Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Peeps!

Here I am! 

I had a great night out with the girls last night.  Jenny, Nicole, Libby, Cindy, Josephine (a different one) and Gaby.  The gossip was non stop like the drinking.  Man it was good to see everyone.
I meant to take pictures but then you guys would all be wiping drool off of your screens.  Some   All of these women are gorgeous and young.  I fit in for obvious reasons. :P (if anyone says mother figure I will shoot you)  But still, I should've taken a picture of Gaby...She's like 25 yrs old, part Indian (feather not dot) and thin, beautiful olive skin and just darn pretty.  Like when she walked into the bar (late) every set of eyes in there stared - that's how drop dead gorgeous. 

Last time I saw her was maybe a year ago.  She was lit - about 10 drinks over her limit and she was kinda throwing herself at this kid....who was sooooo not interested.  I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't witnessed it, but whatever to each his own, right?  Up to a point....He was going to a different bar and asked her to go with him.  Hmmmm I said good bye to them thinking BAD IDEA.  She was too drunk to be mobile.

He drives to this other bar...they go in....and he LEAVES HER THERE.  She can't find him for like a half hour till she realizes he's left.  I heard this the next day and almost killed him.  I still haven't forgiven him.  And the thing is she's like sooo beautiful inside and out.  I will never understand guys.

I was home in time to play The Mookie but I decided not to.  I was tired and when I logged on I saw that like only 6 people were signed up.  WTF I gave it a skip.

I played in LJ's tourneys on Tuesday night and I was out early in one and out 8th (6 cash) in the other.  Just kept getting great starting hands and no luck.  I believe I got, AK, AQ, AJ, 10-10, J-J in like th first half hour and lost with them all.  It happens.

See the comment below?
BVUGrad2003 said...
Good Luck tomorrow night! Kick some Mookie ass!
July 27, 2010 7:46 PM

I'm pretty sure that's from this guy Jon, from Minnesota, and I'm so excited he commented!  He's been reading me from the beginning (I love it!) but has always chosen to leave his comments on my facebook wall.  Since I was complaining about this he set up a google account just so he could comment here - How cool is that? Jon, I was out with Libby from Minnesota last night!  I am kicking myself for not taking pics for you. (she's really hot too but has a boy friend).

I'm feeling the effects of drinking last night.  :(  I've been in the bathroom more times than I care to share with you.  I had 3 different kinds of drinks.  In hindsight not a good idea.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Bitch is Back

I am Blah no more.  Maybe it was the good night's sleep, maybe it was exercising till I'm sore but something did it.  It certainly wasn't my Full Tilt playing last night.

I won NOTHING.  Played 4 games and zilch.  Bubbled twice though. BFD

Thinking of playing one (or both) of LJ's tourney's tonight.  I feel like kicking some blogger ass.  I take to tournaments like a duck to water, but I haven't been playing them lately.  I'm really looking forward to it.

Of course that's after another exercise session tonight.  We are going to take a little hike through Breakhart Reservation in addition to the situps, pushups (girlie kind), and free weights routine.  Oh and a little yoga too.

With me it's all or nothing - nothing half assed.

Workwise alot is going on too.  Remember the biatch?  Her assistant just resigned.  The biatch is the woman who made my friend Jenny decide it was better to be unemployed than work with her.  Biatch is now beside herself.  Karma baby.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Nothing EDITED

Got nothing.  Blah...... Bored in work......I think I'll play some online poker tonight though so maybe I'll have something for you tomorrow.

Update (like 10 minutes later) Even though I'm blah, I do have a busy week coming up. 

Wed night - drinks out with the girls....home by 10pm at the latest so I can play The Mookie while buzzed.  I officially apologize now for the offensive things I will be saying Wed night.

Thursday night - One of the old time architects is hosting a get together at his house.  His house is right on the ocean in Gloucester.  It is the coolest most ultra modern structures I have ever been in and it' stocked with amazing art.  I don't have a picture, but the photos below were taken from his porch.

Then Friday morning we leave for a weekend in North Conway New Hampshire.  There, the week doesn't sound as blah as I do, does it?

Play smart.


Saturday, July 24, 2010


Not having the best results in the SNG challenge, but I finally have some wins!

Games 1-4 were losses
Game 5 2nd place
Game 6 loss

Games 7 & 8 Then I got the brilliant idea to play 2 games at once.  I NEVER usually do this.  And Even though I was shortstacked (down to 600 chips) in one of the games, I came back to win FIRST PLACE in both.

Um disregard the picture in the background.  That's a picture of Sugar Bear from like 4 years ago.  I think his expression is hilarious so I put it up - He was obviously very excited about his Thanksgiving dinner.  Note to self:  Change desktop background pic.
2 more games to go....but I like the fact that I have a couple of wins now.

Play smart.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Story Time! (No poker content)

Both bosses are out today so I have time for a little story about my old boss, but first a little background.  As you probably know I work for an architecture firm in Boston and have been with them for about 6 years.  Prior to this job I worked at a different architecture firm in the same office building where I work now.  I was at the old firm for about 5 years. (till I got laid off)  This story is about the old boss from the old firm.

