Friday, December 23, 2011

Housekeeping Post

I'm back from Foxwoods!  Big poker recap to follow, but for today, a few housekeeping items to take care of.

1.  I had no idea Mr. Mojo Risin' was an anagram for Jim Morrison.  I also didn't know Axl Rose was an anagram and I even named my cat, Axl, after him.  I haven't figured out the anagram yet, but I will, and not by googling it.

2. I'm already kicking butt this week in football because I put only a 5 on the Giants, unlike just about everyone else.  I rock!

3.  Who do you think will go further in the post season this year?  The Boston Red Sox, or The Detroit Tigers?  No brainer, right?  It's the sox.  Fortunately, Mr. Mojo Risin' wants to bet on this.  Heh.  I know my boys won't let me down, especially with their new skipper, Valentine.  BIG bet with Mojo Risin' that I shall win.  Maybe he's thinking bout how the sox choked at the end of the season and he's forgotten bout how well they did prior to that.  Whatevah!  His money is going to a very good cause. (me) I figure I'll pick up my winnings in December when I'm in Vegas for the WPBT, and this year I'm going!

4. Didn't win or lose a lot of money at Foxwoods. Blah - lots of details to follow.  One item of interest is when I got to the cash room and tried to sign up for 1/2 nl before the tourney and was put on a list with 40 names ahead of me.  WTF.  They were short dealers and had oodles of players because of the holiday.  With no way of getting on a 1/2nl table before the tourney, I took an open seat at....wait for it...Omaha high low 5/10 limit.  Oh yes I did!  And as I did this I thought "I am NOT a one trick pony like someone (bad billy) suggested."  So I sat down, announcing "I really don't know how to play this so bear with me."  I tried VERY hard not to play it like it was a tourney (thank you wolfie) and actually did quite well.  Omaha is fun! The guys at the table kept saying that I sure DID know how to play Omaha, and was trying to pull one over on least until I scooped a pot but couldn't understand why.  I thought for sure it was a split yet the dealer was pushing all the chips to me.  "Half the pot is his because he has a better low!"  But he didn't.  Some of those hands weren't all that easy to read - and I am normally the one correcting everyone at the felt, not making mistakes.  I lost my last hand before heading to the tourney, when I flopped a top top straight and an open ended straight flush draw.  The 3rd heart hit on the river but gave someone else a higher flush which killed my straight.  Ugh.  I left ahead $6.  lol but I had fun.  The same lady who sold me my chips cashed me out and said "You've won enough for coffee, but not enough to get sugar with it."  lol 

5. I am officially no longer mad at Poker Grump.  He was just being himself and I took it too personally, and got offended and upset. <---understatement.  Luckily for him we are on opposite sides of the country.  Grump's a good friend.  Don't forget that he's the one who instigated me getting my free room at Borgata.  It's not that I don't appreciate him and love his blog, I do.  It's just that I'm Sicilian and tend to be passionate in both a good and bad way.   Which reminds me, I have to call Uncle Rocky and tell him to cancel sending the leg breakers to Vegas.  (I kid!)

6.  I met the nicest young man in Foxwoods yesterday, and I do mean nice and young.  Young kid....mebbe 27 years old, named Rob.  He was talking on the phone about his awesome magic kit that he was giving to someone.  I overheard a bit of that so when he hung up I had to say "You're going to do magic tricks?"  He explained that his friend had just passed away and he was giving the magic kit to the friend's son.  Ohhhhh! I gave my condolences obv.  He told me that his friend was 29 years old and had heart failure when he was sleeping.  Rob said his friend had had very bad sleep apnea and didn't know if that was part of the cause.  Sad stuff.  Then Rob, using a cane, limped away to get some cigarettes.   When he returned I was like "Why the cane dude?"  (I am sooo sensitive!) He reminded me of my dear friend Wolfie, except this was just a kid!  He said he played college football which ruined his hips and they took a bone out of his shin and put it in his hip.  He showed me the looooong scar from ankle to knee where they took that fucker out.  omg.  Anyway, I could tell he was in alot of pain, and asked him if he was doing physical therapy.  Doctors said he couldn't do therapy because it would wear his hip down quicker and they wanted it to last as long as possible.  Because of this he lost his job that he just got as a police officer - something he went to college for.  He said he couldn't pass any fitness tests now, and they got rid of him from dispatch.  Rob's from a black hole Western Mass, so I told him to get Mass Health insurance cuz his insurance premium is $600 per month and with disability he gets only $700 per month.  He can't get on Mass Health because they won't cover some of his pricey prescription meds.  Fuckers.  So I cheered him how only I can.  (get ur mind out of the gutters! I said he was a kid!)

