Saturday, December 31, 2011

nye vlogging

okay 10:20pm and only a little buxxed.  Hmmm I will continue to not fix my typos to see where i am.  I've had about 3ish glasses of wine and about to start on champagne.  oh and my kindle is working and i've already bought too books!  yay!  I'll be back in an hour....

11:20pm - having champagne with gary and tootsie....i knda wanna be antisocial and read my kindle but you now, thatd be bad.  fuuuck. maybe they'll leave soon.  :)

on glass #2 of champagne - not all that drunk yet.  :)

cranky, I was just talking bout how we are going to a sox game this year!  do not disappoint me - that would be bad for you.  lol  an d whaddaya mean ur going to bed?  no effing way.  stay up!

11;25pm ad getting drunker by the mnute.  def gonna lose some money fon black chippy poker tonight - jus twaitng wfor gary 2 leave = he says he wants me to do something fun.  hmmmmm shat whousld i do?

1am, gary and tootsie just left.  tey're auwsome and couldn t be nicer.  gary got my kindle going and we had such finski.  lolllllllllllll we did!

Hmmm now there gone,i think it's time to paly peroker.

well kiddops, it's 2 am and I'm playing poker.  $2 DoN on blac chip.  not feeling all that hammered anymore.  a coupld of glasses of wine and a couple of champoagne made for a nice mellow night. Happy new Year everyone!


nye vlogging

okay 10:20pm and only a little buxxed.  Hmmm I will continue to not fix my typos to see where i am.  I've had about 3ish glasses of wine and about to start on champagne.  I'll be back in an hour....

To All....

All the friends that I have met here

Oh my goodness, there's been a lot

Some were crazy, all were lovely

In my heart, you've found a spot

Caring, sweet and helpful people

Who I've loved and fought, along the way

I've shown the warts and some things better

Yet somehow, you've always stayed

Perhaps it's just that you don't really know me

I expose a bit, but not it all

I smile and attempt to rise above it

But as you know, I sometimes fall

I often stop and think about it

In my life, I love you all.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2012.


Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Still 2011

Even though it's still 2011 I'm thinking about my New Year's resolutions.  They aren't resolutions so much as goals for the new year, and I always like to start out with a goal.

Goals for 2012
Make exercise a priority. (it could happen!)
Play in wsop event.  (it could totally happen.)
Net 50K in poker winnings for the year. (failed goal from last year, i'm not quitting you!)
Buy lots of books for my kindle fire. (*sigh* I cannot wait to start on this goal)
Call my mother more. (I have a major aversion to phones)
Be nicer to others.  Everyone is struggling with something and a little nice goes a long way.
Swear less. (I've already started trying.  Have you noticed?)
Not finish work projects up at the last minute. (Why do I do this?)
Spend more time with Sugar Bear. (Whether he likes it or not.  Heh.)
Set up Blogger football league on for 2012.  Based on my points this year you should be dying to play against me.  One payment for the season, and highest points for every week gets paid.  Def no playing just for bragging rights, which was the bet with Waffles.  heh.

And speaking of football, my football picks.  I'm not crazy about these picks but it's done.

New England 16
Atlanta 15
New Orleans 14
San Fran 13
Pittsburgh 12
Jacksonville 11
Arizona 10
Oakland 9
Philly sucks 8
Tennessee 7 (hi hurrican mikey!)
Denver 6
Detroit 5
Giants 4
Minnesota 3
Cinncy 2
Jets 1

I must've been nuts to play against Waffles in the Pick The Pros game without a prize at the end.  Luckily for me, it turned out that way though as I don't think I can catch the rascally devil now, of course I could still kick his butt for the week, so there's that.  And then there's his son who must be stopped.

Alright my pets, work calls.

Play smart.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fenway last June 2011

I only smile like this when I'm at Fenway.

Ahhhh This was taken at Fenway Park in June 2011.  The guy in the picture has been a friend of mine for over twenty years and has Red Sox season tickets.  Noooo, that isn't the ONLY reason he's my friend but it surely doesn't hurt.  Every year he takes me to a game for my birthday, which is in the summer.  And every year, I'd start in June saying "it's my birthday...." hoping to get a free ticket.  (my birthday is actually in August)  The problem is he doesn't believe me anymore.  Heh.

So why am I writing about going to a Red Sox game?  Because I aim to please!  A gentleman <---term used loosely here from Ilkeston, Derbyshire, UK has asked in the comments section of my previous post that I not write about poker, so I've decided to indulge him for the afternoon.  Why not, right?  He seems he could use a little indulgement once in a while.  Enjoy my dear!  Feel free to email me at should you have any other questions as I'd like to reply to you personally. Oh and not for nothing, if you don't like my posts why are you reading my blog all day, every day?  Mama no understand!
I must say that usually men from the UK are so nice and polite.  Just goes to show you that you cannot rely on "usually".

Play smart like Mr. Ilkeston, Derbyshire and certainly not moi.  :)



Hello my dears,

Not a lot of time to post, so please bear with me.

First and foremost I have another follower.  Yes. I. Do.  Not only that but his name is BigBootyDaddy.  Man, did he come to the right place. Trust me on this.

Second, my Red Sox have a new (and awesome) closer!  Woot!  Andrew Bailey formerly of the A's.  He's cute, and the guy know's how to save games.  Last year he successfully closed 24 of his 26 attempts.  Mama likie.  I have a tentative but HUGE (bigger than my booty) bet on the red sox this year, that I haven't 100% committed to yet.  Now that we have a closer in place, I think it's time to cement the deal.

Third, I played on Black Chip Poker again last night.  That's 3 nights in a row, and it was my first losing night.  I played (2) $2 games and lost both.  One was a 10 peep game and the other a 45 peep game.  I pretty much threw them away.  Had nice early big stacks in both and blah.  I dunno.  Donked off my chips and went to bed.

Fourth, I think I'm staying home on New Years Eve.  I did get some of the extra champagne from work so rest assured I will not be sober.  Dear God, please prevent me from drunk blogging, like I did the night of my holiday party.  Thank you. Amen.

Fifth, I have a new favorite TV Show.  It's new to me, but not actually new.  Anyone ever see The Big Bang Theory.  The nerdy genius really cracks me up and reminds me of someone, but I can't quite figure out who.

Sixth, xoxo

Play smart.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Apropos of nothing, let's say a person bought many purchases in a large chain store.  The sales person rang up her many purchases and the total was lower than expected.  On the way out she checks her receipt to find that one item was never rung in.  She grins happily and is on her way to wrap said purchases, never once actually contemplating returning to the store to rectify the mistake.

Is that stealing?

The more I think about it, the more I believe it is.




I haven't felt this way in a long time.  Sure I've been tired before, but it's been a while since I stayed up too late playing online poker even though I knew I had to get in work early the next day.  Ugh.

I started out playing a $2 (10) person one table.  It took forever.  We probably played 3 handed for almost an hour but in the end I won 1st place.  When that was done, I found Tony at a Omaha H/L .25-.50 cash table, joined his waiting list and finally got in. I probably played 3 hands the entire time I was there but won or split them all so I made about $4 at that table.  And then, onto those Double or Nothing tables. I'm not really sure I like the double or nothng game.  It does go pretty quickly as once you are down to 5 peeps it's game over.

I was playing one of the DoN games with Tony at my table.  And of course it was this game that I lost and early too.  I called a standard raise with A-J and the flop was J-4-7 rainbow.  He bet, I raised, he jammed all in.  So I call.  I was up against cowboys.  Ugh.  From there I went from short stacked to out.  I was playing another DoN at the same time, and cashed in that, so they kinda cancelled each other out.

I must say online poker is fun, even though I'm playing at such small stakes.  I hope to keep the stakes very small and just try to increase my balance slowly, baby steps.