Peter (old boss) was a very odd and very unhappy man.  After working with him for 5 years I figured out why.  He was definitely gay, but married with two kids, which made him very miserable.  He absolutely HATED his wife and would talk bad about her every chance he got.  And he used to make VERY suggestive comments to my male coworker, but I'll omit them from this post.  It's not what this story is about.

The story is about jogging!!

Peter decided to start jogging.  He had a male friend that was doing it so he joined him.  He'd run like 4 days a week at lunchtime.  And he'd run in those micro short running shorts - fire engine red.  The problem was that instead of going to the men's room to change he'd change in his office, which was separated from mine by a GLASS DOOR.  And if he just said, "I'm changing" before he did, I would've been fine with that,  But he didn't.  So I never knew when I walked by that door if the ugly fucker was clothed or not.  Yes a couple of times I had to utter 'Oh I'm should say something when you're changing" and I'd avert my eyes.

I really think it was more for my coworker's benefit but I'd be the one embarrassed/upset by it.

One day he's in his shorts, so I figure the strip down is over.  Cool.  He's in his office and I walk in for something and I'm shocked.

He's sitting behind his desk....TOPLESS....and rubbing, what looks to me like a deodorant stick, ON HIS NIPPLES.  I shiat you not.  I'm like - Oops, thought you were fucking dressed, and I run out.

He puts his shirt on and explains to me that he was rubbing some stick on his nips to prevent chafing that he gets from running.  BARF!

I say "Can you do that in the bathroom?"

He says "Oh it only takes a second, that was just bad timing."  And off he ran in his micro mini red shorts.


I was reminded of this encounter because like I said, I work in the same office building as the old firm, just a different floor.  So I'm riding the elevator coming back from lunch (sushi) and there's an old coworker in there.  We say hello and he introduces me to his colleagues who now work there.  We do some name dropping, and I mention some of the principals that are no longer there.  One of the guys says he doesn't know them but has heard stories.  Hmmm...I say have you heard any stories about me?  The guys says "No, all the weird stories told about accounting are about this guy named Peter....."


Oy Vey!

Okay, there was alot of poker played by ME Wednesday night.  Let's start with the home game.  Gary and I had a side bet.  $5 for whoever won the most cash.  After a hell of alot of good poker playing we wound up even.  I won game 1 (a heads up game - I ROCK heads up).  Then I split game 2, but game 3 wasn't ending fast enough for me and The Mookie was starting so I just jammed all in with a crappy hand, got called by a crappy hand and lost.  Meh.  What can u do. 

I really pulled out all the stops to win too.  I even wore a poker uniform, which I never do at home.  Actually it was a sundress.  So of course Gary snaps a picture of me with  his camera. I thought he was trying to get back at me for posting that picture of him in the pink hat, until he mentioned  something about putting it on his ceiling.  Creep! And we ended up in a tie - that's like a win for Gary!
Onto The Mookie!

Note to self:  I gotta stop threatening and swearing at guys I don't know.  I like these poker bloggers yet I get so frustrated!!!

So I chip up early as usual and become chip leader too.  I am rocking the table.  Playing good hands, flopping top pair, 2 pair, over and over. 

Doing great till.....I have over 8k in chips, After being chip leader for over an hour I'm 2nd in chips but not by much.  I look down at KQ.  I raise 4XBB and get called by PushMonkey.   Flop is K-Q-5 off suit.  Shazam!  I bet, he raises, I reraise to like over 2k and he jams all in.  Fuck.  I'm hoping he has AK.  He has a few more chips than I do. 

I can't lay it down.  Unhappily, I call.  He has 5-5.  Turn is another 5 and I am out!!

I am soooooo angry at Pushmonkey I put a bounty on his head.  $10 to whoever takes him out but no one does.  That's okay.  I will KICK HIS ASS next week.  I'm sure of it.  I owe him a whupping, which I plan to deliver.

Lightning, shortstacked from the beginning (cuz he sucks at poker!!!) somehow hangs onto the final table...hangs on till in the money...and takes 2nd place.  Nice going Lightning.  For real yo. You play pretty good for an old guy.

Then.........I started on my challenge.  10 sngs.  I am 0-3.  I'm just not feeling those one tables.  I think I have to be in the mood for them.

Whew.  Now it's wicked late and I need to go to bed.

Play smart.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Challenge ME?

Some RANDOM BLOGGER sent me a challenge last week.  He said to play ten 5.50 (9) person games and see how well I did.  Well I gave it a half assed attempt.  I played like 4 of them in a row when I was on tilt from a tourney and was 0-4.  So I just gave it up.

But it seems he's doing it himself and is 2 for 2 in cashes.  Nice start, huh? So I'm starting afresh as I know I can do as well if not better. Besides it helps me to have some competition.  We'll see where we end up.

Tonight is live poker at home. $5 per tourney and then The Mookie at 10pm.  JoelThePokerGod (barf) better hope and pray he isn't at my table.  Maybe I'll get lucky and have Lightning to my right.

Play smart.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Pool Time, Poker & Autograph Story

I took a vacation day today and spent the day in the pool at my friend's house.  5 women with our kids.  We went to high school together so we've been friends for years.  It was so good to have the day to chat, gossip and hang around together.

