Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Recap

I spent 2 1/2 hrs at the high school last night for another Christmas concert, one which I was struggling to stay awake through.  It was too warm and too long. Not only was the high school band performing but also the chorus, some sort of barber shop quartets, some old guy (!) that was singing in the chorus and then was granted a solo.  Not only that but the old lady music director says that she's in a new group and they're having their competition soon so they'll be up next. OMFG.  Seriously. 

I assume Sugar Bear did great, but I couldn't see him as he was without a doubt the shortest "high schooler" in the crowd.  I never saw him and he never saw me, unlike the night before.  Darn it!  I didn't even take any photos.

Holiday party is tomorrow and I still have to get a Secret Santa gift, a gift card, decorations and 30 champagne flutes.  Ohhhh and did I tell you the receptionist extraordinare is leaving?  Yep.  So we're doing a slide show of her through the years of holiday parties.  Lord help us.  This was totally not my idea.  A couple of associates came up the other day and approached me with the idea, saying they had so many pictures of her from past holiday parties and what did I think. They didn't really want to know what I thought, so much as wanted me to do their dirty work.

"Isn't that a great idea.  Could you make sure it's okay with the owner?"

"Why me?"

"He likes you!"

Ugh.  I have a feeling these are going to be very crazy pictures of an inebriated receptionist but I did as I was asked, letting him know that I wasn't putting this together.  He said it was fine and thanked me for telling him.  "I don't like surprises".  And then *somehow* the conversation turned to sex.  I swear it wasn't me!  I don't wanna kill a 79 yr old guy with a heart condition!

*half hour later*  My boss Al stops by and says that he went into the owner's office and he had a big smile on his face so he asked him why.  His response was "Because Josie just stopped by."

See that?  I bring cheer whereever I go! (especially if you are giving me a large holiday gift, like him)

Okay, enough chit chat.  There are two important things you need to know if you are reading this blog.

1. I am soooo jonesing to play poker.  Fuck but I want to play a game.  Reading about poker just makes me want to play even more.  I'm gonna have to do something about this.

2. My Football Picks!  You need to know what they are!

Atlanta/Jacksonville - Atlanta 15
Dallas/TB - Dallas 12 (I like the crazy looking cowboys coach)
Giants/Wash - Giants 14
GB/KC - GB 16 (my picky on lucki duck's thingy)
NO/Minn - NO 13
Chic/Seattle - Seattle 2
Buff/Miami - Buff 1
Hous/Car - Houston 10
Tenn/Indy - Tennessee 11 (you're the only ten I see!)
Cincy/StL - Cincy 7
Det/Oak - Det 5
NE/Denv - NE 9 (No, I don't give a crap about Tibow and Denver being at home)
Eagles/Jets - Jets! 3 (oy vey, what a choice!)
Ari/Cleve- Ari 8
Baltimore/SD - Balt 6
SF/Pitts - SF 4 (almost went with the steelers here - still think i should've)

And here's that UK guy's picks.  I have TOTALLY underestimated him.  Plus he's so nice and sweet to me...unlike SOME PEOPLE. <--- was gonna put a link here, but there were too many to choose from.  So since he's so nice and sweet, he must be beaten, which I will do this weekend.

Mama's on the hunt for a poker game.  Lock up your money and

Play smart.



Cranky said...

VJ - I've had problems leaving comments the last few days. So, here are the pearls from those unposted remarks: 1) how about kosher treats as Secret Santa?, 2) I am done with the Grump. Why so rude? Does he make himself feel better by trying to show you up?

Have fun at the Holiday party, but not too much fun. I used to have a boss who wisely said "the best you can hope for with a holiday party is that you don't ruin your career."

Josie said...

Hmmm kosher treats eh? great idea. i think i saw something koshery at tj maxx as a matter of fact....mebbe marshalls.

cranky i don't need you to be done with grump but yeah so mean and so rude where ive been nothing but a friend to him. i dont understand. i guess ive been running under the assumption that ANYONE with an interest in poker is my friend - especially those who profess to be. i'm kinda like spongebob in that respect.

as far as the holiday party advice, you are about 7 years too late, my dear. lol i learned that the hard way. thanks for the comments - dunno why the comment thingy wasn't working.

Gary said...

don't go kosher. Even JEWS don't like kosher stuff.

Josie said...

@gary, that's because you eat stuff like shrimp. this guy eats ONLY kosher so he obv is used to it. btw he's uber skinny too - big surprise, huh?

Gary said...

true - I actually tried to eat a crab roll once, but it got spirited away from me...



Josie said...

lol gary, that was totally not what i was doing. remember, subtlety is not my strong point.

the guy just never eats a crumb in the office, so i was observing that his ultra skinnyness has to be a byproduct of that. oh and he's like from from israel and was in their army! he's like the real deal.

no i'm not insinuating you're not the real deal btw.

and you're not fat, you are huggable. you do have a big nose though. :P oh yes she did!

Gary said...

That ain't the only thing that's big on me, either...

...yeah, it is. *sighhhhhhhh*

lightning36 said...

Gary and Josie -- talk about the long and short of it ... : o )

Josie said...

lightning I'm tall!

no im not. sighhhhhhhhhh lol

Memphis MOJO said...

I also picked GB in LD's contest. Great minds and all of that.

Josie said...

@mojo - i think it's a good pick. better to use gb now than later on, when they may not need to pull out all the stops.

badbilly32 said...

hah! now i have another blog to read(im sure i wont wake up to find u shot off$1k in a vbj machine in this one,lol)first off the only good thing kosher is pickles!i would definitley not do kosher treats as there are none i.m.o.! kosher food is yucky(of course being sicilan/italian im pretty much biased to all other "cultural foods" ok on to more pertanant questions....

well first some assumptions, iwas wondering how up just popped into t.b.c.'s blog, then i saw u in grump's blog so i figure you came from there..second only play live and only play nlhe and you moslty play cash(how am i doing so far?lol)ill also assume you are a red sox fan(i guess everyone has faults looooool)....

ok onto questions...what stakes do you play? why dont you play online(did you ever?)how often do you play?do you bet sports for realz?or just put up lines for fun? and finally and maybe most importantly, sauce /gravy...garlic,oregano,basil salt, paste?(please dont say onion's,im sure u have seen goodfella's lol)

so ill let u absorb all those while i take the advice i gave you the other day,and do my due dilligence/homework,and read this blog from the beginning,and prolly answer all my questions, as i have not a single thing in the world to do today......

have a great day josie! hope you find your game and beat it into the ground for mucho k!

p.s. im hoping tony hits a royal flush on vbj and gets back over 10 k quickly!!!! lol :)

Josie said...

Hi Bad Billy! My response to you comment is under my latest post called Beyond Reality TV.