Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sakes Alive, I've got 45!

Holy Shiat!  That's 45 followers and about 6 gazillion peeps that don't follow.  This makes me happy in my pants.  (other stuff does that too, but I won't go there)  Thank you Doufous! (you're not a doofus to me!)

And yes, my number of followers has just exceeded my age.  but um, my sister is 50!  Perhaps we should shoot for that?  Yes?

Thank you to all of you who stop by daily to read whatever my little fingers tap away at.  It humbles me, and um, not much else does.  Grazie.

Play smart.



KenP said...

Colt - a young, male horse.
Filly - a young, female horse.
Brood Mare - we won't go there.

Josie said...

you just went there, you old goat! :P

Zin said...

Sup Josie, i can just wonder what the other thing is that makes you happy in your pants...Josie do you have any kin folks in Texas?

Hook'em Horns

Josie said...

Hey Zin! No kin in Texas, but I do have a blogger buddy from Texas - Lucki Duck, or Ducky as I like to call him. Check out his blog on my roll. He's a very nice Texan and PRACTICALLY kin - lol.

There's more than one other thing that makes me happy in my pants...I could make you a list, but then I'd have to kill you.

Zin said...

Lol, i will take my chances. Anyway have a Happy New Year Miss Josie.

grrouchie said...

Things that make me happy in my pants.

Money - oh money makes me happy in my pants.

A vibrating cell phone - and cough drops.

Doufous said...

WOW!! I am happy in my pants that I made you happy in your pants. Shh! Don't tell my wife.

Josie said...

LOL I'm sure you make her happy in her pants too. You're quite a guy.