There were also 7 kids there - 6 of them boys!  Ugh am I exhausted.  I'll be hearing "Auntie Josie, Auntie Josie" in my sleep, but I had a blast.  We played water soccer (don't ask) volley ball, chicken, monkey in the middle, and alot more.  I think the women were feeling a little neglected - but I love playing with the kids! Sugar Bear being an only child is not quite used to sharing me though. At one point I had 2 other kids hanging off of me and he says in exasperation "She's my mom. Your mom's over there!"  The kids love trying to get me mad so I'd chase them.  They'd come up with all sorts of things to get me to chase them.  I was playing along friend's 8 year old started with "You're 50 years old!".


Which turned into a chant of "You look 50! You look 50!"  So of course I drown the kid, but hours later the chant would start back up again.  God help me, he figured out how to get under my skin.

But now I'm home, exhausted, and thinking about poker.  I had a terrible weekend at the virtual felt.  I can't say it was all bad beats either.  I kept finding myself calling raises and being in hands I had no business being in.  Stuff I'd never play live.  Very disappointed in my play preflop and post flop.  IMO that's where I lost the most chips.  Pisses me off.

Okay time for a little autograph story, and this story is for Neo Baby.  Ever read Neophyte's blog?  Check it out! He's from the Tampa Bay area, and this happened at the Tampa Bay Ray's spring training facility.  It's in driving distance from Fort Meyer's, so we went there on a day that the sox were away.

We get there and it's nothing like the Red Sox spring training experience.  No big crowds of fans, everything is very low key, while at City of Palms Park, it's like a party all the time.  So we are in the first row of the outfield watching the players do whatever.  Stretch, practice, I dunno.  Balls are flying every which way.  Actually there are tons of balls everywhere, and um, it's my practice to always try to scoff a couple for free if I can.  99% of the autographs I get are on major league baseballs, which are not cheap!  Yes, the autograph is free, but the ball costs like $15 and I get alot of autographs so it adds up.

Anyway, we're watching the guys on the field and Carl Crawford is not to far from me so I wave and he waves back.  Nice.  Like I said not that crowded there.

So I motion to Carl that I want a baseball.  :)  I like point to one and point to me.  He grabs one, comes over and I'm up in the stands so he tosses it to me.  There are maybe 8-10 people there total.  Anyway, he tosses it to me, and out of no where this guy jumps in front of me and grabs it mid air!  WTF!

I say "He was throwing it to me".  He says "I caught it, it's mine."  We go back and forth for a minute and the guy won't give me my ball.  Then the guy says "Ask him for another one".  Hmmm okay.  So I do - I yell to him...ugh, I hate to ask twice....he comes back with another ball (there are tons on the field) and says something like, "Are you ready?" tosses the ball to me, and....I miss it, it falls back onto the field.  Fuck!!

So he picks it up.....gets right beneath me in the outfield.  Gets on tippy toe and hands me the ball.  I was sooooo embarrassed.  Yet, now I'm thinking....I'd really like that ball autographed.  :)  So he hands it to me, and I ask him to sign it.  lol  He laughs but agrees.  I toss it back to him along with a pen and thank him.  What a nice guy.  The whole team there was really nice.  Below are a few pictures from that day.

I forget this guy's name (and I'm too lazy to look it up) but he's Japanese and a good player.  He also gave me both the ball and the autograph.  Score!

I think this was the manager but again don't remember his name.  If he's not on the red sox, it's not really important.  Neo, does this guy look familiar to you?

As a side note, remember the guy who stole MY baseball?  He and my buddy Brian started talking and became friends!  Can you believe that?  We saw him again at Fort Myers but I would NOT give him the time of day.  Nope.  I just kept asking for the ball back.  :P

Play smart.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

These are a few of his fav-or-ite things!

Wolfie Baby, this post is just for you.  All of your favorite things wrapped up into one post, and it's not even your birthday! 

Mmmmmm Wolfie's favorite fruit

Mmmm Wolfie's favorite drink

Notice a pattern?

Anothe Wolfie favorite

His Favorite Activity!

Ah, The Sundress

Gary in my pink hat (sorry wolfie, I don't have a picture of him in a pink thong)

Atlantic City baby!

Wolfie's #1 Favorite

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I went to the movies!

Last night I went to see GROWN UPS with Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider and Salma Hayek.  Talk about a star packed movie!

It was no academy award winner to be sure, but the movie had alot of pretty funny one liners.  All those comdians one upping each other through the movie....pretty funny.  Definitely a family movie with fart humor, pee humor and cringeworthy slapstick humor.  Sugar Bear loved it.

OMG Salma Hayek is beautiful!!!! Holy Shit!  At one point they go to a water park and she is shown in. a. bathing. suit.  WOW.  She looks better than she ever has.  I was trying to find a pic of her in the hot bathing suit she was wearing in the movie.  No luck.  The pictures below will have to suffice although believe it or not she looked hotter in the movie.

Before last night Angelina Jolie was my girl crush, however I think Angie has been topped!

Okay back to the subject of movies....When I was a little kid going to the movies meant going to The Drive In. 

We loved going to the Drive In on a summer night.  I think just being outside at night was fun for me.  We'd all load into the car; Mom, Dad, Cricket, my brother Bennie and me.  A cheap and fun night out.  My mom would pack all the snacks and drinks as there was no going to the snack bar.  Oh no....there was no extra money for that.

