Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I haven't felt this way in a long time.  Sure I've been tired before, but it's been a while since I stayed up too late playing online poker even though I knew I had to get in work early the next day.  Ugh.

I started out playing a $2 (10) person one table.  It took forever.  We probably played 3 handed for almost an hour but in the end I won 1st place.  When that was done, I found Tony at a Omaha H/L .25-.50 cash table, joined his waiting list and finally got in. I probably played 3 hands the entire time I was there but won or split them all so I made about $4 at that table.  And then, onto those Double or Nothing tables. I'm not really sure I like the double or nothng game.  It does go pretty quickly as once you are down to 5 peeps it's game over.

I was playing one of the DoN games with Tony at my table.  And of course it was this game that I lost and early too.  I called a standard raise with A-J and the flop was J-4-7 rainbow.  He bet, I raised, he jammed all in.  So I call.  I was up against cowboys.  Ugh.  From there I went from short stacked to out.  I was playing another DoN at the same time, and cashed in that, so they kinda cancelled each other out.

I must say online poker is fun, even though I'm playing at such small stakes.  I hope to keep the stakes very small and just try to increase my balance slowly, baby steps.

At this point, Sugar Bear was begging me to watch some tv show about weird inventions (they seemed like a complicated version of the game Mousetrap) in his room.  Ugh.  Since I'd been ignoring him for the past 2-3 hours I agreed.  I must've fallen asleep pretty quickly though. (tv shows about inventions are boring!)  I woke up at like 4am in his bunk bed all scrunched up.  Good thing I have coffee - a big cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee.  That'll wake me up.

Ohhh!!!  Big News!  Have I not told you that I am now the proud (very proud) owner of the Kindle Fire!?!  Well I have one!  Woot!  Except, I haven't set it up yet intimidates me.  I was waiting for a certain Gentleman to come home from his annual Christmas pilgrimage and maybe he'd teach me how it works.  :)  I think it's the least a gentleman can do.  I'm not even sure what the Kindle will do, besides be an e-reader.  I think I can check my email on it too, which would be way cool, as my phone doesn't have that capability.  Anyhoo, we shall see.  I hope to actually open the box before 2012.

Play smart.



Cranky said...

VJ - I suspect the Kindle Fire needs very little work to set it up. I'm sure it has a quick start guide that'll get you up and running in short order. Congrats! It'll be a great boon for your commute.

Josie said...

Cranky, I think you're right. I got an email chiding me for not jumping in and trying it. Maybe I'll be like Nike and Just Do It. But what if I mess it up?

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on the Kindle, but I doubt you'll be using it on your commute - it is WiFi driven.

Josie said...

English please Mojo. No habla espanol or computerian.

Josie said...

I need clarification! Does Mojo comment mean that I can't read any books on my kindle during my commute? I've seen other peeps do that! Is it because I have the fire kindle? *sigh* :(

Cranky said...

VJ - You can read books on your Kindle wherever you are. What Mojo is saying is that you can't access the internet when you're on the bus because that requires 3G. You can access the internet wirelessly with your Kindle when you're someplace that has a wireless network, such as a Starbucks, and possibly your home. So, if you wanted to use it for reading, you'd download the book when you had WiFi access and store it locally on your Kindle. Then, you can read the book on your Kindle wherever you are. Amazon will let you store your book on their network when you're done so you don't run out of space on your Kindle.

Josie said...

Thank you Cranky my dear. Otherwise, that kindle was going to be "kindling".

KenP said...

The Kindle Fire has a battery life of 8 hours according to Amazon. If you have the WiFi turned on then halve that. So you want to only have it enabled when you need it.

If you want more time and only use it to read, you might want to exchange it for one of the black/white units that are for mostly reading and show little extra benefit from the 3G connectivity.

You should pick up an extra charger to use at work. If that still doesn't seem adequate, there are auxiliary batteries that can be bought that would supply it and also your cell phone when more juice is needed.