At this point, Sugar Bear was begging me to watch some tv show about weird inventions (they seemed like a complicated version of the game Mousetrap) in his room.  Ugh.  Since I'd been ignoring him for the past 2-3 hours I agreed.  I must've fallen asleep pretty quickly though. (tv shows about inventions are boring!)  I woke up at like 4am in his bunk bed all scrunched up.  Good thing I have coffee - a big cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee.  That'll wake me up.

Ohhh!!!  Big News!  Have I not told you that I am now the proud (very proud) owner of the Kindle Fire!?!  Well I have one!  Woot!  Except, I haven't set it up yet intimidates me.  I was waiting for a certain Gentleman to come home from his annual Christmas pilgrimage and maybe he'd teach me how it works.  :)  I think it's the least a gentleman can do.  I'm not even sure what the Kindle will do, besides be an e-reader.  I think I can check my email on it too, which would be way cool, as my phone doesn't have that capability.  Anyhoo, we shall see.  I hope to actually open the box before 2012.

Play smart.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

To Post or Not To Post

If you've been following TBC's Blog like I've been, you may have seen a really long post with IM's back and forth between Tony and a young woman.  Were they interesting?  Sure they were.  I read most of them, and I remember thinking that posting her words was probably not a good idea.  Worse still, Tony accidentally posted her ID, which is totally not good because he has so many readers. Did he do this intentionally?  Hell, no.  He made a mistake, that's all.  To fix his mistake he deleted the post, which I applaud.  Easy fix and no harm done. He was right to do this.  No one wants their private words stuck in a public blog.  Lord knows Britni isn't around these days, but if she were I'd know this would upset her, so he did the right thing in deleting it.

What pisses me off is Tony does the right thing in deleting it but people just can't leave well enough alone.  Yes, I'm talking about YOU Lester.  Tony fixes his error and then Lester goes and posts the 10 miles of IM on AVP.  I just don't understand why.  It can only hurt Tony by upsetting Britni, and it doesn't benefit anyone having it posted there.  All it does is create unnecessary drama, at least in my opinion.  It doesn't help anyone and it sure could hurt.

Believe me, I've been there.  I've written up a blog post and then a half hour later deleted it.  Guess what happened?  It showed up paraphrased elsewhere almost immediately, so really I can relate.  Obviously it's the responsibility of the writer to post carefully because once it's out there, it's really out there.  I'm just glad Tony was able to remove it, both from his and All Vegas Poker, because it was the right thing to do.

Oh and my boy Tony's roll is now over 4K.  He's coming back!

Play smart.


Sakes Alive, I've got 45!

Holy Shiat!  That's 45 followers and about 6 gazillion peeps that don't follow.  This makes me happy in my pants.  (other stuff does that too, but I won't go there)  Thank you Doufous! (you're not a doofus to me!)

And yes, my number of followers has just exceeded my age.  but um, my sister is 50!  Perhaps we should shoot for that?  Yes?

Thank you to all of you who stop by daily to read whatever my little fingers tap away at.  It humbles me, and um, not much else does.  Grazie.

Play smart.


Making Friends and Influencing People

Someone's a bad influence and I am not talking about least not in this particular instance.  If you've read my blog, you most likely have heard me bitch and moan about my money being seized on Full Tilt Poker.  April 15, 2011 was the last I played online poker.  I like to learn from my mistakes and having my funds in Full Tilt seized was lesson enough for me.  I decided to not deposit another penny into any online playing and I've found that I haven't missed it all that much. 

And then.............

I was reading about Tony playing on Black Chip Poker and decided I wanted to watch him play, which meant I'd have to download the software.  But then what?  I am not one of the types who likes to play for 'Play money".  Puhlease.  Do I look like I have that kind of fucking time to waste?  Besides, I wouldn't play correctly if it weren't for some sort of money.  So I did the thing I said I'd never do.  I deposited a small bit of money into Black Chip Poker and then I played online!  Weeeeeee!

Heh.  I'd forgotten how much fun this was!  Or perhaps I'd forgotten how badly people play online!  Wow! Is it the anonymity of online play that leads to the most incredulously bad playing?  I dunno, but damn, this is a site full of donkeys....but no Tony.  I'm pretty sure he's at the Rio playing in his free roll and kicking ass.

So here's a recap of my games thus far.

Game 1, 10 peep game, with 3 itm and I came in 3rd, pretty much getting my buy in back.
Game 2, 45 peep game, with 7 itm and I came in 3rd again, much better pay off.
Game 3, 2 peep heads up game that I lost.  :(  Ill timed bluff.
Game 4, 10 peep double up game, with 5 itm and doubling up.  I won! :)

That is itm 3 of 4.  Not too shabbay and have beefed up my paltry starting balance.  Mama likie!  Plus Tony was saying something about getting paid through the 2+2 thingy.  I don't know that using this website is entirely necessary and think you get only 80-90 cents on the dollar.  Hopefully, I'll build up enough of a balance that I'll need to withdraw.  Oh and who knows, maybe I'll see Tony at the virtual felt.  And if you're very lucky, you can see VeryJosie in action, on Black Chip Poker.

When I used to play on Full Tilt I always had people watching me play and as I started my first game on BCP I thought - oooooo no one knows me here and no one's watching.  That feeling lasted for about 10 minutes.  Soon enough someone asked me this question "Hey, aren't you Grump's friend?".  Well shit, that didn't last long did it?  lol  That's cool.  The thing I miss most about Full Tilt is the interaction and trash talking with my buddies.

Play smart, or better yet don't if you're up against me on Black Chip Poker.  :)


Monday, December 26, 2011

Foxwoods 12/23/11

I spent my Thursday at Foxwoods because I'd been itching to play a tournament. The plan was to play the 11am $120 tourney, with 10K in starting chips.  Before the tourney started I played 5-10 Omaha and left pretty much break even, which would be my theme for the day.   By the way, James Woods wasn't in the poker room and believe me I looked.  But back to the tourney....

 There were about 80 peeps in my tourney and though I lasted almost 5 hours I didn't cash, which sucks.  I'm sad to say, I'm starting to believe that maybe I should just stick to the cash game.  Blah.  I dunno - Cash games are money makers and tourneys just haven't been money makers for me lately.  Ugh.

I went into the tourney with the idea not to limp into many pots - I'd play my usual aggressive way, and come in raising, but only with big cards.  That was the game plan but ironically, my beginning play was nothing like that.  I folded the first 5 or so hands and then I was the big blind.  I had 2-4, the mighty 2-4, I should say, which obviously reminded me of YOU KNOW WHO.  Grrr.  Everyone folded around to the button who raised it to 150.  Small blind folded and I called.  Flop was 3-6-Q.  Hmmmm I checked and the button bet 200.  I know I should've folded but that darn hand has hit for me so many times, so I called.  Turn was a 5!  I almost had this same exact thing happen to me in Atlantic City but there I hit a straight flush on the turn, and this was merely a straight, albeit a very well concealed straight.  I checked and he bet 600 into me.  Cue the bad acting...Hmmmm...and then I called.  River was a non card and I checked again.  This time he checked behind me, darn it, and flipped over Q-10 for top pair and was not too happy to see my straight.  Heh.

Very next hand, I get 2-4, and now I'm the small blind.  Someone limps in, I call and the BB checks.  We are 3 handed and the flop is 2-2-A.  I shiat you not.  I bet out, tossing 300 in, hoping one of them has an ace but nope.  The big blind folds and the other guy says "You like to play small cards, so I'm going to fold."  Darn it!  And for the record I don't like playing small cards, except The Grump.  Anyway, very next hand is...10-7.  Yet another hand that reminds me of Poker Grump.  What the heck?!?  Grrrr...And let me tell you, the Grump memories it brings back are not good - for an explanation of this go HERE. OMFG.  Since the other two hands have been good, I play this hand on the button, but I completely miss the flop.  Obv I must dump it and settle down.  I was playing for a couple of hours when I got 8-9 and was having a hard decision on whether or not to fold it preflop against a standard raise, with a couple of callers before me.  There was enough chips in the pot so I called.

