Saturday, December 3, 2011


Ever hear of Movember?  It happens every November and for the entire month men grow their moustaches to raise awareness and money for men's health....specifically prostate cancer.  Some of the men at my firm decided to get involved and it made for a fun month for me.  I got to make fun of sooooo many moustaches, both the uber hairy ones and the pitful ones.  Of course, since I got my entertainment's worth, I most certainly donated to this very worthy cause.

Anyhoo, at the end of November, the men who still had 'staches took a group picture and all the women got to vote for their favorite 'stache.  Wanna see the pic?  LOL Sure you do!

Clicky on picky to see details

Aren't these guys great?  Keep in mind that none of them normally sport a 'stache.  Anyone care to guess who I voted for as my fave?  See if you can gauge Very Josie's taste.  I just wish more men participated, as this is such a small sample of our office.  The kid smack in the middle can grow a 'stache practically over night.  See the one in the pic?  That was his third one in November.  He had to shave twice mid month because of commitments (and a girlfriend).  Before he shaved, it was like a bush.  That's one hairy mo' fo'.  And the kid 2nd in line?  He is an intern, that recently became a temporary paid employee.  I think he's maybe 21 yrs old....and the peach fuzz on his lip?  He's been growing that for 30 days.  He is 'stache challenged.  Too bad for him that Movember is only 30 days long. :)

Actually, the two guys on the far right are the only real "architects".  The others are partially there, some further along than others, but not licensed.

And the last guy, the one to the far right?  He's the one who organized this for the office and sent an email out requesting donations.  The owner, being a funny guy, challenged him and offered him a HUGE donation if he'd keep that ridiculous 'stache in place (it has upturned corners!) until the holiday party which is December 16th.  Only time will tell if he'll make the owner pay up.  It's only an extra 16 days!  I hope he does it.

That guy on the right challenged me too.  He gave me a paper 'stache and invited me to join in the photo as I was quite involved in badgering people for donations.  I do my part!  Not that i didn't look uber cute in my black paper moustache, but in the end I bowed out of the photo.  I mean, I'm Italian.  Do I really need to tape more facial hair on?  I don't think so.  Of course my monitior is now sporting a dashing taped-on moustache, much like the guy's on the far right.



Gary said...

It's either Larry Fine, far left, which I doubt, or blue checked shirt and T-shirt, fourth in from the left.

Wolfshead said...

Guess I can't participate. Grew my first mustache at 18 and think it's only been shaved off 3 times since, never for more than 2 months. Just feels strange without it. Of course the size and density might vary as I sometimes do a major Fu Manchu ala Joe Namath or let it get bushy but as I've grown older it has grown smaller and I run the groomer over it every few weeks to thin it down. Just can't seem to bring myself to take it off like I did the beard tho.

Gary said...

funny enough, me too. I've had a beard and moustache since I was 18, and I'm 43 now. Except for six weeks in 1994, and I'll maybe post about that in the future.

Cranky said...

VJ - funny you should refer to the mustache on the right as "ridiculous." I thought that was the best of the lot by far. So, based on your comments, I'm assuming his was not your fave. In that case, I think you like the one in the center best.

Josie said...

Ha! The guy on the far right was BY FAR my favorite. it looks very dashing and a bit ridiculous in person. actually they all look pretty ridiculous to me because all of these guys are usually clean shaven.

the last guy on the right was the winner and got my vote fo sho. he's like the coolest dude evar.....perhaps the most fascinating man in the world.