I have oodles more to tell you but it's almost must sign off.  Note to self:  must tell you about the know it all fucker to my left at the omaha table.  OMFG.  He would not shut up.  He was explaining something to me for LITERALLY 15 minutes, even when I was in a hand.

I'll be back before it's time to open Christmas presents.

Play smart.



Cranky said...

VJ - re 4 - I prefer PLO but also like PL8. To me, they're much more interesting to play than NLHE. re 5 - Grump doesn't get it. He wrote a long post explaining how he wasn't mean in his language in his post correcting your math. But, the public nature of his wrist slap to you is mean and it isn't what a friend would do to another friend.

Merry Christmas!

Memphis MOJO said...

Isn't Omaha-8 fun!! Can't wait for the rest of your report.

Josie said...

@cranky, yeah I know where you're coming from but he's a man. Men find it very difficult to apologize, and he really made an effort which I appreciate. That's just his way, and the last thing i'd want to do is change him.

mojo - the real mojo - omaha was quite fun!

badbilly32 said...

lol@v.j. i made the big time...i made the actual blog! glad you had fun!glad that you are not a"one trick pony" lol!!! o/8 is my FAV!

i know its still winter but t.b.h. leyland's a better manager than valentine.(i.m.o. leyland is perennially one of the 2-3 best that there is) and i think detroit's pitching is better! +the "sux" lost papelbon

throw in that the "red sux" play in the same divison as the YANKEES and overall is a way tougher point is the "red sux" might not even make it to the playoffs :)

also didnt the "red sux" start the year 5-20 then plays out of their minds in june/july/august only to do a repeat of 78/b.f.d.! in sept??????????????? sox had a huge lead in 78 loool( hey u asked for opinons )

and as far as men, i dont think we have a hard a time apologizing as we have addmiting when we are WRRRRROOONNNGGG. just my opinion

whew addressing your paragraph"s takes time! you are a sofite!(thats a good thing too!)so how did you cheer him up?(lol we are men! we have dirty minds!)


Josie said...

Billy, so what if the sox had a slow start to the season, I really feel like it'll be different this year. Not too concerned that paps is gone so long as the have a plan to get an awesome new closer. Papelbon seemed to not be quite as fantastic as he used to be.

but um, your comment about the bets scares me as the stakes may be going up. But eff it, I am betting with my heart as well as my head.

How'd I cheer him up? Gave him my undivided attention, offered to share my chicken fingers, which I was having at the bar, and also, helped him with his video poker....although i did get quite bossy. "Don't hold those cards, hold these others!" LOL

badbilly32 said...

very josie the leo, being bossy.....i dont believe it..and what awesome new closer would you be refering too? you know what they say shit in one hand, wish in the other....see wich one fills up faster lol! and i guess u are right anyway, rivera3>papelbon any year! almost ham time!

Josie said...

Well i dunno - I'm just saying they need an awesome new closer, and yes, I'm well aware of that saying, Biatch.

badbilly32 said...

dont forget them going what was it 2-18 their last 20 35 of years of following baseball save for atlanta's co melt, i have never seen 2 teams self destruct like they did + dont forget the best team in the divison just might be tampa bay..popi and crawford are beat up too....yep i like the tigers more t.b.h.

Wolfshead said...

You expecting the Giants to lose? I am. You are going down big time anyway since you went so big on the Pokes. Should have left that one a small point game as the rivalry is intense and the Birds seem to have come together. If the Giants do lose it just givs them incentive.

And two mentions and no links.

lightning36 said...

badbilly32 is Josie's latest butt boy. Stand in line sir ... the line may look long but you will eventually get to the front.

