Thursday, March 31, 2011

Final Two Baby!

SmBoatDrinks and Very Josie heads up

Perhaps the title is a spoiler.  Hmmmmm There were 30something peeps that came to play the all important Dank game tonight.  There were alot of familiar faces.  I'm not a "glass is half empty" kind of gal but I couldn't help looking at the field and thinking they were all out to stop me from my goal and effect the Survive Donkey Island game.  Of course my worst fear was realized when Poker Grump was seated to my left at my first table.  Fawk!  I mean really?  Same spot 2 games in a row?  My fears were for nothing though as he was actually a nonfactor in my night.  ;) 

I doubled up early when I called a min raise with Q-J and flopped broadway.  Nice!  I bet and got a call.  Turn was a non card, once again bet and call.  River was a 2.  Just to be tricky I check and he makes a good sized bet.  I have the nuts so I jam all in.  Considering the fact that everyone knows what I have on the line, I think jamming so early in the game was a bad idea.  Who'd call that?  Yet this guy, (and i have no idea who he was) called me with A-2, 2 pair.  :) 

Soon enough Grump was gone and replaced by Skiddoo.  He was thrilled to see me.  :)  He should've been as I doubled him up.  :(  I had A-Q so I called him preflop raise.  Flop was A-10-x rainbow.  He bets kinda big and I call.  Same for the turn.  Now I have the sinking feeling I don't have the best hand yet I stick with him to the river to see he had pocket 10s and flopped trips.  Boooo

My nice big lead is gone but I buckled down and played premium hands only.  I obv kept my eye on Muhctim and Boat's stack and was happy to see Muhctim was the shortie.  But man he was the shortie for evah!  The guy wouldn't play a hand.  Finally he jammed with 9-9 got called by 2 overs that hit the flop and he was out. I dunno who did it, but he got an $11 bounty courtesy of smBoatDrinks.

It was down to me and Boat!  Just how I'd hoped it would be.  I was sure Boat would take me with him to the final two, and yet.....Hoy's post was stuck in my mind.  What if Boat thought he was better off up against Muhctim?  I trusted him, yet I really wanted to win last longest and secure my spot.

And I did!!!

I lasted longer than Boat, and ended up out 10th.  Blah.  Once I knew I was in the fnal two I tried to double up and it was gg Very Josie.

So I got to pick who I would go up against in Final Two.  Hmmmm There was really no question in my mind. SmBoatDrinks was the only one who didn't backstab me.  I had suspicions midway through the game but we'll get to that when this is all over.  I did/do think that maybe I'd have a better chance up against Muhctim but that's okay; I'll take my chances.

Final Two!!!!  Either ME or Boat will be Season 1 winner of Survivor Poker!  Sunday night's game is another big one.  Here's how I think it works.  Whichever of us lasts longer gets 40% of the prize pool.  The other 60% as well as the title of Survivor, goes to whoever gets the most votes from their teammates.  16 peeps vote for a winner.....preferrably a female winner.  :)

Oh you'll notice that SmBoatDrinks has now been added to the blog roll to the right. ------>

I was waiting to do that just in case he threw me under the bus, but he hasn't.  Boat and I have been steady as a rock for this entire series.  I know I'm naive but I do think that if Boat won immunity tonight, it would still be the two of us heads up.

I cannot believe I made it this far.  I avoided so many landmines, so many people out to get me.  Did I get nicked a few times?  Sure, but I will survive!

Oh there's one more thing.  All of the 16 contestants that will be voting for the winner get to ask Boat and me a question, which apparently will help them decide how to vote.  Questions can be submitted to Buddy who will be reading them on BDR.  Stay tuned for when.  Ugh. 

GG Boaty thus far.  Now the gloves are coming off.  You've been basking in the Very Josie sunshine for this whole series but the forecast is showing clouds in Vermont for Sunday.  :)



Gary said...

The gentleman through whom you doubled up made two critical mistakes: one, playing that wicked A-2, it's never a winner. Two, never go in against a Sicilian, when DEATH is on the line!

Josie said...

Um thank you? Grump used the princess bride quote earlier today btw. See blog roll ---->

Anonymous said...

Wow, another example of supposed poker bloggers spanking one out to the new chick on the block.

Carmen, LJ, CK, and now Joe C.

No offense but if these idiots voted better than they play poker, which they don't, well it would be a totally different game.

Enjoy the ride, until the next new female blogger takes over the Spank Meter.

In the meantime win the first title.

Josie said...

Um thank you? lol

Don, there was alot more to it than that!

lightning36 said...

Donnie is on a rolllllllllll ...

Despite the warnings of myself, Wolfshead, Ken P, and others, the male participants appear to have fallen under the mighty spell of Joe C.

Congrats on making it to the final two. 40% or 60% or 100% -- pretty dang nice!

Josie said...

Lightng, as I mentioned to Donnie, there was so much more to it than that. I did not just luck into this, but played the game hard.

Oh and 100% is what I'm shooting for.

jamyhawk said...

Congrats on final 2. I hope you get some questions Sunday night that make you squirm....

I'm still on the fence by the way.


Josie said...

Jamy baby, you're on the fence!! That's awesome! Have I mentioned how much I admire you poker skills? We'll talk for sho!

And I know the questions will make me squirm. Vote Josie FTW

Heffmike said...

I really don't know why anyone is at all surprised by this. A bunch of us "idiot" poker bloggers targeted VJ as dangerous from the get-go in this type of competition, chick or not.

LOL at anything that puts those four women in the same sentence just because they share the same equipment.

Did VJ play great poker for 14 tourneys? I'm sure even she would just give herself an average grade.

Did VJ play great Survivor Poker for 14 tourneys? Obviously. Make a key move here and there, flip a vote or two in crucial spots, and voila!

Well played.

Josie said...

HeffMike - a voice of reason! I agree with you 100% entirely and not just because i'd love a vote from you. :)

I think you have a better/more accurate view of the situation because you were embedded in it. I soo agree to say that I won cuz i'm a woman is way off base.

TY for your comment. It means alot to me.