My mother would pop popcorn in a big pot on the stove and pack individual BIG bags for each of us to munch on through the movies. Either that or some other snack.....and that's where the problems began for me.  I liked to save my snack, so that it lasted through both movies.  Mind you, I never lasted through both movies.  Heck I was lucky if I stayed awake through the first one!  I was the youngest and the movies didn't start till it got dark enough, like 9pm.

Anyway, there I am saving my snack and my brother and sister would usually be done with theirs 10 minutes into the movie.  Then they (ESPECIALLY CRICKET) would hound me for mine.  Relentlessly!  And sharing didn't help.  Even if I gave them some (not much) it'd disappear and they'd demand more.  I was the bullied youngest btw.  Looking back I never really got much of my snack.  I don't know why I was always determined to save it.  I invariably fell asleep and my snacks were history anyway.

But before I fell asleep we'd pull out the beach chairs and light these charcoal snake things that were supposed to keep mosquitoes away and sit out under the stars, while watching the movie.  mmmmm my favorite part.  Then I'd get sleepy and crawl into the back seat.

Good times.

Ummmm poker sucks, btw.  At least Very Josie + Poker = Suck.

I went against my good intentions (they are always good) and played a big 50+5 tourney - double stack, over 600 peeps.  63 itm and I went out like I dunno 200 or something.  Stupid way to go out too.  On a straight draw.  I seem to be regressing.

Play smart.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Whaaaaaat Happened?

I'm not really sure what time or day it is.  I just woke up and am still very groggy, but here's what I remember. 

I was at work on Thursday (yesterday) and wasn't feeling very well.  Knee was hurting, stomache was upset and I was running on too little sleep.  The night before was The Mookie, which is a late night for me, plus I decided to play MORE poker after that.  Bad idea.

So I'm riding the bus home and struggling to stay awake.  I always read on the bus ride home, which I love.  God help you if you try chatting with me about your day while I'm on the bus.  No, I don't wanna make small talk about the weather or your job.  (I'm really a terrible person) I just wanna veg out after a long day at work and fall into my book.

But I couldn't yesterday because reading was making me even sleepier.  So I focused on staying awake.

When I got home I gave Sugar Bear explicit instructions. "I am taking a nap.  Do not wake the sleeping bear!" And off I went to bed, thinking I'd nap for an hour or 2 tops.  I woke at like 2am not knowing what day it was. 

But I still knew how to play kinda.  Not successful poker!  I played a couple of the one table games I was telling you about and I lost.  :( Boo!

I played 2 after the mookie and lost those too.  So I am 0-4 on the 9 person games - only 6 to go!

Anyway, I play the games, eat a sandwich and watch some Real Housewives on demand.  Both NY and NJ.  I like the Real Housewives on NY better - Bettany is my fave.  Love her!

I think if you morph Bettany from NY with Teresa from Real Housewives of NJ, what you get is.......ME.

Yep, it's true.  Take Bettany's sharp tongue and wit and combine it with Teresa's "Italianess and temper" and voila! Very Josie!   I am purposely ignoring the fact that Teresa is a wee bit dumb.  :)  So what, she's still entertaining.

Remember Teresa's table throwing incident?  I could see me doing that if provoked.  I remember in my teens (a while ago) I was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal and my brother was aggravating me.  I don't remember what he was saying, but he kept reaching over and poking me.  Typical brother/sister stuff.  We were very close and he was always trying to goad me and I was always the quiet one (believe it or not).

So I am ignoring him and he keeps aggravating.  This goes on for a while.  Grrrrrrr At one point he finally stops - sits across the table from me and smiles with a smug look of satisfaction.  That was it.  I can still see the look of surprise on his face though, when I picked up my glass bowl of cereal and milk and threw it right at him.  Milk and cereal everywhere especially onn him and a broken bowl at his feet.

He was shocked!  I kinda was too.  Not something I'd do. I was very quiet and VERY nonviolent, back then anyway. ;)  And the first words out of his mouth?  "I'm sorry".  Second words were, "I can't believe you did that".

Then I got up and left him to clean up the mess, which he did. 

So anyway, after some poker, Real Housewives, and a sandwich, I go back to bed.  Probably at 4am.  Mind you I had already slept from like 6pm to 2am but no matter.  I return to bed at 4am, and um...I JUST WOKE UP.

I'm having coffee and since I'm in no rush to go anywhere, I will tell you about my Carl Yaskremski encounter.  BTW it's "Yaz" for case you live on another planet or are 16 years old and didn't know that.

Sooooo we are in Florida and the Red Sox have a day off.  We decide that we will go their training complex, which is in a different location than the field.

The training complex is so cool because they let fans in to watch and everyone is training like RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.  No barriers, no walls, no nothing.  A few security guys but that's it.  To start, as soon as I get there, there are like 10 minor league pitchers sitting on benches watching another kid pitch.  I sit WITH THEM and watch.  That's just how it is.  So cool.  All these young kids with their throwing arms wrapped up till they're 5 times their normal size.

