Saturday, December 31, 2011

nye vlogging

okay 10:20pm and only a little buxxed.  Hmmm I will continue to not fix my typos to see where i am.  I've had about 3ish glasses of wine and about to start on champagne.  oh and my kindle is working and i've already bought too books!  yay!  I'll be back in an hour....

11:20pm - having champagne with gary and tootsie....i knda wanna be antisocial and read my kindle but you now, thatd be bad.  fuuuck. maybe they'll leave soon.  :)

on glass #2 of champagne - not all that drunk yet.  :)

cranky, I was just talking bout how we are going to a sox game this year!  do not disappoint me - that would be bad for you.  lol  an d whaddaya mean ur going to bed?  no effing way.  stay up!

11;25pm ad getting drunker by the mnute.  def gonna lose some money fon black chippy poker tonight - jus twaitng wfor gary 2 leave = he says he wants me to do something fun.  hmmmmm shat whousld i do?

1am, gary and tootsie just left.  tey're auwsome and couldn t be nicer.  gary got my kindle going and we had such finski.  lolllllllllllll we did!

Hmmm now there gone,i think it's time to paly peroker.

well kiddops, it's 2 am and I'm playing poker.  $2 DoN on blac chip.  not feeling all that hammered anymore.  a coupld of glasses of wine and a couple of champoagne made for a nice mellow night. Happy new Year everyone!



Cranky said...

VJ - glad you got the Kindle up and running! I probably won't be awake at midnight, but I look forward to reading your drunk blog tomorrow morning.

Happy New Year!

Zin said...

Sup Josie, it was hot today at the ranch, 86 degrees, record high for 12/31 are you kidding me, a little buzzed at the moment, starting on my 2nd 18 pack of Miller Lite a 1/3 less calories, lol.
We barbequed some BB ribs, beef spare ribs, some cowboy steaks and some black angus fajitas mmmmmgd, sides we had borracho pinto beans, potato salad, mexican rice (i am hispanic) and some pico de gallo and gucamole. Also made some moink balls and armadillo eggs. Later Josie Mama, H N Y sweetie...

Josie said...

Zin! omg 86 degrees sounds heavenly. only think i like better htan hot is hotter. oh and fajitas and pinto beans = awesome. wow - life doesn't suck for u wzin!

so im still drunk - finished off a bottle of champane and guess im going back to wineski.

Cranky said...

VJ - the offer for the sox game was serious, so we shall make it happen! We typically get a table for 5 on the right field roof box.

Yep, I was asleep before midnight. I figure the new year will happen whether I am watching it occur or not. I'm surprised, with your typical sleep schedule, that you were able to make it to midnight.

Josie said...

thank you cranky - you totally rock. Glad I am one of the 5. I never would've stayed up till midnight at home, but gary and tootsie were over, which is why i did.

The Neophyte said...

Well one of us could not get buzzed last night as he was the designated driver. Not a problem because he also had to be at work today at 7am. That sucked but now its nap time. Happy New Year Josie. Only about 80 here today

Josie said...

lOl Happy New Year Neo! I love me a nap!