Flop was 5-6-7 rainbow.  I bet out, another peep raised, and yet another jammed all in.  I jammed all in over the top of him as I had quite a bit more, thinking worst case we are tying but most likely I'm ahead.  The initial raiser folded and I saw I was up against 5-6.  4 cards out there can kill me.  6 on the river does just that and I double him up.  It killed me emotionally as well.  How do I fold a top straight on a rainbow board?  :(  I played for quite a while after that and went out with K-K.  I raised to 3 1/2 times the blinds - not a huge raise, and perhaps that was my demise.  I got a couple of callers and the flop was 4-4-5.  I immediately jammed all in and one guy called me, who had 7-7.  I was THRILLED.  Turn was a 6 and the river...yes, a 3.  GG Josie.  Not too much I could do there.  It was just one of those days.  I ended up at the bar, chatting with that Rob dude, and then hitting the cash table 2-5 cash just for fun.  I brought a bit more cash than usual in case James Woods was there again, so I could play at his table.  (I will do this, btw.  Trust me.)  Didn't win or lose many pots - Lost with A-K once, and won with it once, when I flopped TPTK against a guys pocket kings.  heh.  Left up mebbe $80 and took a rest.  Down a bit for the day but I was beat.  I played poker pretty much for 11 hrs straight and I was done.  In the 11 hours I played I only got 2 pocket pairs, K-K and 3-3.  Very odd.

Play smart.


***Ahem, I now have 42 followers!  Thank you Jen and Murv!  My number of followers is rapidly reaching my age!***

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Remember the ugly menorah Christmas Tree?  It does look better decorated.  See below.

Just decorated and wating for presents.

In case you forgot how hideous it was

As you can see I got some of my wrapping done, but still have a long ways to go.

I collect christmas tree ornaments.  Each one of mine are unique and different.  No boxes of the same factory ornaments here.  If I find an ornament I love, I buy one of them and cherish it.  Alot of them are gifts as people know I collect unique ones, and probably half of them are hand made be me of course.  Below are some of my faves.

Es bonita,no? To the left of the pretty ornament you can see another one with Evan's pic on it and above it is a very pricey owl, made of cloissone.

Close up of a handmade Evan ornament - that picture was from his first Christmas.  Cutest baby ever!  He won't dress like that any more for his mama. *sigh*

Guess why I like this one.

Ornament that looks like Lightning36

Pretty because it sparkles alot in real life.

What's this?  Another sox ornament?  Yep.

Handpainted by moi.  See the pickle ornament to it's left?  Every year we play hide the pickle.  *smirk* for real.  It's a tradition where the ornament is hung in a hiding spot on the tree and whoever spots it first gets a gift.  Sugar Bear always finds it. :)

Close up of the owl.

Hello Pickle.

Mmmm Dunkin Donuts coffee!

Given to me by the girls who I go away with every year.  Anyone else get alot of poker gifts?

The greenish grey orb is solid jade, very heavy and very  old.  It is a bead from a huge old rosary beard.  It's very pretty close up.  Beneath that is a gold lampshade and of course a saxaphone.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday.  Thinking of each and every one of you but especially, Gary (and Tootsie), Waffles (xoxo), Wolfie(how bout I give you a link for Christmas), Lightning (thanks for all the laughs), KenP (someday you'll be nice to me), Poker Grump (yes you're back on the list), Cranky (Enjoy your Christmas with Skip!), Memphis Mojo (the prince), Hoyazo (wishing you the old kind of Wendy's fries..back when they used to peel them), Edgie (great seeing you - don't forget you still owe me a drink), Ducky (my boy!!!! hated your fucking football game although it was fun till I got knocked out TWICE LOL) , PokahDave (one of these days...), Duggle Bogey (I promise to spell everything correctly in the new year!), Tony (new friend!), Billy (another newbie that I am enjoying), Miami Don (don back in fla where he belongs), Bayne (in china where he doesn't belong. thrilled you already lost your 16. heh), Little Acornman (Happy Christmas!), Schaubs (enjoy Christmas with the girls!)....and many more.  If I didn't mention you it's because I'm frazzled and behind schedule, which is why I didn't do the link thing - no time...except for Wolfie of course.

Merry Christmas to All and to all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Housekeeping Post

I'm back from Foxwoods!  Big poker recap to follow, but for today, a few housekeeping items to take care of.

1.  I had no idea Mr. Mojo Risin' was an anagram for Jim Morrison.  I also didn't know Axl Rose was an anagram and I even named my cat, Axl, after him.  I haven't figured out the anagram yet, but I will, and not by googling it.

2. I'm already kicking butt this week in football because I put only a 5 on the Giants, unlike just about everyone else.  I rock!

3.  Who do you think will go further in the post season this year?  The Boston Red Sox, or The Detroit Tigers?  No brainer, right?  It's the sox.  Fortunately, Mr. Mojo Risin' wants to bet on this.  Heh.  I know my boys won't let me down, especially with their new skipper, Valentine.  BIG bet with Mojo Risin' that I shall win.  Maybe he's thinking bout how the sox choked at the end of the season and he's forgotten bout how well they did prior to that.  Whatevah!  His money is going to a very good cause. (me) I figure I'll pick up my winnings in December when I'm in Vegas for the WPBT, and this year I'm going!

4. Didn't win or lose a lot of money at Foxwoods. Blah - lots of details to follow.  One item of interest is when I got to the cash room and tried to sign up for 1/2 nl before the tourney and was put on a list with 40 names ahead of me.  WTF.  They were short dealers and had oodles of players because of the holiday.  With no way of getting on a 1/2nl table before the tourney, I took an open seat at....wait for it...Omaha high low 5/10 limit.  Oh yes I did!  And as I did this I thought "I am NOT a one trick pony like someone (bad billy) suggested."  So I sat down, announcing "I really don't know how to play this so bear with me."  I tried VERY hard not to play it like it was a tourney (thank you wolfie) and actually did quite well.  Omaha is fun! The guys at the table kept saying that I sure DID know how to play Omaha, and was trying to pull one over on least until I scooped a pot but couldn't understand why.  I thought for sure it was a split yet the dealer was pushing all the chips to me.  "Half the pot is his because he has a better low!"  But he didn't.  Some of those hands weren't all that easy to read - and I am normally the one correcting everyone at the felt, not making mistakes.  I lost my last hand before heading to the tourney, when I flopped a top top straight and an open ended straight flush draw.  The 3rd heart hit on the river but gave someone else a higher flush which killed my straight.  Ugh.  I left ahead $6.  lol but I had fun.  The same lady who sold me my chips cashed me out and said "You've won enough for coffee, but not enough to get sugar with it."  lol 

5. I am officially no longer mad at Poker Grump.  He was just being himself and I took it too personally, and got offended and upset. <---understatement.  Luckily for him we are on opposite sides of the country.  Grump's a good friend.  Don't forget that he's the one who instigated me getting my free room at Borgata.  It's not that I don't appreciate him and love his blog, I do.  It's just that I'm Sicilian and tend to be passionate in both a good and bad way.   Which reminds me, I have to call Uncle Rocky and tell him to cancel sending the leg breakers to Vegas.  (I kid!)