I watch Dwight Evans give out hitting advice to newbies from like 5 feet away.  I keep my mouth shut and just watch and listen in awe.  Of course I get pictures with him.  Then I see  Theo Epstein (tall bastard) overseeing some drills and stand next to him and watch!  Of course I get my picture taken with everyone.  Everyone is so nice and accomodating.....except......

Fans are whispering that...."...see that guy wayyyy over there?  that's Yaz!".  No one's supposed to talk to him though.  I hear that he walks around the entire training facility 3 times every morning for exercise.  And you can go anywhere you want here, except near him.  His walk at the perimeter is roped off.  No one is supposed to talk to him.  All the fans want an autograph and I love a challenge! 

Then they tell me that yesterday when he was doing his walk, there was a guy in a wheelchair that asked him for his autograph and Yaz turned him down.  Then Yaz said, I'll be back later, if you're here later I'll sign for you.  This is just heresay mind you.  So wheelchair guy waited there for hours and you guessed it, no autograph.

The only opportunity to get one is when his walk is over.  Then he has to go from the perimeter to the building where lockers and showers are.  It's a very small window.

As he crosses from the grass onto the sidewalk near the building, people start pleading "Please Mr. Yaskremski, can you sign this?"  Either "no" or no answer.

I decide to lean on the building and wait instead of being near the field.  He has to walk right by me to get to the door.  I dunno why I am the only one who did this.  I know my friend brian stayed with the other fans.

Anyway he walks past me toward the door and I start talking fast!  Something like " I know you don't sign but I've been a fan since I was 9 years old.  It would mean alot but if you really can't sign, can you at least turn around and say hello?"

And he does.  He gives me like 2 minutes. His hand is on the door handle and he says 'Look this isn't what I'm here for"  And I say "I just wanted to tell you that you were a big part of my youth.  I may not look old enough to be a fan in 1975 but I was."  He smiles....and boom.  He asks me if I want an autograph.

Hells yes!

In my mind, I'm wondering if I can finagle an extra signature for Brian.  I'm also thinking....why isn't Brian sidling up and getting one himself...make hay when the sun is shining, right? But he doesn't.  He's watching with his mouth agape.

So Yaz signs my ball, hands it back, and is gone through that door in an instant.

I go back to my friend and EVERYONE crowds me to see my cooooooool autograph, and tell me that never happens. 

Play smart.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

If I'm At Your Table....FOLD

I played The Mookie last night.  22 players.  I was defending my title as I won The Mook last week.  It was the usual players.....Joanne, Buddy, Maggie, HeffMike, PinkyStinky, A Turtle, A Goat and A Pancake....I mean Waffles.

So earlier in the day Waffles sends me a message saying he's going to knock me out of The Mookie.  Go ahead and laugh, I'll wait.  Can you believe that?  So of course I capitalize on the situation and throw out a last longer bet.  It was $5 to whomever lasted longer.

Waffles was at the bottom of the pack for most of the tourney but he hung on to make 5th place (3 places in the money).

Pretty much Maggie (Lucko's sister) was the chip leader for the whole game and I maintained 2nd for most of the game.  At one point she had like 30k to my 10k (I was in 2nd0 and everyone at the table said let's give up, she's got this won.  But she didn't.  Someone took her out.  Someone Italian.  ;)

Down to Maggie, me and "Fucking Joel I'm a Poker God" (nice fucking name dude...overcompensate much?)  Yes I am still a wee bit bitter, but I digress.

I am playing awesome short table poker and Maggie and I are virtually even and Joel is the short stack.  I have QQ.  She raises, I reraise and she calls.  Flop is Jxx.  She bets and she seems to be overvaluing her pairs so I make a huge move.  All in baby!  We are 2 huge stacks - will she call and risk being 3rd?  Yep!
She turns over AJ and I sweat the turn and river but no aces! Woot! 

It's down to me HUGE STACK and Overcompensating Joel.  The trash talking starts and we play heads up. He has like 10k and I have like 50k.  I have this won.  Game over, or so I think.  He doubles up.  Fuck. Play, play, play.  He keeps raising and I keep folding and he keeps adding to his stack, till I jam all in and he calls and doubles up again. I came in 2nd place.

2nd place.  As I write this I am heartbroken.  It's not the money.  I just wanted to be able to type "Back to Back Mookie Wins" for the title of this post.  :(

Funny other than being heads up, I got very little action tonight.  Very unusual.  80% of my raises resulted in walks.  Tight players?  I dunno - I saw some crazy calls.

At the end of the day I took 2nd place with a $69 prize.  Speaking of money, let's talk bankroll for a minute.

I cannot manage my bankroll to save my life. I had it back over $400 last night, played a $55 one table game last night and was bubble.  I gotta stop doing that!  With tonight's 2nd place win that puts my balance at $380+ and here is my plan.

I am going to play ten (9) person one table games and track my results here.  All games will be $5.50 buyin.  No huge buyins.  No big losses.  Lets see if I have more or less than $380 when I have completed 10. 

Ohhh I hear LIGHTNING played too, but he was knocked out by like 10:05pm.  I didn't even get a chance to visit his table and say hello before he donked off his chips.  Man I needed a guy like that at my table...then again, obviously I didn't.  :)

Play smart....and if I'm at your table, FOLD.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stories of a Crazed Fan Part 1

Have I mentioned that I am a Red Sox fan?  I've been to Sox spring training camp and park in Fort Myers Florida, ohhh about 4 times.  Nothing makes me happier than Florida and The BoSox in the spring.  Well....maybe some things would but that's another post.

