Tuesday, December 27, 2011

To Post or Not To Post

If you've been following TBC's Blog like I've been, you may have seen a really long post with IM's back and forth between Tony and a young woman.  Were they interesting?  Sure they were.  I read most of them, and I remember thinking that posting her words was probably not a good idea.  Worse still, Tony accidentally posted her ID, which is totally not good because he has so many readers. Did he do this intentionally?  Hell, no.  He made a mistake, that's all.  To fix his mistake he deleted the post, which I applaud.  Easy fix and no harm done. He was right to do this.  No one wants their private words stuck in a public blog.  Lord knows Britni isn't around these days, but if she were I'd know this would upset her, so he did the right thing in deleting it.

What pisses me off is Tony does the right thing in deleting it but people just can't leave well enough alone.  Yes, I'm talking about YOU Lester.  Tony fixes his error and then Lester goes and posts the 10 miles of IM on AVP.  I just don't understand why.  It can only hurt Tony by upsetting Britni, and it doesn't benefit anyone having it posted there.  All it does is create unnecessary drama, at least in my opinion.  It doesn't help anyone and it sure could hurt.

Believe me, I've been there.  I've written up a blog post and then a half hour later deleted it.  Guess what happened?  It showed up paraphrased elsewhere almost immediately, so really I can relate.  Obviously it's the responsibility of the writer to post carefully because once it's out there, it's really out there.  I'm just glad Tony was able to remove it, both from his and All Vegas Poker, because it was the right thing to do.

Oh and my boy Tony's roll is now over 4K.  He's coming back!

Play smart.



grrouchie said...

I was wondering why the post ultimately got deleted and I guess that also explains his twitter post as to why he needed to talk to What's his nuts who bought AVP.

I'm glad that post was deleted, though really i wish it would have just been edited and all of the "conversation" removed because we had some good comments going on there.

Mostly I don't even follow Tony for the stuff he says because I know what's coming (just not when). I do it for the back and forth with the others who follow.

Glenn said...

Hey Josie - Glenn (aka missingflops) here again. I'm going back through and catching up on your blog. BTW, to make sure I stay caught up I've put you in my RSS feed, so even though I won't show up as a follower, you can count me as another regular reader. :)

I see your point on this post. If someone tries to fix something they shouldn't have done, it's worth asking what purpose someone is trying to achieve by "undoing" the fix. I also see the other side of things. Again, as someone who's relatively new to the TBC party, you probably don't have all the information. There was a time when Tony had a pretty regular issue with posting personal information in a public manner. I don't recall seeing that recently (say within the last year or so), but this posting was definitely a backslide on that point. I think one of the reasons Tony likely slowed down on that type of posting was from having to deal with the backlash and consequences of what he did. In that sense, I think it's important that Tony not think that posting information like that is easily fixed. You noted yourself, if someone puts something on the internet, they need to realize it's there forever. The only way to fix a problem like this, is to not post the information publicly in the first place. I don't think it's out of bounds for someone to remind Tony of that fact, particularly when it's someone like Lester who, from what I can tell, has been pretty good about extending friendship to Tony.

OK, back to catching up on your blog (by the way, did you ever get over to allvegaspoker.com? Besides having fun in the forums (including nice strategy discussions) you can watch my vlog videos there!

Josie said...

Hi Glenn!

No, I haven't gone to AVP yet. I assure you I will. BTW I HAVE seen vlog video of yours....perhaps on your blog? You were interviewing my buddy Poker Grump.

I shall pop over to AVP tonight. Thanks for reading.