Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Results......

Booya baby!  7 Donkeys vs. 4 awesome Fish; who do you think outlasted, outplayed, outwitted?  Team Fish, that's who!  There were 33 players for The Mookie and 15 players for The Very Josie.  I didn't last too long in The VJ so let's do a quick recap of that.  Waffles, Wolfie and Racer kept trading the chip lead back and forth for alot of the game.  Jordan was out early - felted by KeepFlopping, who thought he was getting a bounty, but nope.  The Jordan bounty was only for The Mookie.  More on that in a bit.

Here is where I lost alot of chips, when I had 2pair, aces over, but you'll see the villian has my fave hand, J-10.  Now supposedly Hoy had A-9 here and folded his top 2 pair to my aggressive betting.  Unfortunately, Rambler did not.

Final hand of The Very Josie.  Waffles (Maniac) was the chip leader but SmBoatDrinks creeped up on him and took him out here.  GG Boaty!  I'm shipping you a tshirt post haste - I'll be in touch for your address.  Ooooo now I'll know where u live.  Trouble! 

Waffles played better than I've seen him play in a long time.  Now the reason for this was.......

Wait for it........................................

Remember, it's Waffles..............................................

Anger!  That's why he played The VJ so well.  He wanted to take out cemfrmd (or something like that) and he did!

Thank you all for coming out to play tonight.  I feared I'd be playing a heads up game because Donkey Island was going on.  Thanks JT88Keys - Great playing tonight.  Very impressive playing in The Mookie.  Not bad for a guy. :)  I think I took your ass out though, didn't I?  Hmmm mebbe not.

Okay now The Mookie!  Immunity Bounty on Hoy and $20 bounty on Heff.  I chipped up early when I took out Kat, who jammed with a nut flush draw.  I had tptk and it held up.  Whew. 

I played a little more cautiously last night that usual and it seemed to pay off.  I still lost a few key hands that hurt.  I got AA 5 times last night.  Lost half my stack with it once, when someone rivered a 2 pair, but it was my bad for limping with it.  Had I bet it correctly 6-9 wouldn't have beaten me.  I got some small pots with the other AAs so I can't complain about that.

Here's what I can complain about.  Check out the hand below.  Jordan raises  to 1200 in early position and me with KK reraise to 4,500.  He jams all in with his 6-6 and I instacall.  All this happened preflop, mind you.

Now who calls a big reraise like that with 6-6?  The same guy who flops a full house.  Ugh.  Do not pass GO, and give Jordan half ur chips.

In the end, Hoyazo took out HeffMike and got a $21 bounty.  I upped it a buck to prove I'm not cheap.  :)  I don't remember who took out Jordan.  Fuck, I'm tired....I'm guessing Joanne.  It was down to me, Hoy, Joanne, and iaatg for quite a while.  Now even though I didn't need the immunity bounty on Hoyazo, I really wanted to win it anyway, which means taking his ass out of course.  Hoy was the chip leader and slowly I chipped up bit by bit till I had more than him, but in the end, my teammate Iaatg got it done instead of me dammit.  One of these days Hoyazo!

Then Joanne was out 3rd and it was down to me and iaatg, who played great tonight.  Played the short stack well and hung on to turn into the chip leader.  Well Done. 

Anyway, down to Turtle and me and I flop 2 pair while he flops open ended straigt flush draw.  Great, huh? He hits his straight on the turn, jams all in and I call.  I start calling for a full house on the river but it was not to be. 

2nd place!  All the sexy people won 2nd place last night!

Team Fish made a statement last night - we perserved and showed what outplaying is all about.  I cannot tell you how many times Jordan got in with the worst hand and hit card after card. 

Speaking of Jordan...........

He got voted off Donkey Island last night.  I guess Goat and Kat are not high on poker.  Hmmmmm  Should make for an interesting Sunday night game.

Hoy's demise

Results - GG SmBoatDrinks - Very Josie winner!

Special thanks to Hoy for keeping me on track last night.  I think he even yelled at me in the latter half!

Play smart.



JT88Keys said...

You definitely put the hurt on my stack, but didn't eliminate me. I raised with AQ suited. You shoved with 99. I hit a flush draw on the flop so I had 15 outs, but then you hit your set on the turn and I didn't catch any of my remaining 8 outs on the river. That put me from like 7500 down to 2500. (I shouldn't have called a raise that big with a drawing hand. I knew better...)

I'm pretty sure either Jordan or Hoy knocked me out....can't remember for sure. They raised preflop with AQ off. I shoved my last 2250 or so with QQ. They called and hit their ace on the flop and GG JT.

Josie said...

That's right - I doubled up with the 9-9. Damn I'm tired!

CEMfromMD said...

Like how you left out who actually knocked you out of your own tournament......

Josie said...

CEM Baby, I'm assuming you did. Forgive me, but I was/am all stuffed up, tired, 2 games going on and more chatting than you'd imagine.

That's why this post was so badly written.

Thanks for playing!