6.  I met the nicest young man in Foxwoods yesterday, and I do mean nice and young.  Young kid....mebbe 27 years old, named Rob.  He was talking on the phone about his awesome magic kit that he was giving to someone.  I overheard a bit of that so when he hung up I had to say "You're going to do magic tricks?"  He explained that his friend had just passed away and he was giving the magic kit to the friend's son.  Ohhhhh! I gave my condolences obv.  He told me that his friend was 29 years old and had heart failure when he was sleeping.  Rob said his friend had had very bad sleep apnea and didn't know if that was part of the cause.  Sad stuff.  Then Rob, using a cane, limped away to get some cigarettes.   When he returned I was like "Why the cane dude?"  (I am sooo sensitive!) He reminded me of my dear friend Wolfie, except this was just a kid!  He said he played college football which ruined his hips and they took a bone out of his shin and put it in his hip.  He showed me the looooong scar from ankle to knee where they took that fucker out.  omg.  Anyway, I could tell he was in alot of pain, and asked him if he was doing physical therapy.  Doctors said he couldn't do therapy because it would wear his hip down quicker and they wanted it to last as long as possible.  Because of this he lost his job that he just got as a police officer - something he went to college for.  He said he couldn't pass any fitness tests now, and they got rid of him from dispatch.  Rob's from a black hole Western Mass, so I told him to get Mass Health insurance cuz his insurance premium is $600 per month and with disability he gets only $700 per month.  He can't get on Mass Health because they won't cover some of his pricey prescription meds.  Fuckers.  So I cheered him how only I can.  (get ur mind out of the gutters! I said he was a kid!)

I have oodles more to tell you but it's almost must sign off.  Note to self:  must tell you about the know it all fucker to my left at the omaha table.  OMFG.  He would not shut up.  He was explaining something to me for LITERALLY 15 minutes, even when I was in a hand.

I'll be back before it's time to open Christmas presents.

Play smart.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Here Fishy, Fishy!

Hello my dears,

Time to do a little fishing at Foxwoods, but that doesn't mean I'd leave you high and dry without a post!  First a little bidness, and then a little bit of fun.

Bidness is football and it ain't pretty.  I had such a bad week last week with all the upsets that I think I lost what little grasp I had on first place in my league and there's not enough time to make it up. This will be the first time in 4 years that I haven't won first place for the year. Fuuuuuuck.  The only slim chance of doing something significant is to go with a few longshots, which I have done.  I will go down fighting!  I like to keep my picks the same, both here in our little league and in the bigger league, so here we go. 

Baltimore 16, opponent Cleveland
Pats 15, opponent Miami
Green Bay 14, opponent Chicago
Tennessee 13, opponent Jacksonville
Dallas 12, opponent I dunno
New Orleans 11, opponent Atlanta
Washington 10, opponent Minn
Pittsburgh 9, opponent St. Louis
Detroit 8, opponent San Diego
Cinncy 7, opponent Ari
Tampa Bay 6, opponent Carolina
Houston 5, opponent Indy
KC 4, opponent Buffalo
Giants 3, opponent Jets
San Fran 2, opponent Seattle
Buffalo 1, opponent Denver

Blah.  Let's see if I can at least beat Jman.  That'd be something.

I promised Mr. Mojo Risin' a drinking story.  As an aside, I take exception to his name. 1.) A kid wants me to address him as Mr.? I don't think so.  2.) I already know a Mojo, a really nice one, so that name's out the window too.  But I digress....the drinking story:

 I was in Mexico (Cancun) with my sister and cousin Sara, and we were hitting some bars and then a club, so it was a night of alot of tequila.  This was quite awhile ago, by the way.  Tequila was pretty much free, they'd knock your head back and literally pour it down your throat and dance onto the next person.  So we met some guys...drinking and partying with them.  My sister was particularly interested in this one guy who we were hanging with; pretty boy and very good looking.  These guys ended up going to the club with us and my sister and he were dancing together...whatever, I wasn't really paying attention to them. (as an aside, I was VERY popular in mexico - I should probably move there, lol as I have alot of junk in the trunk.  Who knew how popular that is in Mexico.  Every fucking guy was on me like white on rice - I am saying this because it was UNUSUAL, and again MEXICO. Anyway, the guy tells my sis that he wants to sleep with her but she has to pay because he's a prostitute. I shiat you not and boy was she pissed off.  Later on I'm dancing and he joins me on the dance floor and would not leave me alone...and he tells me "YOU, I will fuck for free." LOLLLLLLLLLL I was like "Wow, lucky me".   We finally lose him and his buddies.....decide to go to the beach in like the wee hours of the morning....and THEN I decide I want to sunbathe at like I dunno 5 or 6 am (remember I was drunk Josie at this point) and I think I should take off my clothes because I think my bra and panties look just like a bikini anyway. They didn't. I woke up at like 11am on the beach in my underwear, in my sunbathing position. My gals were next to me, but they had clothes on and at this point the beach was full.  Awesome.  LOL Like I said that was a long time ago.

But enough about that.  There will be very little drinking today because I'm playing poker!  1-2NL and a nice little tourney.  Poker recap to follow.

Play smart and no sunbathing!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Plan

Alright Biatches!  Let's get back to poker, shall we?

I am hitting Foxwoods tomorrow and I mean hitting it hard.  The sucky thing is the only tournament that fits into my schedule is the 11am tournament that has a measley $120 entry.  Blah.  I guess beggars can't be choosers though.


There's also a 6pm deepstack tourney that has a $180 buyin but fuck that.  I need to get home at a decent time as I have so much more prep to do for Christmas.

Oh and I'm going solo on this excursion.  None of my poker boys can go.  Fuck'em I say!  Hoyazo, Gary and Waffles said no.  Yes, I was desperate enough to even ask Waffles.  :)  No, you guys don't get links because you said no to moi.  Very, very bad.  There is one other pussy GUY though and he's on vacation this week too.  I wonder if wants to meet me in Foxwoods!  Prolly too afraid to meet me in person, I think!  Oh Pokah Dave! you should go to Foxwoods on Thursday.  Your wife won't even notice you're not there!

I always like to have a friend in the poker room but don't get me wrong, I totally don't mind going alone and always have fun at the table.  Erm, maybe a little bit too much fun!

I'll be playing 1-2NL before and after the tournament.  Unless of course James Freakin' Woods is there again.  If that's the case, I'll be playing whatever he is.  I soooo want to be at his table.  Have I mentioned that I met and touched James Woods last time I was there?  lol Yeah, I probably did.  I turned into such a crazy lady stalker that I'm sure he remembers me.  Actually I'm sure the whole table and possibly the room remembers me.  What happens when I go there is soooo many people start chatting to me because they remember me from previous games because I do tend to be memorable.  The problem is I play with so many guys at the table there, they all kinda blend together in my memory and I remember no one.  Ugh.  Funny thing is I don't remember a lot of the guys, but I remember every significant hand.  Both winning and losing hands stay in my mind far too long as I relive them over and over again.

Okay Biatches, time to do some work.  Tune in Friday morning for a recap of what I hope is a profitable day.  Either that or it's gonna be a major bitch session. Stop by either way.

Ahem, on another note, have you noticed that I have 40 frickin' followers!  Yes, that's right, 40.  That's almost my age! lol Anyway, you always remember your 40th...and mine is JT88...the guy who's named after my favorite hand in NLHE, the mighty JT (jack ten).  Thank you baby!  I dunno why it took you so long to sign up, but better late than never!

Play smart, like me.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I got a lot of much needed sleep last night and woke up with intentions of writing a very funny story but plans have changed my friends.

I just read Tony's Latest Post and I'm too worried or upset to write about anything so frivolous.  I think many of his readers just see him as an interesting story, and not a person.  I see the person, who I was trying so very hard to steer away from a train wreck, but it didn't work.  In fact, the part that scares me the most is maybe I, with my good intentions, pushed him further off the cliff.  Maybe I put too much pressure on him to avoid the machines - too much pressure about something he is unable to control.  I need to shut the fuck up and stop giving out unsolicited advice, which most likely will not happen.  I cannot express how badly I feel about this.

