Sunday, December 11, 2011

Guess who's coming to town?

Ah, never mind.  You'd never guess correctly.  My niece and nephew are coming in for a quick visit!  Yippee! Have I not mentioned them before?

They are the son and daughter of my brother who passed away.  I haven't seem them in at least five years.  They moved to Florida with their mother and then my niece Gina had a baby...who is the most frigging adorable little girl evar! (yes duggle, i *know* how to really spell ever so do not send me an email)

Okay, these photos are about 5 years old but here they are:

That's my girl Gina at about 15-16 yrs old.  She's 22 now

My boy Joe C. 
(yes, that's really his frigging name)

Other than Evan, these are the most special kids in the world to me.  Before they moved away from Brockton (ugh south shore) they would spend two weekends a month at our house.  They just loved it and so did we.

Notice Joe is wearing a red sox shirt?  Once....just once...he showed up at my house for the weekend wearing a yankees hat, knowing how I felt about them.  I told him that hat was not spending the weekend in my house and it didn't.  It stayed on a shelf outside in the backyard until he left.  Heh.  I'm a crazy auntie. 

I just went on Gina's facebook page and stole a couple of current photos.

Recent picture of Gina

This scares me (!)
Baby daddy and Gina

Scared or not, I cannot wait to get my arms around my little babies.

Go Pats!



lightning36 said...

Joe C. -- muhahahahaha

Of course, neither of you are the REAL Joe C, if you recall --

Gary said...

I still haven't gotten over the time Gina kicked my sad ass at the poker table, then gloated over me.

I'm officially requesting you take her off the Wall O' Tallness. Hey! You should do a post about that!

Josie said...

that's right. gina, who had no clue how to play texas holdem, kicked your sorry ass with only a tad of guidance from her auntie.