Thursday, December 22, 2011

Here Fishy, Fishy!

Hello my dears,

Time to do a little fishing at Foxwoods, but that doesn't mean I'd leave you high and dry without a post!  First a little bidness, and then a little bit of fun.

Bidness is football and it ain't pretty.  I had such a bad week last week with all the upsets that I think I lost what little grasp I had on first place in my league and there's not enough time to make it up. This will be the first time in 4 years that I haven't won first place for the year. Fuuuuuuck.  The only slim chance of doing something significant is to go with a few longshots, which I have done.  I will go down fighting!  I like to keep my picks the same, both here in our little league and in the bigger league, so here we go. 

Baltimore 16, opponent Cleveland
Pats 15, opponent Miami
Green Bay 14, opponent Chicago
Tennessee 13, opponent Jacksonville
Dallas 12, opponent I dunno
New Orleans 11, opponent Atlanta
Washington 10, opponent Minn
Pittsburgh 9, opponent St. Louis
Detroit 8, opponent San Diego
Cinncy 7, opponent Ari
Tampa Bay 6, opponent Carolina
Houston 5, opponent Indy
KC 4, opponent Buffalo
Giants 3, opponent Jets
San Fran 2, opponent Seattle
Buffalo 1, opponent Denver

Blah.  Let's see if I can at least beat Jman.  That'd be something.

I promised Mr. Mojo Risin' a drinking story.  As an aside, I take exception to his name. 1.) A kid wants me to address him as Mr.? I don't think so.  2.) I already know a Mojo, a really nice one, so that name's out the window too.  But I digress....the drinking story:

 I was in Mexico (Cancun) with my sister and cousin Sara, and we were hitting some bars and then a club, so it was a night of alot of tequila.  This was quite awhile ago, by the way.  Tequila was pretty much free, they'd knock your head back and literally pour it down your throat and dance onto the next person.  So we met some guys...drinking and partying with them.  My sister was particularly interested in this one guy who we were hanging with; pretty boy and very good looking.  These guys ended up going to the club with us and my sister and he were dancing together...whatever, I wasn't really paying attention to them. (as an aside, I was VERY popular in mexico - I should probably move there, lol as I have alot of junk in the trunk.  Who knew how popular that is in Mexico.  Every fucking guy was on me like white on rice - I am saying this because it was UNUSUAL, and again MEXICO. Anyway, the guy tells my sis that he wants to sleep with her but she has to pay because he's a prostitute. I shiat you not and boy was she pissed off.  Later on I'm dancing and he joins me on the dance floor and would not leave me alone...and he tells me "YOU, I will fuck for free." LOLLLLLLLLLL I was like "Wow, lucky me".   We finally lose him and his buddies.....decide to go to the beach in like the wee hours of the morning....and THEN I decide I want to sunbathe at like I dunno 5 or 6 am (remember I was drunk Josie at this point) and I think I should take off my clothes because I think my bra and panties look just like a bikini anyway. They didn't. I woke up at like 11am on the beach in my underwear, in my sunbathing position. My gals were next to me, but they had clothes on and at this point the beach was full.  Awesome.  LOL Like I said that was a long time ago.

But enough about that.  There will be very little drinking today because I'm playing poker!  1-2NL and a nice little tourney.  Poker recap to follow.

Play smart and no sunbathing!



JT88Keys said...

Mr. Mojo Risin is an anagram of the name Jim Morrison, the lead singer of The Doors. If you're struggling with what to call him, I suggest you just call him Jim.

badbilly32 said...

first off as a guy i dont think thers ever a "badtime" for you to sunbath...imjustsayin :)

how close are you to foxwoods is it closer than a.c.?

are you staying just for the day/what did u do with evan? or did i miss that while reading your post?

also the bite mark from the dog looks like u got shot with a 22 lol(cats f.t.w.)
i also have thoughts on sue the neighbor/nick but ill ship you an email for those.....

good luck today!! win lots of $$$$$$$ and remember its okay to fold qq into a 2,4,7 board when reraised lol :)

signed billy/"adam's daily questionaire"

Mikeg5162000 said...

I'm sure you know that Mr. Mojo Risin is a psuedonym for Jim Morrison. He created it as an anagram of the letters in his name. Another example is Axl Rose ... do you know what that is an anagram from?
I would wish you luck on your picks but I can't since you went against the Jets. That's going to cost you.

SirFWALGMan said...

How can KC and Denver be playing Buffalo? Anyways.. Picks locked and loaded. GL today.

josiesboytoy said...

Reading your blog and I get to the part about Josie in bra and panties and I just about spit out my orange juice I was laughing so hard. Anyways Seattle is going to win on Xmas Eve. Mark my words...All day long now I have this vision in my mind about Josie in her....... Okay mind back on other things..........

TJStier said...

2 words. San Diego.

badbilly32 said...

we no likey when mama goes

grump put up what can be construed as an apoplogy/with grump resoning.
(he really is a very good writer)

tony is convinced fla is the answer, and needs to sell his b.c.p. money IMMEDIATELY

i made cookies...there u are all caught up

Mr Mojo Risin said...

Or I could be the old Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Jim Morrison. Afterall the Lizard King allegedly has been dead for 30+ years.