As you can imagine I've met alot of players during spring training.  They are much more accessible during spring training, which Mama likes.  :)  I have interacted with......Dustin Pedroia, Manny, Papi, Yaz, Dewey Evans, Jacoby Ellsbury, Wade Boggs, Youk and many the rays.  We also visited their spring training facility and I got to meet Carl Crawford - and had quite an exchange.  :) Oh and I also kinda met Stephen King! (he almost ran me over)

It's always me and my friend Brian, and as crazy as I am for the sox, he is even crazier.  A typical day for us in Fort Myers is:

Out the door by 8:30am
Breakfast by 9am
At the park by 10 am.
Doors open at 11am
Secure good spot near field to get autographs.
Yell, and beg for autographs for 3 hrs
Watch game at 1pm
Go to house, shower
Go out to dinner

Sometimes we'd go the training facility instead of the park.  Either way it ends up being a long, hot day, but totally worth it.  Here are some of the interactions I've had.

Dustin Pedroia - First time I met him was the spring before his Red Sox debut.  He was training away, while I was in "the pit" with a ton of other fans.  I was right up front - getting there 2 hrs early has it's privledges. So anyway, while everyone is yelling to Manny, I call Dustin over.  He turns around, looks surprised, and says to me "You're really talking to me?" and I'm like "Yeah, come give me your autograph!"

So he comes over, signs everything I ask of him while we chat.  Of course I tell him he's going to make the team, and he is not quite as sure as I am.  (We also follow minor league too...yes crazy)  So anyway, he signs for all the other fans, and stays with us for quite a while.  I keep bragging to everyone that it was MY idea to get him over.

Fast foward to next year.  I am in the same spot and there he is....Mr. Rookie of the Year.  He's stretching or whatevah, and I call him over.  NOTHING.  I call him again. "Dustin!!!" NOTHING.  No turn, no acknowledgement....and I have a poster that I took from my son's room that I wanted him to autograph.  Grrrr.  So he finishes his training...gets up off the grass, and walks right over to me.  Yes I am in front again. In this pit of like 100 fans.  So everyone around me is THRILLED and screaming "Dustin!"....except me. lol don't get the Sicilian chick mad.  He says hello and signs my poster and stuff first.

I say "Didn't you hear me calling you?" Grrr

He says "Yeah, I heard you!"

Me "Then why didn't you come over?"

Dustin "Well I did.  I'm here.  I had to finish the workout first."

Me "Oh yeah"

He went on to tell me that he remembered me from last year!  I shiat you not! He said something like, didn't we do this last year?  Yes!!!!! And then he told me that I was so nice LAST YEAR.  Heh.

Yaz was the toughest autograph to get.  He just doesn't sign and he's an angry man.  Tough for some but not for Very Josie.

Stay tuned for the Yaz story.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things I'm So Over

1. Jack Ten
2. Ace King
3. Straight Draws
4. L&BM Tournament
5. Drinking too much
6. Facebook
7. Scrapbooking
8. Black Jack
9. Rachael Ray
10. David Ortiz

I used to be such a fan of all of the above.

Jack ten cracked greater hands time and again for me.  I used to bet Ace King as though it were a boat.  It's not.  It's not even a pair.  I know I'm stating the obvious, but you'd be surprised.  And it used to be that you couldn't get me off a straight draw regardless of the size of your bet.  Let's just say I've made some adjustments.  I'm not saying that I never play items 1-3, I'm just saying I'm not in love with them like I once was.  Mama is way over them. 

I had a successful weekend online that stretched into Monday evening, which concided with the adjustments noted above.  I actually folded AK and went onto to win.  I was playing the step thing for a ticket.  I was chip leader - there were 7-8 of us left and 1-5 win the next step.  I raise with AK - 4 times BB and the guy who is 2nd in chips jams all in.  I have more but if I call and lose I'm the short stack heading for the bubble.  Um, no.  I folded, retained my chips and got my ticket.  I feel as I wasn't playing for a win, but a 1-5 place, that was the right move. 

L&BM Tournament - There was one Saturday night.  I skipped it and kept my ass planted firmly on the coach.  Last time I played I just didn't have a good time.  Nothing terrible happened but I remember wanting to go home.  Plus there aren't enough people showing up these days which makes it even less appealing.  Funny thing is a couple of months ago I wouldn't have missed a game.  So over it now though.  Go figure.

I haven't been getting my drink on and when I do it's only a couple.  No conscious reason for this, just not calling me.  The girls have been emailing for a girls night out for drinks, so the status of this may change.  :)

Facebook - When I joined I loved it and was fascinated.  Now a week or two can go by without me logging on.  I'm just not into it.  "Josie is glad it's Friday".  What used to be fun now doesn't interest me.  I guess I'm fickle. Scrapbooking, Black Jack and Rachael Ray all fall into this category too. Actually maybe they deserve their own category.  I love love loved all three of those, and I cannot say I ever loved facebook. Bleh.

