Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What day is it?

It's 3am and I'm wide awake.  Why, you ask?  Because this Survive Donkey Island stuff is kicking my butt.  I was dragging all Monday after getting not quite 5 hrs sleep Sunday night.  And just to make life interesting, I had to be in work at 7:30am on Monday.  Good times.  Plus I was in meetings for half the day, which is draining.

So because I was tired, and because Dancing With The Stars was on, I decided to watch it in bed.  Mmmmm except I think I only saw one dance and it was good night!  I must've fallen asleep at 8:15!  When I woke up I didn't know what day it was or what I was late for. :)  I hate that!

But let's get back to work for a minute.  Between meetings one of the guys stops by.  He, like me, is big into Survivor (the tv show).  Not that many people in the office watch it like we do and we'd always discuss who backstabbed who, who we liked, etc.  Anyway, he stops by, pops his head in and says....

"Hey, I've been meaning to ask you, are you into still into Survivor?  I watched all 6 episodes this weekend to catch up.  I can't believe Russell is out already."
"Yeah, I'm still into Survivor." I say with a smirk.

Now let me just mention that everyone in the office knows I play poker, but no one knows about this blog.  They know about my poker playing to a certain extent because I've had a weekly game at my house for the past decade.  Every Thursday morning I can't tell you how many people ask me how poker went last night.  It's the weirdest thing.  No one else is into poker, yet everyone knows I play on Wed night and always want to know what happened.

I tell him that I'm playing this "Survivor poker game".  "It's based on the TV show!"  I tell him.  "We started out with 16 plyaers divided into 2 teams, whichever team went the deepest in the poker game got immunity and didn't have to vote someone out."

He thought it was the greatest idea ever!

"You actually vote people out too?"  He asked.

"Hell yeah!" I answered "In fact we're down to 3 players and I'm still in it."

He thought that was the greatest too. He says something like "They must all love you because you're so nice".

(I've covered his particular ass on more than one occasion and in real life I do not throw people under the bus)

"No, not really Christopher, in fact, I think they all hate me."

"That's nuts, no one could hate you."

Heh. "Well they don't know the real me."

"That's a shame.  Have you ever met these guys?"

I started to say that no I haven't but then I think about it.  I have met a few other players.  I tell him I've met 2 peeps from the other team (NumbBono and Kat) but they're out of it now.

As I think about it I kinda remember being told that I've met XKM too, but unfortunately I have no memory of this.  I just remember thinking NumbBono was XKM.  Don't drink in Vegas kids!  Well actually, DO.  heh. 

Speaking of Survivor....I got this email from Buddy today:

Last nights Badugi game was interesting. 4 contestants left and Muhctim ran the deepest to win immunity.

VeryJosie - 2
Xkm1245 - 2

With another tie we have another heads up match. VeryJosie runs good and
Xkm1245 is the next contestant voted off Donkey Island.

The remaining contestants!

This week during The Dank we will have the final 3. Voting works a bit
different during this game. Only the person out of the remaining 3 who
runs the deepest gets to vote. That person will decide who they are
taking to the final 2 and who is going home.

Good luck.

Wednesday night is going to be AWESOME.  Of course Tuesday night is going to be pretty good too.  I'm playing The Booze Cruise, hosted by none other than SmBoatDrinks <-------Click on that link for all the info.  Password = boatdrinks.  Its 10 mixed games, which is fun.  As soon as the game changes I yell and complain about how the game sucks....and then I get into it, enjoy it, only to have it change again.  Good stuff.  Wolfie as you did so well in that Badugi clusterfuck, I DEMAND that you play this mixed game thingy tonight. 

Speaking of my boy Boat, I was just realizing that there were only two heads up tiebreakers in Donkey Island, which were won by Boat and me. Strong like bulls, I say and we're still in it.  Woot!  We have truly worked hard to be here.

It's now 3:40am.  Do I go back to bed and try for 2 more hours of sleep or jump in the shower and get this day started early?  Decisions, decisions..... I'm so frigging cold btw.  Warm up in my bed or in a hot shower? Screw it, I'm going back to bed.

Play smart.

STILL reading Odd Thomas, by Dean Koontz.  STFU I do NOT read slowly.


Rakewell said...

1. "In fact we're doing to 3 players and I'm still in it."

2. SmBoatDrinks link is no good.

It's hard posting in the middle of the night, isn't it?

Josie said...

Thank you Grump! *yawn*

You are getting closer and closer to being forgiven. If you play The Booze Cruise tonight....