Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heads Up!

Just had an enjoyable few rounds of heads up poker.  Poker is always enjoyable when I win, but tonight was especially so.  I had the pleasure of playing heads up with two nice guys, Gary aka gpjacobs aka crafty southpaw aka Jew Boy and Poker Grump.

Now just how nice are these guys?  I was my usual lucky self, and neither of them called me a luck box even once!  I may have called Grump a whore, but he did not retort.  A gentleman, I say!

So I started with Gary, best of 3.  I won the first 2 games and I rushed the 3rd game cuz I knew Grumpy was waiting and in my rushing.....I gave it away.  I knew I had the first 2 games won anyway.

Onto Grump!

Seriously, he confuses me.  He uses the "reraise" alot.  He'll use it with a monster hand or with a complete bluff.  It's so hard to play against him.  We played 4 games and I won 3 of 4, but a few times I got in bad and rivered out.  I thought I had screen shots of them all but I don't!  I won a key hand against grump when I went in raising with 2-4....The Grump!  That hand wins alot more than it should.  The flop was low and one of the cards was a 4.  I bet out and he jammed all in.  I can't lose with the grump, right?  I call and I'm against an over pair.  No matter!  I hit my trip 4s on the river.  Booya!

Mmmmm Beating The Grump with The Grump.  Ain't nothing better than that, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Have I mentioned that I beat a Vegas professional?  And no he isn't a prostitute...I don't think!

I thought I got in goot in the hand below, but turns out I was slightly behind- as Grump so kindly pointed out on his blog. :P

I raised preflop and Grump jammed all in after the flop with a flush draw.  When I called I saw that I was actually ahead very slightly.  Turn gave him the edge, but I took it down on the river!  GG Grump.....um....times 3.....of 4.  :-) 

Grump you have an open invitation for a rematch anytime!

Speaking of Grump, he's mentioned to me that I should have an account with BoDog or Cake.  He says the competition is a bit softer at these sites.  Does anyone have a preference our of BoDog or Cake?  If you've had any experience with either, I'd love to hear from you.  I dunno if I need another site to play on.....

Play smart.



Gary said...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the blogsphere, you are being spoon-fed a bill of goods! Half-truths, gossamer threads of reality, and... and... other stuff as well! Josie makes it seem like the only reason she lost at all to me is because she was so reckless that she essentially handed me the victory. Not true, my friends, not true!!

Now I'm not going to crybaby about the fact that she spiked a three-outer to win the 2nd game - that's just a part of poker. But come now! It's disingenuous to make it seem like losing to me is a pure accident.

I viewed the match along the following lines: VJ won game one fair and square. She won lucky in game two. I won fair and square in game three.

Josie, I know what's going on here. You've found another Jew! Be honest. You're getting your discounts elsewhere and you're trying to let me down easy (yes, by impugning my poker game, apparently - hey, this is my rant). You can tell me. Mazel Tov to you both.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You run good.

Your math is a little off though, might be a Boston thing. On the Grump flush draw, when you call you were slightly behind not ahead (55%-45%) and after the turn you were not slightly behind but crushed (91%-9%)with only 4 outs.

But what's a little math when you are definitely the new Athena.

Have fun tonight as I will not be available for all the festivities.

Josie said...

Yeah, Poker Grump pointed out just how off I was. Bottom line I won!!

Don, how can you NOT play tonight? Wimp!!!!!