I was only trying to help because sometimes when you're in the eye of the hurricane you don't have the entire picture, at least not as well as someone on the outside looking in.


I am sad.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Funny Shiat

Below is a hilarious clip of "The Real Housewives of South Boston".  Funny, funny stuff sent to me by a guy who used to blog.  Remember Miami Don? I'd link him up, but he took his blog down for the moment. He's alive and kicking and doing well in Florida.  Don was kind enough to send me holiday wishes and this clip. 

I'm hoping he sent it because I live in Boston and he knows I like funny shiat like this and not because one of these women reminded him of me!  Doh! LOL 

Play smart.


AFC East Champions!

That's right baby!  Even Tim Tebow couldn't stop Tom Terrific and The Patriots!  AFC East Champs, which means they're in a great position to gain a first round playoff bye or even home field advantage in the AFC.  Better even still because Houston lost to Carolina.  OMFG, there were some upsets yesterday.  It should be noted I had my WORST week of the season this week and it was the the first Sunday of the season I didn't see one game.  Conicidence?  Prolly not.  :) But still!

I was out all afternoon/early evening because my niece, nephew and great niece were in town!  I haven't seen them in years - so this was the best Christmas present of all.  Everyone looked great but I'm worried about my nephew.  :(  A sweet, wonderful and smart kid, but......I dunno.  He's not working, which would get anyone down.  He's always had a hard time focusing, and had been on medication for ADHD for years.  :(  I dunno.  If  you know me at all, you know I want to fly down to Florida, find him a job, and cook him dinner.  :)

Anyway, this is yet another poker-less post.  Bear with me though.  I've decided Christmas be damned (not really) and I'm going to Foxwoods this week to play in a tournament, so there will be a helluva poker post to come.

In the mean time, let me bore you with some photos!

Evan (Sugar Bear) after his concert.

My great niece, Leilani and me with baaad lighting.

The Menorah Tree - Seriously.  Did I not speak the truth?
Decorated Menorah Tree to come

Ohhh and in other exciting news,  I now have my 36th follower!  And speaking of menorahs, 36 is double hai! Thanks for following Cory!!! xoxoxo

Play me in Foxwoods this week!


Saturday, December 17, 2011


A post on Saturday? Practically unheard of!

Excuse the extreme close of my boss and me.  That was at last year's holiday party, and yes, we'd had a few too many at that point.  I totally forgot to charge my phone so I wasn't able to take any pictures yesterday, but plenty of other people were, so stay tuned.  I was sporting a black Bruins santa hat at yesterday's party.  No one seemed to see the bruins logo in front though and kept asking me if I was bad Santa. Heh.

The party was a big success even though it started out shaky.  I called the caterer at 9:30am to confirm the time of delivery which was 12:30.  She said "Oh yes, delivery between 12:15 and 12:30".  Perfect.  Except they arrived at 11:35am.  What.  The.  Fuck.  I kinda freaked out on the poor delivery guy, who was just doing his job, so I reigned it in and accepted it.  Keeping beef, fish and lamb on heaters is only going to overcook it and dry it out though!  :(  In the end, we started the party 15 minutes early and everyone raved about the food.....and the champagne.  We ended up with Veuve Clicquot (that's French!) and lord knows how much of it I drank.  I know I drank from 1pm to 5pm, and constantly had my glass refilled by the owner or his "drink elf" whenever it got to about half full.  So no idea how much that would be.  I do know that I have a head ache though! 

Secret Santa:  OMFG I finally got the gift!  A giant gelt chocolate coin about the size of a small plate (kosher!) some Toblerone(kosher!) a chanukah yo-yo, that lights up and sings dradle (sp?) songs and a fuzzy pair of antler ears to wear.  (recipient has to wear whatever he's given, and since i couldn't put a new yarmulke on his head antlers would have to do)  This all came with a note from Santa that said something like:

Dear Uri,

You've been a good boy this year so Santa wants to remind you of your Chankuah experiences as a child.  What, you didn't wear antlers for 8 nights?  Enjoy, from Santa.

Blah - kinda lame but whatever.  Here's the thing though.  We started opening gifts at 2:30pm, early so he could leave before sundown or sabbath or whatever, and we start calling him to open the gift, and he'd already left.  Biatch.  Didn't even say anything, just snuck out.  And the sun wasn't setting at 2:30!

Then the Secret Santa gift to me - Always a very scary thing.....It was a huge wrapped board with two envelopes attached.  The big board scared me because it could be.....anything.  So I open the first envelope and it says something like:
Josie, we have discovered your secret.  Unwrap large package to show everyone.
Uh, oh!

In my drunk state, I start thinking about what this could be and do not like the list that pops up.  At all.  Dear God, Let it not be the blog. Thank you. Amen.
It was a huge (larger than a large screen tv) poster board of me, holding a 254,000,000 check for winning megamillions with people all around me.  lol  It was actually my face photoshopped on whoever actually won it.  Very well done too.  Except.....I don't know where that picture of me came from but it was ooooooold.  At least 6 or 7 years old because my hair in the photo is BLONDE.  ugh.  I'd forgotten I went through that stage.  Some people aren't meant to be blonde and I'm one of them.  I looked like one of those overly blonded hispanic women...and in the picture my mouth is WIDE open, like....well, like a blow up doll.  I shiat you not.  I suppose they were going with the shocked look that I won the money, or perhaps just for laughs.  Like I said, I don't remember THAT photo. People kept coming up to look at it saying "But that's not a picture of you!". 

"Um, yeah it is. I was blonde for a little while". 


"Look at the eyes, not the mouth or hair."

Plus, I got (2) $5 scratch ticketss.  Ugh.  I fucking hate scratch tickets.  People assume because I play poker I like shiat like that.  I pay enough in fucking taxes and feel no need to give any more money to the Commonwealth of Mass.  Scratch tickets are another sucker game.  I'm sure I mentioned playing in my poker league where the knockout bounty is a $5 scratch ticket.  One night I ended up with 7 of those fucking pieces of cardboard and won nothing.  I always bitch and moan about the shitty bounty so when I knocked one guy out he said 'I think I have a lucky ticket but since you don't like them, how bout I give you $5 and keep my ticket?"

"Hells, yes!"
He won NOTHING.  But I digress.  I was talking about the holiday party.  Everyone had a great time, Evan, my Sugar Bear got ONE vote for cutest baby so he didn't win.  *sob*  You couldn't vote for your own photo or he would've gotten 2 votes.  Maybe.  :)  My vote went to the winner who was the most ADORABLE little asian girl who was about 4 years old. 

Holiday season is bad for my poker playing.  No effing time.  I have so much crapola yet to do but I feel like I haven't played poker in forever.  I'm going to take a day off mid week....most likely Wednesday.  I could do some last minute baking, cooking prep and present wrapping, OR I could go to Foxwoods and jam all the other shiat into Friday, which I also have off.

I'm thinking the latter. :)

Btw, here's some good news/bad news.  I now have 34 followers!  Woot!  Come follow me - the best is yet to be!  Okay, that's the good news.  The bad news is the name of the new follower is Derek Jeter. Grrrrrrrr Someone is Bad.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Mama's Drunky!

Holiday party was today and i am soooo effing drunk.  leaving office soon, and supposedly going to bar to drink more.

here's hoping i gget home later in one or more pieces.  :)

the party was a big success and um, i'll tellya all about it when imma soberish.

tata for now.

drunk as skik - i9 mean skunk.

