story.  Second floor man says "That is definitely a call.  If I was asked you'd be putting all your chips in."

I tend to agree with the second floor man.  Don't you think that when the word 'call' is said in that context he's committed to it?

Play smart and stay away from me unless you happen to have a copy of Moneyball handy.