Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Still 2011

Even though it's still 2011 I'm thinking about my New Year's resolutions.  They aren't resolutions so much as goals for the new year, and I always like to start out with a goal.

Goals for 2012
Make exercise a priority. (it could happen!)
Play in wsop event.  (it could totally happen.)
Net 50K in poker winnings for the year. (failed goal from last year, i'm not quitting you!)
Buy lots of books for my kindle fire. (*sigh* I cannot wait to start on this goal)
Call my mother more. (I have a major aversion to phones)
Be nicer to others.  Everyone is struggling with something and a little nice goes a long way.
Swear less. (I've already started trying.  Have you noticed?)
Not finish work projects up at the last minute. (Why do I do this?)
Spend more time with Sugar Bear. (Whether he likes it or not.  Heh.)
Set up Blogger football league on for 2012.  Based on my points this year you should be dying to play against me.  One payment for the season, and highest points for every week gets paid.  Def no playing just for bragging rights, which was the bet with Waffles.  heh.

And speaking of football, my football picks.  I'm not crazy about these picks but it's done.

New England 16
Atlanta 15
New Orleans 14
San Fran 13
Pittsburgh 12
Jacksonville 11
Arizona 10
Oakland 9
Philly sucks 8
Tennessee 7 (hi hurrican mikey!)
Denver 6
Detroit 5
Giants 4
Minnesota 3
Cinncy 2
Jets 1

I must've been nuts to play against Waffles in the Pick The Pros game without a prize at the end.  Luckily for me, it turned out that way though as I don't think I can catch the rascally devil now, of course I could still kick his butt for the week, so there's that.  And then there's his son who must be stopped.

Alright my pets, work calls.

Play smart.



badbilly32 said...

goals for 2012........

play more golf

go fishing more

give the daughter less $$$(shes almost 21 time to cut the rope :)

swear more (the world is a crappy place, might as well use your best explatives)

WIN a w.s.o.p. event

lol i like my list better :)

Josie said...

Must add to my list:

Go fishing less. Yuck. Unfortunately that's my sons favorite activity.

Tan more.

badbilly32 said...

cant u tan while im fishing? i bet ud look good on the front of my boat while sugar bear and i are trolling for walleye's :)...(see i am capable of compromise!)

if he likes it now your screwed for later,it just gets worse as boys get older....

what kind of fishing is he doing?i.e. anything besdies pond fishing yet?

Josie said...

yes pond and lake fishing. small and big bass fishing i guess.

Zin said...

2012 Goals

Take my poker game seriously (yeah rite)

Start playing golf again (have not played in 2 yrs wow)

Walk at least 2 miles per day (Mon-Fri)

Donate a little more than last year to charity

Make more money than last year

Go to Vegas at least 4 times or more

Josie said...

@zin, excellent goals.

i've been walking 5 days per week, and i'm thinking i can do 2 miles per day too. (yes i am a wee bit competitive) so I'm taking on this goal.

Vegas trips - 2, but 4 does sound better.

I'm also snagging these goals for my own:Donate a little more than last year to charity and Make more money than last year, and take my poker game more seriously (if that's possible).

Thanks for the good ideas.

badbilly32 said...

smallmouth and largemouth are the proper terms! lol,you wanna impress the shit outta him, tell him u can tell the difference between the two......on the small mouth besides usually being a little "greener in color" the end of the mouth of a "smallmouth" will end at the eye of the fish , whereas a largemouth's mouth, will protrude past the eye of the fish...lesson 4 the day!

do you bait his hooks and take his fish off the hook , or is he on his own in these ventures?(thats baller for a girl if you do b.t.w.)

Josie said...

are you crazy? no i don't touch worms or fish...he does all that crapola himself.

badbilly32 said...

lets review: you play poker, watch/love sports, you camp and have been known to swear like a sailor.+your italian so you have to touch fish while "cooking them" so no t.b.h. i didnt think it was beyond the realm.......:) (these are all excellent traits in mens eyes b.t.w.)

grrouchie said...

