Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Wednesday

She reminds me of Rose

This post was supposed to be a story inspired by KenP, one of the crankiest old men evar.  Ken is always grumbling about something or other and it's never positive. Hell, check out the comments for the last couple years if you don't believe me.  Anyway, as much as he is always a pain in the ass, I like him and give him a pass.  Many others wouldn't get the pass that Ken gets.  He pissed me off again, this past weekend, and that's when it dawned on me that he reminded me of Rose! Rose was a horrid bitch of a woman that I worked with over twenty years ago. 

I decided I'd write a little story about Rose to illustrate how the two of them are so similar, didn't work out so well.  I was up pretty late last night (well you probably wouldn't consider it late, but I do) writing and writing and wasn't happy with the results.  It is waaaaaay too long and in order to get the essence of the story it ended up being way too autobiographical.  And as much as I wrote, it was all back story.  I'd just gotten to meeting Rose when I decided to give up and call it a night.  Besides, it wasn't funny or interesting.  Blah.  The point of the story was they are/were both miserable bastards and as much as they love(d) to gripe at me, I am a bit of sunshine in their otherwise dreary day.  :)  M'kay?

But don't worry, my pets, I do have something a wee bit funny to share with you.  Lord knows I don't have any new poker stories to share!  :(

Yesterday I was emailing back and forth with Jenny, this sweet young girl who used to work here.  She's moved onto the marketing department of a competitor firm (the biatch!).  lol jk  Anyway, we are getting together next week for drinks....which means big trouble!  I've been trying in vain to get her laid find her a boyfriend for the past couple of years to no avail.  I've even given her Very Josie lessons, but some things just cannot be learned.  Anyway, below is our email chat.

Jenny:  Now I’m dying to know about the moustached man and gossip!!!!
So we had our fancy holiday party on Saturday and I wore a bronze sequins dress! And… had too much to drink and fell on the dance floor while my boss was spinning me around. So there you go. Just another holiday party in the life of Jenny. ;)

LOL The dress sounds fab! Oh those holiday parties....when you have the owner holding your hair while you puke, like I did, then you've hit the ultimate.  I want details on the partay!  And pictures!

HAHA OMG Josie I forgot all about that!!! :D Remember when I thought I lost my Border’s Rewards Card in Dan Ricciarelli’s briefcase and was rooting around in it at the bar?!

It was at the Back Bay Hilton, sit down dinner, open bar, lots of dancing, dates/significant others included. My friend Lance from Colorado came to visit for the weekend and was my date J so that was fun! Attached are pictures of the two of us in our fancy attire ;)

omg you skinny effing biatch! <---ultimate compliment Wow. you look great and lance, well.....hubba hubba

LOL Yes I remember that and how Dan found you going through his briefcase.  Ahhhh good times.  Time to knock a few back girlfriend.  We are on for next week?

My crush was there, dateless! But Lance informed me he looks like he’s going bald and will be in a few years, so I should stay away. HAHAHA. ;)
I’m definitely still on for next week!!


wait a minute!  you led the crush to believe you had a date for the night.  I should've been consulted about this!  although you hit it out of the park with that dress.

HA yes, but Lance and the crush chatted for a bit about how he was visiting from Colorado, skiing, etc. so I think he knew that Lance was just a friend. Not that he cares either!!! :D I’m going to a marketing event with him tomorrow night actually…

OMG!  tomorrow night?  Do you remember all the tips I've given you on how to land a man?  LOL Tomorrow night just keep reminding yourself.....what would josie do...

HAHA!!! :D You  know me!!  Lol I have to be careful about that tip!! ;) 
I only speak to him if I have to! Actually we’re going with two other engineers who are really cute too… I think you should meet us at the event! ;)

Ugh.  No way.  Not even with free drinks. We'll have martinis next week while you tell me all about it.  You better make me proud!

LOL that was pretty much it.  She's such a sweetheart but a crazy girl when she gets going and would most likely die if she knew I was posting this.  Oh well.  :)  Wanna see her awesome dress?

(not her real digits obv. anyone get the reference?)



KenP said...

Your ideas about privacy are amazing. I encountered that yesterday and Jenny gets exposed today.

The Internet is public. You've always missed that with this blog. I hope it doesn't turn on you.

Mikeg5162000 said...

Jenny Jenny, where have you gone to? - Tommy Tutone

Josie said...

thank you for keeping me in your hopes! :)

Josie said...

@mike, BINGO! lol

SirFWALGMan said...

Just tell her to whisper in his ear "Wanna get blown in the bathroom?".. works everytime. Waffles guide to relationships.

Josie said...

@waffles - lol, funny enough that was one of my tips!

Memphis MOJO said...

Mike beat me to it!