Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I've Been a Very Good Girl!

I bet you've been wondering, what should I get Very Josie for Christmas?  Well my friends, I have one word for you, SEPHORA.  Of course if you don't like that word, other words like KINDLE and CHOCOLATE do come to mind, but no matter, as the word of the day is SEPHORA.

They just emailed me and told me to drop hints!  Awesome idea. Hint = Gift Card although if gift cards are too impersonal for you....below is the highly coveted Too Faced set that I MUST have. 

It comes with eyeshadow primer and I'm all out of that!  I'm just saying.

Remember, I'm never naughty and always nice. 




KenP said...

It comes with eyeshadow primer

I think I'd be cheaper to just pick up some Bondo.

SirFWALGMan said...

Santa says your very very naughty girl.

Josie said...

@waffles, sometimes naughty is nice!

lightning36 said...

Geez, there are just SO many things I want to buy you for Christmas. Is there a limit to how much I can spend????

Josie said...

LOLLLLLL Lightning you crack me up. you should spend as much as you won in vegas. according to pokah dave you cleaned house.

Jon said...

What a shame that none of us know where you live.....That fact alone might make it VERY tough to send you anything off of your wish list! Just sayin'!

Josie said...

@jon - lol no effing way but thank you. besides it's the thought that counts.....that might be a slightly creepy thought though. lol jk

Cranky said...

VJ - eyeshadow primer? Is that like priming a wall for painting? Yikes! What these creative marketing types will think of to separate simple folk from their dough. Not enough to buy eyeshadow; now must lay down a layer of primer first.

I'm surprised salted caramels weren't on your Christmas list. :-)

Josie said...

@cranky, LOL yes like priming a wall. you smooth a little on and then when the eye shadow goes on it stays put....doesn't move all day, whereas normally eyeshadow is pretty much gone by the end of the day. and you can't get that stuff in your neighborhood walgreens!

salt caramels, they were in the chocolate department. wolfie did bring me two boxes and i am sad to say they are all gone. that's bad.