2012 new years revolutions

outta debt
blog more
poker more
read more
video game more
Mt Dew More
Meet up with peoples who visit vegas more
Josie more

Josie said...

@grrouchie, i like the last two. plus don't forget that you are going to buy tony a meal. i would appreciate that very much.

oh and i will steal an idea from you and

Diet Coke more. Mmmmm

PokahDave said...

Smallmouth are usually copper in color...not greener...what kind of water are you fishing in?

badbilly32 said...

not in lake erie dave, i would tend to think the more "copper" color smallies youd refer to are found in inland lakes where they are not in deep depths and get more access to the sun/uv rays

Zin said...

grrouchie no better feeling than being out of debt, wish you the best of luck.
Josie i am stunned that you do not touch (worms)lol...

Go Rangers
Go Steelers
Go Celtics
Go Spurs Go
Go Josie Go

Josie said...

Zinny, trust me, I haven't stunned you YET.

Zin said...

Cannot wait! Your #1 with me Miss Josie.

grrouchie said...

@badbilly - lived near lake Erie and hated it

@Zin - thanks - looking forward to it and also agree 100% with your GO STEELERS!

@Josie - Can't make a post without mentioning the hostest with the mostest

Josie said...

lol grrouchie.

badbilly32 said...

@zin in ohio? been here all my life, save for a life of sports misery, ive always loved it here! i could never be "not close to the water" im literally less than 2 miles from the lake

as far the steelers how can you not be rooting for the texans? even without your best defensvie player, your qb and a hobbled a. johnson,they are still very relevant!can u say foster/tate!

and miss josie how could you possibly root for the team that owned tommy b./and the hoodie? and is prolly your biggest threat in the a.f.c.

badbilly32 said...

fml i cant edit!!!! the lake eire was supposed to be@ grouchie

Josie said...

Billy, I'm not saying I'm rooting for them, in fact I will most likely be betting against them. I just don't hate them like --->skankees.

Zin said...

badbilly32, the 1st NFL game i remember watching was the Houston Oilers vs Pittsburgh Steelers, i was 8 or 9 at the time, my mom being a big Oiler fan my dad insisted i root for the Steelers so i did, that is how i became a Steeler fan, did not know any better at the time, as for the Texans i do follow them and like them, but when the Texans and Steelers play my heart is still with the Mighty Steelers, The only 6 time Super Bowl Champions.

badbilly32 said...

jo does it bother you that we use your blog as a quasi sports forum?(t.b.h. its much more fun than imploring you to shave,dont give money to strange men and not play machines lol).....

man the oliers even had the cool song....houston oilers number one!sigh... that you would go against dan pastorini,earl campbell(greatest rb i ever saw) kenny houston leading the d ..jesus mary and joseph bum honest to goodness cowboy, as the coach....for the evil fucking empire,they are the red sux of football...

on a final note ,renfro got both feet in and had posession....GOD I HATE THE STEELERS!

Josie said...

@billy, fuck no. Sports talk rocks. btw i like the steelers too.

Wolfshead said...

Why buy books for a Kindle? You can always download library books if your library is set up for e books. Also if you like old authors like Verne, Dumas, Austen you can find a lot of their stuff for free on the Internet since it is in the public domain. Any kind of book written before 1970 you might want check to see if there is a free copy available in e form. Also check out a program called Calibre as it can convert one form of ebook to others cause I hear the Kindle has problems with some fomats. BTW, I picked up a Nook as a Christmas present for myself.

As for a football pool next year I'm in. What are the stakes. I've been wanting to set up a fantasy football league myself.

Have a Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year

Josie said...

Hi Wolfie!

Yes I heard about the library lending via kindle and i def want a ton of classics - camus comes to mind as does Maya Angelo, lol.

As for football, I think $6 per week, but could be more. You must pay for at least half the year up front and $5 goes to the weekly prize and that final dollar accumulates for the end of year grand prize. That ends up costing $102 for the whole season which is quite cheap for all the entertainment you get. I could go higher on the prize pool depending on the majority but not less.

Happy New Year Wolfie Baby! Rest up for AC! Borgata is calling my name so you better be ready!