Saturday, April 17, 2010

I might be in trouble

Saugus Sportman's Club Tourney starts in about an hour.  You know how I told you how these guys can't play?  Well I  never told you about this guy named Dave.

Dave is younger than me (a little), a vice president of a local bank, and a really good poker player.  He used to always show up to these events and go fishing.  The difference between him and me is he plays high stakes games at Foxwoods, Vegas and online.  Really high stakes.  He's won a ton of money but I suspect he's lost a bunch too.

I think he stopped showing up because this was too small for him, but I just heard that he's playing today and so is his sister Lisa.  Yup, I've got some real competition today.

About a year ago Dave won a huge tourney on Full Tilt - $23,000!  He was having a home game that I attended and he showed me the screen shot of his win.  He called me over and said "Josie, you gotta see this!"  Of course I was impressed and told him so (although he's won more than that at Foxwoods). 

So he says "So you think I'm a good poker player?"  And I say yeah!  Then he says, I think you're better than me and I think you're wasting your time when you could be making real money.  You're one of the few people I'm afraid to play against, and you always knock me out.  (I do have a knack for taking his chips).

That really touched me. Although for years he's been giving me this speech...."If I can do so well, you'll do even better."  That sort of shit.  But I have bills and responsibilities and can't afford to lose big buyins....

That night at his house, after his little lecture I won 2 of 3 tournaments and he won none. :)

I just hope he doesn't start at my table today!  He and his sister are good, although he's the better of the two.  Guess I have some competition today!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Dave's sister deserves a post of her own.  She's like a female Waffles!  She gets sucked out on alot and will verbally and phsyically assault the asshole....I'm not kidding.  People will fold, because they're afraid of what she'll do if you win her pot.

She looks like a hells angels biker and not a nice one.

Her behaviour, coupled with her weird supersititons, are enough to keep me at bay.

I found out the hard way that if you ever wear the color red, you're her enemy.  Red is bad luck!  If you EVER touch her lighter (not that I have - but they all smoke there) She will assault you.  Touching her lighter is bad luck.  And if you should EVER touch her chips to make change, or whatevah, well I hope you have an insurance policy.  That's bad luck for her, but worse luck for you.

The poor guys act scared!  And I'm not ashamed to say I include myself in that bunch!

Anyway makes for an interesting game.  Wish me luck, dahlings!

Play smart.  I'm gonna.



dbcooper said...

Good Luck today!! I am heading to play a charity poker tournament in a couple hours. First prize is 500.00. Do they allow smoking at the tables??

Memphis MOJO said...

GL, let us know how you do.