Sunday, December 4, 2011

On Taking Advice

A little personal insight into me; I am really bad at taking advice.  Horrible.  Mind you, I'm great at giving it.  I'll give you my opinion as well as points A, B & C that support my opinion as absolutely correct.  When someone tells me something though, I have a hard time with it.  Really.  I think it's hard for me to believe that someone else could me more right than me.  :)  Shocking huh?  Anyway, I've been taking advice more easily lately, and all I can say is I'm pleased.  If you trust and respect the giver of the advice, it's easier to have faith.

Well this post ain't about that.  :)  This post is about me taking advice from someone that I don't trust and respect.  Well it's not that I don't, so much as I don't know who the heck this person is, so how could I trust him?  Yet I've taken his advice.  Without a doubt, unchartered waters for me.

Some guy named TJ gave me advice and I took it.  Can you effing believe that?  There is a 1pm game today,  Denver vs Minnesota and I intentionally went against the favorite and took Minnesota.  This was an informed decision.  I need to make up some points to catch first place in the big league and the surest way to do that is to go with an underdog that you believe can win the game, hence Minnesota.  I'm not saying it isn't risky, but at this point, it's go big or go home.  Anyway, when I posted my picks TJ told me to change that pick to Denver if I still had time and I'd thank him latah.


I did have time to make the change on the "Don't Let Josie Win" league on, and that's the league where I need to defend my reigning title.  Yet, I don't know TJ from fuck.  Does he even know football? And not only that, I don't take anyone's advice on football.  No ones.  And why should I?  Has anyone else won a football league three years in a row?  While getting paid off on so many side bets that it's always a free roll?  When I meet that person, without looking in a mirror, then I'll start taking advice.  At least that's what I used to think.

This is year four and it's been a mediocre one.  And um, I took that random guy's advice.  I changed my Denver/Minnesota pick at the last possible moment.  OMFG.  I still don't know why I did that!

Maybe it's because I've been getting such great advice elsewhere lately.  I think it's making me soft.  Perhaps I'm not the only genius out there.  Here's hoping TJ is one too.

Play smart and gooooooo Denver!



Wolfshead said...

Don't know TJ so can't help you there. As far as you talking about how you take advice and aren't good at it you might as well say the sky is blue and bears shit in the woods, you are only stating the obvious. Just remember one thing. When I tell you something take it as gospel, i'm never wrong. Well once I thought I was but I was mistaken.

Cranky said...

Well, that born again did it again, so it's good you went with TJ. :-)

Memphis MOJO said...

Looks like you got some good advice!

Josie said...

Damn, that TJ was right! Thank you TJ!

@wolfie - ok, perhaps i WAS stating the obvious. :)

TJStier said...

Wow I was just going to come here and leave a comment in your picks post but low and behold a whole post about my advice and you taking it. Well I'm not always right about the NFL and this game was closer than I thought it would be but I'm glad it worked out for your picks and the Vikings lost in typical heartbreaking fashion. :)

Josie said...

Hi TJ! I'm glad you were right, but I was sooo cursing you mid way through the game. i kept thinking "I knew Minn would do it" yet the didn't. heh.

ty ty ty and make sure you're around on wednesday. :)

Jon said...

and the Vikings lost in typical heartbreaking fashion. :)
Why does that deserve a smiley face??

Josie said...

cuz they didn't hurt me!