Saturday, December 31, 2011

To All....

All the friends that I have met here

Oh my goodness, there's been a lot

Some were crazy, all were lovely

In my heart, you've found a spot

Caring, sweet and helpful people

Who I've loved and fought, along the way

I've shown the warts and some things better

Yet somehow, you've always stayed

Perhaps it's just that you don't really know me

I expose a bit, but not it all

I smile and attempt to rise above it

But as you know, I sometimes fall

I often stop and think about it

In my life, I love you all.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2012.



Zin said...

Good Morning Miss Josie, i hope you were just waking up not just going to bed when you posted this, lol.

Josie said...

Good morning! I probably go to bed earlier than most and get up early as well.

Memphis MOJO said...

And good wishes for a great 2012 to you, too!

lightning36 said...

Now we get lips instead of one eye?

Josie said...

LIPS baby!

badbilly32 said...

happy new year miss josie! sooo when does drunk blogging begin? also will you be playing drunk online poker????

Josie said...

Happy New Year Billy!

Drunk blogging starts as soon as I get drunk...hmmmm maybe 9 or 10ish. I have to set up my kindle first, so hopefully that'll go smoothly with the assistance.

grrouchie said...

The lips are a nice touch - gets everyone wanting that new years kiss.

Remember to hide most electronic devices when you start drunk blogging.
I'm sure there will be much laughter and you don't want to spill the booze all-over any shiny new devices.

Josie said...

exactly grrouchie! Ooo btw I am totally buying book 7 for my kindle just to reread it even though you have a head start i am sure to catch up to you.

grrouchie said...

I know I have read where you said you were competitive, but competitive reading? lol

I'll take that as my motivation to pick up the pace and finish the blasted book already :)