Sunday, April 4, 2010

Very Josie Poker

Want a chance to win some of Very Josie's money?

Play in my Private Tournament on Full Tilt Poker this Wednesday at 9pm!

Since I set it up, I set it up how I like it! Double stack (3,000 chips) with a knock out Baby!

Full Details Below:

Tournament Name: Very Josie Poker
Password: Pokerbaby
Buy-in: $10+1....$8 to prize, and $2 knockout
This Wednesday, April 7, 2010
at 9:00pm ET
Game: No Limit Texas Holdem
Tournament #151614945 (04.07.10 21:00 ET)

After you click on Tournaments, click on Private to find it.

If you have any trouble locating it, email me at

Now for the good stuff...I have a side bet with Mr. DB Cooper. If I last longer than he does, he has to post something that's entitled Very Josie Kicked My Butt, and somewhere in this post, there has to be a link to my blog! That way his readers can get my version of what happened. Of course all that is pending on if I last longer.

Coop, what about your bounty/side bet if you last longer (very unlikely but you can dream).....what do you want to play for? We better nail it down before Wednesday.

And here's the thing...

1.) I don't play nearly as well online as I do in person.
2.) Coop knows exactly how I play and which hands I like and don't like.
3.) I still believe I'll have no trouble outwitting/outlasting/outplaying. :)

When I played Saturday night's tournament (THAT I WON) I was looking at it like prepping for this online game on Wednesday night. It was a pre-workout for the big fight. I'm ready!

EVERYONE, this is your chance to play a bloggers tournament with really good players. So register!

Johnny(formerly known as my dear evp), you HAVE to play. Dontcha want to make me happy? Listen to Auntie Josie: either go home early, or play in your office!

Memphis - how bout you and the side bet? If I last longer you have a post called Very Josie Kicked My Butt.....come on! You aren't chicken are you? :)


Play smart,



Memphis MOJO said...

Memphis - how bout you and the side bet?

It depends if I get home from work Wednesday in time to take my nap. You know how it is with geezers.

Josie said...

LOL Come on!

I can get you to take the side bet using the carrot or the's up to you! :)

evpjm said...


So it Looks like you had a good weekend including a come from behind win last night. I was headed that way on Saturday and they called me and canceled the meeting due to an illness. I did inquire about any tix that were available and they said they will call me but never did.

Next, You know there's nothing I'd rather do then to make you happy. But......There's no way. Of all days, that might be the worst for me. Dinner meeting that night, plus your in the accounting industry so you'll understand. I have Auditors coming in and a planning session weekend in two weeks. I'm lucky if I see my house never mind have time for Online Poker. Have Fun....

Josie said...

@Johnny(evp), yes I understand. As a matter of fact, I just got two auditors settled into a conference room about an hour ago (ugh). Gave them enough crap to look at and keep them busy till lunchtime, I figure. :)

sox game was awesome....working on the post now! :)

dbcooper said...

The bet is the same for med Miss (Soon to be broke) Josie. You must tell your readers how I outplayed, out smarted you etc with a link to mine......... I can read it now. And the trash talking begins .... Ha Ha

dbcooper said...

Is now Officially in. Trying to think how I will spend Josie money oh and her bounty too. Ha ha

Josie said...

ok Coop, you're on! I can promise the title and the link (if I get jew boy to help me....i dunno how to do that yet) but as for'll be MY version of what happened.

I like that you're optimistic about your play, but there's no way in hell some old Canadian is gonna beat me. You just don't know that YET, because you haven't played with me. Ask any guy who's played with me before though - none of them have the same optimism that you have....enjoy it for now!

dbcooper said...

Remember this is poker. Isn't poker a man's game??? This isn't cribage although I know I would skunk you at that too. This old CANADIAN might let you win a hand or two just to make you feel good.... Then again maybe not.............. And so it begins.

Josie said...

Poker's a man's game? Then why are you playing? With all those chick flicks you go to see, I wasn't exactly sure of your gender!

And it's NOT a man's game! :P

Josie said...

coop, you know I'm just trash talking right? i believe you're secure in your manhood or i wouldn't kid about it...and when I beat you at your man's game, I hope you STAY secure in your manhood. :) see? still being sweet!

dbcooper said...

You are being sweet.....Yes I am guilty of too many chick flicks...Way too many...... Oh just practice putting a hyperlink to my blog as after Wednesday you will need to do it.

Cricket said...

Hey Jos,

Can't wait till Wed. night for the tourney.
Loving to see what there is to see, see? Oh, that last one was for Gary, you dirty rat!
Okay, got my gameface, gangster persona going on and I'm getting kind of angry and nasty...
Oh, I wait, nevermind...I'm gonna be a creampuff guys...don't be scared...:)

SirFWALGMan said...

Gave you a shoutout for your tourney. I can not make it this Wednesday but good luck getting a group together. It takes a little time to build up a tourney so be patient.

Josie said...

@Waffles - That's really nice of you, thank you!

DuggleBogey said...

Sorry Jojo!