Josie said...

LOL He's helpless to my feminine wiles. ;)

Zin said...

Josie baby the Mighty Texas Rangers are going to kick ass again in 2012. No Red Sox or Yankees can do a damm thing about it but watch.
Happy Holidays Josie!

Hook'em Horns

Josie said...

Zin, I was rooting for the rangers last year, after the sox broke my heart and didn't make it into the post season. btw speaking of texas, have you been watching Top Chef Texas? Love that show!

wtf is hookem horns? ive seen that sign off from you before.


badbilly32 said...

top chef is still pretty good!im really not into tall chix or women of color t,b,h, but PADMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yummy :) kraft is a badass steakhouse tom c. is a pimp! i cant wait till that fat bitch gets the boot, i hope the little koren woman sticks it in her ass!

on another reality t.v note did you see joe judice got indicted for taking his bros birth and wedding cert and getting himself a drivers license in his bros name(he got a d.u.i. last year)..of course he got caught when bro got pulled over and joes face came up on the license...what a douchenozzle!

and one final note i wouldnt have went with "buttboy" or the wait in line analogy.... i would have inserted "josie's bitch" for buttboy or maybe went with something like...can u suck josie's dick a little harder!( im not insinuating that u have a penis mind u v.j.:) either way no harm no foul i hope u have a good xmas lighting

Josie said...

wow billy,how do you really feel? lol

I had no idea about joe guidice - sounds like he may be going away for a while.

and you better not be insinuating that - omfg - once again i blame lightning!

badbilly32 said...

hey wolife can you, beyond a reason of doubt, that to your knowledge josie is not sporting a penis? :) wouldnt that blow up the blog april i got seated next to a tranny @p-ho at a 1-2 table eeeeewwwwww! when it got up to go to the bathroom , i asked the dealer which bathroom is that going too...he replied matter of factly, if it has a female name on the drivers lisence its a she, if not off to the mens room! god the poker table was disconcerting enough, id be mortified if it walked to the stall next tooo me in the mens room

Josie said...

WILLIAM, NO Wolfie has no first hand knowledge of my gender, but he may have to lend you his cane if I hear my gender questioned one more time.


badbilly32 said...

oh god, i got williamed lol im sorry, i was just teasin...theres no question in my mind that you are 100000% all woman and besides your way to pretty!im sure id get 100% agreement from the board that the "one eye covered by hair loooking up pic is hot hot hot!!!!

is that better?
b.b.(not sure if its ButtBOY or BadBIlly lol)

lightning36 said...

He he badbilly -- there is a kind of long history behind the whole butt boy thing. Josie is like a princess, enlisting a whole kingdom of male minions whom she can call upon to meet her many ... uh ... needs. The scorecard, as I recall:

SirFWALGMan (Waffles): wants Josie; official court jester

Wolfshead: caters to Josie; chief chauffeur of the castle

Ken P: tortures Josie; the dark night

Memphis MOJO: interests Josie; a prince from a far-away land

The Crafty Southpaw: protects Josie; castle Josie valet

PokahDave: tantalizes Josie; the white knight

lightning36: inhabits Josie's dreams; the original Prince Charming

Wolfshead said...

No bb, I am a mere chauffer. You'll have to ask Gary, Mojo, Light or Waffles. They have their lips so firmly planted on her nether regions that they may have gotten a glimpse of something

Josie said...

ROFL - Its funny how both you guys (lightning and wolfie) brought up the same list of guys - of course you did leave a few out...

Lightning I will beat your skinny ass for calling me a princess! grrr

Josie said...

@BB, well thank you and no problem although you have no idea what a hard time i get about the man thing. *sniff*

lightning36 said...

"you have no idea what a hard time i get about the man thing."

Hmmm ... "hard time?" Trying to drop hints for bb and the rest of us?

Josie said...

I will bitch slap you lightning!

grrouchie said...

Axl Rose has a great anagram Josie.

Anytime you're ready i'm willing to give it to you :)

I tease.

I just wanted to comment since not a single person commented on the whole anagram thing ha :)