Monday, December 19, 2011

AFC East Champions!

That's right baby!  Even Tim Tebow couldn't stop Tom Terrific and The Patriots!  AFC East Champs, which means they're in a great position to gain a first round playoff bye or even home field advantage in the AFC.  Better even still because Houston lost to Carolina.  OMFG, there were some upsets yesterday.  It should be noted I had my WORST week of the season this week and it was the the first Sunday of the season I didn't see one game.  Conicidence?  Prolly not.  :) But still!

I was out all afternoon/early evening because my niece, nephew and great niece were in town!  I haven't seen them in years - so this was the best Christmas present of all.  Everyone looked great but I'm worried about my nephew.  :(  A sweet, wonderful and smart kid, but......I dunno.  He's not working, which would get anyone down.  He's always had a hard time focusing, and had been on medication for ADHD for years.  :(  I dunno.  If  you know me at all, you know I want to fly down to Florida, find him a job, and cook him dinner.  :)

Anyway, this is yet another poker-less post.  Bear with me though.  I've decided Christmas be damned (not really) and I'm going to Foxwoods this week to play in a tournament, so there will be a helluva poker post to come.

In the mean time, let me bore you with some photos!

Evan (Sugar Bear) after his concert.

My great niece, Leilani and me with baaad lighting.

The Menorah Tree - Seriously.  Did I not speak the truth?
Decorated Menorah Tree to come

Ohhh and in other exciting news,  I now have my 36th follower!  And speaking of menorahs, 36 is double hai! Thanks for following Cory!!! xoxoxo

Play me in Foxwoods this week!



lightning36 said...

36 is always good.

Nice pick in Lucki Duck's contest. : o )

Waiting to hear the latest Josie-Tony hook-up news ...

And a good morning to you!

Cranky said...

VJ - yahoo for the Pats! I must admit the start of the game filled me with dread, when the Broncos just marched down the field seemingly without any defense from the Pats. Then, like against Philly, the defense suddenly became highly effective and the game was a pleasure to watch.

I think the menorah tree is looks fun in theory, but in practice those long, empty branches will be heavily weighed down by anything but the lightest ornaments. I'd recommend trimming them before trimming the tree. Looking forward to pics regardless of what you do with the branches ... left as is or manicured.

Josie said...

@lightning, you are a pain in the #$%#&@. <---LOOK i'm not swearing! why must you post such things on tony's blog? Oh yeah, because you're a ball buster.

@cranky - you are right - those branches suck! But no I didn't trim them. i am vertically challenged and NO it's not fun, even in theory! lol Pats rule! can't believe i missed the game!

Josie said...

Cranky, it's the world's ugliest tree, seriously. no amount of glitter and sparkle can change that, PLUS it cost over $60. Can you imagine?

Cranky said...

VJ - I can imagine that it cost that much. Here in the western suburbs, they're similarly priced. Even if the tree is ugly, it's still beautiful when decorated and lit up. In our household, I am the tree decorator (I tell you, those gimps in wheelchairs get out of doing everything!) and I loathe doing it, so we haven't had a tree in a few years. Maybe when we move (I hope next spring), the layout of the condo will work better for Xmas trees and I'll be bitching about decorating yet again!

Chuck said...

Well, if #36 is exciting, let's make it 37. It's good to be under 40 again.

Josie said...

Chucky baby! You won't regret it! Thank you #37!!! Hey....are you insinuating I'm OVER 40? Well I am (barely) but still!!! lol Chuck you now must read every single day!

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats to the Pats. Awesome offense.

Chuck said...

Josie, I HAVE been reading every day for at least a year, just too lazy to click that "follow" button. I'm recently on the wrong side of 40, just wanted to let you know you're not alone.

Josie said...

What's UpChuck! (i bet you never get that) Thank you for reading daily! Hopefuly im not dreadfully boring. and you're on the wrong side of 40 but you are my #36! Double Hai! (thats very lucky if you are jewish, and no i am not)