Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fenway last June 2011

I only smile like this when I'm at Fenway.

Ahhhh This was taken at Fenway Park in June 2011.  The guy in the picture has been a friend of mine for over twenty years and has Red Sox season tickets.  Noooo, that isn't the ONLY reason he's my friend but it surely doesn't hurt.  Every year he takes me to a game for my birthday, which is in the summer.  And every year, I'd start in June saying "it's my birthday...." hoping to get a free ticket.  (my birthday is actually in August)  The problem is he doesn't believe me anymore.  Heh.

So why am I writing about going to a Red Sox game?  Because I aim to please!  A gentleman <---term used loosely here from Ilkeston, Derbyshire, UK has asked in the comments section of my previous post that I not write about poker, so I've decided to indulge him for the afternoon.  Why not, right?  He seems he could use a little indulgement once in a while.  Enjoy my dear!  Feel free to email me at should you have any other questions as I'd like to reply to you personally. Oh and not for nothing, if you don't like my posts why are you reading my blog all day, every day?  Mama no understand!
I must say that usually men from the UK are so nice and polite.  Just goes to show you that you cannot rely on "usually".

Play smart like Mr. Ilkeston, Derbyshire and certainly not moi.  :)



Zin said...

Wow, you are a very nice looking lady Miss VeryJosie, did not notice the gentlemen in the pic till after the 3rd or 4th time i took a peak, just kidding. Go Rangers

Miss Josie what bet can You and I make between the Mighty Texas Rangers and the Lousy Fried Chicken Eating Boston Red Sox? Let me know Miss Josie.

Josie said...

LOL Thank you Zin baby.

Hmmm the thing is I like the rangers, though certainly not as much as my beloved red sox, but what the heck. I'll get back to you on what exactly but fair warning, I believe a bet is not a bet unless it stings a bit.

Cranky said...

VJ - we love taking in a game or two each season at Fenway, always in April/May or September to avoid the heat. Nothing like a Sunday afternoon at the ballpark. Due to Skip's wheelchair usage, we can pretty much get seats for any game we want (except against the Yankees). Maybe you'll have to join us at a table on the right field roof box next summer. :-)

On a different note, I was disappointed to see that we gave up Josh Reddick in the deal for the new closer.

Josie said...

Cranky, funny enough my birthday is both in April/May AND September. lol jk. I would def be there, sounds awesome!

Yeah, I wasn't thrilled about giving up Reddick but we needed a closer desperately so it had to be done.

badbilly32 said...

so in april you turn 45...may46 and 47 by september....ouch......

i can make no bet when it comes to the indians im afraid! but of course id do something on the yankees inevitable winning of the division

im also curious, if hes "cute", does that add 3-4 mph to his fastball

KenP said...

Today's Topic:

Not reporting misring at register
Lying to a Friend for ill got gain


Josie said...

lol ken. im really not the horrible person you think i am, its just that my posts are very honest. besides he knows i lie about my birthday to get a free ticket...its just that now he never remembers when my actual birthday is, and he used to.

he was one of my brother's best friends way back when, like in high school, so hanging out with him reminds me of the old days. sigh - haven't seen him since....i dunno, last summer I guess.