Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Making Friends and Influencing People

Someone's a bad influence and I am not talking about me....erm....at least not in this particular instance.  If you've read my blog, you most likely have heard me bitch and moan about my money being seized on Full Tilt Poker.  April 15, 2011 was the last I played online poker.  I like to learn from my mistakes and having my funds in Full Tilt seized was lesson enough for me.  I decided to not deposit another penny into any online playing and I've found that I haven't missed it all that much. 

And then.............

I was reading about Tony playing on Black Chip Poker and decided I wanted to watch him play, which meant I'd have to download the software.  But then what?  I am not one of the types who likes to play for 'Play money".  Puhlease.  Do I look like I have that kind of fucking time to waste?  Besides, I wouldn't play correctly if it weren't for some sort of money.  So I did the thing I said I'd never do.  I deposited a small bit of money into Black Chip Poker and then I played online!  Weeeeeee!

Heh.  I'd forgotten how much fun this was!  Or perhaps I'd forgotten how badly people play online!  Wow! Is it the anonymity of online play that leads to the most incredulously bad playing?  I dunno, but damn, this is a site full of donkeys....but no Tony.  I'm pretty sure he's at the Rio playing in his free roll and kicking ass.

So here's a recap of my games thus far.

Game 1, 10 peep game, with 3 itm and I came in 3rd, pretty much getting my buy in back.
Game 2, 45 peep game, with 7 itm and I came in 3rd again, much better pay off.
Game 3, 2 peep heads up game that I lost.  :(  Ill timed bluff.
Game 4, 10 peep double up game, with 5 itm and doubling up.  I won! :)

That is itm 3 of 4.  Not too shabbay and have beefed up my paltry starting balance.  Mama likie!  Plus Tony was saying something about getting paid through the 2+2 thingy.  I don't know that using this website is entirely necessary and think you get only 80-90 cents on the dollar.  Hopefully, I'll build up enough of a balance that I'll need to withdraw.  Oh and who knows, maybe I'll see Tony at the virtual felt.  And if you're very lucky, you can see VeryJosie in action, on Black Chip Poker.

When I used to play on Full Tilt I always had people watching me play and as I started my first game on BCP I thought - oooooo no one knows me here and no one's watching.  That feeling lasted for about 10 minutes.  Soon enough someone asked me this question "Hey, aren't you Grump's friend?".  Well shit, that didn't last long did it?  lol  That's cool.  The thing I miss most about Full Tilt is the interaction and trash talking with my buddies.

Play smart, or better yet don't if you're up against me on Black Chip Poker.  :)



KenP said...

You did sign up in a way to get the 45$ rakeback, right?

Josie said...

I signed up with some sort of rakeback thingy....not sure it's $45.

grrouchie said...

KenP - speakth of this 45 so I may investigate and compare everything if I decide to sign up and "watch others play"

Josie said...

Yes Ken, speaketh!

btw Tony sent me a rakeback link, and also black chip gave me a rakeback code to put in.

KenP said...

No, that sounds like bonus. If you look on my page there is a link to rakeback.org that would even give me a kickback.

It would give you instructions for how to get rakeback. You are in a pot; they rake you the $3/max; you get 1.35 refunded.

Rake is done is slightly different ways at various sites but even the tightest version are better than nothing.

Bonus is nice for the moment. The $100 I put on one site returned more than that in rake. Don't play a site without it.

Thimk! :)

Josie said...

Yes, I did the rakeback thing with Tony as a referral so he'd get the kick back....and then there was the bonus.

Thanks Ken!

sevencard2003 said...

should be getting both rakeback and a bonus, its thru rakebrain.com, but the $125 offer i had for the $25 initial deposit, which wasnt a bonus but an actual deposit added, seems to no longer be in effect.