Monday, April 5, 2010

Yankees Suck!

Boy, don't they though?

I guess money can't buy you heart! Sox come from behind and beat the World Series fuckers. Only in Fenway Park. Only with the Fenway Faithful urging them to victory.

Believe me, I've been there. (though not last night - blame evp)

40,000 fans on the edge of their seats, voices hoarse, never believing that their team will accept defeat....willing their team to victory. It really is almost a religious experience, for me anyway.

But that's not what this post's about.

The post's about ME of course. :)

As you know, I played and won a tournament Saturday night. Then had a few friends and family over for an Easter brunch. Then I made Easter dinner, all the time waiting to see my beloved Red Sox in action after the long winter absence. Finally my mother decided to go home and my sister (Cricket) was driving her. In my selfish mind I'm thinking....everyone'll be gone soon....must get NESN on and get my butt over to my favorite chair.

Finally I have the TV on the channel it's supposed to be on....and they announce one of the greatest red sox players is here....who could it be? My mind goes through it's little internal filing cabinet of great sox players that are living....Johnny Pesky....well he's alive (see photo above) but certainly not the greatest! I love him but they named the right field pole after him because that's where he'd barely be able to hit one out of the park.

After this photo was taken, he asked me to marry him! (okay so MAYBE he was kidding, but still) He went on to tell me how much he missed his wife who had recently passed.

Anyway, my mind being a finely tuned machine IMMEDIATELY determined it's Pedro Martinez! Could it really be? I had no idea!

As he walked out from The Green Monster tears welled up in my eyes, and few things make that happen. I never wanted to be there as much as I did at that moment.

Pedro fucking Martinez! That man has more heart and determination than me. (you'll never see me write a line like that again) Seeing him transported me back in time....2004, 2003, get the the days when Pedro was pitching. If Pedro's on the mound we've got the win!

Pedro was on the mound last night, throwing out the first pitch. All I could think of was my old mantra: If Pedro's on the mound we'll get the win! And we got the win. The come from behind win. Enough said.

The Yankees can't buy that. Some things ARE priceless.

And going with the premise "Poker baby, it's all about poker", don't forget to sign up for my private tournament on Wednesday night.

If Memphis takes my side bet, I'll tell you about the only x-rated dream I've ever had....and it starred none other than Pedro Martinez! I don't even like him THAT way. If I had my choice, it should've been Tim Wakefield, but you can't always get what you want.

Memphis, what's it gonna be?

Very Josie Poker is the tournament name and pokerbaby is the password.

Play smart.



Gary said...

Very nice - and quite revealing - but come all your life you've had only ONE sex dream? Wow...that's odd, and it's also too bad - some of the best sex I've had has been imaginary!

evpjm said...

Remember I'm not a Yankee Fan but two things:

1. Posada hit's the pole.

2. Who's your daddy?

One more thing. I root for Boston or anyone else who plays the Yankess I hate them that much. What I've learned though is that if you play each other enough times you will win a few, but the fact remains that the Red Sox are the Yankess Bitches and I can only remember Pedro saying The Yankess are my Daddy. Worse thing he could ever say. I won't even go into Johnny Damon......

Josie said...

@gary(jew boy), well it's the only one I remember! And if the best sex you've had is imaginary, well IMO THAT'S too bad.

@johnny(evp), you sure SOUND like a yankee fan. When Pedro said that he was being hones and hard on himself...I can understand that. The only kind of homer posada is gonna get these days are the cheap lucky ones, like hitting the pole...but what did it get him anyway, a win? (NOPE). Oh and the week of me being nice to you has officially ENDED now. Yes, it was a short week, wasn't it?

evpjm said...

Guess it was. I have to deal with the Mets always being the #2 team in this town and seeing the Yanks on the sport pages all the time. I really Like the Red Sox and Like the town itself. The Fact remains as great of a franchise the Red Sox are and the other great franchises there are in sports, they are all second to the pin strips.

One sex Dream? And how many dreams have you had about Poker?

Josie said...

That's NOT a fact, that's your opinion, and it's a pretty shitty opinion at that. (toldja the week was over)

Yep, one. I'm not a guy you know.

I dunno about poker dreams. I have a hard time remembering them.

evpjm said...

I wouldn't expect anything Less

dbcooper said...

Great game last night. I caught in between playing hands at a tournie I was at last night. Great start to the season.

Josie said...

@ccop - it was a great game - I'm ashamed to say I fell asleep before it was over! Man, was I tired!

Oh, and the cleanse/detox is over! Am I noticeably nicer today?

dbcooper said...

You might not be after my lastt post!!! Ha ha . Yes it was an awesome game

Josie said...

You're right!

Memphis MOJO said...

I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan, but the Red Sox are my second favorite team along with the Phillies.

Most summers I travel to Boston and pay outrageous prices for tickets and go to Fenway. I blogged about it here and also here (scroll down).

Have you seen a no-hitter live? I have, and you can read about it in my blog (hint: Clay Buchholz).

Josie said...

I was AT the clay bucholz no hitter! I cannot WAIT to see your posts - but getting a cup of coffee first. This is going to be good!

If you need any other fenway tix let me know as early as possible - depending on which game I can get the tix for you prolly at cost. (no yankee games of course)

Josie said...

AND I caught a ball at fenway park when I was 8 months pregnant! Can any of you guys say that? LOLLLLL And it was on TV!

Gary said...

Good post today, Jo!

@Josie - I said SOME of the best sex I've ever had, not all of it.

@evp - I for one will give you the benefit of the doubt, you not being a Yankees fan, but you have to understand that to a Sox fan, dem's fighting woids. Running that brand of mumba-jumba up in here is not a wise conversational choice.

@Mojo: I have never seen a nono but I watched Mike Greenwell hit for the cycle, which is more or less as rare as a no hitter.

dbcooper said...

Instructions on Hyperlink as I know Josie will be putting one in her blog sooon very soon.

1.Copy the link you want to paste
2.Hit the Hperlink button at the top of your page.
3.allow hyperlinks
4.Hilight the word where you want the link to go
5. Paste the link in the hyperlink box
. I think thats it.

Now Practice practice practice//////// Ha Ha

Josie said...

@coop - you're a funny bastard, aren't you? Funny enough, I DID practice last night with Jew Boy talking me through it just in case you get lucky. I'm gonna try your instructions this morning on my own!

dbcooper said...

Me get Lucky??? oh in poker you mean....Geez for a minute there I had other thoughts......... Glad Jew Boy helped you out

Josie said...

Coop, you aren't getting lucky, no way, no how - especially not via poker!