Now for #10 Mr. David Ortiz - Nooooooo I am NOT over David Ortiz.  Hell No! He doesn't belong on this list.  I'm just fucking with you.

Papi is in the midst of a helluva comeback.  He had a crappy start to the 2010 season but fought to bring his batting from the basement to over .300.  He got voted onto the All Star team, which is amazing in itself considering his start.  But it gets even better.

Big Papi won The Home Run Derby! He hit a total of 32 home runs, with 11 in the final round to be beat out Hanley Ramirez.  Not too shabby for an old man.  I think this is shaping up to be a very good year for him.

Play smart.


Friday, July 9, 2010


I ended up working today, which is a pity considering the weather.  But instead of giving them a Friday for free, I got paid.  :)  Here's how I finagled that.

Josie:  (walking into boss' office on Thursday) You're lucky I like you.
Boss: Ut oh, what happened?
Josie:  Nothing happened. I'm about to make you an offer just because I like you.
Boss:  Hold on a minute, I better pay attention.  Okay go ahead.
Josie: I was thinking of coming into work tomorrow instead of going to the beach.
Boss: No, don't do that.  It's not fair to you.
Josie: Well we haven't worked on the GL yet and you want May closed.  We can get that done tomorrow instead of Monday.
Boss:  That would be great, but I can't let  you do that.
Josie: Um, I'm only going to do that if you pay me.
Boss: Oh
Josie: If you want to ask the owner for approval of paying me, you can let me know.
Boss:  I don't have to ask him.  That woud be great!  Oh I can't believe you'd do that.  I really appreciate it.
Josie: But I won't be in till like 9:30, okay?
Boss:  Sure, 9:30 is fine.

Boom! And then I left at 4pm to boot!  But I got the GL done as well as a few other things. 

So I leave at 4pm to catch my bus at Haymarket Station and this woman's outfit catches my eye.

The photo doesn't even do her justice because all those blue stripes are sequins and in the afternoon sun she looked absolutely GLOWING.  I wish I had guts like that.  At first I thought she didn't care about what she looked like but I don't think that's true.  You don't take the time to find a matching sequin headband and a pair of blue sunglasses if you don't care.  She's all decked out.

Like I said, I wish I had guts like that.  I don't like getting dolled up because I'm always afraid I'll look like that pic.  I'm most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt.

God, if I was all dressed up and some bitch (like me) surreptitiously took my picture and I was aware of it, I'd just crawl under a rock.  She however was focused on her phone and oblivious to all so I took the chance.

Hmmm maybe if she can get away it I should wear my new sundress.  Speaking of sundresses.....Wolfie has a story to tell about this chick in a sundress.  He hasn't given me the details yet but I suspect it involves removal of said sundress.  Don't you guys want to hear this story as much as I do?  Wouldn't it be nice to read a post of Wolfie's that doesn't involve blueberries? LOL Just kidding


Have a good weekend my peeps!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've Got Bad News and Good News .................... (I WON THE MOOKIE!)

....The bad new is I was the first person out of The Very Josie.  I shiat you not.  I work with this kid Adam, who's great at ummmmm architecture (poker not so much).  So I have A-Q big raise and the flop is Qxx.  Yep, TPTK.  I threw so much money at it but Adam wouldn't go away, and I was left with like 465 chips. 

But Jew Boy's the one who got my bounty.  And here I was sooo sure he wouldn't win any money tonight (based on history lol) but I was wrong. He won the $2 bounty.

After the game started I made my pick for the winning horse at tonight's Very Josie.  I was going back and forth between Waffles and Poker Grump, and settled on The Grump.  They both had plenty of chips at the time...but Waffles donked his off pretty early when he jammed AK against Grump's JJ which held up.  I guess JJ is OK!  Note:  although I didn't mention it, I was also thinking HeffMike...I swear!  I'm like psychic, you know.

So Waffles was out of the tourney and he offers me a side bet.  $11 that Poker Grump will not win....even though he's chip leader when this is offered and let's face it, he's a damn good player.  Hmmmm I take the bet.  Let's just say the most money Waffles won tonight was that damn bet. 

Yep, Poker Grump made a valiant effort but wound up in 3rd place, in the money!  It was HeffMike and Dionysus heads up and then HeffMike FTW!

Congrats HeffMike, even though you were A PAIN IN THE BALLS during The Mookie.  Seriously dude.  How many thousands of chips did you steal from me when I was in the blinds?  Who do you think you are, ME? lol

Soooooo onto the good, no make that GREAT news.  Since I was out of my own tourney I played The Mookie.  And I played really really well.  No chasing draws, no overvaluing hands.  I got some chips early and added to them bit by bit until I was the chip leader.  I stayed the chip leader for most of the game.

And since I had so many chips, I decided to do a test on the power of the 4-2 hand.  Have you read about 4-2 on Poker Grump's blog?  I have!  I'm usually too chicken to play it but I always take notice of it, and damn but it seems to win a bit.

I played it here:

And slow played this flop for good value

It is amazing how much this crappy hand wins!  It's almost up there with my favorite know what it is, no need to mention it!  ;)

So anyway, back to The Mookie.  We are playing away and make it to the final table.  3 places in the money.  Joanne is out 5th, Buddy bubbles and it's down to me, HeffMike (he just won The Very Josie!) and PushMonkey.  We played 3 handed for a quite a while....till I took out PushMonkey.

