Thursday, December 8, 2011

What, it's Sunday?

No, it isn't Sunday, but it's Thursday in December and that means....FOOTBALL!  Woot!

The commissioner of my league on sent the following message to all the players:

Only 4 more weeks to strike paydirt, so the game clock is ticking down! Josie is uncomfortably high in the overall standings, so let's all work on fixing that, eh!?

I am totally within striking distance.  I am 45 points behind first place, which is totally alot but not impossible, with 4 weeks left.

Okay below are my picks.  The British Chap (Zeb) hsn't submitted his picks yet, so he better stop reading now if he knows what's good for him.

For this week, I'll give you the entire matchup and put my picks in BOLD.

Baltimore-Indy  16
Pittsburgh-Cleveland 15
GB-Oak 14
New England-Wash 13
Detroit-Minn 12
Jets-KC Chiefs 11
Dallas-Giants 10
Denver-Chicago 9
Miami-Philly 8
Cinncy-Hou 7
SF-Arizona 6
New Orleans-Tenn 5
Jacksonville -TB 4
SD-Buffalo 3
Carolina-Atlanta 2
Seattle-St Louis 1

As far as Lucky Duck's pool goes....I just submitted my pick.  Waffles told me who to choose, and then I went with another team.  :)  I can't help it, it's in my nature.  Let's just hope my team wins.

I'm leaving work a tiny bit early today because my aunts and uncles are visiting my mom so I told her I'd go too, to give her a hand and whatnot.  Besides, it's always good to see Uncle Rocky, Auntie Louise, Uncle Phil and Auntie Teresa.  The last two are my god parents.

So my mom was thrilled when I told her I'd be over by 2pm but then she was like.  Is leaving early going to cost you money?  Um, no.  Do you have to use your vacation?  Um, no.  I'm on salary (as I've probably told her 638 times.  I think she likes to be reassured)  Oh, then can you come here earlier?  Um, no!

That was pretty much our convesation.  That and she yelled at me to NOT bring any Italian pastries or cookies from the North End.  "Your uncle can't eat that stuff anymore!"

Ah, but I think he can.  I'm sooo bringing amaretti.  The bakeries in the North End are really authentic Italian, unlike any bakeries in the suburbs where they all live so it'll be a big treat for them.  That and seeing, me of course.  :)


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