Beyond Reality TV

Have I mentioned that I like reality TV?  :)  Well, I do.  I watch the Real Houswives of New Jersey (love it!) although I don't dig those Atlanta and West Coast wives.  meh.  My fave reality shows though, are the competitive ones like Top Chef and Survivor.  Anyway, I recently stumbled on a "new to me" poker blog that feels like reality TV mixed with poker and blogging.  Sign me up! (to read it, not live it)

The blogger is a grinder who lives in Vegas and is trying to build up his bankroll and just quite frankly, survive, living out of rooms at the IP or wherever, as he has to move every five days or so.  Imagine living out of a hotel room long term.  Doing laundry or getting a haircut isn't as matter of fact when you're living out of the IP.

So of course the blog is about his trials and tribulations at the poker table (which I obv love) but it's also about his personal struggles.  He's autistic, he's trying to find a girl friend, he seems quite afraid of being robbed, oh and I think personal hygiene might fall into this category as well.  :)  Honesty is very fascinating to me.

When I started reading (mebbe a week and a half ago) Tony, had a bankroll of $9,800, and he wrote about how he was too afraid (I don't know that "afraid" is necessarily the right word, apprehensive maybe) to move up to $2-5 NL as well as to play any tournaments in the $200 range.  "Really?" I thought.  "With that kind of bankroll?"  Obv, I had to leave my two cents a comment.  I couldn't conceive of how a person with a roll of $9,800 would think that way.  My bankroll is considerably less, which I think I told him.  Anyway, the $9,800 wasn't just his poker bankroll, but his entire net worth.  Ohhhhhhhhhh.  I keep my poker bank roll absolutely separate from everything else.

Unfortunately, he's now down to $6,600 according to his blog, TBC's Blog About Grinding blah blah blah and according to his tweets he may be down to $5,500 now.  He lost the lion's share of this playing what I think is video black jack.  OMFG Yep, those machines, which he thinks/thought he could beat.  I detest any kind of machines, whether they are slots/black jack whatever.  They are designed for the house, not for the player!  You can rest assured I gave him my opinion about playing machines.  Erm, I dunno if I should've.

That's when he replied saying maybe he should move from Vegas to the East Coast so we could hang out and play poker. (!)  Uh, oh!  (Hi Duggle!)

And then the comment after that was "I can fix you up with that blogger babe" or some shiat like that, written by my BFF Lightning36.  The biatch!  The stalker biatch is more like it.  I swear he hunts me down and finds me. And yes Lighting, I'm saving all your texts to show the police for the restraining order.  :)

I am anxiously awaiting the next installment on Tony's blog.  I so hope he's won a little money back, or at least hasn't busted.  I think he's quite tilty at the moment, which makes for an interesting blog, but I'd rather him have a boring one and a big bank roll.

Play smart Tony!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Recap

I spent 2 1/2 hrs at the high school last night for another Christmas concert, one which I was struggling to stay awake through.  It was too warm and too long. Not only was the high school band performing but also the chorus, some sort of barber shop quartets, some old guy (!) that was singing in the chorus and then was granted a solo.  Not only that but the old lady music director says that she's in a new group and they're having their competition soon so they'll be up next. OMFG.  Seriously. 

I assume Sugar Bear did great, but I couldn't see him as he was without a doubt the shortest "high schooler" in the crowd.  I never saw him and he never saw me, unlike the night before.  Darn it!  I didn't even take any photos.

Holiday party is tomorrow and I still have to get a Secret Santa gift, a gift card, decorations and 30 champagne flutes.  Ohhhh and did I tell you the receptionist extraordinare is leaving?  Yep.  So we're doing a slide show of her through the years of holiday parties.  Lord help us.  This was totally not my idea.  A couple of associates came up the other day and approached me with the idea, saying they had so many pictures of her from past holiday parties and what did I think. They didn't really want to know what I thought, so much as wanted me to do their dirty work.

"Isn't that a great idea.  Could you make sure it's okay with the owner?"

"Why me?"

"He likes you!"

Ugh.  I have a feeling these are going to be very crazy pictures of an inebriated receptionist but I did as I was asked, letting him know that I wasn't putting this together.  He said it was fine and thanked me for telling him.  "I don't like surprises".  And then *somehow* the conversation turned to sex.  I swear it wasn't me!  I don't wanna kill a 79 yr old guy with a heart condition!

*half hour later*  My boss Al stops by and says that he went into the owner's office and he had a big smile on his face so he asked him why.  His response was "Because Josie just stopped by."

See that?  I bring cheer whereever I go! (especially if you are giving me a large holiday gift, like him)

Okay, enough chit chat.  There are two important things you need to know if you are reading this blog.

1. I am soooo jonesing to play poker.  Fuck but I want to play a game.  Reading about poker just makes me want to play even more.  I'm gonna have to do something about this.

2. My Football Picks!  You need to know what they are!

Atlanta/Jacksonville - Atlanta 15
Dallas/TB - Dallas 12 (I like the crazy looking cowboys coach)
Giants/Wash - Giants 14
GB/KC - GB 16 (my picky on lucki duck's thingy)
NO/Minn - NO 13
Chic/Seattle - Seattle 2
Buff/Miami - Buff 1
Hous/Car - Houston 10
Tenn/Indy - Tennessee 11 (you're the only ten I see!)
Cincy/StL - Cincy 7
Det/Oak - Det 5
NE/Denv - NE 9 (No, I don't give a crap about Tibow and Denver being at home)
Eagles/Jets - Jets! 3 (oy vey, what a choice!)
Ari/Cleve- Ari 8
Baltimore/SD - Balt 6
SF/Pitts - SF 4 (almost went with the steelers here - still think i should've)

And here's that UK guy's picks.  I have TOTALLY underestimated him.  Plus he's so nice and sweet to me...unlike SOME PEOPLE. <--- was gonna put a link here, but there were too many to choose from.  So since he's so nice and sweet, he must be beaten, which I will do this weekend.

Mama's on the hunt for a poker game.  Lock up your money and

Play smart.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And I'd like to stay that way

I was thinking, that I might write today
Just to disprove, all the things that YOU say
It doesn't take a talent to be MEAN

Your words can crush things that are unseen
So please be careful with me, I'm sensitive
And I'd like to stay that way

YOU always tell me that it's impossible
To be respected, in this blogger world
Why's it gotta be so complicated
Why you gotta tell me if I'm hated
So please be careful with me, I'm sensitive
And I'd like to stay that way

I have this theory, that if we're told we're bad
Then that's the only, idea we'll ever have
'Cause anyone rude can start a conflict
it's harder yet to disregard it
I'd rather see the world from another angle
Don't you know I'm an everyday angel
Be careful with me 'cause I'd like to stay that way

Day Off

On strike!

I'm posting to tell you that I am not posting today.  :)  I'm taking the day off.....from posting, not from work.

But before I go....

Last night was Evan's middle school Christmas concert, which was grades 6,7, & 8.  Oh my aching ears....except for Evan of course.  Sugar Bear had a small solo and was perfecto!  Tonight is his high school concert.  Yep, two nights in a row.  And then Monday night is his Jazz band concert.  That's three, help me Jesus.  The jazz band concert is supposed to have a "coffee house" feel, so they're serving refreshments.  Mybe that's cuz there are only 6-8 peeps in the jazz band.

I took pictures last night of Evan on stage. (i also got a picture of our menorah christmas tree)  I'll take more photos of my baby tonight and post them all by the weekend.  Yes, pictures of my baby boy...exciting, huh?

Okay, NOW I'm not posting today.  :)

Take care,


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!