Come to think of it, I think I personally took out, Joanne, Buddy, PushMonkey and HeffMike, myself.   Yup, I was having one of those nights.  I didn't try to rush things.  When I try to speed up the win, that's when I donk off chips.

Quick shout out to Waffles, who has really been helping my game lately.  Alot of good advice about how to play solid poker.  Stuff I already know, but sometimes disregard.  I've cashed in like 5 of the last 7 MTTs that I've played in.  Hope you're feeling better Waffles...and yes I owe you $11....which I will ship to you someday.  :)  just kidding.  Speaking of guys I want to feel better....Wolfie Baby, you don't seem yourself lately.  Hope your doing okay and hope you're feeling better too.  Awww this is like a love fest.  Um, don't get used to it.  :P

Speaking of shipping money.....ummm this guy Pinky Stinky....I took him out of The Mookie too.  I don't know this guy at all but he shipped me $11!!!  Is that because I took him out?  Does he just randomly send money to bloggers?  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Me, complain? 



Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wanna play with me and a bunch of old guys?

One of the old guys

The Very Josie is tonight at 9pm ET.  Password is pokerbaby.  find me, veryjosie and you'll find the most exctiting game on Full Tilt!

I'm paying BamBam's buy in to the event because......erm....because he knows alot about boobs, even my boobs!  If you want to read all about his mad boob skills, click HERE.

For the record, I still CANNOT believe some guy in Bedrock (if I were from Canada, i wouldn't admit it either BamBam) knew more about me than you USA boys.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

BamBam got lucky last time.  No he didn't win (obv) but he was lucky enough to NOT have me at his table.  Instead he had a bunch of noobs like College Boy, Jew Boy (hee hee) and my sister.  Talk about an easy table!  And when I checked in on said table, he and Riggs were feeding my sister quite a line.  That they are in fact real brothers!  Heh.  Still can't believe neither of you cashed, while starting at the easy table!

Play smart TONIGHT.


Monday, July 5, 2010

It's that time of the month!

NO, it's not that time of the month, it's time for The Very Josie!  Wednesday Night at 9pm ET.  You gotta play!  I want witnesses when I exact my revenge.

I'm Sicilian.  That means Mojo and Pokah Dave better watch out.  I keep cashing in my tourney but I haven't won it.  Those guys have gotten in my way.  I'm going to have to "take care of them".  Shhhh

"I don't feel I have to wipe everybody out. Just my enemies." - Michael Corleone

Play smart.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stud/8 Anyone? UPDATED

I'm playing the Stud8h/l tourney that Suited Aces was taking about.  It starts at 18:45 Eastern Time = 6:45pm. ON FULL TILT!

This'll be my first stud tourney so I'll be no competition.....who's gonna play too?  Wolfie?  Suited Aces?  How bout you Neo Baby?

It's tourney 170191617 or just find me, veryjosie.  I'm registered!

And I'm out!  Out 26th, not in the money.  97 players with 12 ITM.

It was one hand that pretty much did me in.  After playing for a couple of hours the betting was huge.  I caught a boat but my opponent had a larger boat.  It was a huge pot and it left me short stacked. The wheels came off after that.

It was alot of fun and I'll probably play it again.  Tournament play appeals to me so much more than cash.

Play smart!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Waffles and Booze, what a combo!

Waffles and I met up for drinks after work last night and it was alot of fun!  I thought it might've been a little awkward or we'd run out of conversation but that wasn't the case.  I think I was expecting to meet a moody, angry, maniac but I'm blowing his cover because he was the polar opposite.

He was nice, sweet, friendly, open and talked nonstop! And he bought me drinks!  Heh.

My drink of choice for the night was a kamikaze.  Yum, but a little strong.  You can get it as a shot or a drink.  They are very small - the only difference between the shot and the drink is they add ice to the drink so you can't shoot it back.  So the first one is small and on the rocks.

First drink was this size

Then Waffles goes to the bar to get us another round and comes back with a beer for himself and a PINT GLASS of Kamikaze for me.  I shiat you not!  I was like "Dude, didja get me a triple?"  He says he didn't but I dunno.... Not to worry - none of it was wasted.  :)

Size of drink #2 (except it wasn't blue)

You really don't want me having more than a drink or two, because I tend to hit whoever I'm chatting with.  Just ask Jew Boy.  So when Waffles started telling me about my poker game, the smacks started flying.  And he didn't even mind!  I made an effort to stop smacking him after the 4th time though.  Yes, I am just that sweet.

Anyway, I am alive! No need to call the cops.

Suited Aces left this comment:
Here's a challenge since there are at least 3 of us with the book:

Starting tonight at 18:45 for $5.50on FT is a small tourney. The first one to win $33.00 can enter that event etcetera. Follow my blog

Please elaborate Aces!!  What kind of tourney is it?  Why do you have to win $33 to enter the event?  I'm interested but want to understand the situation please.  Otherwise I'll smack you!!  (jk, kinda lol)

Play smart.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mojo Said To

Read THIS so I did. Wow!  I wonder if it's true.  You should read it too.  Makes my prop bets seem TAME.