Friday, December 2, 2011

Football & Family Movies

Everybody, all together now.....PHILADELPHIA SUCKS!  When I posted my picks earlier in the week I noted that whoever took Philly this week was a sucker.  Waffles and Sebs are definitely suckers, putting 2 and 5 on them respectively.  I don't know about the Waffles Family as I haven't seen their pics, but my guess is the family followed suit, with the exception of the little girl who has jedi like intuitive powers.  You know, like me.  :)

Oh Philly.....oodles of peeps on the DL including Vick, so Young was starting again.  Just how long does it take two broken ribs to heal anyway?  The game was filled with Young throwing least it was till I fell asleep.

In my bigger league, only three of us took Philly and the other 25 peeps went with Philly.  The commish put a 16 on Philly.  Can you believe that?  Great way to start the football weekend!

Okay, it's time for home movies.  Below is a home movie that Hoyazo took of the Hammer Son last Sunday, during the Patriots/Eagles game.  Please to enjoy!

For a rare treat I will be posting over the weekend, which will be another installment of "Conversations with Hannah".  Hannah's my mom and no Hannah isn't her real name: we call her that just to aggravate her.  I had quite the conversation(s) with her over the past couple days...keep in mind she was born and raised in Sicily....

Play smart - unlike the Eagles. (and waffles and sebs)



KenP said...

You are from Boston (Talk funny)
You are a munchkin.
Remotest possibility...
All that probably means is you need a ultra heavy duty concealer.

Josie said...

Kiss my grits!

(anyone remember the show Alice?)

SirFWALGMan said...

Josie dating herself with that Alice comment. :). "Shutup dingbat!".

I had Seattle first then changed my mind. Vince forgot he was an Eagle or something with all those passes to Seattle... That's why I only put a couple on it.

Josie said...

@Waffles - Archie Bunker! That shit is older than Alice!

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Poor kid probably was raised to hate cheating above all else like any good Philadelphian. It hurts all of us to see Brady still reaping the benefits of his dishonesty and disgustingness.

Josie said...

Yes, Hoy - the pats creamed the eagles because of dishonesty. doyou believe in Santa too? huh jew boy? lolll

Joel said...

Hey VJ...coming to boston in a few days...want to play cards one night. any reason to go to seabrok over The poker room in hampton falls? minutes apart. please advise and recommend.

Josie said...

@joel - Hmmmm I've never played at Hampton Falls so i couldn't really say. if you're big into coffee i hear the coffee is free in hamton falls and it's $2 in seabrook....of course i wouldn't base your decision solely on that.

if you do go to seabrook keep in mind the following generalizations:

1. they are all degenerate gamblers and the same faces are always there.

2. no bluffing - as they guys do not know how to fold.

3. value bet strong hands hard as you will get called here and make money.

gl gl gl

lemme know which one you go to - maybe i'll pop up! ;)

Wolfshead said...

I've already posted my feelings on the Birds in my blog. The fans got ripped this year just so the powers that be can downplay it when they lt Jackson walk this off season. Have a feeling he winds up with the Giants next season.

Josie said...

they need a healthy qb.

Wolfshead said...

No, they need someone to ake the correct decisions in coaching or management. There have been a lot of dubious decions made this year both on the field and in the front office.

The Neophyte said...

Taking this year's Eagles on the road, in Seattle on a short week? Just lunacy I tell you.

That was an hysterically funny video Josie. Give him a couple of more years and the young man will be throwing snowballs at Santa.

Josie said...

Neo, I know! I feel quite bad for the need for him to be that upset. His dad seems like a good enough dad but he should be extinguishing the situation not adding fuel to the fire.

also, i'm just not a big fan of little kids using the word hate....i know that's just a personal preference but it makes me cringe when i see a child so small saying he HATES someone. I wouldn't allow sugar bear to say such things...but again that's just me.

the little cutie pie does seem to have his own mini easy chair - i'm sure a miniature of Daddy's life can't be that bad for him. i;d love it if tom brady visited him and showed him that his 'hate' is misguided.

Josie said...

it's funny, ever since evan was a baby, whenever the "h" word would pop up, i'd say "we don't hate anyone....except the yankees."