Our holiday party is Friday and I'm freaking out a bit.  I still don't have my Secret Santa gift which is totally unlike me. For Secret Santa, you pick a name out of a hat and buy a gift for whoever you picked.  Gift must be $10 value and should be creative, funny, and a bit humiliating is always nice.  :)  Also, whatever you get, you must use right there.  If it's booze, open up and drink.  If it's an article of clothing, you must wear it.  etc.  In the past, Adam got a spiked dog collars (which he had to wear) because at the time he was an architect's bitch.  The receptionist got a sombrero, with a dozen wine glasses hanging from get the idea.

I picked this guy....Uri, who is Jewish and he's not the average kind of Jewish.  He's the type who has to be home by sun down on Fridays.  He can't use the phone during sabbath, and he certainly has never eaten a morsel of food in the office that he didn't bring from home.  Not even something like salad.  Oh and he wears a plain black yarmulke every day, much like the photo above.

I thought, what if I got him a fancy yarmulke? I've often seen them in different colors and even embroidered, like the ones below.  Hmmm I love a bit of bling and pizazz!


The thing is, I didn't want him to think I was making fun of his religion.  I'm trying to be more least I'm trying, right?  My boss is Jewish and by boss, I mean the guy in charge of finance.  The owner is also Jewish, but I didn't go to him, I went to the boss.  I told him my idea and he thought it was great and def not insulting.  In fact, he says to me, his temple sells Red Sox and Patriots yarmulkes.  Ooooo I thought.  Perfect!


Okay, so I felt like I was all set with my Secret Santa gift.  The boss said he'd pick the thingy up for me, plus I had a musical, glowing chanukah yo-yo to go with it.  Perfect!

Except....on Monday the owner (also Jewish) stopped by to hear about the menu and chat...blah blah blah.  To make small talk, I mention my Secret Santa gift and he's HORRIFIED and says it's a baaad idea.

"But Al said it was a good idea and he's Jewish".

"Does he seem particularly sensitive to you?  Do you think he has good manners?"

"erm, no....."

"I suggest you don't do this." (which really means I better fucking not)

So my idea is out the window.  Besides, the boss wouldn't pick up the thingy because it cost $16 and the limit is $10.  I was like "That doesn't matter.  I've never stayed within the limit." Obviously, he does though, because he didn't get it, which is just as well.

Now all I have is that yo-yo and a chanukah gift bag.  OMFG I need an idea very badly, otherwise I'm getting him a pen.  Yes, a pen, the world's most boring gift.

Help me!


I Guess It's Okay Tuesday :)

Listen, Little Monsters, It's Okay Tuesday.  That means I may be getting some visitors from Airing My Dirty Laundry, so I expect you all to be on your best behavior in the comments.  I'm looking at YOU Waffles!

Let's see, what is there to be okay about?

It's Okay.....

That when I checked the stats on my blog visitors the stats went through the roof.  A huge spike like that can only mean....POKER GRUMP!  Uh, oh!  He only posts bad shit (cannot swear on Tuesdays in case I get visitors!) stuff about me, so I got a feeling of dread in my belly.  Yep, sure enough he has a post about how incredibly badly I messed up my math geeks post.  And um, I get paid to do math for a living.  I dunno if this is actually okay, but there you are.  Grumpy, someday I want a post on your blog about something positive, like "My pal Very Josie has an awesome new haircut.  Go check it out."

Which reminds me...It's Okay....

That I cut my hair myself Sunday night.  Oh yes, I did.  In addition to my awesome math skills, I have haircutting skills.  I am, in fact, a beauty school drop out, but that was a looooooong time ago.  Even still, hair stylists don't cut their own hair.  And now I know why.  The left side is a wee bit shorter than the right.  And I put layers in it, which made it all puff up so I'm kinda sporting a 'fro.  Again, I don't know that this is actually okay.

It's Okay...

That report cards went out yesterday but I still haven't seen Evan's.  Why?  Because the city is doing something new and new = suck.  (suck is not a swear!)  Instead of sending home hard copies with the kids, they are posting them on this 3rd person website, which I used to have the password for.  I signed up for this thing where the website emails me if Sugar Bear gets a grade below 75, so I haven't had a need to visit the website myself.  Till now.  And I can't find the password.  Maybe this isn't okay either.

It's Okay...

That I beat Waffles again in football, by one point.  I actually messed up posting my picks here on the blog.  I really need to reread what I write here before I post.  Anyway, when I posted the picks here, I bolded two teams incorrectly, so even though I did shitty below par here (yes beating waffles is still, below par) I came in 2nd place in the larger league, tied for second for the week with the ytd leader.  I made up some points, but need a truckload more.  Waffles' son has beaten me again.  OMFG and he still would've beaten me even if I posted correctly.  Damn, that kid needs to join my league next year.

It's Okay...

That we have the world's ugliest Christmas tree.  Why?  Because it's not decorated yet and I'm hoping alot of sparkle will cover up the bare branches.  Oh and because Sugar Bear cut it down himself.  Ugh.  I mean ug-ly.  Of course pictures will be coming.  The worst part is the top of the tree.  The branches are sticking straight up instead of perpendicular, and they sort of form a menorah of branches.  <--- at least that's what Sugar Bear said.  You can see for yourself soon enough.

It's Okay...

That I want to send out a quick hello to a nice OLD man, who I hope is still reading.  Yes, I said "old" but I also said "nice" so I'm not talking to you Ken!  This guy may be old, but surely doesn't look it with his hot "i work out every day" body.  Ugh.  I try and then I stop.  This guy told me that physical fitness helps with mental fitness at the poker table though, so I'm going to start up again, even though I had chocolate for breakfast yesterday.  Totally not my fault!  Damn people keep sending chocolate to the office for the holidays and someone has to eat it.  I'm doing my civic duty!  Anyway, "Hi! Old Bald Fit Guy!"

Play smart.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Math Geeks = Poker Winners Part I

Most of you know what a respectable starting hand is in Texas Holdem; two high cards, pocket pairs or suited connectors. These are great starting hands preflop but what you do with these cards after the flop makes all the difference. Many factors go into determining your play post flop, post turn and of course on the river. Today’s post will discuss the mathematical side of poker. Calculating odds gives you information that will help you determine whether or not to continue with a hand, and remember, information is power! Making decisions based on mathematical odds will be lucrative long term. Whether I’m playing either an MTT or a cash game, once a flop hits I automatically calculate the odds of hitting my hand. It’s become second nature to me and soon enough it will be like second nature to you too. Why? Because it’s so easy to do! I’m an accountant and business manager so without a doubt I am a numbers person but you do not need to be one to become proficient at this. Let’s look at a series of examples of how to calculate your odds both post flop and turn.

I’m holding a KQ of spades. The flop comes ace of spades, 10 of hearts and 2 of spades. I have a nut flush draw and an inside straight draw. What are the odds that I hit one of these great hands? Hmmm…First thing to do is to count how many cards are out there that will complete my hand. 4 spades are showing, so there are 9 left that will give me a flush; 9. There are 4 jacks in this deck that will give me a straight; 4. Nine plus four is thirteen. Surely you don’t need to be an accountant to figure that out. There are 13 cards that will give me a big and most likely winning hand. To determine the odds of hitting one of these cards on the turn you take your 13 outs and multiply that by four. 13 times 4 is 52. I have a 52% chance of hitting my winning hand on the turn. If I do not get my card on the turn, it’s time to calculate the odds of hitting it on the river. You take those same 13 outs and this time multiply them by 2. 13 times 2 is 26. I have a 26% chance of hitting my hand on the river. I can use this information to decide if I want to proceed and invest money in this hand. Remember, information is power!

Let’s look at another example. I have J-J, which is definitely okay. The flop is 4-4-8 rainbow (all different suits). I have an over pair and I’ll come out betting here. The question is, what are the odds of improving my great hand. Any jack or four will give me a full house, and there are two jacks and two fours left. I have 4 outs. Four times four is 16. I have a 16% chance of hitting a full house on the turn and since four times two is eight, I have an 8% chance of hitting that full house on the river.