Unless Amazon has gotten totally nasty, you should be able to visit the Android store for additional apps. Amazon has a store too and you can look there first.

The Kindle Fire is a nice 7" inch version of an I-Pad type device. It will do most of the average things that your home computer will.

If you want to watch a movie on it, try to have it near full charge. The color units don't have the lasting power that the dedicated readers do.

lightning36 said...

Tired? Getting a little long in the tooth? lol

I have been playing more online poker recently at Bovada. I had forgotten how much time online poker just seems to suck away.

Josie said...

as i told you yesterday lightning, when i see you in person i will slap you silly for each and every one of these comments. your wife will be wondering why you are so bruised.

play on BCP!!!! Come on! *batting eyelashes*

badbilly32 said...

kindles, iphones,!"intimidate" is a great word for all this shit!

unfortunatley for us we are the last of a generation that thought "paperback books" were awesome!

that if your phone(which hung on a wall and had no buttons or call waiting)has a 10 foot cord(that constantly tangled)u were god

wifi's routers,3g's...i often think id have an easier time reading the dead sea scrolls!

all of our children grow up with all this shit like its nothin! i mean what self respecting 8 year old doesnt have a kindle or 4g cell phone? so yes its intimidating!

playing online poker is like riding a bike......especially if your a winnning player, or can ride no handed! last year you would have never found yourself playing so low indeed, but its still a ton of fun!

its better to be able to bang out a couple of hundo from the comfort of home, than titleing your next blog"IF I DONT GET TO PLAY POKER SOON, MAMA MIGHT DIE"!LOL

p.s tony banned me again.....sigh, dont think he liked my last couple of posts...truth hurts i guess

Josie said...

LOL Billy, you crack me up. We had a wall phone with a 20 ft long cord that we all fought over.

try being nice to tony and maybe you won't get banned. sometimes it's better to be nice. a little advice from auntie josie.

badbilly32 said...

my old man would follow the cord, smack me in the back of my head and say" you been on the phone for an hour!get off and go do some homework!!lol goodtimes!sux gettin old!

geez i have about 100 people i have to be nice too!+ i have to be "good/nice" on this blog now also......

i dont wannna be nice aunite jo!plus he makes it so friggin hard!well he just unbanned me again so ill try

p.s. what do i get if imma "goodboy?lol(yeah yeah i know prolly a friggin cookie! better make it a choc chip then(with no nuts, i skeeve nuts in cookies!)

Josie said...

billy you def dont' have to be nice here...feel free to use lightning as an example, oh and then there's ken too.

KenP said...

It is more fun to trash Darby O'Gill or any of the LITTLE PEOPLE.

Memphis MOJO said...

What Cranky said - sorry to be confusing.

lightning36 said...

"It is more fun to trash Darby O'Gill or any of the LITTLE PEOPLE."

Ken -- did you mean "short?"

grrouchie said...

Turn it on, follow the prompts.

It will ask you for info so it can link to your amazon account.

It will update itself to the latest firmware after you allow it to connect to your wireless connection.

You can play angry birds on it.
You can read books on it.

If you have amazon prime you can take advantage of the "lending library" and get a free book every month to read and then "return."
If you have Prime you can also watch a ton of free TV shows and movies over your Kindle Fire.

If you are like me and buy your music through Amazon (it saves in the cloud) and TV shows and such, You can stream all of those through your Kindle Fire as well.

My Kindle Fire makes sweet love to my brain while I am sleeping as well, but I had to pay extra for that feature.

grrouchie said...

Battery life.
8 hours means this.
If you spend 8 continues hours with your screen on and you reading - it will last 8 hours.

If you don't read in 8 hours spurts then it will last much much longer.

Right now I read a little bit before bed time and during my breaks/lunches at work - I have not charged my Kindle Fire in 3-4 days and still have 50% ish power left.

all I do when I'm done is hit the power button to shut the screen off.

if you watch TV/Movies/games with it then the battery sucks away quicker.