Finally, the small suited connector. We’re playing with the two and three of hearts. The flop is 4 of spades, 5 of hearts and Q of clubs. Right now I have an open ended straight draw and there are 8 cards in the deck that will give me a straight. After the flop I take the number of cards out there that will help me (8) and multiply that by 4 to get 32. There’s a 32% chance I will hit my straight on the turn. Alas, the turn is a king of hearts. In addition to my open ended straight draw, I also have a flush draw. Now there are 15 cards in the deck that I want. If one of them hits on the river, I’ll have either a straight or a flush. 15x2=30. I now have a 30% chance to hit one of my hands.

By making these easy calculations you’ll know what percent of the time you’ll hit your hand and what percent of the time you won’t. You can use this information to make informed decisions about your game but this is just one piece of the puzzle. Part II of the Math Geeks post will focus on calculating pot odds. Once you are able to calculate both your hand odds and your pot odds, it will be much easier to make decisions about whether or not to continue on with a hand. Long term you’ll win far more pots than you lose when you go with mathematical odds. The combination is pretty much unbeatable over a period of time. You may lose a hand here and there as there's no getting around that, but with consistency you’ll win more than u lose.

Play smart and stayed tuned for Part Two.



Sunday, December 11, 2011

Guess who's coming to town?

Ah, never mind.  You'd never guess correctly.  My niece and nephew are coming in for a quick visit!  Yippee! Have I not mentioned them before?

They are the son and daughter of my brother who passed away.  I haven't seem them in at least five years.  They moved to Florida with their mother and then my niece Gina had a baby...who is the most frigging adorable little girl evar! (yes duggle, i *know* how to really spell ever so do not send me an email)

Okay, these photos are about 5 years old but here they are:

That's my girl Gina at about 15-16 yrs old.  She's 22 now

My boy Joe C. 
(yes, that's really his frigging name)

Other than Evan, these are the most special kids in the world to me.  Before they moved away from Brockton (ugh south shore) they would spend two weekends a month at our house.  They just loved it and so did we.

Notice Joe is wearing a red sox shirt?  Once....just once...he showed up at my house for the weekend wearing a yankees hat, knowing how I felt about them.  I told him that hat was not spending the weekend in my house and it didn't.  It stayed on a shelf outside in the backyard until he left.  Heh.  I'm a crazy auntie. 

I just went on Gina's facebook page and stole a couple of current photos.

Recent picture of Gina

This scares me (!)
Baby daddy and Gina

Scared or not, I cannot wait to get my arms around my little babies.

Go Pats!


Friday, December 9, 2011

It's All Relative

Well I had a nice visit with my uncles and aunts yesterday, and boy do I feel young now!  :)  Either that or they've gotten quite old.  Actually, my Auntie Louise gave me a few backhanded comments about getting old. Here's the first one: "Sweetie, we're all getting old.  Even you, I see."

Awww, thanks Auntie!  The last time I saw Auntie Louise and Uncle Rocky was at their 50th wedding anniversary, so the second thing she says to me is "Dolly, we have some beautiful pictures of you from our anniversary.  What a pretty blue dress you were wearing."

"Thanks, Auntie."

"You looked so pretty Uncle Rocky didn't even recognize you.  He didn't know who you were.  It didn't look like you.  You looked like you're in your thirties.  In the picture, of course."


Actually Gary and Wifey Tootsie met Auntie Louise at my dad's funeral.  I doubt Gary would remember her but I bet Tootsie does.  She's quite a character, with her hot pink lipstick and bright blue eyeshadow.  (dear god, please don't let me turn into auntie louise.  thank you. amen.)

Auntie Louise is the only one of the bunch who wasn't born in Sicily so she's the only one who spoke entirely in English.  The others would start a sentence in English and finish it in Sicilian, and I do mean Sicilian, not Italian.  The Sicilian dialect is similar to Italian yet quite different.  I took Italian for 5 years in school so I can follow along, plus I grew up with the half and half conversations so it was no prob.

It was no prob until the conversation turned to "blacks and puerto ricans" and abortion.  omg.  I was kinda following along (kinda) when Uncle Rocky turned to me and asked me what I thought of the l'abortion.  Ut oh.  Uncle Rocky is uber Catholic and a deacon in his church, so I don't know that he'd really appreciate my view.


"Ya, whaddaya think!"

"Well, I'd never have one Uncle Rocky, but the service should be there for women who choose that.  If it's illegal women will find a way to get one and it'll be unregulated and dangerous...blah blah blah".

"I meana whaddaya think about la insuranca quando pay for it. that's a not right, eh?"

"Ohhhhhh. yeah, that's not right." (if i'm paying for insurance, of course it's right, but who cares)

Luckily Auntie Louis shifted the conversation to Dancing With The Stars, which is solid ground for me.

"Sweetheart, did you watch that Kardashian on dancing with the stars?  What a handsome boy."

Auntie Louise also told me that Chelsea Clinton is getting divorced because her husband is a playboy.  According to Auntie Louise it's all Chelsea's fault because he was a playboy before they got married so she should've known better.

"They don't change Jo!" She said, giving Uncle Rocky a glaring look.

I had no idea Chelsea and her hubby were splitting.  I actually googled it last night and couldn't find much info about it but that doesn't matter.  Auntie Louise knows!

In other relatives news, Sugar Bear is home sick.  :( Ergo, I'm leaving work as early as possible today, once I get some shiat done.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

What, it's Sunday?

No, it isn't Sunday, but it's Thursday in December and that means....FOOTBALL!  Woot!

The commissioner of my league on sent the following message to all the players:

Only 4 more weeks to strike paydirt, so the game clock is ticking down! Josie is uncomfortably high in the overall standings, so let's all work on fixing that, eh!?

I am totally within striking distance.  I am 45 points behind first place, which is totally alot but not impossible, with 4 weeks left.

Okay below are my picks.  The British Chap (Zeb) hsn't submitted his picks yet, so he better stop reading now if he knows what's good for him.

For this week, I'll give you the entire matchup and put my picks in BOLD.

Baltimore-Indy  16
Pittsburgh-Cleveland 15
GB-Oak 14
New England-Wash 13
Detroit-Minn 12
Jets-KC Chiefs 11
Dallas-Giants 10
Denver-Chicago 9
Miami-Philly 8
Cinncy-Hou 7
SF-Arizona 6
New Orleans-Tenn 5
Jacksonville -TB 4
SD-Buffalo 3
Carolina-Atlanta 2
Seattle-St Louis 1

As far as Lucky Duck's pool goes....I just submitted my pick.  Waffles told me who to choose, and then I went with another team.  :)  I can't help it, it's in my nature.  Let's just hope my team wins.

I'm leaving work a tiny bit early today because my aunts and uncles are visiting my mom so I told her I'd go too, to give her a hand and whatnot.  Besides, it's always good to see Uncle Rocky, Auntie Louise, Uncle Phil and Auntie Teresa.  The last two are my god parents.

So my mom was thrilled when I told her I'd be over by 2pm but then she was like.  Is leaving early going to cost you money?  Um, no.  Do you have to use your vacation?  Um, no.  I'm on salary (as I've probably told her 638 times.  I think she likes to be reassured)  Oh, then can you come here earlier?  Um, no!

That was pretty much our convesation.  That and she yelled at me to NOT bring any Italian pastries or cookies from the North End.  "Your uncle can't eat that stuff anymore!"

Ah, but I think he can.  I'm sooo bringing amaretti.  The bakeries in the North End are really authentic Italian, unlike any bakeries in the suburbs where they all live so it'll be a big treat for them.  That and seeing, me of course.  :)